“Muslim, Christian, we’re all Egyptian . . .”

19 comments on ““Muslim, Christian, we’re all Egyptian . . .”
  1. jimmy chen says:

    dis amy is hard to rook at

  2. Rick Eriksen says:

    Jimmy Chen…I am not sure you know this..but you are an idiot…

  3. jimmy chen says:

    @Rick Eriksen

    herro hope good day

    I am thoroughly aware, thank you for stepping up to the plate and swinging

  4. jimmy chen says:

    @Rick Eriksen

    me still laughing, thank you.

    seriously, I had to shut off wideo, it was wearry hard to watch her

  5. Mini US says:

    Religions stop fighting each other when they have actually got something to fight about.

    Like now.

  6. Mini US says:

    Like all other dictators around the world, the US is ready for a new one here.
    Bored with Mubarak now.
    Move him along….

  7. ronron says:

    jimmy chen is an ass, no idiot. 🙂

  8. ian/lpool says:

    @jimmy chen

    Yes I agree, she is quite heavy duty. She would make a lovely wife for that hyper guy silverfuterist. Imagine being trapped in a lift with those two ?

  9. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day


  10. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day


    amongst you ronron and rick, me no laugh so much on one post ever….. that would be a one floor lift ride for me

  11. will o.t.n says:

    In Egypt the people are showing that their current government isn’t to big to fail so neither are their corupt banksters.
    Maybe Max could get the crash JPM buy silver campaign going in Egypt. and other Arab countries.

    If you are really interested about how Christains get on in Muslim majority countries the charity ” Barnabas Fund” in a good site to go to.
    This is a link to their web site

  12. michael sam says:

    @will o.t.n.

    I suggested in an earlier video that we appeal to Islam to buy silver to crash the morgue

  13. buddhagold says:

    you know I think Amy Goodman is often well intended but her great hypocrisy is that she will not go near 9/11. She knows what really happened on that day but she does not want to stand up and be marginalized. This makes all of her reporting on American imperialism and war in the Middle East hollow and without correct foundation.

  14. Hill says:

    I remember when Amy Goodman got one of the first, if not the first, interview with John Perkins. That was an extraordinary interview.
    Often, it now seems as though she’s a mouthpiece for the Marxist Utopians, George Soros & Co.. When one follows the money trail, including underwriting from several foundations, it doesn’t paint a positive picture for Democracy Now. Perhaps it was the recent attacks she did of Ron Paul that really killed it for me. I used to be a regular listener, too. I didn’t listen to this clip…I just can’t anymore – even if she’s breaking new ground like she did with the author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Sorry Amy, you took the loot and read a preprepared script one too many times for me.

  15. ehswan says:

    I used to respect Amy Goodman. 911 is the great divide and she has been on the wrong side of it. To pity or despise her I can’t decide. How sad.

  16. Bofs says:

    Icelandic state TV reporter attacked and scuffled around. In downtown Cairo.
    Moving fottage included (link at bottom of page) http://www.ruv.is/frett/radist-a-frettaritara-ruv-0

  17. Zorro / London says:

    El baradai, aint no Lech Walensa.

    Egypt needs an electrician to step forward as representative of the people.

    Isreals days are numbered.

  18. Jayme says:

    Neither left or right, religious or secular. These revolutions aren’t about any of these ideologies inflicted on what is called ‘the public.’ There is no ‘public’ only people and oppression by bad leadership and attempts to divide and make people live in fear.

    “We are calling for justice, freedom and equality, and real democracy and a new constitution, no discrimination between men and women, no discrimination between Muslims and Christians, to change the system… and to have a real democracy.” Nawaal El Saadawi

    It isn’t about division its about unity. Only the government wants to divide and get the people to fight against one another, it distracts from the real issues.

    Poetry by RUMI — Only Breath

  19. John Q Public says:

    Democracy Now seems ok then all of a sudden they smear some one for no reason . Then i see true colours. I purpose a new show would be Bigger than American Idol with world wide popularity. “Politician on Polygraphs.” Big winners gets Book Deal, Titles, Prizes. I dont know what we would give the losers. Years supply of a sponsers products.

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