Silver inspires revolutions for hundreds of years!

Revolutionary Inspiration in 1789

Revolutionary Inspiration in 2011

56 comments on “Silver inspires revolutions for hundreds of years!
  1. yay! we on a high in the uk at last! )

    .erm is that you stacy?

  2. Thank You Max!! Love You..
    It was you who made me realize these JPM’s reality. I bought silver in Dec, & told my friends to buy too. In fact, I took two of my best friends with me & made them buy too.
    They are all very happy with you.
    Keeping doing the good work. We are there with you to slaughter JPM, HSBC, banking cartel & their puppet Jim Puplava. & likes.

  3. Shed Boy says:

    AMAZING! So…whats the cause? dollars down, but what else is doing this?

    Hope it holds till the close!

  4. Count me in! I am already member of the SLA:)

  5. The Ricard says:

    I’ve been stacking for a few years now, but thanks very much for motivating the troops.

  6. The devil beneath the floorboards says:

    a lil sunburned……. you dont need to cook those to eat them

  7. Nikola says:

    Old tune for new time and now it should be “Out in the Streets”
    Gary Moore – Out in the Fields

    R.I.P Gary Moore

    It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or if you’re right
    It makes no difference if you’re black or if you’re white
    All men are equal till the victory is won
    No color or religion ever stopped a bullet from a gun

    Out in the fields, the fighting has begun
    Out on the streets, they’re falling one by one
    Out from the skies, a thousand more will die each day
    Death is just a heartbeat away

    It doesn’t matter if you’re left or to the right
    Don’t try to hide behind the cause for which you fight
    There’ll be no prisoners taken when the day is done
    No flag no uniform ever stopped a bullet from a gun

    Out in the fields, the fighting has begun
    Out on the streets, they’re falling one by one
    Out from the skies, a thousand more will die each day
    Death is just a heartbeat away

    There’s no communication
    No one to take the blame
    The cries of every nation
    They’re falling on deaf ears again

    Out in the fields
    Out in the fields, they are falling one by one
    Out in the fields, no flag has ever stopped a bullet from a gun
    Death is just a heartbeat away

    Out in the fields, a heartbeat away
    Out in the fields, death is just a heartbeat away
    Out in the fields, a heartbeat away
    Out in the fields

    Out in the fields, the fighting has begun
    Out on the streets, they’re falling one by one
    Out from the skies, a thousand more will die each day


  8. nama rama says:


  9. Got to have those high beams on when you’re navigating around Max, Stacy. Keep ’em…, excuse me, keep it up.

  10. 8Ball says:

    Hey, Silver is TiTs… Anyone beside old guys remember that phrase?

    Fuck the Banksters and their subordinate Leaches in the government.

  11. Majestic says:

    I think that’s Braille for “sexy”

    Viva la Revolution! Lol

  12. Nikola says:

    Oldies but Goldies

    Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World

    King is dead – long live GIABO

  13. nama rama says:

    silver gettin killed!!

  14. Bruce says:

    33+ bitchez!

  15. AS says:

    hey max la menace… western gov plans to seize gold when it reaches 2000 $

    Have a look mate !

    silver at 50 $ in April… who bet… oil at 250 in one week when Netanyahu invades Egypt and take canal of suez control

  16. Joerocker says:

    Strap yourself in, We have lift Off !!!!!

  17. Shed Boy says:

    @European American Thanks for that, I bookmarked it.
    Also found this interesting.

    Whose Wynter Benton? From the article she appears to be the Anti Blythe.


  18. Dr. Richard Head says:

    These pictures are an ispiration to me. Perhaps it is time for me to start making my Silver Areola pieces. Kind of like a Faberge Egg, only different.

  19. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    Viva la revolucion (espanol)
    Vive la revolution (français)

  20. Danny Cunnington says:

    A very important breach. I was hoping $32.60 wouldn’t get breached so I got some space to buy a few hundred more…. $32.60 on the COMEX is the key barrier and once that is established, (within a trading range) the next brief stop will be $37. When that goes… It’s $50 in the bag!

  21. B says:

    I love tits.

  22. Michael says:



  23. CHRSB says:

    Screw yer iPad, buy some silver!

    The Galaxy Tab weighs 368 grams. If you decided to invest in the equivalent weight of pure silver, it’d cost half the price of a Tab ($356 for 368 grams of silver vs. $600 for the Tab at $0.97 per gram of silver).

    The top-range, Wi-Fi-only iPad is also more expensive as its own weight in silver: $659.60 for 680 grams of silver vs. $699 for a 64GB Wi-Fi iPad.

  24. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Shed Boy, Wynter Benton is very interesting. The best way to get some sensible financial blog on this is to go to Zero hedge and look for a blogger called Turd Ferguson. Even they don’t know if this is true but if it is…. they are out to whack the JPM Morgue. They want profits and blood (A bit like the SLA really)!

  25. Randyrocker says:

    What’s happening with you Max Keiser?
    My brother was so thrilled by your push to buy silver and take down JP Morgan that he jumped at the opportunity to buy your likeness on an offering of silver coins, of which you supported on your web site.
    He busted his bank and spent $480.00 to buy these silver Max Keiser coins in December, with the promise of delivery in mid January, and he hasn’t seen anything at all since then. He’s tried to get hold of these people to find out where his purchase is to no avail. What’s he to do? Where are you on this? After all it was your image on these coins that supposedly you sanctioned, were you a party to this if it can now be called a rip off? Have you no integrity to stand behind your own likeness pushed and advertised by you on your own web site? Max Keiser how can you attack JP Morgan for corruption when it appears as if you yourself are party to a corrupt attempt to steal from unsuspecting investors?
    I expect an answer, and for you to provide a means for my brother to be reimbursed for his loss of $480.00. No sloughing this off either.
    It’s a shame I even had to write this.

  26. JonnyJames says:

    Yeahh Baby!,
    I woke up late today and what a good morning it is!

    Good ol Max, always rallying the troops and makin the lads happy. (there seems to be a large majority of men commenting here)

    The SLA is advancing and the metal militias march on!

  27. 8Ball says:


    Yes, Max has been noticably AWOL on the Silver Keiser issue. As far as I know, the whole thing was a scam from the getgo and Max was either in on it or he is a limp dick and won’t admit that he was conned into releasing the use of his name and mugshot… I lost a lot of respect for MK on this one.

  28. will o.t.n says:

    Feb 18, 2011 at 7:52 pm
    Randyrocker I got 2 emails from Bid Bullion one with photographs of the dies. Heres part of it I got this one 24-1-11

    Dear BidBullion/SilverKeiser Customer
    We would like to apologize for our slow responses due to being under staffed and not fully prepared for this campaign in keeping up with emails and updates. We are proud to announce today that the SilverKeiser dies are complete and we are moving into the production phase of the silver bullion rounds. Attached to this email you will see the image of the scupt and then images of the dies ready for production.

    We expect the delivery to happen in a relatively short order. The delay was on our part and not NWT Mint and for that we’d like to apologize immensely. Delivery will commence from first ordered thru to the dealers whom ordered last as soon as production has wrapped up.

    Shipping costs are as follows…
    Orders are being sent via Canada Post upon the minting process and delivery to our facility being completed.
    Orders within U.S. and Canada is $12 for the first coin and $2 for each there after.
    Everywhere else globally is $16 for the first bullion round and $3 for every one there after.

    Hopfully they will turn up soon

  29. Oky1 says:

    The trouble with these kinds of protest is there isn’t any clear leaders with a list of demands.

    And here in the US we still have way to many that have yet to decipher the game Wallst Banks/Insurance Cos’ economic terrorist has of dividing people into the Blue Vaseline Team vs the Red Vaseline team, when the local citizens of Blue’s/Red’s real enemies are Wallst Banks/Insurance Cos’.

    Wallst Banks/Insurance Cos’ have taken their scam game to the next level & started paying people to come onto these message bbs & post fake crap supporting Wallst Banks/Insurance Cos’ positions/propaganda.

    Take this Wisconsin strike, unions & employers alike across the US, if today all would agree that employers would no long take care of any part of handling health insurance or pension plans & that instead the companies would pass along a big chunk of their savings to the employees then immediately it would destroy their common enemy the ponzi Wallst Banks/Insurance Cos’.

    These citizens could/should figure out how to set themselves up as their own local banks/insurance cos’.

    Citizens being their own banks/insurance cos’ is a game changer as then most all of that cash tends to stay in the local community.

    Until then, CJPMBS

  30. epha says:

    re: the silver Keisers

    Max stated very clearly that he is not associated with that company or the coins at all. It is a shame they used his name to con people ( if that is what they did – I don’t know ).

  31. HUH? says:

    Where are the silver nipple rings?

  32. Oky1 says:

    I’d bet this protest here is an ole stlye Zcia black bag op.

    Why? Cause Colonel Mo in 2008 has already cut the people in on a % of the Oil money the last I heard.

    Why would anyone protest if they’re getting their cut?

    We’ll see the truth later I guess?

    >> Libyan Protesters Hang Two Policemen In Al Baida, As Sermons Urge Locals To Ignore “Imperialist, Zionist” Attempts To Stir Revolution
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/18/2011 13:54 -0500 <<

  33. 8Ball says:

    The SK offer was a scam… Troy James in Ontario CA is the guy you should be looking for… Keiser is a wimp.

  34. 8Ball says:

    “Max stated very clearly that he is not associated with that company or the coins at all.”

    Nice, but do you believe him…? I do not.

  35. Karl Max says:

    That famous painting is not portraying the great bourgeois French Revolution of 1789: it’s actually glorifying the “July Revolution” of 1830. This was the prelude to the 1848 revolution(s) which (in France) created the 2nd Republic — briefly overthrown by the dictatorship of President Louis Bonaparte who then styled himself Emperor “Napoleon III” — until his ignominious overthrow by the Prussians in 1870: at which point the communist “Paris Commune” came into existence, briefly, as a direct result. After which Karl Marx got shit for it. It’s all in the history books, mates…

  36. Froggy From The Tropics says:

    @ Randyrocker

    I was surprised that nobody mentionned the issue until now.
    I’m also waiting for my silver keiser to show up in my mailbox… I’ve tried to contact them to no avail. I still don’t think it’s a scam at this point but I have no way to know for sure… I agree, Max should definitively say something about this.

  37. Shed Boy says:

    @Danny Cunnington I just read Turds report he posted 02/16 Wow.
    I guess all us SLA members should mark 02/28 on our calendars. As I understand it that’s when the holders of ETFs have to decide to roll over to the next month or take cash+profit or take physical. I suspect we will see some serious action in the market in the next 10 days as Bltythe will have to scare everybody into rolling ahead. And from Turds report the only way she can drive down the price is by printing more paper silver and hoping people buy. It’s a SERIOUS gamble on her part. It also seems the longer the game plays and the more she tries to cover her ass…the bigger the crash. I also think that if the dollar is still in the tank, more people will be prone to take the physical. This could be it! Or at least another great opportunity to stock up…it’s just a matter of time now.

    In my mind I see this epic battle between us, the SLA, Wynter Benton, if she/he/they exist and Blythe.

    May the Force be with us and…BTFD!

  38. Stardancer says:

    1. Quíls mangent de la brioches!
    2. Jim Puplava is a silver bull, he bought a ton or more some years ago, he stated on his show. He is a silver bug as you, so why do you diss him?
    3. Best regards

  39. 8Ball says:

    Froggy, People have mentioned it here for weeks but most are afraid to confront their Silvergod… Max.

    If the coins are ever delivered Jamie Dimon will moon Ben Bernake at the next FRB meeting…

  40. ozzy says:

    A very nice pair of revolutionaries

  41. Lafayette nous voila says:

    @Karl Marx
    Well done! I was just about to send a correction, myself.
    The little guy next to the lady is named Gavroche.

  42. Del - UK says:

    I’ll have Dumplings with my stew!

    V for Victory!
    You are the Resistance.

  43. jimmy chen says:


    those are too big for you… as per your own words you like em small and perky. therefore you should show many scantly clad women’s breasts to cast a larger net of inspiration since some like em big and some like em small etc.

  44. AchtungAffen says:

    Is that Gavroche and his flintless gun on the pic?

  45. F. Beard says:

    That woman with the bayonet is cheating! What red-blooded man would shoot at a women?

  46. jimmy chen says:

    yeah ha beaches

  47. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day!!! overdrive !!!!

  48. Happy Dick says:

    Breasts are a gift of nature. Perfect beauty is flawless, imo. There is instinctive behavior about suckling on a nipple. 😉

  49. Happy Dick says:

    nitce sonk chimmey chen!

  50. Jayme says:

    Nice, very nice, very very nice. It’s all good. 😉

  51. Silver inspires tits, tits inspire men to revolution

    gold and silver are valuable because people like it, people like it because it looks great splashed on a set of tits

  52. restoresoundmoney says:

    Could we get out of high school already? And oh, btw, that big and natural? Not likely. The nipples wouldn’t be pointing up–they’d be pointing south in–if you’ll pardon the pun–a big, big way.


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