[KR120] Keiser Report – Eco-Eco Disasters!

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  1. Hullaballoo says:


  2. Hullaballoo says:

    Tony Blair is a sicko

  3. Toadsmoker says:

    Isn’t it ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?

  4. jimmy chen says:

    @ Max

    Dude, relax. you did NOT coin “currency war.” First of all it has been around for decades and second Bob Chapman has been mentioning it for 4 years. Now that said, still rove de max

  5. F. Beard says:


    I’ve hated the Fed since the 1980s and I did protect myself by buying PMs (yeah, I was once primitive too) but I still don’t buy AGW.

  6. Lynne says:


    Max kept using the acronym AGM and I didn’t know what the A stood for so I looked it up – it is ‘anthropogenic’.

    I can’t say whether the global warming is due to man’s activities, but man’s activities are certainly destroying the environment – you only have to look at the impoverished soil. Of course AGM has become another financial instrument now, which makes me very suspicious. And, I understand that lots of scientists resigned from the research projects supporting AGM because the science was duff, but they have not been able to get their names off the list of supporting scientists. All very dodgy, I think.

  7. johnseattle says:

    Did he say he wants to profit off Monsanto Frankenstein science?

  8. sexton says:

    Are the position limits on commodities using silver position limits as the baseline?

    Silver still subject to massive manipulation. This is Mr. Browns ‘positive’ news?

  9. MirrorMirror says:

    @Max …. We going to see Peak Keiser soon if you don’t quit ranting about PEAKS !

    @Balloo … agreed !

  10. Dedo says:

    @Lynne,…..it does annoy me when folk keep referring to the human society as a collective, e.g: “MAN”!!!

    Have a good hard look around,.. and just (for once in your life), ponder the machinations of society,..and guess why folk on here refer to the “managers” as the PTB.
    I’ll refrain from going into a pointless rant, and just “state” the obvious fact that most folk are hypnotics, and therefore follow(blindly) rules set down by their “MASTERS” , and the scientists/preists, that propagate their social designs,(the very people you should be directing your accusations)!
    If that makes any sense?
    So you see,..the real enemy isn’t humanity as a whole (the idea that came up in a well renowned meeting),..but a very select few “wise” men, who have through the ages, brought it upon themselves to use humans as cattle!

  11. MirrorMirror says:

    LOL …. “Currency Wars …. I coined that phrase”
    …. ‘you drive a fast sports car was well or what ?

    Sorry Max, there were many there before you , including me !

  12. sexton says:


    yes he said ‘I look for ways to capitalize on it’, referring to Monsanto. Nice guy. An ethical investor obviously.

  13. stacyherbert says:

    @Toadsmoker – yes, it is

    @F.Beard – invest accordingly

    @johnseattle @sexton – if the American population is going to allow its government to allow monopoly on seeds, that is an obvious way to print money and, as an investor, you want to be close to those who print the money; there is ZERO sign of concern about Monsanto’s monopoly over the seed supply in the US or introduction of organisms that have been untested, so an investor would naturally go long there and short in Europe as the Europeans are clearly resisting the introduction of such products

  14. MirrorMirror says:

    @Lynne … read “The Fable of the Bess”, written in 1703 by Bernard Mandeville

    Von Hayek was inspired by this poem.

  15. jimmy chen says:



  16. MirrorMirror says:

    @position limits being changed

    Hello, didn’t he read the CFTC report ?
    … only for those “outside” the FED cartel.
    Not good !

  17. Rusty says:

    Trying to reconcile Stacy’s claims of manmade global warming with this:

    Al Gore’s Incredibly Shrinking Credibility, by Alan Caruba

  18. F. Beard says:

    – invest accordingly Stacy

    Maybe I should buy some coastal property once the AGW scare drives prices down far enough.

    But that reminds me. Didn’t Al G. (think green, blue-green) buy some coastal property?

  19. sexton says:


    I understand the mechanics of investing. I don’t agree with the ethics.

  20. stacyherbert says:

    @F.Beard – Al Gore can afford the insurance premiums; but then his investment house in London has done well this year on their Asian bets

    @jimmy chen – okay, I’ll say it, “hello”

  21. Frenchy says:

    Hey Keibert,

    Don’t worry about us here in Canada, we’ve just been annexed to the US:

  22. stacyherbert says:

    @Rusty – the ideologically and partisan driven often focus on heroes or villains to justify their opinion, whatever gets you through your day

  23. Modern Money Mechanics says:

    Anthropomorphic Global Warming…

    Reminds me of my self-defense instructor when referring to ambidextrous safety switch on a pistol as the amphibious safety switch, but he said it only once, not three times, plus Stacy once.

    Funny malapropisms; thanks for the chuckle. Love you shows Max. Watch everyone.

  24. jimmy chen says:


    dank you.

  25. stacyherbert says:

    @Modern Money Mechanics – not fair, you can tell I stumbled over the word because Max said it just before me and I got caught but didn’t correct myself as I should have I figured it was too late once the word was out

    @Frenchy – read US Naval paper from I believe it’s 2003 where it projects conflict with Canada over the Northwest Passage as the Arctic melts; you will be occupied or destroyed so perhaps your guys are just taking the surrender monkey route that the French did in WWII? (btw, even when there is fullblown commerce and tankers going through the passage for a month or two, people will still deny that the ice is gone)

  26. Mike Goldberg says:

    Equating the real fraud of the Federal Reserve with the phony Lies of man-made global warming? Max and Stacy must be getting real desparate as their handlers are putting more pressure on them to push a global agenda.

    Global Climate change is caused by the activity of the sun, not idot yuppies who show up at Max and Stacy’s parties driving SUVs.

    For a real alternative fuel, so we could once again be an energy independentent Nation again, rather than part of a “global” economy, check out hydrogen. We use HHO gas for cutting steel but you could easily use it to power a vehicle since it has way more BTU’s that gasoline, is perfectly clean (produces water as a bi-product) and is the most abundant resource not only on earth but in the entire universe. But notice how Max and Stacy, for as smart as they supposedly are, never talk about or promote this. So whose agenda are they really serving?

  27. F. Beard says:

    whatever gets you through your day Stacy

    How utterly patronizing. I only hope that should you be mistaken, Stacy, that you don’t take it too hard. We all make mistakes.

  28. stacyherbert says:

    @Mike Goldberg – for all the denier myths, the “it’s the sun” one demonstrates the most scientific ignorance for, while the sun provides most of the energy that drives our weather on earth, we know the factors that impact our radiation balance and can, therefore, disqualify those, such as solar energy or volcanic activity, that are not responsible for our present warming;

    as an artistic endeavour, however, the creative license does allow authors of myths and fairytales to make such stuff up, so enjoy your stories

  29. Frenchy says:

    @ Stacy

    Thought my sarcasm was apparent, my bad.

  30. Keehotee says:

    @jimmy chen

    dude, what happened to your accent. maybe this will help…


  31. stacyherbert says:

    @F. Beard – au contraire, the myths we create, including our ideologies, are what get us through our day, but they can also blind us to facts in front of our eyes as Alan Greenspan demonstrated in his failure to respond to the facts around him that contradicted his ideology

  32. Modern Money Mechanics says:

    Stacy @Modern Money Mechanics – not fair, you can tell I stumbled over the word because Max said it just before me and I got caught but didn’t correct myself as I should have I figured it was too late once the word was out

    Stacy you are correct it was unfair. You and Max work your fingers to the bone doing these shows for us. I do not think the average viewer realizes the amount of effort it takes to put on just one show, much less 120 of them. And we get to see them for free…

    So please accept my apology for laughing at your and Max’s expense. Really do love your shows.

  33. evolutis says:

    Good news , good news , good news … regular people do have some power … see Eygpt

  34. evolutis says:

    That would be … see Egypt

  35. LuzazuL says:

    Off topic (sorry Stacy+Max!) > The Guardian changed text 1) to protect sources and 2) not to be sued? But why didn’t they work out with WKL, ahead of time, say, omitting the names — instead of actually changing text? As for the fear of being sued, if they can’t do journalism due to the possibility of being sued, then they can’t do journalism, can they?

  36. gussy says:

    Good first half, that guest profiting from monsanto, brings to mind Maxs assertion that had Auschwitz been listed on NYSE US involvement in WW2 would have been a different kettle of fish altogether.

    Heard in interview with this guy, very interesting, completely different take on China, India, AGW. I’d lile to suggest him as a guest.


  37. Rick says:

    Joshua says things aren’t getting worse. I would disagree.

    Regarding jobs:

  38. stacyherbert says:

    @gussy – you’re wish is my command

  39. MirrorMirror says:

    @Rick … agreed.

    John WIlliams went out on a limb and predicted a massive crash soon .. within weeks, and that was in Jan2011.
    He normally never joins in the Doomsayers parade, so this time I’m wondering !

  40. MirrorMirror says:

    @Doomsayers .. I meant DoomsdayDaters of course !

  41. Jayme says:

    Monsanto and most corporate business models still bother me. There needs to be a fundamental uprising in this idea of food corruption for profit. The simplistic fiat money based profit models have to go or we will all be stuck with fiat fiat – oops wrong show. 😉

  42. Wolferl says:

    @ stacy

    No, they´ll deny that there ever has been ice. And if you show them pictures and videos of the past they claim they are produced in Hollywood film studios. 😉

  43. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    @Mike Goldberg
    Dude , hydrogen on planet earth is an energy carrier , not a source , just like batteries . Hydrogen needs to be generated by spliting water molecules , typically done by electrolysis . This requires more electric energy than you will ever get back (in a usefull form) by burning it into water again , courtesy of the second law of thermodynamics

  44. MirrorMirror says:

    Concerns about Silver Chart


    Although I hold nearly all my assets in physical gold, silver and land, I am still of the opinion that the Fiat Market ( Cash in ETFs etc. ) control the price, rather than the supply/demand of the physical ala Comex etc.
    ‘Stands to reason , considering who the ETF fund managers are wrt G&S ETFs.The Comex and LBME can always “settle contracts” for cash … so IMO there will only be a “controlled” ( & therefore slow ) movement in the prices, unless or until of course the system fails completely.
    And “that” is the question … does anyone really expect the PTB to allow the system “to be seen as failed” ?
    Just watch Egypt .. to get the picture.

    John is a nice guy, but IMO his watching of chart patterns and T/A just means that he does NOT believe in the possibility systemic failure.
    i.e. he DOES believe in the “fair” pricing-power of the market … which I do not !
    BTW … Denninger is a similar candidate IMO, although he was slowly changed his tune slightly of late.

    Ron Paul’s approach is that he doesn’t want the system to crash, and believes he can introduce legislation peu a peu to slowly get us out of the mess.
    The mess is 700 T$ in Unregulated derivatives BTW.
    I don’t see a fat chance of that without more Govt. coverups & more lying at the expense of the honest man.


  45. Tao Jonesing says:

    You’ve unfairly smeared Adam Smith, whose “Wealth of Nations” bears no resemblance to either neoclassical economics or neoliberal economics. Yes, Milton Friedman lifted Smith’s Invisible Hand metaphor, but then he perverted it beyond recognition.

  46. MirrorMirror says:

    Just thought I’d pass bud’s thoughts on :

    My antenna

    is picking up another signal that nobody has mentioned on the board. My tinfoil hat is lit up like a Christmas tree. The labor unions have been systematically taken apart over the past 20 years or so with the globalization and what have you. Whether the unions went to far or not is another discussion. What I’m getting at is the decline of the living standard that lies ahead for the US and how little will be able to be done about it. Now the Deutsche Bourse is setting up to take over the NY stock exchange. The entire debt based monetary system is controlled through banking, the exchanges, and derivatives. Now the old European banking elite are about the complete the total takeover of the monetary system. They’ve already accomplished gaining additional powers at the FED, and now are trying to take over the exchanges and the setting of the rules. “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild
    Now I guess we’re going to find out if any one of our elected officials has the slightest clue about what their jobs or oath means. What’s this got to do with gold? See how much gold you’ll be able to own or accumulate once the banksters take it all and leave you with electronic chits for money debited and credited to some number in a banks computer.



  47. Dean says:

    Hi Max and Stacey,
    I agree that corporations destroy the planet for more profits. I would point you to youtube and Lord Monckton’s series on global warming for a start. This anthropogenic warming scheme for explaining our weather patterns is almost as ridiculous as ‘Bono’ picking winners..
    Good luck, love you guys.

  48. Heretical Monkey says:

    Its so sad to see you fall into the progressive trap of AGW!
    Mark my words, you will loose popularity! The revolutionaries are getting wiser.

  49. Wolferl says:

    Haha, come on, we all know that silver and gold will be down again at the end of the month when the futures and options expire. I think we´ll see some new year lows.

  50. Bob says:

    Just a couple of comments about the talk with Joshua Brown. I won’t be holding my breath while I wait for commodity speculators to start acting “like adults”. They’re going to speculate and profiteer regardless of actual supply and demand. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life we have enough food to feed everyone, but any excuse, real or imagined, is justification to make an extra buck.

    Also, human beings have been manipulation plant and animal genetics for hundreds of years. Granted not the way Monsanto does it however. Just look at the all the breeds of dogs we have. If we are playing “God” why would He develop the Pug?

  51. cultamerica says:

    Get Piers Corbyn on if you dare.
    He may just pass on some wisdom for it does seem there is an extreme lack of it here. There are times when the knee jerks without control, and there are times the knee jerks as a means to an end. I am fairly convinced that your knee jerking is somewhere in the middle. From my angle it just looks silly and young.

  52. naomi says:

    Monsanto has removed diversity out of the food system. One mold, one disease, will wipe out a mono food system.

    Bees, people yes bees are dying because of Monsanto plants that require pollination, the plants have been genetically engineered to have Roundup in them. Roundup is a chemical that Monsanto makes as well. Bees eat the pollen and die, animals in India eating the plants die. Diseases of all kinds are on the rise as well as cancer. Pancreatic, stomach, brain and lung cancers are on the rise. Chrones disease a degeneration of the intestinal tract is being found in very young people. Chrones disease used to be quite rare.

    Einstein stated that if bees (as pollenators of many, many crops) are destroyed the human being will have about 3 years before they start starving.

    “Cornering the market” by Monsanto is a lie. It is not the market but the food system and the plan is to reduce the population by about 3/4ths. All the while, old varities of seeds that have served humanity for thousands of years are being stored by them. They know what they are doing and they know who is going to be left.

  53. marilyn says:

    The most important comment Max made is WATER. Without clean water nothing lives.

  54. F. Beard says:

    au contraire, the myths we create, including our ideologies, are what get us through our day, Stacy

    I used to have that philosophy. I called it “selective perception”. Most people were horrified (disgusted?) when I told them of it. It didn’t work well because I always knew I was trying to fool myself. I am ashamed of it to this day. After that I decided to face the truth or at least the most likely candidates for it. I feel much better now.

    but they can also blind us to facts in front of our eyes as Alan Greenspan demonstrated in his failure to respond to the facts around him that contradicted his ideology Stacy

    What a hypocrite he was! What part of the Fed/banking system could he mistake for a free market? But now we know; a free market without liberty in money creation is no free market at all. It is merely a rat race for the sake of bankers.

    As for AGW, I would remind you that Soviet scientists rejected for decades the evidence for genes for political reasons. Is the US much less political than the old USSR, I ask you?

  55. Original bob says:

    You guys should look at getting Chris Martenson on. He’s really well balanced and his Crash Course is extremely well done and highly practical.


    He recently interviewed Dan Ariely which was excellent. Dan quite correctly points out that the fudge factor when it comes to cheating gets skewed the more we associate with the groups that we value, so in this regard it’s little wonder the banksters cheat the way they do – they don’t actually see it as cheating – they view it as bending the rules in their favor not actually breaking them. Yes, from someone standing afar looking at their actions it’s breaking the rules – anyhow – I’m sure that comment will enflame people but take the time to listen to Dan Ariely and you’ll understand. btw – Dan is not making moral judgments on people’s behaviours – he’s just stating behavioral economics


    @ Mr F. Beard. The more i read your comments the more I like what you say 🙂 I know you feel PM’s are just metals and ultimately you are right but perhaps there is a place for them as we move hopefully away from fiat junk in the years ahead?

    As for the whole notion of peak everything it’s all related to population growth. We have filled the earth to probably it’s carrying capacity – at least it’s carrying capacity in terms of using cheap energy to sustain us.

    I’m not convinced about global warming. I agree we need to look after your environment but the scale of the impacts we have seen recently (in Australia) are no different to what we have experienced before. The impact in dollar terms is greater because there are a lot more people affected because of population growth but in terms of lives lost, the impact is lower than before – so it really depends on how you wish to measure. The 84 floods impacted mining too – the difference this time is that Australia is exporting huge volumes of coal more than what it did before so it gets more attention this time around.

    We have not even tracked a 100 years of sun activity to know it’s impact yet we realise the sun has a huge impact on the earth – so I think it’s very premature to cry global warming at this stage. It’s obviously sensible to move away from oil as fast as we can and to embark upon renewable everything where possible but to blame global warming just on man and his impact may cause us as a species to be too narrowly focused on what we think could be the problem versus what actually is the problem and we certainly don’t need more of that.

  56. F. Beard says:

    See how much gold you’ll be able to own or accumulate once the banksters take it all and leave you with electronic chits for money debited and credited to some number in a banks computer. Mirror^2

    Which is why we have to think beyond PMs for money. Let the PTB take huge losses on their gold hoards as we reject it absolutely and forever as money.

    Liberty is, by definition, the antidote to tyranny. PMs are just Plan B for the PTB. They REQUIRE our cooperation in order for us to be enslaved by them.

  57. F. Beard says:

    I know you feel PM’s are just metals and ultimately you are right but perhaps there is a place for them as we move hopefully away from fiat junk in the years ahead? Original bob

    The only place for PM monies, if anywhere, is the private sector. Fiat is ideal for government money since the government is force. However, that fiat should only be legal tender for government debts (taxes and fees), not private ones. The private sector should be free to develop genuine private monies for private debts.

    The solution to government full legal tender fiat is to revise the tax and legal tender laws so that the stealth inflation tax is eliminated. PMs are absolutely NOT needed for that purpose.

  58. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day

    some time wife numba 4 or 6 type for me cause dhey take over de “puter”. dheir engrish much beter. dank you for de rink.

  59. F. Beard says:

    Oops! We are just too dang complicated for science currently:

    While scientists have gathered “vaults of information,” he said, “That doesn’t mean that we will cure people or we will change clinical practice in the next 10 years.” from Don’t expect genome breakthroughs yet, expert says

    The thing about life is that it is a tour de force to the tour de force power by a Master who shows us enough to encourage us but has plenty left in reserve to humble us.

  60. Jack Lee says:

    re: Keiser Report #120

    Good gawd Max. Resources are NOT going to EVER run out. God has foreseen all and provided in abundance for his children. To assume otherwise is to insult the All-Mighty. So much for Peak oil, peak whatever.

  61. Andras says:

    Please invite Piers Corbyn on your show.

    There was some stuff that we told you about some years ago and many of you did not believe us – but now everybody knows that we were right. How is this evidence for anything that you are saying now? If you were a weather expert I would consider it – but from two financial commentators – sorry.

  62. David Staples says:

    I’m not quite sure how a disbelief (or healthy skepticism) in the concept of AGW relates to a belief in the value of fiat currencies.

    It’s like saying that people who don’t believe in the tooth fairy can be lumped in with 9/11 Truthers just because both groups don’t belive in “something”.

    The phrase non sequitur spring to mind.

  63. wtf says:

    Stacy evangelicating global warming again!?

    Mubarrak to announce his resignation tonight (Egypt time). You heard it here first.

  64. wtf says:

    Mubarrak might have already left Egypt. You heard it here first.

    Deny that AGW doesn’t exist!

  65. Capt. Ray says:

    @ Max (and crew)
    Remember a month or two ago that you had something to say about Ron Paul mixing religion into the discussion.
    Well, almost every article now mentions religion now. Religion is an easy reference, ain’t it… Everyone get’s it…
    Just say’n.

  66. Van says:

    regarding FAKE FOOD story the other day. If FAKE FOOD is PLASTIC CRAP, then SOYLENT GREEN is the NUTRITIONAL GOOD STUFF–like the scene from “Oliver”…”please sir, can I have some more..”

  67. F. Beard says:

    BTW Stacy,

    I love your hands! They deserve more air time.

  68. Andras says:

    You do not need to publish this, but is my previous comment being censured? That would break my heart 🙂

    my previous comment was:

    Please invite Piers Corbyn on your show.

    There was some stuff that we told you about some years ago and many of you did not believe us – but now everybody knows that we were right. How is this evidence for anything that you are saying now? If you were a weather expert I would consider it – but from two financial commentators – sorry.

  69. Pedro says:

    Max, you really need to have a science consultant on your staff to research these climate/global warming issues. You said in reference to Australia “Huge floods, brought on by AGW…”

    But it was the Australian DROUGHTS of last decade that were blamed on … AGW!

    So, what is it, floods or droughts that are caused by AGW? You can’t have it both ways.

    Get a science advisor.

  70. Capt. Ray says:

    @ F Beard
    Now I’m on the subject I know nothing about, religion, I have a question…

    Since every Muslim should read the Bible, as I’ve been told, wouldn’t it be great if all Christians must (yeah… in religion you must) read the Koran.
    Can’t be that much different, can it? And since you worked your way through one book, the other ones should be fairly easy to understand. You’ve heard the drill many times over.
    Did you read the Koran?
    Wouldn’t it be time to, for the religious people, to start to unite. Use the banks as the boogie man… will help us all. And G-d is your man! Fantastic…

    (FYI: I’m dyslectic beyond real. I never made it through one single book my entire life; by now I’ll pass to finish any of them. Words, in that matter, don’t do it for me).

  71. Dedo says:

    The trains were late today,….they said it was AGW !!!

  72. F. Beard says:

    So, what is it, floods or droughts that are caused by AGW? You can’t have it both ways. Pedro

    Yes they can, by claiming that AGW increases weather volatility.

    Oh, here is my new nick name for the AGW promoters: Gaia Deniers

  73. Pedro says:

    You said “As the ice sheets melt all that fresh water goes to salt water…”

    Sheesh! We DEPEND on melting ice to get water. Also, more water in the ocean means more ocean surface area which means more evaporation and more precipitation! Combined with warmth, you get even more precipitation. Get a science advisor!

  74. F. Beard says:

    Since every Muslim should read the Bible, as I’ve been told, wouldn’t it be great if all Christians must (yeah… in religion you must) read the Koran. Capt. Ray

    Not a bad idea. However, much of the Koran was lifted from the Bible with strategic substitutions (eg Ishmael vs Isaac). I wish to be heavily versed in the Bible first before I investigate the Koran.

    As for Christians, Jews and Muslims uniting against the bankers, that should not be a problem since all three religions forbid usury to one extent or another.

  75. Kent says:

    There you guys go again. People built on flood plans thinking global warming was going to end the rains…how’d that work out for them? Guess they should keep listening to you guys.

  76. cultamerica says:

    I think Stacy is getting close to a revelation. The next step is to identify the disease you now paint others with as your own. You will then find peace, or something leading there.
    Oh, have you gotten Piers Corbyn on the horn yet?

  77. Donald Hames says:

    No doubt AGW is a contributor to climate problems; but it takes a second seat to the impact of “Magnetic Polar Shifts.

    I remember taking notice of magnetic polar shifts a couple of years ago; but, don’t recall the urgency of the impact at the time. Perhaps there just wasn’t enough data confirmation at that time. Polar shift is under surveillance and study by geologists and geo-scientists and is happening NOW; not 10 years down the road.

    That said, magnetic polar shifts are whipping up the current destructive super storms and climate shifts.

    A must read: http://www.salem-news.com/articles/february042011/global-superstorms-ta.php

    A link at the bottom of the above summary article takes you to the rest of the original article.

    Stacy, you or Max may want to have Terrence Aym as a guest on a program to discuss Earth’s Magnetic Field Shifts.

    RECENTLY: Terrence Aym was a featured two hour guest on Jim Neidner’s talk show broadcast from Houston, Texas. Aym discussed his article “Behind federal government’s lies: real economic numbers prove US in Great Depression.” A video download of the first 10 minutes with my introduction is available on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0Ov7WgqfCU
    . . .

    Aym has also been a guest on other US radio stations as well as the featured guest on a premier South African radio show. His articles have been discussed on television and debated on nationwide radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM.

    The news media has also discussed and debated Aym’s articles and ideas. Some that have featured articles about Aym and his writing include ABC News, TIME, Business Insider, Smithsonian, Nature, Pravda, Salem-News.com, The Nation, Crunchgear.com and more.

    Several of Aym’s articles have been recently re-published in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Chinese.

    Recently, one of his articles made the syllabus of an LSU course.

    Two articles that Aym published through Helium during the spring and summer of 2010 went viral around the world, caused heated debates on five continents, and were read by millions of people.

    Currently, Aym has several book projects underway.

  78. John says:

    Hey Max and Stacey, it’s “AnthropoGENIC Global Climate Change” not “AnthropoMORPHIC”.

    Keep up the great work.

  79. stacyherbert says:

    @John – thanks, yes, see earlier comments on that

  80. Capt. Ray says:

    @ F Beard
    Four weeks ago my scooter died in, what they say, a bad part of town. As I was taking the carburetor apart alongside the road. A (so called) “crazy” walked up to me and said I looked Like the Prophet Mohamed (?! Must have been the crack he was using). Anyway, he goes on saying; “you know what Mohamed said?!. I didn’t answer, although he look well maintained and his beard was nicely groomed, I was simply too busy doing getting under way. He persisted; “Do you know what Mohamed said?!”. My answer; standing up and look him straight in the eye; …“shoot me, I have no idea what he said”. Ok, bad decision form my part… He went off on a rampage, but not in English dough… in some foreign languish, couldn’t tell what it was. It wasn’t Arabic either. Even though I couldn’t make out a word he (or Mohamed 😉 ) was saying, it sounded like he was doing it in verses. I liked it, I let him go on for like a minute or so. He got better every sentence he said. (don’t forget he was high, imo).

    Long story short, after a while, I stood up and looked him in the eye for the second time and said; Mohamed is Dead. Christ is Dead. David is Dead. They’re all dead.

    I think he got the message right there and then. He left a different person. (LOL)

  81. Leonard says:

    What does “eco-eco” stand for?

  82. agw..again… completely missing the point. you believe in agw-you are living in denial. co2 is good-co2 is life-co2 is fuel. agw is politics and a marketing ploy to guilt you into buying a windmill from max and staceys honest windmill dealership! )

  83. Rob Clay says:

    Perhaps Bulgarian carbon credits will solve the worlds AGW, looks like a real winner this year,ask Goldman Sucks.
    Financial WMDS coming to a town near you!… They are so doing what, they are designed to do… lol…. Mix in some fraud, some hype and Voila!

  84. RealityIsA says:

    Tar sands have absolutely nothing to do with the housing bubble in Canada. For that you can thank the Bank of Canada for dropping interest rates to historic lows.

  85. amommamust says:

    Great rant about Monsanto – evil bastards!

  86. Pedro says:

    So, what is it, floods or droughts that are caused by AGW? You can’t have it both ways. Pedro

    Frank: Yes they can, by claiming that AGW increases weather volatility.

    Pedro: Can’t have it that way either. Warming occurs mostly in the higher latitudes which means means less of a temperature gradient equator to pole which means MILDER weather, not more volatile. Volatile weather occurs when warm air masses meet cold air masses. When warm air masses meet slightly less warm air masses, nothing much happens. That’s MILD weather. Get a science advisor, Max.

  87. Billy-Bob Garcia says:

    I hate seeing this good man’s credibility tarnished by his fixation on AGW.

  88. Bruce says:

    Julia Gillard (Gillard is pronounced with the G sound (rather than the J sound). She’s not classy enough to sound French 🙂

  89. Bruce says:

    at 2:35 Max sez:
    “now they’ve got fires; they’ve got huge fires in Australia; once again the product of a busted economic model”
    If that’s the case then I guess we’ve had a busted economic model for decades every summer 🙂

  90. Capt. Ray says:

    @ F Beard

    I’ll quote you an excerpt from an earlier poste of mine;
    …” Mohamed is Dead. Christ is Dead. David is Dead. Da Buda too. They’re all dead! … I think he got the message right there and then. He left a different person.”…

    I see you’re still stuck on the “double money” standard.
    There is a global disruption. There will be a global outcome.
    I’m open for a global unity for exchange. (Simply because it’ll make life easier on ground level).
    Now a question to you, realistically: What universal “money” could the 7b (or so) individual people understand by… let’s say; tomorrow…?!
    I’m optimistic and think that everybody on planet earth gets the concept of PM’s in less than an hour. Almost all will find out they don’t have it… That’s a hurdle. Because of that fact some will, reject the whole concept. Or, like in your case, will try to find a solution around it. Let me tell you; those who have PM’s won’t throw the PM concept out of the window because of the practical impossibility. This “money thingy” is portrait as if it were to be an all-or-nothing choice. And as two digits make four possibilities (and four makes sixteen etc. etc.) there is an ocean of workable solutions. Let me tell ya…

    Fun fact; you can regrow food.

  91. maxkeiser says:

    I notice that for all the bluster from AGW deniers

    the ratio of ‘likes’ to ‘dislikes’ for show is 10:1 ‘likes’

    clearly, the majority of viewers agree with out view, but they don’t leave comments.

    probably because the agw deniers are hooked in with the thugs who go around beating people up to support AGW climate genocide.

  92. Rob Clay says:

    Would that be “Jackboot Thugs” ?

  93. Eduardo says:

    @ Max

    I like your shows very much, you and Stacy would be the best out there, if not by AGW.

    I will continue to watch your shows in the hope that you both come back to
    your senses… You did it before (your position regarding Obama presidency), can happen again…

    AGW will be another piece to include in your live major errors:
    – Coca Cola (They sell a product tha people want “People are dumb”)
    – President Obama
    – The Crash part of Crash JPMorgam Buy Silver Campaign

  94. Bruce says:

    Max sez:
    probably because the agw deniers are hooked in with the thugs who go around beating people up to support AGW climate genocide.

    Simmer down 🙂
    Speaking for myself only, nothing could be further from the truth. I just don’t see the correlation between Australian bushfires and anything, really.

    There is nothing new, unusual or out of the ordinary here. I suppose if we wanted to we could say that Australian bushfires were linked to such-n-such, but I don’t really see the proof. I don’t knock your belief at all, but I remain unconvinced.

    Numbers of believers versus disbelievers also mean very little since most still believe the Big Mac is food (for example).

    I say the jury’s out on this one.

  95. indeed says:

    So Rand is finding a way to get back against the corporations with all the wrong reasons? I can’t see that dancing with the Devil will have price for us? Don’t get me wrong, these people have to be stopped, but Rand is NOT Ron, and I do hope Ron isn’t a disappointment.

    @Naomi, “Pancreatic, stomach, brain and lung cancers are on the rise”. These symptoms are also in the timeline with the doping of America. It’s spelled Crohn’s Disease – also, in my opinion, caused by overdosing. Otherwise, excellent post.

    @Frenchy, Yes, I suspect that Mexico was in this meeting as well. The whole world (not only Canada) is being pushed into the same fire of Obama’s dream of world domination over a dying humanity. I’ve posted this before, but an excellent video on Celente’s blog which I believe even the media could grasp:


  96. F. Beard says:

    And as two digits make four possibilities (and four makes sixteen etc. etc.) there is an ocean of workable solutions. Let me tell ya… Capt Ray

    I agree. The reason I insist that governemnt money be pure fiat but only good for governemnt debts is to ALLOW any number of different PRIVATE monies and money forms competing equally wrt government.

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