As we’ve been saying . . . Buffett’s a scam

8 comments on “As we’ve been saying . . . Buffett’s a scam
  1. should stick to song writing god i love “margueritaville” kind of ironic

  2. gr8mikey says:

    The mythical wise old sage from Omaha just another bankster crook? Of course he is! He did frontrun TARP afterall!

  3. Wizefool says:


  4. wtf says:

    Max is just jealous of Buffett’s success.

  5. Van says:

    Maybe Warren isn’t so smart… from Wikepedia
    “In 1997, Warren Buffett purchased 130 million troy ounces (4,000 metric tons) of silver at approximately $4.50 per troy ounce (total value $585 million). On May 6, 2006, Buffett announced to shareholders that his company no longer held any silver”

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