Unicredit not able to contact its Vice Chairman Farhat Bengdara, who is also the governor of the Central Bank of Libya

Meanwhile, protesters throw shoes at video of Gaddafi.  Doesn’t bode well for the Italian economy and financial system going forward . . .

186 comments on “Unicredit not able to contact its Vice Chairman Farhat Bengdara, who is also the governor of the Central Bank of Libya
  1. Youri Carma says:


    The Aliens saw that and feld so much pitty with us that they decided to come down and give us the The Ten Commandments. http://myamazingfact.blogspot.com/2010/01/aliens-in-our-ancient-history.html

    Did it help? Partly.

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Gunfire and explosions in Tripoli overnight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FnZrAQg8PI

  3. Happy Dick says:

    This may have been posted already (difficult to stay on top of info @ Keiserville)
    A new currency and revaluing gold reserves

  4. 8Ball says:

    YC: 1 – Rule number one: People are per defenition stupid even if they think they’re smart.

    I think that you are trying to say that people are naive, gullible and inherently want to trust one another… You have to train them to make them stupid.


  5. Youri Carma says:

    Matt Taibbi: “Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?” American people defrauded by Wall Street investors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj6eujQIzO4

  6. Zorro / London says:


    Gold $2,600 by 2014

    Silver to out perform Gold by 3:1


    Note the comment about silver price

    Its going to be bumpy, but stay cool

    In the words of the song…..


  7. John Q Public says:

    Why do we need elections their machines can just declare victory?

  8. Nak says:

    Cenk Uygur, Matt Taibbi, Why isn’t Wall Street in jail? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZjPCJfvV0M&feature=related

  9. Youri Carma says:

    @Zorro / London

    Not possible cause the dollar doesn’t excist anymore afyer 2012. This is so FREAKIN IMPORTANT that I post it again:

    Lindsey Williams Exclusive: Nwo to Target Iran & Saudi Arabi Next, Oil to Hit $200 a Barrel 1/5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-kmI1hzbI0

    Lindsey Williams Exclusive: Nwo to Target Iran & Saudi Arabi Next, Oil to Hit $200 a Barrel 2/5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa2zhJh2s3E

    Lindsey Williams Exclusive: Nwo to Target Iran & Saudi Arabi Next, Oil to Hit $200 a Barrel 3/5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJNIuZOTReg

    Lindsey Williams Exclusive: Nwo to Target Iran & Saudi Arabi Next, Oil to Hit $200 a Barrel 4/5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcsoWO4fctg

    Lindsey Williams Exclusive: Nwo to Target Iran & Saudi Arabi Next, Oil to Hit $200 a Barrel 5/5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBtU6lb5AE

  10. Zorro / London says:

    Remember when youve run out of Ammo….a shoe….will have to do!

    Clogs and army boots ….the weapon of mass destruction in shoe terms.

  11. Zorro / London says:

    @ Youri

    Thanks for response

    Off to work now (yuk) so have saved, will read later and respond


  12. foober says:

    have we gotten rid of kadifi yet. Kick that sum bitch and his cia/london mi6 stooges clear back to heel.

  13. foober says:

    youri, I know were supposed to take lindsey williams and what he says with a grain of salt and be sceptical. But he’s been close to being right so much. Alot of folks on the internet are pooh poohing lindsey willams yet again. Probably gubbmernt moron paid stooges. Which is usually the case.

  14. Marc Authier says:

    Looking at what the US bonds are doing, I would say that bastard Ghadaffi will be replaced by another CIA MI6 puppet. Hey why not go get a fuckin Obanana family member in Kenya to rule the assholes. What’s good for the fuckin American assholes retards must be good for the fuckin retards in Lybia, That’s what thes Nazis USA UK satanic scum think of us all. Another clown à la Obama style will follow.

  15. Capt. Ray says:

    Good morning Asia!

    As Country Music tells tails about; lost loves, dogs and trucks. Reggae does it for ganja, injustice and freedom. So much we know. Here’s an older piece that relates to suppression/ government/ punishment.

    Anyway, enough talk; here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

    Welcome to Jamrock, poor people are dead at random
    Political violence, can done! Pure ghost and phantom, the youth
    theem get blind by stardom
    Now the Kings Of Kings a call
    Old man to Pickney, so wave one hand if you with me
    To see the sufferation sicken me
    Them suit no fit me, to win election they trick we
    And they don’t do nuttin at all

    Out in the streets, they call it murder!


    Fun fact:
    Our host refers often to punk music.

  16. Youri Carma says:

    Supreme Court: More children need to die from vaccines to provoke civil unrest

    Federal law protects pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits by parents who claim that vaccines harmed their children, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.


  17. Keehotee says:

    The real reasons for revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia?


  18. foober says:

    the supreme court is an evil corrupt institution.

  19. foober says:

    @marc athier, I”m sure the elites want it that way. But there are alot of average folks really upset over in libia now. Thats why I”m guessing the elites have told the evil kadafi people to do their worst. They don’t want to loose libia to real freedom fighters. If I were the freedom fighters i’d be going after the air strips and military bases to get weapons to really free themselves.

  20. Jim says:

    Is Lindsey Williams butftucking some NWO guy to get info? Who is this fucking guy?

  21. Bonn says:

    Hic 😉

  22. Youri Carma says:


    I always stood on the viewpoint that someones sex live is a very private matter even for Berlusconi. With the obvious exceptions needless to say.

  23. Mark Lytle says:

    My problem with Lindsay Williams is :

    (1) that he will take an hour to say what could be said in a few sentences.

    (2) Lindsay doesn’t say much that’s fundamentally different from, say, Gerald Celente or other similar people, but Celente does more homework, more thorough.

    (3) He claims to know something about oil. He doesn’t, I’ve heard him talk. He’s never been near an oil rig, doubt if he’s ever gotten his hands dirty on anything..remotely technical..

    (4) This may be unfair, but he talks like a televangelist. Bothers me, ties in with point (1)…

  24. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    Have to disagree with you cause Lindsay Williams had some detailed specifics I heard nobody else talking about.

  25. Jim says:

    Lindsey Williams gives you 1 hour of “scare the living shit out of you” fun saving the scariest stuff for last.

  26. Mark Lytle says:


    I have heard Lindsay ‘claim’ to have made specific market calls, but I only heard these things after the fact. I don’t know if he’s being a revisionist in the same way as Jim Cramer on CNBC often does. Jim will also tell you about his great ‘calls’…

    I know he was talking recently about $150 – $200 /barrel oil, but so is everybody else..

    and he don’t know beans about oil…that Abiotic nonsense.

    The problem with that idea, is that even if it was true, it wouldn’t tell you where to drill. I feel it’s possible, for example. that water came to earth on comets long ago to, but it doesn’t help me drill a water well… Information content in this idea is non-existent..

    This should make people very suspicious…

  27. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    Your bet.

  28. Keehotee says:

    @SAO – sweet onion analysis


    not the onion

  29. Youri Carma says:

    Paul B. Farrell, Feb. 22, 2011, 12:01 a.m. EST, Market Crash 2011: It will hit by Christmas – The S&P 500 is worth only 910. Get out or lose big http://www.marketwatch.com/story/market-crash-2011-it-will-hit-by-christmas-2011-02-22

  30. Mark Lytle says:


    I can buy that one, I sure can…

  31. Mark Lytle says:

    A Bit of Wisdom:

    If at first you don’t succeed,

    then skydiving is not for you.

  32. Mark Lytle says:

    That was today’s joke of the day…

  33. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    I was already wondering how they could kill the dollar by 2012 because killing the dollar ain’t that easy at all knowing that most dollars are held outside the US.

    I had to confine my conclusion to the fact that it would be all due to Bernankesan’s money printing but I never feld completely satisfied with that conclusion.

    But now Lindsey Willams came out with some new info which makes it more likely they will actualy succeed in meeting this 2012 dollar dead deadline.

    They will create a lot of turmoil in the Middle-East. They will stab the miserable Arab in the back which will make them so angry they won’t be using the dollar anymore and they won’t buy any US treasury paper anymore. This will realy help to put the dollar down.

    So everybody working together with the US now have to watch it’s back now including Israel.

    First they gonna hike up oil to round $200 a gallon after they will disclose some hidden (or semi hidden) oil sources in the US and begin pumping.

  34. Mark Lytle says:


    The problem I have with this scenario is it gives the elites way too much credit, it makes them seem infallible and omnipotent. I think they’re bold, for sure, but I don’t think they are controlling what’s happening in the middle east right now. The dollar crash is coming, because fiat currencies do that, and it’s coming soon. But I can see these things too, and I’m not a member of the elite, it’s just common sense…

  35. Mark Lytle says:

    I think he works from reasonable scenarios, and then weaves a tale around them, makes a narrative, pads it. He’s a story teller.

    He’s an ordained Baptist minister. That’s what they do, and do best.

  36. Mark Lytle says:


    Truthfully, I could make a lot of money if I wanted to, doing the same thing. Just not care about my intellectual honesty, and be an unremitting self-promoter..

    I can weave a yarn….just don’t stray too far from the probable, and be just fuzzy enough to be able to fudge a ‘well I was real close, but’ after the fact.

    Then spin it a little to turn a reasonable near miss, into a hit…

  37. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    Well then you havn’t realy been listening well to Lindsey Williams.

    When there was a lot of turmoil going on with Korea Lindsey said forget about that it’s gonna happen in the Middle East. And so it did.

    He didn’t know exactly what was gonna happen but we see it now and this is only the beginning.

  38. flicks says:

    Williams said the $ is finished by 2012 and oil production starts in the US at some hitherto secret locations to service the US, therefore Arab states producing oil are finished. We will see what happens. He and AJ use the hype to plug a DVD with this info or something. I tend to switch off to the hype but it was very interesting. We get this from AJ when ever gold and silver have a push on the upside. He is a smart sales person for the sheeple

  39. Mark Lytle says:


    I know for a fact (I listened to him) he was talking $5.00 gasoline about a month ago for 2012.

    He’s spinning again, as he’s now saying $6-$7.00 gasoline in 2012.

    If the elites told him $5.00 a month ago, why did they change their minds?

    They didn’t.

    Lindsay did. Get my drift?

  40. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    I hear nobody say oil is going to $200 a gallon, Lindsey does.

    I hear nobody saying, on the exact timeframe mind you, that the dollar is gonna end bey the end of 2012, nobody! Lindsey does.

    Lindsey predicted that when oil was still around $55 that oil would go to $150. nobody else than Lindsey predicted that and not after the fact, that’s just a plain lie!

    Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey …… Williams

  41. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    No you realy have to earn to realy listen close to what people actualy say.

    First he said and he still says that but with an extra input that oi; will go to $150-$200 a gallon.

    Later he got info that it would be closer to $200 a gallon.

    Lindsey was the first to say that even before all the oil hike stories came out cause oil wasn’t hiking at that time at all. A week later oil started hiking.

    Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey …… Williams.

  42. Mark Lytle says:

    Again,, my problem with him is low information density. I have heards him drive Alex Jones nuts, drawing out one or two statements through three commercial breaks, even Alex was getting short with him.

    I knew Korea was a sideshow too, Now, I won’t tell you I saw this middle east thing coming, I didn’t. But I don’t think the elites are controlling this either. Our CIA is a very clumsy organization, and they’re the ones generally assigned to those control tasks. They usually screw it up…

  43. Mark Lytle says:


    That’s only true for the people you choose to listen too, you don’t believe in Peak Oil, or think it is at best an exageration or something.

    The Peak Oil site was talking two years ago about the crossover between supply and demand curves being at around 2012…anyone following that site has been expecting these changes for a while..

  44. Mark Lytle says:

    There has been a lot of modelling of oil depletion rates and demand curves around the world, a lot of Geologists who meet over at the ‘oil drum’ site, have been talking this talk about high oil prices circa 2012 for quite a while. They’re scientists, not elites…

  45. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    Yeah ahahah I noticed. I just found that amusing and had to laugh about it. It dsn’t irritate me. But a lot of people don’t have the patience anymore. There is a direct gratification culture.

    I see Lindsey as somebody from the old world in a positive way in my perception but everybody’s diffirent which makes people interesting.

  46. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    But they’ve not been talking about huge oil sources deliberately kept under wraps like Lindsey did about the big one in Alaska. And there are more oil sources kept under wraps in the US.

  47. Mark Lytle says:

    Of course, if the elites know these things, it’s fair to ask, How do they know?

    Probably, because some of them own oil companies, and have scientists working for them,


  48. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    I do believe in Peak Oil but it’s Man Made in my view.

  49. Mark Lytle says:

    Someday, because no one much cares about REAL science anymore, not math, not charts, not critical analysis, the elites will become totally stupid, as they won’t have anyone left to tell them how things work.

    That’s when the dark ages start.

  50. MirrorMirror says:

    @Mark Lytle

    You’re a newbie , so I’ll be kind …

    LW is a pain in the *ss to listen to , as is his book … but : He’s been right all along – have to admit.

    He’s also the typical “looking” snake-oil-salesmen .. which is what most people have a problem with.

    OTOH, if you have read Cheney Foreign Policy Statement when he took office, it basically says that #1 priority is to SECURE FUTURE US ENERGY NEEDS !
    … and whether that is by lying , stealing , invasion or even all out war … no problem !

    Then you read The CreaturefromJekyll Island , and Prof. Griffin basically states what Williams also just said … the Arabs will “again” be CONned out of their wealth via the Federal Reserve.
    IIRC, Griffin mentioned that the game with the Arab oil is to keep the oil price low and convince them to buy Gold , and then tank the Gold price to take away their wealth yet again.

    It stands to reason that as all these Geopolitical games are spread out and planned over decades, that it would be no surprise if the US was keeping their underground oil reserves HIDDEN , until the ME has been milked dry.
    A most logical and probable scenario IMO.

  51. Mark Lytle says:


    Men are incapable of doing the things you say. I know there are many others here that feel as you do, but you are all quite young yet.

    The world cannot be planned or controlled by anyone. You would be amazed at how impotent even the rich are when confronted with family problems, natural disasters or their own mortality. They’re just like everybody else, at those points. Also remember they compete as much as they cooperate, and they don’t have infallible minds.

    One more thing, very important. They’re surrounded by people who lie to them, constantly These elites are such egomaniacs that they can’t bear to be told they’re wrong, even about small details. The people around them are all ‘yes’ men…

    This will be a big cause of their failures

  52. Mark Lytle says:


    I have Griffins’s book, bought it around 1992 or so, I’m familiar with these things. I know the elites want population reduction. I have a book that is the ancestor of a lot of what you read now. The Club of Romes’s ‘Limits to Growth’

    That was an elite book as well.

    However, you think all limits are man made..,

    You think only bad humans cause limits in some artificial way.

    I see this theme on this board over and over.

    In the state I grew up in, we used to mine something called ‘hard coal’ i’s all gone now.

    We used to have a lot of oil wells, they produce a trickle now. We used to have beautiful virgin forests, they were almost entirely taken down in the 19th century tio build a fuel the railroads…

    Humans today have far more powerful tools than in the 19th century, we can take the whole amazon rainforests down, and will in one more generation.

    But oil lasts forever?

    Not just oil, but

  53. flicks says:

    Williams and especially AJ are what I would describe as having high nociceptive input – you need to filter it out otherwise you get a headache but they are certainly worth listening to and keeping a firm eye on the area of events.

  54. Mark Lytle says:

    Not just oil, but everything has a point where an exponential curve meets a natural limit…..


    Have you ever seen this?

  55. Mark Lytle says:


    I agree totally with what you say.

    I like Alex a lot, I think he gets used a bit, though..

  56. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle – “Men are incapable of doing the things you say.”

    As I say?

    Nathan Rothschild saying that Napoleon won the war and buying up all bonds on the cheap? Rothschild’s funding Hitler to create WOIII? Hiding oil sources by the US?

    It all happened so you better wake up.

  57. Mark Lytle says:


    Figure it out this way.

    If economic growth is at 3% a year to maintain modest growth and energy use is well correlated with GDP (it is)

    Then after 24 years your economy will have grown by (1.03)^(24)=2.03

    In other words your economy and energy usage will have doubled. In 2011+24=2035 you will then need (87millionX2)=174 million barrels a day to maintain your economy.

    24 years after that, you will have doubled again at a 3% growth rate you will have doubled again to 174 million X 2= 348 million barrels a day.

    That’s in 2035+24 -=2059. You really think we can do that?

  58. Mark Lytle says:

    Your ‘hidden’ oil sources will be gone before you reach old age.

  59. Mark Lytle says:


    Click on the you tube link, you need to understand exponential math as that’s what drives economics, ecology, market crashes, and market fractals…

  60. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    In recent years demographic experts have been revising their peak human population estimates downward. At one time, peak population was feared to be in the tens of billions. Then it was revised down to 12 billion. But fertility rates continued to drop, to the point where our population is now projected to peak around 9 billion sometime in the middle of this century.

  61. Dedo says:

    There has been an agenda in play for many years, so to debate whether he or she is a shill/charlatan or not, is totally irrelevant!
    The trick is to assign the relevant event with (official) planned forecasts and make the best choices available in order to facilitate ones own life plan.
    E.G,..mAx and Stacy have been very good at forecasting events to help folk on this site, even though they have a specific agenda of their own.

    Tip : Sort the wheat from the chaff

  62. Youri Carma says:

    Mankind will need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as in the last 8,000.

  63. Mark Lytle says:


    I agree with that, even the much maligned ‘Limits to Growth’ book (1974), using early computer simulations forecast collapsing populations after the 2010-2030 time period. But that aside, you should be able to see that continual growth in oil production at the nominal 3% yearly rate begets absurdities in the not too distant future.

    Of course it’s helpful that the people to consume that much oil won’t be around, but it doesn’t change my point about limits..,

  64. Mark Lytle says:

    Remember, if your committing to that level of food production you’ll need that ‘impossible’ level of oil production.

    The alternative is ‘die-off’.

    Steady state economics would be nice, but no one knows how to make that happen, people think like bacteria, grow, grow, grow…

  65. Youri Carma says:


    Donnow what people have nowadays but it seems that everybody trying to make a buck to stay alive has an “Agenda”.

    I am a socialist who thinks that REAL capitalism is very important.

    Americans tottaly are brainwashed on the word “socialist” alone. They’ve got no idea what it is. Same with fascism in a way cause they are in it and don’t even recognize it LOLz

  66. Ho Lee Fook says:

    Italy in deep doo doo

    Latest Twitter on Gaddafi and…….. Sean Connery


  67. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    That’s why I am pissed that governments don’t help to invest in Solar Energy under the influence of the wicked powers of the oil industry which get’s subsidised.

    But when it comes to Solar Energy it suddenly is not possible.

    It’s not that we humans can’t solve the problemns we have it’s that the black nobility is preventing us from doing so. And the corrupt governments help the evil rubber barons who cut all forest etc….

  68. Mark Lytle says:

    A problem with growing large amounts of food:

    Peak Phosphorous


    Peak Phosphorus: the sequel to Peak Oil


  69. Youri Carma says:

    @Ho Lee Fook

    ahahahhah That’s fun ….

  70. Mark Lytle says:


    I mostly agree with you, we have 800 pound tapeworm parasites in Washington and Wall Street that are preventing action, and we have a lot of technology. The problems are severe, and I fear that people are not getting angry fast enough to get the parasites out of the way in time…

  71. Dirk E. says:

    The `diplomacy` of the Western (post- and neo-colonial !) powers (and proxies) since WW II, `intoxicated` by the smell of OIL (and gas..) , looked like the (in Italy…) well-known Mafia `protection-racket` ” buying dictators, `business` and military cronies” , disregarding, imprisoning or humiliating the `common` Arab people altogether -. and everything under the cover of `freedom and human rights…` ! Unfortunately these `Regional Control` operators shot themselves in the foot…

  72. Dedo says:

    @Youri “Donnow what people have nowadays but it seems that everybody trying to make a buck to stay alive has an “Agenda”.

    Exactly !
    And those who say different are either naive of stupid,….

    My main point though,…was, we used to live on various plantations/human farms,..we’re now moving into a bigger pasture (more centralized),.the events unfolding that fit the strategy are either coincidental or conspiratory,..doesn’t really matter, as long as one can adjust ones life in accord ,…(adapt and survive)
    Or fight the tide,..and die,….

  73. Mark Lytle says:


    I still think you’d like that video I posted, it’s called “Are people smarter than yeast?”

    Kind of funny, really…

  74. will o.t.n says:

    Any one got any good new silver vids.
    could do with being cheered up

  75. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    I know what exponantial is. I had maths and natural sciences on pre-university level.

  76. Youri Carma says:

    Ah Good!!!

    Greece hit with general strike over austerity measures http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/Greece-hit-general-strike-afp-981267711.html

  77. Mark Lytle says:


    I know you know that, but the video is still a good presentation. I had to take my math courses in the 1970’s but I still liked the video for it’s visual impact…it’s also a nice tool to pass on to others….Some of your friends might like it?

  78. Youri Carma says:

    Tens of thousands of people gathered in the Indian capital on Wednesday to protest against inflation http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/Mass-rally-against-inflation-afp-3011559862.html

  79. Youri Carma says:

    Now just 12 percent of US workers are unionised.

    Republicans are using their victories in November’s mid-term election to “pretty much destroy the last vestiges of labor in the midwest,” said Jeffrey Keefe, a professor of labor economics at Rutgers University.

    “They want to establish a permanent majority by destroying unions,” Keefe told AFP.

    From: Union-busting battle spreads to more US states http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/Union-busting-battle-spreads-afp-141297959.html

  80. Mark Lytle says:


    It’s amazing how fast this country is devolving.

    We’re fighting battles that everyone thought was settled after the 1930’s..

    I was the one who posted the links on child labor laws under pressure. Just amazing. sad…

  81. Youri Carma says:

    @Mark Lytle

    Just wondering what Max & Stace were up to in The Lebanon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEsRYkRpySY

    There back …new threat ….

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