Rubber stamp JP Morgan to death!

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  1. 8Ball says:


    Man invented paper

    God made the Gold and Silver…

    They will be here long after mankind and the paper are gone.

  2. F. Beard says:

    God made the Gold and Silver…

    They will be here long after mankind and the paper are gone. 8Ball

    Such astonishing blasphemy stunned me for a moment.

    Don’t get too attached to the Earth since it won’t be around forever:

    Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. Revelation 21:1

    However, those who inherit eternal life will be.

  3. BigH says:

    Somebody make sure Max & Stacy see this:

    JP Morgan Overcharged Troops on Mortgages

    crash the bastards… buy silver.

  4. F. Beard says:

    Oh yeah, and by the way fuck the Old Testament, what has a vengeful, arbitary God got to offer. gussy

    Such ignorance. The Lord does get wrathful (after much long suffering) but for reasons anyone here would understand: oppression of the poor, widows, orphans and aliens, child sacrifice, etc.

    The whole book of Jeremiah is fascinating but this has to do with Hebrew debt-slaves:

    Jeremiah 34:8-22

  5. foober says:

    remember who wrote or better said. Rewrote the bible. The same ones that control us now. The later day roman leaders that never gave up power. Just switched how they would control things.

  6. 8Ball says:

    Look at the first verse in the Bible… Beardo

    “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”
    You skate around the fact that God made the Gold & Silver and try to insert your warped doctrine… Paper is good to wipe your ass with and make reading material & packaging, not much else.

  7. F. Beard says:

    Paper is good to wipe your ass with and make reading material & packaging, not much else. 8Ball

    You left out buying gold and silver.

  8. Jayme says:

    All that has value is ephemeral. Don’t hang on – cherish this moment like no other because there is no other.

    Rajaton Butterfly Video

  9. 8Ball says:

    Beardo, you still won’t admit that God made the Gold and Silver… If you could find some way to deny that then I’m sure that you would be arguing about it. Since you can’t, you brush it off. You are just a vain old fart spouting his worldview for the sake of argument and proving nothing to anyone. Keep flapping your paper nonsense, it is entertaining.

    Three monks were walking back from a Dharma teaching with their Master. As they arrived back at their village they noticed a flag on a post, fluttering in the wind. The first student looks up says, “I see a flag flapping.” The next student looks up and, trying to out-do the first, says, “No, I see the wind flapping.” The third student even more sure of his superior understanding, glances up and says, “I see the mind flapping.”

    Then their Master looks up and says, “And I see mouths flapping!”

  10. F. Beard says:

    Beardo, you still won’t admit that God made the Gold and Silver… If you could find some way to deny that then I’m sure that you would be arguing about it. 8Ball

    Of course He did. He also made our minds and expects us to use them.

    Keep flapping your paper nonsense, it is entertaining. 8Ball

    Whatever. As for you, please start wondering how “worthless” paper buys PMs.

  11. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Jayme

    Butterfly is very pleasant. At my age my hearing isn’t keen enough to pick up all the nuance. So I enjoy songs with more tone emphasis. But they express the same concept to appreciate life because it will soon be over.

    Have you heard Rose of Allendale? This has vocals.

    This other one has a beat that I find mesmerizing. Combined with the visuals it emotionally instills appreciation for life and nature, at least for me.

  12. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Jayme

    On the other hand sometimes this other kind of song is more appropriate to the world we live in.

  13. Randall says:


    There is some funny stuff in your post but all kidding aside why does everyone assume that others know how to make videos and post them to you tube? Feel free to make a video and post it there making mention of these resources. Actually they take a lot of work something Max does NOT seem to appreciate after promising to link to it or mention it. I have stopped trying to communicate with Max simply because he is either too busy or too rude and insensitive to respond. Anyway anybody is free to use the stuff on there for free. Obviously the pass out cards aren’t free because they cost me about 2,000.00 to make 50,000 of them, a fact that Max also fails to recognize. I have had some coin dealers use the cards and some others in my neighborhood and I can tell him that they DO work and they are a conversation started and I have been able to get people who previously knew nothing about silver to go to their local coin shops and buy silver for the first time. That’s what this campaign is supposed to be about isn’t it? So, Max, if you read this get off your ass and do what you said you were going to do, namely promote the man various labels and bumper strips that I spent hours and hours and hours making for others to use. All I can say is you depress me. I hope someone here sends this message to him, I’m FED UP
    walkaboutventures dot com

  14. flicks says:

    Watched a science program last night it suggested that our reality is a hologram – something to do with a theory that at the event horizon of a black hole all 3 D information is recorded in 2 dimensions. Apparently an experiment is underway to test this – to see if space time is a bit fuzzy rather like a hologram or photo the closer you get the more granny and fuzzy it looks. Cant say I understand what I’m saying but then I dont think the scientists did either. Another thought was that ‘reality is math’

  15. Jayme says:

    @Robert Mockan – My hearing is not so good either. I don’t listen to it very much of it but Irish folk is beautiful. I had not heard Rose of Allendale. Thank you for sharing that. I enjoy electronica but sometimes it really amazes me how wonderful and deeply touching the human voice can be.

    There is a sublime draw to power and destruction. I often wonder how it will be when my time comes. I’ve been in the situation several times where I thought it was my turn. For some reason I seem to get peaceful but know I’ll be facing a few demons when I pop out. My mind and mouth flaps in the wind too much. 😉

    I like to hang around here so I don’t take on such a Pollyanna view of the world.

  16. flicks says:

    Randall – having worked in commercial photography I can appreciate the effort that went into that art work. Hope people use it. Printing the work from a home ink-jet isn’t as easy as it may sound you have to consider colour management which is far too involved and a bit costly re monitor calibration equipment and profiles for most – you will just end up wasting money on ink and papers. Its best to buy the stickers and any other art work this person is offering – looks good to me.

  17. Randall says:

    “It’s Been A Living Nightmare” – JPMorgan Admits To Illegally Overcharging Thousands of Troops on Mortgages, And Wrongful Military Foreclosures

  18. Randall says:


    no that’s not what I’m suggesting

    I suggest people send the file they like to a commercial copy center and make a few dozen sticker, bumper strips or whatever and use them and give some to others of like mind as well. One can use a home ink jet printer but that I agree is an expensive proposition unless one only wants 1 sheep. Also copy centers have glossy stock.

    The cards are the best thing and so people should order 500 or 1000 of them and pass them out to people they meet.

  19. Apocalypto says:

    @ 8Ball

    In re to the “Silver Keiser” rounds, at the time they went on sale, I warned everyone here at about NWT Mint’s terrible reputation for slow delivery.

    Back when they first went on sale, I was interested in ordering some of these rounds myself, but when Bid Bullion’s web site failed to work correctly on the “opening day” due to a bug in the shipping module, I ended up balking at making the purchase. Something didn’t seem right. The trust level on the deal dropped considerably. I didn’t appreciate the fact they didn’t get all their ducks in a row prior to selling the rounds; let’s face it, part of any good sales transaction is the process.

    When I questioned BidBullion’s validity here on Max’s site and brought up the issue of NWT Mint’s lousy reputation for delivery times, some people gave me a hard time.

    Well here we are, it’s January 17th, and as far as I remember, this Bid Bullion fellow is already 6 days behind his original promised schedule.

    Yet, according to his site, everyone who pre-ordered should have that order filled by end of January. (Based on your research and the fact that this Darrel fellow at the NWT Mint’s facility didn’t even know what you were talking about, I’m not sure how that’s going to happen).

    Anyway, this is what’s written on the Silver Keiser site:

    Q. When will I take physical delivery of the “Silver Keisers”?

    A. Physical delivery of the “Silver Keisers” will commence in mid January and all pre-orders will be delivered no later than the end of January.

    Now, I’ll reiterate, I’ve bought from NWT Mint before. I’ve had varying degrees of success. Their bars are beautiful, but their customer service is terrible, and your experience today proves my point.

    NWT Mint does the minting for First Majestic’s silver bars and rounds. The difference is, when you buy from First Majestic, you’re dealing with First Majestic, not NWT Mint. And in terms of customer service, First Majestic is absolute top notch. If you want proof, call Christina and ask her about delivery times. I would bet a 100 ounce silver bar that if she promised a certain delivery date, you’d have it within +- a few days. You just will not get that with NWT Mint.

    I hope you people get those rounds soon. There’s a lot of money on the line.

    Last point: When we all questioned Bid Bullion here on Max’s site (about the web site problem) he showed up here to set the record straight. It might be a good idea for him to show up again and give everyone an update.

    Good luck guys. (Patience is a virtue.)

  20. DaveLiverpool says:

    Very disappointed I can get no reply from Bidbullion re the Silverkeisers I ordered, remember they said they would provide weekly updates on orders? Has anyone had an updates at all?? If you ordered using Paypal remember Paypal have a 45 day limit for making a claim & that limit is getting near if you ordered early.

  21. Robert Mockan says:

    @ Randall

    Good question. I’m not talking about a You Tube of commercial quality. You can make an acceptable presentation using a video camera. Just choose your background, point and shoot the action, load it into your favorite editing software for processing, store finished product as a file, and upload it using the Google You Tube instructions. Helps if you have family to help and act, since as director and producer you need to be operating the camera. Otherwise even a simple video can become expensive if you pay for hired labor. Anyway just throwing the thought out about doing a You Tube. I didn’t know you might be working something out with Max. Maybe a link on his site to your site? That would be ideal.

  22. Marc Authier says:

    Just proves US miliitaries are fuckin retards in everything. Fuckin losers and fuckin suckers. I have no sympathy whatsover for these guys. Knowing what USA has become today and for who these jerks work for, they can go fuck themselves with their fuckin patriotism à la Dick Cheney and get raped and stoled by JP Morgan Chase, BP and whatever Haliburton mother fucker they work for. Do something useful. And no killing people for afghan smack and irakin oil is not useful. It adds nothing to the good of this world. The troops are piece of meat for Wall Street. Do godamn assholes have a brain ? When they are not fucked by Prudential, or the vaccine makers, they are fucked by Prudential Insurance. Retards and loser on everything. It’s sad but hey, that’s what happens when you work for Satan. What was the name Kissinger gave to militaries again ? ‘Dumb cattle’ I think ? That big fat pig nazi was right about the cattle joining the army. They are just plain dumb. They will never get it.

  23. Randall says:

    NWTM is slow indeed. Nothing new here. Even First Majestic Silver company had to wait. Everybody has to wait. NWTM is a war mongering company and they feel that their stupid military crap is more important.

  24. Randall says:

    I wish Max would have a Crash the Military Industrial Complex – Buy Silver so they can’t get it campaign. Patriotism is a DISEASE. Nationalism is a DISEASE. America is diseased through and through.

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