US-backed Bahraini monarchy slash dictatorship gunning down protesters in cold blood

Stacy Summary: via Businessinsider. Human Rights Watch is also reporting that the police have surrounded the hospital and are preventing injured protesters from accessing treatment.

35 comments on “US-backed Bahraini monarchy slash dictatorship gunning down protesters in cold blood
  1. Apocalypto says:

    Pathetic human scum.

  2. John Clarke says:

    I cannot wait till thevAmerican police and military receive their orders to gundown and Fema camp Americans. This will be our opening to take down our evil war mongering government bankrupting its people to try to set up tje world government. Public execution of our leaders will be live on TV


    the evil regime is collapsing

    good riddance

    hopefully more will wake up before more triggers are pulled

  4. Sir Halibut says:

    Press TV is the ONLY channel that appears to be covering this. Cobra helicoters used I think.

    NO cameras. No reporters. American civilians told to leave the country before the crackdown began! Robert Gates ordered this.

    The only consolation is that they accidentally shot a whole bunch of undercover police infiltrators

  5. jimmy chen says:

    cowards animating power with uniforms and guns…..go one on one with me you insecure bullies

  6. Karsten Hansen says:

    Oh yes Pathetic,and it puts O/sbama in the real light,after selling for 64 Billion Dollars killing hardware to the Saudis,just show what this f.king world is all about!
    The human race has come to the final point,either we stand up,or figure the rest out for your self,and i dont give a cent for this gold silver run,one of these runs, killed the entire Indian race,are you listening you freaking Euro/cans called Ameri/cans,your digging your own hole,please leave us others, out of your collectivly suicede,and go rentafreind,try O/s bama rama ding dong,he,ll help,beauce he can,change yes we can,make the few rich richer!
    And here we put in the Queen of(Denmark) the Litlle Mermaid,who few weeks ago,gave this scum King of Bharian,a medalion,one of the noble race,prices to one and other,knighthood,Lord of nothingness!

  7. jimmy chen says:

    second video….. wow…. phuken cowards

  8. t-rex and the slick pig says:

    this is totally out of fuckin control, why did that man get shot? what is the reasoning behind this shit? if shit like this goes down in the u.s., well truthfully it has been and for sometime it has, protest the fed on the 24th? run the chance of getting shot? never will happen, never.

  9. Finn says:

    Those mother fuckers. Do they really believe that will be tolerated. Maybe 50 years ago but people have had enough. There will be hell to pay for that one.

  10. Happy Dick says:

    The second video needs to go viral!!!!!!!!

  11. Dan says:

    Their brave people they all rush the police in America or the UK people would just watch or run away.

  12. NWO says:

    USA is scum! The New World Order is scum. All scum!

  13. NWO says:

    Foreign troops from Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic will be occupying streets of America soon. They too will not hesitate to kill stupid american citizens on the marching orders of the american government and New World Order

  14. Karsten Hansen says:

    More news from the world of justice!
    A CIA killer has been set free,after the Familys of the wictims recived 2,3 million dollars!
    Se this is the world we live in,money talks,and people are scum just everyday waste,ready for the Dumpster,so the human race is nothing more the a sicknes,suffering from Egomania so deep he cant se his own destruction,even though its coming in slowmotion,thats what i will call a real meltdown,some might call it brainstorming,ill advocate,yes without any brain,just greed,so deep and so dire,like a Tsunami,it takes all under its ugly wings,no one is spared in this self made Holocaust!
    Still building Babels tower,remember the last one.

  15. Tom KG says:

    when the shit hits the fan in chickenshitmerica, we better be ready to shoot these fucking cops because they’re going to shoot us just as sure as the sky is blue. Fuck the cops, they’re all corrupt criminals. We better realize that the cops are the globalist rich elite SCUM’S first line of defense against the masses. The cops have CHOSEN the side they’re on MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. They are the ENEMY.

  16. Tom KG says:

    Hey Finn, you’re GOD DAMNED right they’re MOTHERFUCKERS. I’m an American and when it’s my turn you can BET YOUR MOTHERFUCKING ASS I’m taking some of these motherfuckers with me. I’m not laying down. No FUCKING way. I’m locked and loaded motherfucker.

  17. Tom KG says:

    John Claske, I’ll bring the rope. I think they should put them all in stocks in Times Square first and put toilets and urinals above them and charge a dollar a person to relieve themselves on them. This way these bastards can help raise money for the needy before we take them down and HANG them.

  18. Jah Boom UK says:

    Lots of blood! Unarmed protester shot about 1 minute in.

  19. cultamerica says:

    Board reminding me of AJ.
    Plastic bullets/bean bags are bad, but where are the “dead” people here.
    Sensationalism on MK, let’s call it MKultra.
    Keep stirring that pot Max, you may get that storm yet.

  20. LuzazuL says:

    Ce n’est pas une nation, c’est un abattoir.

  21. cultamerica says:

    So tell me, is this site run by neo-cons?

  22. cultamerica says:

    “He in his madness prays for storms, and dreams that storms will bring him peace.”
    Lermontov via L. Tolstoy
    Storms may bring you peace MK, but only for a time.

  23. railroad tycoon says:

    Were those Saudi police reinforcements?

    This will soon spread to Saudi Arabia .

    Enough is enough.

  24. F. Beard says:

    Keep stirring that pot Max, you may get that storm yet. cultamerica

    And to what end? So that governments will force us all to use PMs for money? If PMs are so great then why do only primitive countries still use them as money?

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire is what we risk with violence.

    As for those who oppress peaceful protesters with violence; you are detestable.

    The LORD tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. Psalm 11:5

  25. cultamerica says:

    I think F. Beard it is to the neo-cons end.
    Egypt has been dancing to their tune for over a generation now, and the music never stops.

  26. cultamerica says:

    We all just need a little more blue grass, of the non-cumbustable sort.

  27. GGees says:

    Looks like the arab revolutions are being snuffed out, Lybia, Egypt and now Bahrain, lots of rumours that Israel hired mercenaries to fight with Gaddafi and other forces to reinstate the staus quo

  28. Colin Casey says:

    This breaks my heart.

  29. Alaric says:

    this is horrific

  30. Trip says:

    In the second one, aren’t they firing rubber bullets? At that range they’d probably be deadly too, though.

    The universal soldier, the universal police–“Don’t look at me, I’m just doing my job, just following orders.” I’m just a tool, I don’t actually have any soul, at least, not when I’m on the job. My pay excuses me.

  31. cultamerica says:

    I have never seen a man taking video of the inside of another mans cranium. Thanks Max. What is the context here? What is your motive?

  32. marc_118 says:

    Max, I know its your blog, but do you watch these videos?

    How can someone hurt another living breathing human being this way and then go back home to his wife and kids and family after doing this?

  33. Why have my comments not being posted?

  34. Vega Man says:

    I hope everyone takes a moment to say a prayer for all the protesters.

    Vega Man

  35. Vega Man says:

    DONOVAN – The Universal Soldier