“If the Egyptian protesters were Democrats, they would have undertaken no revolution”

According to liberal Democrats, alternate politics are impossible and thus undesirable. The Egyptian people do not share the same viewpoint. There was nothing pragmatic about what they did: it is never a reasonable idea to march into bullets, tear gas canisters, and police boots in order to upend a rotten political system brandishing the imprimatur of the world’s most powerful armies and politicians. But if the Egyptian people wanted a just political system, rather than the practical realities of theft and corruption, they needed to replace and not merely reform their government. To challenge bad politicians by electing more bad politicians is not serious political thinking; it is an inducement to apathy and intellectual frivolity.

55 comments on ““If the Egyptian protesters were Democrats, they would have undertaken no revolution”
  1. Chris Paleo says:

    Vox populi vox dei

  2. Illinois Brandon says:

    End the Fractional Reserve Banking System! This is the root of many of our problems.

  3. Marc Authier says:

    And what if Hillary was in reality a fascist ? If Egypt was a democracy they would start by saying to the IMF go fuck themselves with a Christmas tree. Like Icelan in sum.

  4. mike king says:

    @Illinois Brandon….. you are totally incorrect. Why? Read on….
    First Ben is a front man of a HUGE fucking conglomerate enterprise that consists of so many fucking powers it is mind bending. Ben is a NO BODY…. A total puppet as was Greenspan and ALL the rest.
    A regime change at the “Federal Reserve” is a ridiculous comment since the FR is a singular “no body” front organization of the HUGE conglomerate that owns the USD, EURO, POUND, YEN etc etc etc.
    ANY “regime change” will be TOTALLY USELESS due to the FACT that the ONLY conglomerate in a position to create a new one is themselves……END OF DISCUSSION. PERIOD.
    This is why all the hoopla about auditing the FR is total crap for the people of the world that are behind the curve so they can feel like they are getting somewhere by ending them. Ha Ha Ha …… ridiculous!
    The conglomerate coordinating this long term deliberate collapse spanning the length of decades…..WANTS THE FEDERAL RESERVE TO BE THE FALL GUY and take the rap for causing the collapse to the entire world. The “new global federal reserve” whatever the label they put on the organization will be created and controlled by the same conglomerate behind the current Federal Reserve.
    Also….. The comments on the people uprising against the bankers sound great and really excite the people into thinking that it will work. It will not. WHY?
    BECAUSE THEY WANT THE CIVIL UNREST. Worldwide civil unrest is the means to provide the world the excuse that they cannot govern themselves and “need” a NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT. Civil unrest and uprising is absolutely necessary for the success of the agenda of “bringing” the world together. They are PROMOTING AND STARTING the civil unrest. It is a necessary part of the “crisis” to force all nations to be begging for a “new” world currency to “never allow this to happen again”. It is also for the purpose to impose unbelievable citizen controls……worldwide!…. that many on board governments have ready to implement at the stroke of a pen. Particularly by the United States thanks to NWO Daddy Bush, Clintons (including the NWO Bitch) and well groomed Baby Bush The right hand man of the conglomerate that accomplished UNBELIEVABLE things for the agenda during his time in office all (including the 9/11 CON) .
    As far as the USA. The elite government and conglomerate have (for decades now) prepared for the deliberate civil unrest that they will PROMOTE !! The Homeland Security “Organization” was deliberately put into being just as the buildings at 9/11 were used to form HS and all the other mountains of legislation (bypassed by congressional approval) for massive civil unrest which they know and want to occur. Including the use of military on its own people…. TOTALLY AGAINST CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. It goes on and on and on about the preparation for the civil unrest that the Conglomerate that direct Homeland Security, Obama and the rest of the elite portion of the US Government.
    Keep in mind that the importance of acquiring the partnership of the elite government of the USA and all other 1st world countries to the conglomerate has been paramount to implement the collapse…..WHY??
    Because if they did not …… and the elite governments were NOT in cahoots and figured out what was truly going on with the agenda of world government….. all they would have to do is print the money and default the FR and “world banks” (whom are all one in the same… the conglomerate). It would collapse their power instantly. (This is the real reason behind Kennedy’s assassination.
    I could go on…….and on….. But also,
    There is only one god damn solution to solve this HUGE NWO (single world currency, single world government agenda) criminal syndicate banking (and countless other cahoots powers including all of the 1st world country elite governments)
    And that is this….. And it is impossible to occur ….but never the less…… IT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.
    ALL PEOPLE MUST BYPASS THE CURRENCIES since the governments are in cahoots and will never do it for the citizens.
    GOING BACK TO THE STONE AGE AND BARTER BETWEEN THEMSELVES IS THE ONLY WAY. Why the only way….. Because they have all the important, necessary powerful countries in cahoots and none of them will print their own money and default them. They are all teammates for the NWO agenda. It is up to the citizens. The citizens would rather protest or vote and hope the problem will be fixed “by somebody”. They will not barter between themselves. They will not stop using Credit Cards and ATMS. They will not stop using banks. They will not stop paying taxes. Etc., Etc….etc.etc.etc……. they have all been connected to the banker’s way of life and will never unhook.
    I personally have. I sold all my possessions, transferred all my funds, bought gold and silver (100%), moved to Asia years ago when internet came along and provided me with the true information behind the global financial crisis etc. The only way I will EVER return to that fucking country America that has sold out to the conglomerate is in a god damn wooden box. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    Mike King

  5. Rick says:

    Anyone who’s hungry will revolt, if they can. Even you Stacy.

  6. Mini US says:

    Hey Bonnster.


  7. Mini US says:



  8. Bonn says:

    I wanna buy a Bentley Continlal
    Saw one yesterday
    BMW AUDI dont make cars tey make try-cycles….Bentley make cars…..
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    India pays 90 % duty on all forgn cars
    600,000 dollars
    Hic 🙁

  9. Mini US says:

    I thought we had established that what side of politics or religion for that matter is so far removed from reality that it was no longer being considered.

  10. Bonn says:

    *…..Bentley makes….rrrrrrr crafts cars inta existance…..

  11. stacyherbert says:

    @mike king – it says ‘leave a comment’ not ‘leave a dissertation’ . . . just sayin’

  12. Mini US says:

    Oh sorry,
    Thats MY reality again.


  13. HUH? says:

    21st century and we still have politicians because most people want to be told what to think and do. We are a bunch of undeveloped zygotes.

  14. Bonn says:

    Hi Staceys
    what up ?
    Hic 😉

  15. Mini US says:

    Conflict results from human beings feeling the need to take sides.

    Cowboys and indians, Left Right, Black White, Christian Muslim(etc).
    As children we play with toy soldiers, goodies and baddies.

    Just remove this need from your life, it doesn’t really exist.

  16. Mini US says:

    The Black White is about seeing things in black and white – no grey, not a race theme 🙂

  17. Bonn says:

    Incedently that Bentley is a gas guzzeler 10 Mpg ….lolz…love it
    tooo good
    beat ta Peak Oil Myth
    Hic 😉

  18. Bonn says:

    Hi Mini US
    been away fer some time cause tears notin more too post
    figured out every thang
    posted it all
    waitn fer me noble prize
    hic 😉

  19. Illinois Brandon says:

    The Koch brothers own several factories in Wiscosnin and they also want to buy the state’s power plants.

  20. ian/lpool says:

    Maybe this has already been posted ?

    Alan Grayson (High Quality Version): Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

    This guy really puts the FED inspector on the spot. Enjoy.


  21. stacyherbert says:

    @Illinois – Yes, I know that; problem is that Koch-bots are programmed to discount any evidence of the hand that controls them; they will cling more fiercely to their Koch implanted opinion on the matter at hand in Wisconsin.

  22. Illinois Brandon says:

    sorry wrong link!
    The Koch brothers see Wiscosnin given it’s pro labor history then can crush the American Labor movement once and for all. They wants us to be serfs in a neo feudal state.

  23. Bonn says:

    life is about livin in the Grey unfortunately
    tas ta truth…its been so in bred over ta last centuary it might Just be irremovable
    HTFUST (how do spell tat)
    hic 😉

  24. kwazimota says:

    From what i saw of the Egyptians compassionate demand for dignity .The possibilitys for them gives me hope.

  25. jimmy chen says:

    if the egyptian protestors were liberal dems, they would be complaining about republicans and how the country is going to hell because their double americano latte is too sour after reading that lying blowhard krugman’s non-sense.
    bla bla bla theNYTimes is word of god, koch brothers are evil, three is a symposium at columbia on the freedom of hoarding dollar bills in my sleepy’s mattress that I can not miss. I am a liberal dem therefore I am superior in every way, my mommy told me so.

  26. Dark Markets says:

    The problem is, the late “Democratic” Party has been Hijacked by the AIPAC Neo-Cons… Likudnik “GREATER ISRAEL, on AMERICA’s DIME” Neo-Cons MASQUERADING as big-tent, ‘liberal’ Democratic.
    It has long been an open secret that not only Lieberman, but Feinstein and Schumer represent ISRAEL FIRST, and their poor, misquided American constituents a distant last (after Big Biz, Wall Street banks, arms & weapons manufacturers, Wal-Mart and other union-busting corporations, etc.)
    (Here’s the HuffPost bland distillation of the video capturing Schumer & some of his NY Neo-Con pals working to IMPOSE THEIR BIBLE on America’s foreign policy; asserting that Gaza should be ETHNICALLY CLEANSED of Palestinians, because, you know, they don’t abide by Schumer’s bible.) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/11/chuck-schumer-on-gaza-str_n_609594.html

    But what about the so-called “LIBERAL” wing of the (late) ‘Democratic’ Party?

    Well, even so-called “MOST LIBERAL SENATOR in SENATE” BARBARA BOXER is also a died-in-wool “Israel FIRST” Neo-Con, as this atrocious letter she CO-AUTHORED reveals: “76 Senators Sign Letter to Sec. State Hillary Clinton, Chiding ‘UNITED STATES’ President for not abiding by israel’s dictates enough”
    http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0410/76_Senators_sign_on_to_Israel_letter.html this letter is ABJECT TREASON: it doesn’t condemn the US president for a SPECIFIC policy shortcoming, it says “IN ALL THINGS, the United States president should & must TAKE ISRAEL’s INTEREST to heart, FIRST.”

    Saying there is a “Democratic” Party, apart from the imperialistic designs of the AIPAC, Neo-Con “israel first” gang, is a total misnomer.

  27. Motor Mouse says:

    This story just released:

    “Wisconsin governor Scott Walker announced today he will fight the Wisconsin public union down to the last bullit. More on this story as it develops.”

    Dash Riprock reporting from FKN Newz

  28. Dark Markets says:

    p.s. – the WORST sins of the Neo-Cons who now CONTROL the (late) ‘Democratic’ Party aren’t technically even crimes:
    #1. they, along with their Republican partners in crime, have SABOTAGED nuclear NON-PROLIFERATION treaties post- collapse of SovUnion/Warsaw pact. Although they HIDE behind (pretend) ignorance and incompetence, the REAL reason they SABOTAGE nuke non-proliferation is because they really have an ARMAGEDDON “suicide banker” death cult – you know, just like those ancients in the bible leaving a trail of slaughtered bodies every city they conquered, if THEY can’t control IRAQ’s OIL, they will WHIP UP a NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE to JUSTIFY INVADING the damn country.
    #2. they have SABOTAGED family planning and BIRTH CONTROL for the past 2 decades.
    When USA __needed allies__ in Cold War vs “evil empire” communists, we HELPED “3rd world” and developing countries bring down their birth rates, because we wanted to be able to showcase their “modern” progress (like Japan, Korea, etc.)
    But once Cold War ended, Neo-Cons REVERTED to DESPISING 3rd world “brownskins” – PURE EVIL, they’d really RATHER KILL THEM (in Iraq, Afghan, Sudan, MEXICO! etc) than work to keep birth rate down!
    #3. and of course, for the past 2 years the Obama Neo-Cons have been SABOTAGING ALTERNATIVE ENERGY investment – even as they hand out TRILLIONS in “bailouts” AND back-door bailouts (liquidity injections, backstops, loan guarantees, letting banks dump their toxic loans on Fannie & Freddie, now QE 1, 2, 3, and next 4) .
    Max can rant about Blythe, Dimon, & Paulson as much as he wants, but it wuz the Summers, Emanuel, Axelrod, Bernstein, Gensler, Schapiro (et al) (rubinite) crew who gave BP a “FREE PASS” throughout the Gulf Oil blowout nightmare

    (Free Pass, and CONTINUED OBSTRUCTION of REAL, committed investment in Solar & alternative energy, continuing to today).
    sorry for the long rant, but AGW is a SUBSET of rampant, exponential POPULATION GROWTH: it’s hard to tell dirt-poor people they can’t cut down a tree (in Amazon or India rain forest) to keep their huts warm on a cold night.

  29. Motor Mouse says:

    Update on the public union strike in Wisconsin:
    “Gov. Scott Walker is rumored to have boarded a jet in the night bound for Venezuela with a reported 148.2 tons stolen of cheddar cheeze. More on this story as it develops.”

    Dash Riprock reporting from FKN Newz

  30. Olivia says:


    Stacy and Max

    Please read above. Just read it on dailykos. The people of Wisconsin are being fooled.

  31. Youri Carma says:

    The next people’s revolution on the Nile – In economics, Egypt must learn from China, Turkey and India, 21 February 2011, by Amotz Asa-El (MarketWatch) http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-next-peoples-revolution-on-the-nile-2011-02-21

  32. Youri Carma says:

    @Chris Paleo

    Homo Homini Lupus

    … is how nation states inter-relationships are viewed in the Hobbes/ Brezinski doctrine.

  33. Motor Mouse says:

    That’s the stupidestd thing I think I ever read.

  34. Motor Mouse says:

    The Kock brothers thing I mean.

  35. Mark Lytle says:

    Big Prize: “Raymond Davis” is CIA’s acting Chief in Pakistan



    t seems that “Raymond Davis” is singing like a bird.
    In a Mad Hatter’s world, all this would makes sense. The Nation, one of the largest circulation newspapers with a colossal followin in Pakistan is reporting today that “Raymond Davis” is the Central Intelligence Agencies acting head in Pakistan. This may be the biggest spay scandal in the history of the world, bigger than Gary Powell’s U2-crash, and bigger than any other Cold War and WW2 scandal.
    Jawad R Awan in a headline story in the Nation describes “Raymond Allen Davis” as the Second-in-Command to the previous station Chief Jonathan Banks. Jon Banks had to leave Pakistan when he was outed because of Karim Khan‘s petition in the court against him. Karim was a resident of North Waziristan. He had filed an submitted a FIR (First Incident Report) against the CIA station chief for the killing of Karim’s brother and son in one of the drone attacks.
    According to the Nation “Raymond Davis” took over the responsibilities of Jon carrying out all the tasks previously under the domain of his boss, including gathering information for and directing drone attacks. The Nation’s sources confirmed that one of the main tasks of Davis was to keep CIA network intact in the tribal agencies as well as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). This would explain “Raymond Davis’” multiple trips to the Afghan-Pakistan border.
    This story makes a fool out of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Munter and even President Obama who called Mr. “Davis” “our diplomat”. It is very obvious that the CIA does not qualify for diplomatic immunity. A massive operation to rescue “Davis” cannot be ruled out. Now the petition to move him to Lahore Court begins to make a lot of sense.
    If the story is true this is explosive stuff.

  36. Mark Lytle says:

    Detroit Schools Closing: Michigan Officials Order Robert Bobb To Shut Half The City’s Schools


    DETROIT (AP) — State education officials have ordered the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools to immediately implement a plan that balances the district’s books by closing half its schools.

    The Detroit News says the financial restructuring plan will increase high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidate operations.

    State superintendent of public instruction Mike Flanagan says in a Feb. 8 letter that the state plans to install another financial manager who must continue to implement Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb’s plan after he leaves June 30. Flanagan’s said approval of Bobb’s plan means the district can’t declare bankruptcy.

    Bobb filed his deficit elimination plan with the state in January, saying it would wipe out the district’s $327 million deficit by 2014

    Bobb was hired in March 2009 by then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

  37. Mark Lytle says:

    “Give me deficit reduction or give me death”


    As I was watching the brave people, risking (and sacrificing) their lives, fighting for freedom in the various dictatorships of the Middle East, alongside the images of the “Day of Rage” in Madison, my rage was building toward the phony freedom fighters here in the United States who usually call themselves “Conservatives”. Most shameful are the Madison Tea Coots who model themselves after the patriots who pledged their sacred honor and lives to the American Revolution, and all it stood for.

    Don’t get me wrong—I don’t like public employee unions—I think they are immoral.
    These unions (unlike private sector unions) engage in collective bargaining with government authorities who do not represent the people who actually pay for their deals—that would be the taxpayers. But my anger at them pales in comparison to the institution which is the real problem—the fat, bloated, criminally corrupt, liberty-destroying State— which has intruded into every aspect of our lives. These unions are just one of the problems created by this monster—they are not the enemy—they are a problem created by the enemy.

  38. mike king says:

    @Stacy….. Do you mean bullshit idiot comments like these…….
    I wanna buy a Bentley Continlal
    Saw one yesterday
    BMW AUDI dont make cars tey make try-cycles….Bentley make cars…..
    fookin sh!t
    • Anyone who’s hungry will revolt, if they can. Even you Stacy.
    life is about livin in the Grey unfortunately
    tas ta truth…its been so in bred over ta last centuary it might Just be irremovable
    HTFUST (how do spell tat)
    p.s. – the WORST sins of the Neo-Cons who now CONTROL the (late) ‘Democratic’ Party aren’t technically even crimes:

    Ok…. here is a comment for you….
    Stop participating in the media misdirection and focus on the purpose behind the events rather than the consequences caused by the events that the media presents. Think along the curve of agenda. It will improve your commentaries.

  39. Dark Markets says:

    “But my anger at them pales in comparison to the institution which is the real problem—the fat, bloated, criminally corrupt, liberty-destroying State— which has intruded into every aspect of our lives.”
    Get a grip, Mark. Americans did not always have PENSIONS. Americans ONLY got pensions when UNIONS used COLLECTIVE BARGAINING to fight for them, union pay scales, and other union benefits. The unions could ONLY fight for those ALL AMERICAN job perks, when the REPUBLICAN laissez faire (and Fed Reserve) economic agenda BLEW UP in America’s face during the GREAT DEPRESSION, leading to the election of a (so-called) “Liberal” Democratic president (FDR Roosevelt) – who PROTECTED UNIONS going on strike from the TRADITIONAL the “All American” response, machine-gun armed strikebreakers
    INCLUDING the National Guard!!

    Now, what is so important about PENSIONS ?? Well, if not for pensions (and the government pension of Social Security) then retirees would NOT be able to afford selling their homes and moving south to the sun belt to purchase new homes, in new, all retiree communities. These retirees would not be leaving their children nest eggs in their wills,
    They would NOT BE BUYING NEW CARS, which are made from STEEL manufactured in Wisconsin.
    The whole “con-servative” outlook is “SLASH TAXES, GUT government spending.”
    But the America that became the greatest power in world history after WWII was BUILT on HIGH WAGE UNION JOBS, FARM PRICE SUPPORTS, PUBLIC EDUCATION and government assistance access to higher education (VA bill), and BIG GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, like creating the nuclear military in 10 years flat, the Apollo space program, and above all, the GREATEST BUILDING PROJECT IN HUMAN HISTORY (signed into law by a REPUBLICAN president, Eisenhower), America’s SOCIALIZED Interstate Highway system, which (to repeat) SOCIALIZED system is THE BEDROCK of the American economy as we know it today.

    If you were a farmer watching your crops ROT in the fields, because the roads were too muddy to ship them to market (a scene from the movie “Truman”), or a homeless Depression victim with no food, as apples were rotting in Washington orchards because no one could pay the rail freight, you might be a little less proud of your “free market enterprise” economic purity, and accepting economic assistance
    (including price regulation of railroad monopolies, etc.)

    (yes, FARM ASSISTANCE funding has been HIJACKED by BIG AG CORPORATIONS – as Fannie & Freddie were HIJACKED by the banksters, but that is another story.)

  40. realaverageamerican says:

    @mike king – don’t fool yourself into thinking that you know all the answers. Instead, pay a little attention to the events unfolding in the Middle East and elsewhere that are frightening to your very own boogeymen. It will soon be coming, even to a paradise near you. Good luck.

  41. Tao Jonesing says:

    I don’t know if there’s any such thing as a liberal Democrat any more. Alterman became an apologist for Obama when Obama took office. Obama is a neoliberal (as are Robert Reich, Hillary Clinton, etc., etc.)

    There are liberals who vote Democrat who certainly don’t agree with the Altermans of the world (e.g., Jane Hamsher, Digby, and Glenn Greenwald). Hint: the way you know they’re liberals is that they maintain the same values and level the same criticisms for the same policies regardless of the party affiliation of the president pushing them. Like real conservatives, these real liberals are hard to find. And it’s just as refreshing when you actually find them, as there’s always a real conversation.

    The American political system has been reduced to two ostensibly opposite brands slapped on the same neoliberal/neoconservative policies.

  42. Tamir says:

    Yes ma’m!

  43. Mark Lytle says:

    @Dark Markets

    You have to read the whole article not just the excerpt I provided.

    Early in the article, the author says:

    Don’t get me wrong—I don’t like public employee unions—I think they are immoral.
    These unions (unlike private sector unions) engage in collective bargaining with government authorities who do not represent the people who actually pay for their deals—that would be the taxpayers.

    So his beef is with Public Unions, not Unions in general. You must read a bit more slowly…

    Then further down he says:

    “But while conservatives are enthusiastically engaged in all this rebellious spirit over unions and deficit reductions, I have noticed they are pretty quiet when it comes to the historic revolution in the Middle East. It’s an equal opportunity revolt— spreading across all types of governments— Iran to Libya to Egypt–the only commonality is they’re all oppressive police states.

    This has created a situation where conservatives have to finally make a choice —whether they are really freedom fighters or are just about military/foreign policy strategies designed to maximize the power & influence of the US government. So far the answer seems to be the latter.

    It appears to me that most conservatives, rather than being intoxicated on freedom and the sight of people risking their lives by standing up to these brutal dictators , are talking about “stability” and the role of various political parties that could get involved in the politics of these countries in the absence of the dictators—and how this plays into the War on Terror and American security–and the price of oil.

    When Ann Coulter appeared before CPAC and shouted that the Mubarak regime should jail more journalists, the crowd roared.

    Surely one of the lowest points ever in American conservatism.”

    Sometimes you have to read more than the title to get the flavor of an article…

  44. Trip says:

    Does anyone have definitions of “liberal” and “conservative” that actually work? I’ve heard Noam Chomsky call himself a conservative. Ron Paul and Ann Coulter both strutted on the CPAC stage. Ralph Nader allegedly lost the election for fellow-liberal Al Gore?

  45. Lynne says:

    What these people did was incredibly brave. I just hope and pray that they don’t end up with a so-called ‘democracy’, such as we have. Admittedly it will be better than the dictatorships which ruled over them, but I can’t think of any real democracy in the world, save perhaps Iceland!! I heard Adrian Salbuchi talking about this the other day and he knows, because he has been through it all in Argentina. They had high hopes of freedom in Argentina too, but they ended up with psychopaths back in power. I don’t want all those people to have died for nothing. However, you are right, Max, you have to do something.

  46. Lynne says:

    PS my earlier comment, I have been wondering how to describe what we have in most countries in the West, where everything is actually ‘sewn up’. It isn’t democracy, it just has the outward appearance of democracy. I have thought of a word for it and have come up with this noun,


  47. Jason says:

    “Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.” Alcium

    And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.

  48. Atticus says:

    Qaddafi’s a real jerk, but the spin on the so-called news coverage is ridiculous:


    It’s true: the time has come for serious thinking and action, not propaganda and disinformation. Strikes, constitutional amendments. You know, the stuff I have been advocating over on my blog.

    A voice crying in the wilderness, though. Tough spot to be in.

  49. J Sabbich says:

    Yes, vox populi vox dei, the people’s voice is the voice of God, indeed. But a dark God that exists only in a twisted mind?

    As the horrific sexual assault on CBS reporter Lara Logan in Tahiri square showed, the Egyptian revolution may have changed one bad ruler for what will inevitably be just another, but it didn’t change the demented, conditioned evil inside of men.

  50. “As the horrific sexual assault on CBS reporter Lara Logan in Tahiri square showed,”
    You could maybe call it part of the blowback for being royally screwed (pun intended) by a US puppet for so long . Blowback is a bitch they say .
    Alternatively , you could maybe call it “collateral damage” .and relatively benign as such becasues most of the collateral damage in the Middle East has been lethal the last decade .

  51. Bev says:

    Authoritarian politicians lie (not just Democrats, but especially Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Partiers lie about helping the working class–when once in office, they all behave like the right wing authoritarians they really are), the press lies for the right wing authoritarians and hides poll data refusing to show raw election data, and the evidence removing/hiding electronic voting/scanning/tabulating machines “elect” authoritarian politicians who protect the hierarchy and the voting machines.

    Ask Chris Dodd and Steny Hoyer, both Democrats, what they got for their letter to their Democratic Senators and Representatives to endorse and recommend that the electronic voting/scanning/tabulating machines promoted by the criminals Rep. Ney and Abramoff (friends of Rove/Bush), be funded by HAVA-the Help America Vote (for authoritarians only) Act.

    Unless Dodd and Hoyer renounce their own push to recommend the electronic voting machnes, they are culpable for the takeover by right wing authoritarians, especially in primaries as that makes general elections already decided as between two authoritarians, though named by all party labels.

    Perhaps, while Dodd is under oath on trivial issues brought against him by Republicans, someone on that committee can go after the big issue of Abramoff, HAVA and the electronic voting machines that have corrupted democracy in American and also the world.





  52. Lloyd says:

    Democrats would have supported Mubarak because the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt’s ‘religious right’) is “even worse” and Mubarak is “better on some issues.”

    They would have mouthed a lot of nonsense about how the best way to change the system is to work within the system. Then, of course, nothing would have changed.

    As it happens, the Egyptian people seem to have traded a civilian dictator for a military junta. Of course, things aren’t over yet.

  53. Bev says:

    Looks like I repeated sites above when I wanted to include also




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