Without Apple, America loses its real dream factory

Huge interest in AAPL’s stock today. The company reported blow out numbers and surged after hours – before falling back – all in the immediate aftermath of Jobs’ announcement yesterday that he is taking a dire sounding medical leave of absence. AAPL’s stock is iconic. GM, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, are American brands known throughout the world that inspire both love and animosity in equal measure, but Apple is different. In Paris for example, I hear lots of Parisians tell me how America sucks, while they slurp Coke, wear Nike, ride Harley Davidson, eat McDonald’s and visit Euro Disney just outside Paris. Conversely, many despise American globalization and think Disney is a cultural Chernobyl. It’s complicated. But not so with AAPL. The products and the company have an unequivocal, international reputation of excellence that has single-handedly kept America in the game of selling dreams. I know from my own occasional America-bashing in the street – whenever I say something like, “Tell me one good thing about America” the response is almost always, Apple. So my interest in recent developments at Apple are not about the stock price, but about the future of the world’s perception of the U.S. In my opinion, if AAPL hits the skids, like some are predicting, not out of disrespect for the company, but from the prospective of market history and the laws of gravity; there will be nothing left to point to. Google is in bed with the NSA. Facebook has signed a deal with the devil. Starbucks never worked out that whole intellectual property theft thing with the coffee growers they rip off. What’s left without Apple? Obama turned out to be a stinker and most of the NHL apparently is moving to Canada.

23 comments on “Without Apple, America loses its real dream factory
  1. nama rama says:


  2. Secret42 says:

    Max, Put the Bong down !

  3. ronron says:

    Yahoo is undervalued, in my opinion.

  4. LuzazuL says:

    The “American” people, Max. Trust me.

  5. LuzazuL says:

    Ok, rethinking the matter. New Yorkers, Max. Trust me.

  6. jimmy chen says:

    my iphone just told me to buy aapl

  7. jimmy chen says:

    now it says dont

  8. Omega Pointing says:

    This does seem like a rather reverential piece of writing, Max…

  9. Rick says:

    Max, I have to agree with you.

    I love my Apple products, and I use them for my business.

    I dislike the other American firms you mentioned, too bad some French folks like them, not real French people in my opinion – sell outs. I have been to France and love it. I plan to return this August to ride PBP, if everything goes well.

  10. debi says:

    Attention Max: Hey, there are some pissed folks over there at ZH silver eagle thread. They are wondering where their silver Keisers are. They do not even know if you are involved. They are wondering if it is a scam.

    Please post something on your Site to appease these folks.


  11. Bruce says:

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
    Texas Instruments
    Vic Firth drum sticks – Made In USA
    Remo drum heads.
    D’Addario guitar strings
    Procter & Gamble

    (of course lots of them aren’t Made In USA any more and many I wouldn’t support with my dollars – for various reasons)

  12. A says:

    Oh you Euros are just SO self absorbed. Yes, America sucks, okay, can you say ANYTHING else, or is that all your brains are programmed to have your mouths spew all over the place? What is so special about Europe? That’s what I’d like to know. What the hell do you produce and give to the world that is just so wonderful, affordable, and universally used everywhere, for everyone? Okay, Sweden HAD wikileaks and the Pirate party (Pirate bay on Parliament), Germany has a lot of food (expensive and not too healthy) exports, France has cheese and wine and bread (very expensive) and the UK has…. the UK has…. well… nothing, really.. they’re just the US on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. So really, this America bashing thing is just a worn out trend started by ignorant foreigners who haven’t even been here, yet they scream and cry when their country doesn’t receive aid from the US, or like you said, they still wear and use US made/distributed products. I think, personally it’s Europe’s snooty stuck up self absorbed delusion that’s hurting the economy and the earth as whole more than the US. Yes, the government in the US is terrible, there is no denying that, and yes there is a large percentage of Americans that fit the stereotypes you Euro’s love to spew (we call them ugly Americans) but really, what country doesn’t have a bad bunch? And yes, the US doesn’t really produce much of anything anymore, but like I said earlier, what European country does produce something that is just soooo much better and more contributing to the world economy than other countries? Exactly what I thought. Oh, and Apple wouldn’t be ANYWHERE if it weren’t for the hardware they use to put inside their computers, and even there, they still fall short with integrated chip sets and video cards. Apples are not computers, they are toys, and Apple has not been a computer company for years and years now. For the past 10 or so years they’ve been a gadget company making ipods, pads, and phones. Cache is king.

  13. hic…so does this mean the partys over?

  14. jischinger says:

    Apple is on the off shore tax avoiding shelter wikileaks list

    Jobs departure – illness, perhaps.
    interesting timing regardless

  15. Ryan Thomas says:

    Ya, they’re sitting on 60 billion. Literally, 60 billion. Yet they make all their products overseas. Put a factory in Scranton. Employ Americans. Until then, how is this a great American company?

  16. Nick Cook says:

    @A The reason the US is despised in many places is not to do with the goods it sells, but to do with their foreign policy, which you fail to mention. Illegal wars, economic assassins, covert country manipulations, 600 plus bases spread around the worlds countries. It is not the people of the united states either, it is the governmental polices that impact, adversely, the rest of the world. The US is now just a giant gated community, suffering severe paranoia that the rest of the world is out to get them.

    As for apple, I am an apple engineer, and like all things, they too will come to the end, and the batten will be picked up by others. That is the way of the world, and is how it should be. IMO mr jobs should have been training a successor for the last ten years, as did mr gates. Or did he think he wold live forever ?

  17. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    “What is so special about Europe? That’s what I’d like to know. What the hell do you produce and give to the world that is just so wonderful, affordable, and universally used everywhere, for everyone?”
    If you solely emphasize materialistic stuff , thereby reinforcing the US stereotype, then I could list a few other things like cars , airplanes , ARM cpu’s used in nearly every smartphone , high speed trains , Ariane rockets (the whole US space program was the brain child of German rocket scientists ) , the invention of the steam engine , the petrol engine , the diesel engine , the gas turbine , the digital computer , the first computer language , plastics …;
    In science , classical mechanics , quantum physics , relativity
    I won’t go into culture …

  18. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    “@A The reason the US is despised in many places is not to do with the goods it sells, but to do with their foreign policy, which you fail to mention. Illegal wars, economic assassins, covert country manipulations”
    You nailed it !

  19. LuzazuL says:

    @ Bruce
    Capezio (pointe shoes).

  20. LuzazuL says:

    Special about Europe 1) its history 2) its architecture 3) its landscape architecture 4) its gastronomy in a wide sense 5) its current energy 6) its current role as place of exile for those who try to move the axis of energy in the USA from a downward direction to an upward direction.

  21. Bruce says:

    Philips are still a major force in EU, after all they gave us the CD (co-developed with Sony). Very innovative company.

    They have been eaten up alive by competitors in recent years though, but they are still pretty innovative in many areas.

    As someone mentioned, ARM Holdings is based in the UK and their IP is in almost every portable device we use nowadays. It would be a very different world without them.

    Many chemical companies and car companies in Europe that touch every aspect of our lives today. Too much good technology to mention.

    Let’s not forget Steinberg – now owned by Yamaha.
    Or K&M microphone stands πŸ™‚

    Faber-Castell and Staedtler come to mind when I thing of Germany, too. So do some pretty amazing innovations in optics.

    Not to mention art and the fields of psychology and mathematics and so on.

    Metz flash guns are still made in Germany last I checked, too. We can probably go on for ages. Some very important contributions to society originated in Europe and let’s not forget where Tesla and Einstein were born πŸ™‚

  22. Bruce says:

    Symbian was also born in EU, still the world’s most popular smartphone platform despite losses in market share recently. Nokia’s phones are still primarily Symbian-based.

    Speaking of Nokia, they are from Finland. Everyone knows this company and most techies know that in the ‘enthusiast smartphone’ race, Apple is giving them a run for their money for sure – Nokia’s quality control has totally nose-dived in recent times.

    But I digress πŸ™‚

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