Hundreds of suspected war criminals living in UK – – not including the former Prime Minister of Britain

Stacy Summary:  Notice that only Third World nations can apparently produce war criminals.  Kind of like how only Joe Bagofdonuts can go bankrupt, while no TBTF banker is ever allowed to.

95 comments on “Hundreds of suspected war criminals living in UK – – not including the former Prime Minister of Britain
  1. Hill says:

    They’re living in every country… they’re called “Bankers” and “Politicians”.

  2. F. Beard says:

    Notice that only Third World nations can apparently produce war criminals. Stacy

    Noted. But I also note that the rich are welcome near anywhere. Actually, it is their money that is welcome and the rich war criminals must be well treated lest it discourage others from coming.

    As so the UK whores itself for money. Were those prosecuted merely tokens because they had too few tokens? Or is it a careful judgement call between notoriety and wealth that determines who is prosecuted?

  3. Del - UK says:

    Notice how all the despots and dictators of the world all come scurrying to london (UK) when they finally get kicked out of power. One after an other they come like little children coming home to mother.

    I take no comfort in pointing out this fact because I am British and proud to be so for the most part, although unlike those who have gone before me, ‘I am’ aware of our “CORRUPT STATE” and would not fight on behalf of it.

    Why do they come here? What does it say about the UK = Mother of all Tyrants?

  4. Mini US says:


    stand for…

    !Viva La Revolucion!

  5. Rastaman says:


    the GUILLOTINE is also a sure cure for war criminals…..not JUST BANKERS

  6. Dedo says:

    It’s all an act !,……Don’t y’all get it yet,…….

    There are thousands of systems,……and YOU,..all of YOU,.. only know ONE,..go figure

  7. ronron says:

    2 percent own PM,s? what percentage own property priced in paper money? spot the bubble. @Dedo. i,m using system 406 myself. i know of the others.

  8. Dedo says:

    @ronron,………; )

  9. Youri Carma says:

    GB is like a lepra colony so maybe we should send all of our criminals to GB. No one would notice.

    London needs more camera surveillance and people get payed too much. Ban cake and the Brtitish kitchen is too good.

  10. Youri Carma says:

    @Max& Stacy

    It’s up Folks!

    On the Edge with Max Kaiser-World oil markets & their structure-02-04-2011-(Part1)

    On the Edge with Max Kaiser-World oil markets & their structure-02-04-2011-(Part2)

    On the Edge with Max Kaiser-World oil markets & their structure-02-04-2011-(Part3)

  11. MirrorMirror says:

    A very good idea …

    Flattr (what is it~?)

    Simple system that will eventually reward good Internet Content Contributors .

    Nick explains .. nice and slowly.

    Apparently based in Sweden .

    Hey Max&Stacy , better get your Flattr Button going.
    … all those wasted years without us being able to Flattr you !

  12. AS says:

    hang them now !

    Max did you see FBI scam ‘almossaida’ targeting jp morgue and goldman sucks staff… time is up like ben ali mubarak and all arabs puppets… time is up…. hang them all !

  13. Mini US says:

    Absolutely no journalist or economic commentator believes the job numbers to the positive or negative.

    Joe from CNBC suggests turning off the TV 🙂

  14. ronron says:

    @Youri. interesting. thanks.

  15. MirrorMirror says:

    @Youri … MaxKeiser parts 1-3

    I remember when oil hit 9$ a barrel … only 10 years ago (IIRC) !

  16. Mini US says:


    Don’t you feel the pressure of being the only one who gets it?

    it must be a powerful burden to bear 😉

  17. sexton says:

    Is the western media still calling Saddam H. a war criminal? Him and his kind? Their darling from the eighties. Wow, us westerners really have a high opinion of ourselves.

  18. ronron says:

    @Mini. hahahahahahaha. lololo. fucking Dedo.

  19. Mini US says:

    Roadmap of government trying to keep the GDP Ponzi Monster alive.

    1. Taxation, more taxation, more taxation.
    2. Lower interest Rates to stimulate.
    3. Print Money
    4. Make the rest of the world worse than you – Europe > Egypt.
    5. War

  20. Mini US says:

    Warning to Spin Doctor Journo’s to get out.

    Only You Tube from now on.
    No spin just images.

  21. gillotine says:

    …DISPOSABLE CRIMINALS … once the imperialist powers don’t have use for them or they are caught doing something NASTY then they are replace by other criminals…in Panama: Manuel Noriega ..In Chile : Pinochet…In Egypt : Mubarak and so and so it goes ….THE SYSTEM AND INSTITUTIONS MUST BE DEMOLISH ..THE INDIVIDUALS CAN BE REPLACE …

  22. gillotine says: ….

    IMF…WORLD BANK….BIS….THE FED …. ONU…..and so and so


  23. Apocalypto says:

    Is Blair still living there?

  24. jimmy chen says:

    Hand Across The Water (Water)
    Heads Across The Sky
    Hand Across The Water (Water)
    Heads Across The Sky
    Admiral Halsey Notified Me
    He Had To Have A Berth Or He Couldn’t Get To Sea
    I Had Another Look And I Had A Cup Of Tea And Butter Pie

    (The Butter Wouldn’t Melt So I Put It In The Pie)
    Hand Across The Water (Water)
    Heads Across The Sky
    Hand Across The Water (Water)
    Heads Across The Sky
    Live A Little Be A Gypsy, Get Around(Get Around)
    Get Your Feet Up Off The Ground
    Live A Little, Get Around
    Live A Little Be A Gypsy, Get Around(Get Around)
    Get Your Feet Up Off The Ground
    Live A Little, Get Around

  25. Apocalypto says:

    Playing poker with the Fed.

    “Anyone who has ever played Texas Hold’em poker knows that the secret to winning is not just playing your own cards well but understanding how others are playing theirs. With this thought in mind, let’s consider the tells that the Fed has recently given…”

  26. 25 connaught square london w2 apparently…or is it 26? one with the armed guards outside! )

  27. gillotine says:

    ….@RONRON ……did watch video … EXCELLENT…. .(EXELS-LENT) ..


  28. microhousehold says:


    Cheers for the link.

    Yeah the UK is a criminals paradise.

  29. microhousehold says:


    Is there a way to join Flattr without a credit card?

    Sounds interesting, must be better than Pay-pal.

    Could some one do a one off payment?

    How do you qualify to receive money for your input to the internet?

    Not convinced, anyway nice to know its there.

  30. foober says:

    you’ve got me interested now. Just how did britian get to be the center of criminal actions throughout the world for the last couple of centurys.

    We all know rome was the imperilist capitol of the world 2000 years ago. But how did britian get to take hold of being the imperilist empire the last couple of centurys. Anyone know the real history.

  31. Daniel /Istanbul says:

    Mubarak’s Personal Fortune Estimated at $40-$70 Billion

  32. Jim says:

    Article neglects how many hundreds are living in Israel, including several of their former prime ministers.

  33. foober says:

    I think i catch the drift of what stacy’s saying. THat the elites get hand up. While joey bagofdonuts is just taxed harder. Hmmm. interesting way to run a gubbmernet.

  34. 8Ball says:

    Foober: “Just how did britian get to be the center of criminal actions throughout the world for the last couple of centuries?”

    Start with the battle of Waterloo. Research Nathan Rothschild’s actions directly proceeding the outcome…

  35. J says:

    As Celente says… Bush and Blair get book deals!

  36. Jayme says:

    “…only Third World nations can apparently produce war criminals.” by the legalistic facade of decree rather than desire for truth.

    I wish I were more surprised about the UK. No tyrant is an island unto themselves.

  37. Capt. Ray says:

    @ Youri Carma


  38. Mark Lytle says:

    Financial Crisis: Welcome to Hitler’s BankOne cannot minimize the political earthquake occurring in the land of the pharaohs, but the crumbling of national sovereignty in Europe under the weight of the debt-driven social programs has more dangerous long term consequences for those of us in the land of the $1,500,000,000 budget deficits.

    More to the point, the rolling financial crisis in Europe is really the second act of a staged play. Act one: take down the U.S. and the U.S. dollar as the stable point in international finance and in the midst of that chaos, in response to that chaos, replace them with a GMA.

    A what?

    A Global Monetary Authority. Peal the onion on this turn of phrase (first promulgated on my radar by baby-face Timmy Geithner when President of the New York Fed) and we find what can only be described as a financial dictator for the planet.

    Sounds oh so conspiratorial, until one discovers that is exactly what happened on April 2, 2009 at the G-20 meeting in London, where a Global Monetary Authority was quietly created and placed in the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – the central banker’s central bank.

    Few know that the BIS was formerly known as Hitler’s Bank for facilitating financial matters for the Third Reich during the Second World War. And fewer still know that it was the BIS that pulled the lynch pin on the hand grenade known as the Global Financial Crisis (see my book, Crisis by Design the Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup).

    Act two then, the Crisis in the PIIGS, is serving as a further demonstration of how it is, why it is, that sovereign nations cannot manage their own financial affairs and an international financial authority is the only solution. Read the European financial press and the underlying message of the times drives home the need for an international financial authority – this despite the fact that it is these very bodies that helped create the crisis in the first place.

    It is an operating basis, really: overtly or covertly facilitate the addiction of parliamentarians to debt and when they cannot pay it, as any third-grader who can add would have told them, demand international control of the country’s finances.

    This act is being played out now by the IMF and European Central Bank (BIS acolytes) and they will, I predict, grab handfuls of new power over the affairs of the nations of Europe.

    But this play is not over.

    It will return to the United States with a vengeance. Interest rates are rising. The bond market is in free fall. Cities and counties are going bankrupt, and several states would likely do the same if they could (Congress recently considered and then rejected legislation permitting them to do so).

    The defining question of the age is not the oh so predictable fall of Mubarak and company, but whether or not the boys from Basel (seat of the Bank for International Settlements – which incidentally, is not subject to Swiss Law or any law that we are aware of) or the United States Congress will determine the course of our nation into the 21st century.

  39. Keehotee says:

    Questions to the astronomical community, 6:27


  40. Mark Lytle says:

    Dylan Ratigan

    Did the Fed Cause Unrest in the Arab World? (VIDEO)

    Hint: The answer is yes…

  41. zurn says:

    End of the USD, currency revaluation
    In summary, there is a huge distribution of wealth that is going to take place (42 Trillion dollars). This is inclusive of economic change (dollar refunding project and currencyrevaluation) The World Global Settlements are going to be paid out to140 countries. These settlements represent all the wrong doings the gov’t has ever done. This is non-public.

    CMKX/CMKM Diamonds was swept into the world global settlements but should have never been,however, it was detached and removed via supreme court order “in camera”privately in Dec 2010. CMKX settlement funds is the largest security fraud in history (NSS) Naked Short Selling and was part of a sting operation initiated by the SEC, FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security led by Robert Maheu. CMKX settlements portion is 3.87 trillion to be paid outto 50000 bonafide shareholders.

    The Chinese have taken over the responsibility in ensuring that these world global settlements go out timely because the US weren’t handling it the way that was agreed, hence the chinese president visited the US and met with the president recently.

  42. Mark Lytle says:


    Wow! great link…

    That guy raises some good questions…

  43. zurn says:

    largest fraud case in world history. Between June of 2004 and October of 2005, over 2 trillion dollars w… extacylife — April 06, 2010 — Its the largest fraud case in world history. Between June of 2004 and October of 2005, over 2 trillion dollars worth of fake CMKM Diamonds Inc. shares were sold to the public. The companys shareholders are now suing the S.E.C Commissioners for 3.87 trillion dollars. Tim Barello from the Manhattan Headlines Examiner joins Alyona from New York to tell you more.

    Defendants: CHRISTOPHER COX, an individual; MARY L. SCHAPIRO, an individual; CYNTHIA A. GLASSMAN,
    an individual; PAUL S. ATKINS, an individual; ROEL C. CAMPOS, an individual; ANNETTE L. NAZARETH, an individual; TROY A. PAREDES, an individual; LUIS A. AGUILAR, an individual; ELISSE B. WALTER, an…

    Attorneys for Plaintiffs ( representing cmkx shareholders): Hodges and associates:

  44. Youri Carma says:


    One possible answer about the sun question: The Sun is not a solid object but is a plasma in my idea.

    Check out Paul LaViolette who maybe have some answers.

  45. Youri Carma says:

    Also check out the The Electric Sun Hypothesis.

  46. Youri Carma says:

    The Electric Sun Hypothesis

  47. Youri Carma says:


    US funds extreme groups so also extreme muslim groups to cause chaos. The elite wants chaos so they want to create problems to create an enemy and to come as saviors. “Order out of Chaos” or “Problem action Solution”.

    Remember that the elite has set the timetable on WOIII round 2020 maybe even earlier. Well they workin hard on that.

  48. Keehotee says:


    The visible surface of the sun is an electric arc in a plasma environment and is in the millions of degrees. The actual surface of the sun is 6000 degrees, and it’s pretty well established to my knowledge that it is solid. It is powered externally by massive flows of electricity that fill the universe (which is full of diffuse plasma).

    If the nuclear model of the sun were correct ,the inner matter of the sun would be millions of degrees, cooler at the surface, and even cooler above the surface- not millions of degrees hotter than the surface.

    Check out the electricity blasting into (or out of) space

    Its amazing to me that only so few can see something so obvious

  49. @keehotee


    I just sent that link to my current Physics prof (who also teaches Astronomy).

    Hopefully she laughs at it as much as me…

    Maybe I’ll get some answers.

  50. Keehotee says:

    Cosmology in crisis pt.1

    Is it any surprise that its electrical engineers who are figuring this stuff out- not math geeks?

  51. Keehotee says:

    @Piccola Big Bang, gravity dominated cosmology is going down, the evidence keeps stacking against it- EM explains so much observable phenomena.

    Those theories will probably go down just about the same time everything else shits the blanket.

  52. Mark Lytle says:


    I listened to the entire 2hour link you provided…how did you find it?

  53. flicks says:

    It will be a cold day in hell before the Islamic world adopts usery . Cameron and Co are so deluded . I hope someone (msm journo lackey) has the guts to put this to him . Mr Cameron do you think Muslims should embrace our banking system which is based on embezzlement and usery ?

  54. gillotine says:

    ….DANIEL / ISTAM-BUL … I saw the video 40 to 70 billion smacks Mubarak has under the matress .. sad thing is MONEY FOR NOTHING AND THE CHICKS FOR FREE ..mU-BARACK CANT SLEEP AT NIGHT …Money belongs to THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT..MUST GIVE IT BACK WITH COMPOUND INTEREST ..THE FUCK ..

    Thank’s Dan for the video….most enlighted ..

  55. @keehotee

    wicked links

    Glad to see I’m not the only Physics geek out here…


    I personally “believe” that EM has more relevance to “gravity” than anything else.
    Just look at the basic “right-hand rule”.
    Even humans are just walking/breathing bags of electricity, so that clearly must be a lynch pin in the grand cosmology (especially in regards to GRAVITY).

    Although, perhaps you have a different opinion?

  56. gillotine says:

    @Mark Lytle … what video,,,am interested give up the link

    Thank’s so …

  57. flicks says:

    “Under the judge’s order, the man is now subject to “close supervision” by the local authority that provides his accommodation, in order to ensure he does not break the highly unusual order.”

    Very Very disturbing !

  58. Keehotee says:


    Some very smart people have been thinking about EM as it relates to cosmology for a long time. Plasma makes up 99% of the universe. Electric universe theory does not require black holes, dark matter, dark energy or other mathematical abstractions. Bench top plasma physics experiments are scalable to galaxy size and beyond.

    Just another wormhole to go down my friend.

  59. jischinger says:

    Christian Cause Need to Stand Up.

    Wall Street is the biggest and richest gambling house in the US.
    The deck is stacked.

    Every person in the US who is a Christian should DEMAND that their money be withdrawn from this casino immediately.

    Dollar for dollar, no fractional reserve banking or fancy financial instruments.

    Further, no more usury for basic human needs; shelter, food, utility, clothes.

    If you are a Christian this is your duty.

  60. Mark Lytle says:


    I was trying to find the source for the video (which is mostly an audio) for the link Zurn provided. The source seems to be these people:

    I don’t really know anything about these people, and some of the events they talk about did not happen as stated….

    worth listening to, but take with huge amount of skepticism.

    They seem to be claiming that China and the G-20 are facing down the Federal Reserve and the power structure in Washington and demanding a reset.

    Interesting but somewhat far-fetched…

  61. flicks says:

    “in his first speech on radicalisation and the causes of terrorism since being elected.”

    Its really very simple; when you see three towers falling to the ground that defy Newtons 3rd law of motion because what was holding them up MUST have been destroyed by controlled explosive which could only have been expertly planted at least days probably months before and then blame Islamic extremism – use that lie to go on to invade a few countries and kill 100’s of 1000 of innocents; give contracts to your own firms to ‘reconstruct’ of course in the hope of oil and mineral plunder.

    The way to stop all this insanity is to remove money from banks and buy silver / gold. Psychopaths will destroy everything if you dont.

  62. jischinger says:

    ‘the whole US [and economy] and strategic position in the Middle East depends upon US support for tyranny.’ Michael Scheuer

  63. gillotine says:

    @Mark L. Thank’s …We must educate each other…I will listen carefully .
    Most of the time this kind of info must be screened very well ..

    THANK’S ………

  64. Zorro / London says:

    Latest update from National Inflation Association

    Talking about the UK safe haven for war and financial and other terrorists…
    where is Mr. Middle East Peace Envoy Mr.Blair…..the silence is deafening?

    Why is anyone surprised at this?!

    Dont the baby chicks (once in trouble, or have ceased to have served their agenda) wanna run back to the safety of home base…i.e. mommy….the UK.

    Wonder how many of the Egyptian hierarchy have now transfered their assets back to UK globalist banks including gold?

    The UK has never had a problem with being a clearing house for dirty money in fact …IT HAS TO!

    Why? because its just about the only thing that keeps it financially afloat, given that to all intents and purposes there is ZERO manufacturing and ZERO mineral wealth.

    Yes…I know we have loads of coal, but we all know how Thatcher effectively torpedoed that.

    Guillotine sales will be doing very well here!


  65. Mark Lytle says:


    Your point about Christians, that they should be intolerant of the ‘business as usual’ American empire is correct.

    F. Beard who also frequents this site understands this too, but most of my Christian friends, with a few exceptions, are indifferent.

    This is so sad, as Jesus gave his all to reset the world in such a way as to make war and exploitation indefensible.

    I feel this is why the majority of the Jews didn’t listen to much he had to say, since his willingness to extend acceptance to non-Jews, even Romans, ran counter to the Jews own brand of ‘manifest destiny’ and sense of being superior, God’s chosen. Jesus’s openess to others directly countered the exclusiveness of Judaism at the time

    Jesus’s insight that his people, with their ‘stiff necked ways’ were on a fatal collision course with the Roman empire, and if they didn’t learn to just ‘chill’ and wait out the Roman occupation, they would be destroyed.

    This of course happened, at Masada.

    He also somewhat successfully undermined the authority of the meddling and parasitic Pharisees and sought to free his people’s minds and souls of their dogma and manipulation.

    This embarrassment and humiliation at His hands guaranteed that the Pharisees would strike him down..

    He was part Gandi-like, the geo-political strategist trying to create a new version of Judaism that would allow peaceful coexistence with the all-to-powerful Roman Empire, and part Socratic-Philosopher, jousting intellectually with the priesthood, in a display of logical and moral firepower than startled and enraged the religious power structure of his time.

    Truly remarkable, and yet so few Christians appreciate any of this.

    They just want to be saved and go to heaven.

    That’s all…

  66. Mark Lytle says:


    in a display of logical and moral firepower that startled and enraged the religious power structure of his time.

  67. gillotine says:

    @ Mark L. I found the link.
    very interesting ., U R RIGHT must pay hearing to it …something true is in all this cause in the G20 IN DAVOS Sarkosy is traying to rally the small countrys to counter the greenback (dollar ) ….

    …Grate link . THANK’S

  68. Mark Lytle says:


    The link that gillotine found, posted somewhat earlier also by Zurn, do you have any knowledge of it?

    It claims a gold-backed U.S. currency is in the works, and that some kind of ‘debt jubilee’ is also being engineered.

    It claims that the Chinese are primarily responsible for this, that they don’t want to see the U.S. reduced to debt slaves of the FED, as they then lose a valued ‘customer’.

    I haven’t heard anything this cheerful for a while, so I’m real skeptical of it, the website looks a little clownish for my taste..

    I also don’t think Chinese ‘enlightened self interest’ would go this far…

  69. MirrorMirror says:

    @Mark Lytle … “Financial Crisis: Welcome to Hitler’s BankOne”

    Q1: Are you frances snoot ?

    Thx .. interesting book : “Crisis by Design the Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup”

    Q2: Have you read it ?

  70. Jimbo says:

    A new “battle at Kuger”. This time, it’s on the Nile.

  71. gillotine says:

    @ Mark L. your link is getting more interesting … BLOOMBER IS REPORTING some kind of fist fight with China behind close doors,,, Sarkosy in G20 is undermining the dollar in public ( internationatl media ) your link may apper not professional but but the info makes your head go bump … YOU warned me will create confusion …but adding it up makes sense ..
    OIL PRICE …GOLD PRICE… COMODITIS ..COTTON,,, COFFEE,,Prices, and rates are so fucking hard to predict right now…best solution : BRAKE THE DOLLAR ..

  72. Mark Lytle says:


    Ha! Nah I’m not francis!

    No , seriously, I haven’t seen the book”Crisis by design’, but looks interesting!

  73. Mark Lytle says:


    Do you have the Bloomberg link handy?

  74. Marc Authier says:–_7_of_the_worst_dictators_the_u.s._is_backing_to_the_hilt

    The list of USA CIA sponsored war criminals and criminal dictators is very long. Reading about US foreign policy and its friends you USA is not a democracy. Never was.

  75. gillotine says:

    @ Max and Stacy ..
    Can’t wait to hear from their trip to the BATTLEFIELD OF EGYPT …WHEREVER YOU GUYS GO WE WILL BE WITH YOU ….


  76. gillotine says:

    @ MARK LYTLE …

    A lot is happening regarding the collapsing of greenback ..USA will benefit tremendously cause will clean books without killing nobody in the proses..


  77. zurn says:

    Re:@Mark Lytle
    I have blog “war on democracy” on
    I just stumbled on it at
    Interesting conversation.

  78. Timothy Geithner says:

    “The biggest problem is the lack of resources dedicated to investigating these serious cases and that we often don’t know where these individuals are.”

    Damn right. They should put their resources towards more important cases like that wikileaks fella.

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