“Shoppers could see higher grocery bills as early as three months from now.”

MK: Various ways to avoid this increase in food and energy prices for Americans have included: routing labor through China, passing the CFMA (Commodity Futures Modernization Act), allowing banks to increase reserve ratios from 12:1 to 30:1, bailing out LTCM, bailing out the dot com meltdown with 1% interest rates, bailing out Wall St. holdings of toxic mortgages with trillions in swaps with the Fed, invading other countries to ‘manage’ their oil and gas reserves, allowing Monsanto to patent seeds, changing the definition of CPI, changing the criteria for defining employment, suppressing Gold and Silver, allowing oil companies to wage anti-AGW propaganda using the public’s airwaves and allowing HFCS to replace real sugar. These are just a few of the ways that government and Wall St. have been able to strong arm and manipulate markets so that the consumer does not experience rampant price inflation for food and energy these past few decades. But since peak credit (and peak oil) in 2007, the ability to mask price rises has run its course. What comes next? I don’t think we’ll see an orderly rise in interest rates to normalize markets (normal inflation). I think the US dollar will collapse and we’ll experience hyperinflation (deflation’s evil twin) – with only Gold and Silver surviving.

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  1. bud007 says:

    max, buddy, your idea of the french revolting and sending off some fuckshits under the guillotine has just been shut down LoL

    now at the same time those judges should be the first batch TOGO under the guillotine

    although it is kinda worried some that judges like that are in every country

  2. stephen says:

    I was just listening to Stacy talking about preparing for AGW. Just how do we do that? Learn how to make it rain? Who has tens of thousands of dollars for food storage? etc. I knew about the central banks long ago, and was able to prepare, just dont know how I can possibly do anything about the weather. Whether its AGW or the weather is just changing like it has been doing for centuries. I have been fighting to expose chemtrails, and not supporting AL Gore’s rhetoric to charge us carbon taxes, while doing nothing about it.
    And Max talks of AGW, but I have never heard him talk about what we should do about it.
    I just felt that Mike and Stacy should maybe dedicate some time on this subject. I check in with Max frequently, but not every show, so if Max and Stacy have already discusssed this, for give me, but send me where I can get the info..

  3. Happy Dick says:

    In the states, prices have been increasing steadily. The biggest little secret, is the product sizes have shrunk. So people only see part of the increase. I listened to the harbinger talks of Keiser and his “Chick” months ago. Loaded up on products last October in anticipation of this inflation. (better than holding cash or the checking account)

  4. GoinFawr says:

    The MO of British Neocolonialism:

    Lord Melbury says, “Deffo! Spot On! Shall we bring back the old world to the New World? Let’s see, Canada looks ready for a right rogering.”

    Here comes ‘Recolonization’!

    Foolish enough to view Canada as still being a sovereign nation? Just wait until this ‘thin end of the wedge’ gets jammed down your maple syrup gulping neck: http://www.stockhouse.com/News/FinancialNewsDetailFeeds.aspx?n=14039295&src=cp

    It is, of course, painted by the TSX and London as a merger that will have a ‘net benefit’ for Canukistanians, but the controlling interest (55%) will be held, wait for it… in England. And keep in mind any new capital that can boost the share value of listings on an exchange can also short them to zero, regardless of the underlying fundamentals, sentiment and technicals; especially if a layer of opacity for Canadian regulators is added through transferring the majority of ownership of their exchange to another country (ever tried to get a banker extradited from Britain?). Which, in all likelihood, is exactly what is going to happen if this deal goes through.

    Exchanges consolidating everywhere is not conducive to the healthy capitalist axiom of competition, in my opinion.


    If you are a Canukistanian, and would care to express a concern, or have a question about this new machination designed to separate you from your country, here’s the guy you should contact: http://www.tonyclement.ca/EN/contact_tony/

    These events, combined with the backdoor EU ‘authourity having jurisdiction’ deals being made by the Harper Gov’t and the fresh trouble in the middle east, are crucially important to annihilating what little is left of the sovereignty of Canada. I’m not joking, these actions will probably have the most profound effects on anyone too young to defend themselves, yet are probably happening just fast enough that even the “I’m all right so ef all the rest” crowd are gonna get some too.

    “There is no time…” -Lou Reed


    Bonne Chance!

  5. Rick says:

    I still don’t think hyperinflation is in the cards, just yet. I tend to be in the same camp as Nicole Foss on that.

    I will say this, it amazes me how many of my friends and people I know, who don’t have a clue what’s going on. They still think the US will recover, and things will be just fine. If I say anything about where the US is going, they just get defensive/angry. And they also think Peak Oil is still like 30 years away.

    Maybe when food prices get out of control, when gas is around $5, still cheap compared to Europe and when the market crashes again. (Oh, and when their kids can’t find a job after graduating college, and end up leaving at home – for a very long time, if not forever.)
    – maybe then they will get it.

  6. Photoception says:

    Based on what happened in 2008, isn’t it more likely that prices will collapse? People were convinced that oil would reach $200/bl, instead it went to $35/bl.

    Everybody is repeating the meme that the world has a food shortage but the crowd is seldom right. There is no food shortage, but rather an income shortage. Poor people who can’t afford food will still starve regardless of crop yields. It doesn’t matter if bread is $1 or $10 if you have no money.

  7. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    Ahhh , a Lou Reed fan , the dark poet of NY . Seen the live at St Ann’s warehouse DVD , WOW . Berlin even better than the original . My fav track from New York album

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    Asleep again Max ?

    Here Comes Executive Order 6102 For The QE Generation: Dutch Central Bank Orders Pension Fund To Sell Its Gold

    DNB has found that such a large proportion of gold is inconsistent with the interests of the participants. SPVG sees gold as a medium of exchange, such as euros, but DNB believes that the price of gold fluctuates too much for it to be classified as an investment.


  9. peter says:

    Damn, I better stock up on more Cannolis. I love Cannolis.I also like Pancakes

  10. 8Ball says:

    Look at the numbers on the home page of this site, then run your own numbers.

    Rate of inflation as figured in dollars has gone up 722.8% since I was a lad…


  11. Harry says:

    @MirrorMirror: I emailed that to Max and Stacy this morning. Good find, though. I asked the fund about the court papers. You should do the same.

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    @Harry …. Pension Funds come directly under Govt. supervision …which is good reason NOT to own them IMO.

    The final nail comes when they try and force “private people” to sell their gold .. i.e. und threat of “confiscation”.

  13. MirrorMirror says:

    [email protected]

    FWIW… UK Law on “Fund Management” ( Trusts , Pensions etc. etc. ) have the same clause …. only a small percentage may be invested in the likes of Gold.
    Normally these Funds are effectively forced into buying Govt. Bonds.

  14. Harry says:

    @MirrorMirror: Aah.. the court papers are already there!
    The case rvevolves about a lack of understanding of Gold (inflation hedge!) and overstating the risk of putting to many eggs in one basket (commodities).
    Reading from what the DNB wants (1-3% gold) they suggest that the fund’s cash should be in 33+ different asset classes. (if they exist and are as safe as gold…)
    So yes, maybe(!!) sell a bit, but not down to 3% or more, from 13%.

  15. learning2 says:

    Check this out, ‘Here Comes Executive Order 6102 For The QE Generation: Dutch Central Bank Orders Pension Fund To Sell Its Gold’


  16. MirrorMirror says:

    @Harry ..Thx

    @Mike / L … Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness was due to take flight that crashed in Cork killing six… but changed his plans at the last minute

    LOL … I was reading the first reports actually looking for something like that .-… and now we know ….. Thx !

  17. Nak says:

    FIGHT OF THE CENTURY ::::: Nicole ‘Hands of Stone’ Foss vs. Gonzalo ‘Earthquake’ Lira

  18. Mep says:

    Y’all following?


    . . . waiting for the President to announce he’s stepping down.

  19. 8Ball says:

    seen on another blog: “I wonder if Egypt will get a president with no birth certificate that can’t prove he’s an Egyptian??”

    Like Max says, we have reached peak everything (including BS) and it is all downhill from here…

  20. MrJones says:

    @Rick. I hear ya. Same thing about denial here in the mid west.

  21. Joseph Francis says:

    Max, we should not worry about food prices. JPM and GS will handle for us. Our great USofA FED will resolve the issue.
    You all see conspiracies and problems everywhere…We are in recovery mode, jobs are being created, the economy is picking up, there is plenty of dollars to go around.

    Nothing to worry!!!

  22. 8Ball says:

    Something that cost $20 in 1913 would cost in 2010, $440.52
    Rate of inflation change: 2102.6%

    Hmmm? a 20 times increase… Rick: “I still don’t think hyperinflation is in the cards, just yet.” O.K. Rick, it costs on average 20 times more to live today then it did about 100 years ago. What is your definition of “hyperinflation”? 40 times, 50 times?

    Perhaps we are being slowly boiled in the pot and it happens so gradually that people are still in denial about how much pruchasing power they have really lost…?

  23. MirrorMirror says:

    @CO2 Tax …

    Germany has already got a system in effect with “Environment Colours” : Green/Yellow/Red


    Environmental badge obligatory for green zones in Germany also for foreigners!
    Purchase your badge prior to your visit to Germany!

    This has of course driven the prices of used-cars down to a level of “crazy” ( plus if course the Cash-for-Clunkers …LOL … another stupid idea ).

    All these perfectly good used cars are now being bought cheaply from Germany and exported to other parts of the world !

    Small companies that have say 2 or more vans/lorries etc. with a “red” label have to now get rid of them and buy newer or new ones .. for big cash or big DEBT via leasing / credit !

    My guess is that this could put the smaller businesses on the breadline , and of course could mean sacking people to keep afloat.

    What a scam .. I guess the auto.industry and bankster lobbyists got their way again.

    BTW .. as I posted before :
    The ADAC magazine showed that a Volvo Diesel model used about half the fuel of a new hybrid … and scientists know that a properly tuned diesel car is far more friendly to the environment than a benzine model.


    PS: I guess Wolferl will call me a liar again !

  24. 8Ball says:

    Japan has had a mandatory MV replacement law for years and a lot of the old cars are shipped out to the poorer South Pacific Islands. Most all of the cars in Tonga come from Japan…

  25. MirrorMirror says:

    @8Ball .. yes, and Japan has the highest Debt/GDP ratio of all !

    As I said, the fiat system loves debt .
    How do you “force” people to go into debt ? …
    … introduce CO2-tax and change the rules.

    I’m more for along the lines of Zeitgeist personally.
    This system is crazy … and breeds on the dumb !

  26. 8Ball says:

    “The sneaky way America will default on its massive debts…”

    In other words, they will find a new way to keep creating free money for themselves while hanging the bill for the interest on some other poor sucker.

  27. MirrorMirror says:

    @Luke …”buy silver baby”

    … but don’t drink too much of it :



    PS: Rare case these days.

  28. wtf says:

    Attn: Max Keiser:

    Are you claiming that it was you who coined the term ‘currency war’ and not Gerald Celente?! He uses that terminology a lot.

  29. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    Haha, i never called you i liar, i just said you have no clue about Germany. It´s just not enough to sit at a computer reading the internet to understand what´s really going on in a country. 😉

    And again, what you say about this badge is not really a big deal. Every car with a gas motor that is younger than about 15 years gets the green badge without problems and even a lot of the older gas cars too.

    If you have a diesel engine you get the badge without problems for cars that are 5 years or younger. For those diesel cars that are 15 years or younger you can build in a filter system for the dirt and you even got 300 € from the state to do this. With the filter diesel cars get the badge without problems. So there just a few really old cars and trucks left that get no badge. But you still can drive around with them, exept for some inner cities.

    In Germany the ADAC is just like the NRA in the US. If German government want to put some minor restrictions on car traffic for the better of the enviroment they go crazy. But the result of this badge system and the German “cash for clunker” is that consumption of gasoline and diesel is down over 5 % in the last two years. And the air in the big cities is much better.

    And yes, a visitor has to pay a fine if he has no badge. The badge costs 5 €. The fine is 40 €. Fines in the EU are executed abroad if the are higher than 70 €, if you know what i mean. And besides, when i go to London with my car i have tp pay the city tax too.

  30. wtf says:

    Mubarrak might have already left Egypt.

  31. Mark Lytle says:

    How to Save America In One Week

    “Many people think we just have to sit here and take it.

    Many others are calling for revolution

    But there may be a third way.”


  32. buzzsaw_63 says:

    well its a good thing i’m not a big consumer of products i don’t need. so i’ll have the money to buy food. will grow a lot bigger garden this year. after i get my second knee replaced next month hopefully at 63 will be able to ride my bike and cut down on what i spend on fuel. it will never happen here in the US but we could boycott buying products not made here and not spend our money and see what the government does, but that won’t happen as we are all sheep and just follow the way we are told to go by other people and the government

  33. Jo says:

    The wolf is not at the door. He is now inside your fridge. When it finally dawns on you that your children have no future , you will do as the Egyptians.

  34. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    MK :I think the US dollar will collapse and we’ll experience hyperinflation (deflation’s evil twin)”
    Me too . Being the reserve currency for the world is an asset , but also a confidence game . The confidence in the $ is eroding , witness a steady stream of new deals in international trade in other currencies . The need to hold $ for countries diminishes . These $ need to go somewhere , and that is motherload of dollars mind you . At some point this asset will turn into a liability when all those chickens come home to roost …

  35. naomi says:

    Store, rice, dried beans of various kinds, canned goods and whole grain flours. Learn to can food for the future and get canning equipment and resuable canning lids.

    Stock up on Iodine, antiseptics, bandages and vitamins.

    Find a source of non-GMO seeds, heirloom variities and store them.

  36. nick says:

    i think i want to kiss max keiser a whole bunch cause it was his insistence that we get into gold and silver and boycott the fiat currencies, that i feel prepared. otherwise i would be waiting for the economy to get better and that aint gonna happen any time soon with the current systems we have in place.

  37. Jayme says:

    And Max talks of AGW, but I have never heard him talk about what we should do about it. – stephen

    I don’t speak for M&S but I believe they are saying that AGW is caused by Antropogenic Global Banking (AGB) and widespread corporate fraud.

    Stop drinking any Coca Cola corporation products is one campaign Max tried to initiate. Go look at the Karma Bankque website to find some insight into other select corrupt corporations.

    This latest campaign to “Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver”. All you got to do there is buy an ounce or two of silver. Not very radical except hen everyone does it together like the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings.

    By this line of reasoning – AGW is an extention of the fraudulent Anthropogenic Global Banking (AGB) system as it wrecklessly destroys the environment through massive over-leverage and fraudulent market rigging. Anyway, that’s kinda sorta what I get out of all this entertainment.

    If you are like most of the rest of us then do what you can from where you stand. Don’t expect Max to tell you what YOU can do. He just suggests each of us get our head out of the sand… (and that a few of us should top ourselves – lol). 😉