Americans’ infinite capacity to be humiliated by their own government continues to shock free people in Egypt and Tunisia.

27 comments on “Americans’ infinite capacity to be humiliated by their own government continues to shock free people in Egypt and Tunisia.
  1. Tom KG says:

    And the government says to the sheep, shut the fuck up and take it up the ass and smile. The next time one of these motherfuckers tries to grab my balls it’s going to be jailtime for me but that motherfucker is going to the hospital.

  2. LuzazuL says:

    Max, people here in the USA ARE very upset. We are just working on how best to articulate our push for change (no Obamanism intended) because our context is complex, ok? Fine. I do not mean more complex than anywhere else, but sui generis.

    Croatia> Today the Croats are upset because the media are portraying them either as neoNazis or hooligans defending criminals for war crimes or veterans greedy for more money. In fact, yesterday there were demonstrations in 4 or 5 cities, today Sunday some more, and this seems to be the population rebelling against THEFT of country and mis-use of recent history in order to dismiss legitimacy — with the police turning on military or ex-military people who chose to demonstrate unarmed and peacefully.

  3. Larry says:

    meet Claire ,she is 93 years old , she lived through last great depression ,she kindly gives us a cooking lesson to help us survive current great depression

  4. Bruce says:

    How much has tourism gone down in the USA?
    Serious question.

    How much has bike-riding increased?

    Yes, the enemy is out there, people. This is for your – and our – own good.
    Gov sends Love.

  5. velobabe says:

    dumb woman in that video, waving to the camera and smiling. like she cant wait to get her cunt rub up against while being video taped. that is the true american just wants a moment of so called fame, on the camera, whore†

  6. Larry says:

    …correction typo, ‘Clara ‘.

  7. Long John Silver says:

    I’m waiting for them to set-up road blocks on major highways where everyone gets pulled out of the vehicle and searched along with the vehicle.

  8. Long John Silver says:

    @Bruce RE: How much has bike-riding increased?

    I have a small hobby business repairing bicycles. I’m overloaded.

  9. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day

    that depression cooking woman is SUPER. what a great ol gal

  10. Jayme says:

    It is not surprising behavior coming from a government that sanctions torture and promotes War as Peace. This action doesn’t make anything more “secure” and institutes behavior on the part of the government that reduces trust of them to zero. This is certainly reducing the security of the government. The men and women respondsible for implementing these actions are mentally deranged.

    A single person can plant the seed but rising up has got to come as a concerted action before change will come about. Government fears the action of a people. 300+ million strong will bury this pathetic offspring of an oppressive minority.

    March of the Bonus Army – Part 1

  11. Joe9083 says:

    AMERICA.the new CHINA!

  12. David says:

    Why not start and continue using the name GESTAPO to describe the TSA and the Department of Homeland Insecurity. Call it like it is and then the average Joe will connect the dots from history.

    This is the GESTAPO at work, circulate the video to all your friends and especially use the GESTAPO title when referring to this organization, then each must decide how much of this bully boy treatment to tolerate. The people are being conditioned and are apparently too dulled down to realize that the fascists are taking control of the USSA.

  13. Zorro / London says:

    Yep! that family sure looked suspect to me.

    The kid in the grey sweatshirt obviously a terrorist, and the smaller one in the green was clearly packing probably smuggliing whatever.

    Hope mum had her 1 ounce gold maple leaf down her cleavage! But then, this couldnt possibly also be about stopping the movement of PM’S

    Or could it?

    Wont be going to the USA.

    Mind you if your coming over the Mexican Border……….no problemo…bazoooka, Heckler Koch MP5, sherman tank….NARCOTICS ,…come on in!

    And we will make LA RAZA feel all at home at the taxpayers expense

    I had a jerk get on the plane and sit about 3 feet away from me with one of those Yasser Arrafat scarves completely covering his face. Only his eyes could be seen.

    Did anyone say a word? NOTHING!

    Kept my eye on him for a best part of an hour till he eventually took it off.

    Was he going to get a hiding, if hed been a bad guy.

    FUCKING air-crew……….useless!

  14. Joseph Francis says:

    How much more can the american populace take it? When will they become real citizens and revolt against these crooks?

  15. Marc Authier says:

    Americans like Canadians are fuckin assholes.

  16. California Farmer says:

    What is wrong with Americans who show up in mass to protest for their collective right to loot the Wisconsin taxpayer but remain silent on this issue?

    Where is the OUTRAGE at these obvious fourth amendment violations?

    What a disgrace!

  17. Zorro / London says:

    Tom KG

    A”nd the government says to the sheep, shut the fuck up and take it up the ass and smile. The next time one of these motherfuckers tries to grab my balls it’s going to be jailtime for me but that motherfucker is going to the hospital.”

    Right on dude!

  18. Lynne says:

    They do it after the train journey, so as not to disrupt the train timetables. The reason they do it is to exercise CONTROL. Kids are being conditioned, like Pavlov’s dogs. Alex Jones always said that this security thing would be extended and he is being proved right. I will refuse to travel if I encounter this sort of thing.

  19. cass says:

    LOOK FOLKS buy silver and gold even a tiny bit… this will force the government to go back to sound money, gold standard and the bankers will get crushed.
    The rest of the world has had enough of the BS…Its time for AMERICA to rise up and kick some AS*… Who is USA for ??? its made for us, the citizens, the people ! not slime ball corporations and government puppets ! WE RULE, WE ARE THE MAJORITY !
    So all of you sitting at home with no jobs, get off the couch and get to the streets, in every major city, peacefuly protest ! AMERICA IS YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT ! fight for her !

  20. Bustedcelt says:

    This is obviously a test by the TSA to check out procedures to be used for boarding passengers at train stations in the future. They are running the test with debarking passengers because of instructions to not disrupt schedules. Next will be bus stations. After that highway spot checks (and this proposition was discussed during the last dustup in November 2010).

  21. This looks more and more like training exercises. When the US $ goes into a tail-spin, and state benefits are cut, authority knows they will have a problem of rebellion on their hands. First it was air transport, now it’s trains, expect gas stations and shopping malls next. Cheer up folks, they say that when Government fear the people, and these daft measures indicate they are terrified! then liberty is alive, but when people fear Government, then tyrany reigns.

  22. R says:

    The grounds for this were laid after 9/11 with the USA Patriot Act. Both Democrat and Republican cheered this thing through, capitalizing in the fear. Now you will pay the price.

  23. Wait, there’s more! The TSA has plans for your DNA. Here’s the link:

  24. Wahrheit says:

    How can I get out of this crap hole of a country?

    I’m ready to leave the USA

  25. Jeffrey says:

    This is just an attempt to justify going to Congress and begging for doubling their budget.

    “We need twice as many people because we’re inspecting on both ends of the trip now”.

    The naked body scanner folks are probably needing some cash too.

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