Peter Lavelle: Crosstalk – the ‘democracy industry.’

6 comments on “Peter Lavelle: Crosstalk – the ‘democracy industry.’
  1. The Obama team and others before him have always talk a good democracy: forever talking up freedom, liberties and representation of its People and the Constitution all the while enabling the rich, the powerful and privileged to rule over, cheat, rob and take advantage of the poorer element of society !
    To put it more bluntly, if you look at the bigger picture, you will find that although Egypt and the US are worlds apart, both deliver somewhat similar policies! Just because one talks a better game, the outcome will certainly NOT be different.

  2. Aaah says:

    “I don’t think all that much has changed”
    (in relation to Bush compared to Obama)
    “except for the mood music & the rhetoric.”
    Tariq Ali
    True enuff. Tariq Ali tells it like it is.
    I doubt Paul McCartney & Dylan would have
    serenaded Bush the way they did Obama.

  3. Jayme says:

    states dont represent the people and democracies make the worst tyrannies.

    one person one vote is stupid. it assumes that all you need is one vote and all your responsibilities as a citizen are done. these schmucks promise everything you want during their campaign and do very little they promise.

    a fair market is more democratic than any statist political system which tries to manipulate both people and markets. where were all the leaders leading egypt to freedom? nowhere to be seen until after the tyrant was kicked out of the country. get rid of both state and ideology.

    people don’t need self imposing authoritarians, they need local community members to listen and offer good advice based on social needs, not individual desires for power.

    the promise of peace and democratization is completely bogus because any time it conflicts with state policy and strategic doctrine, it gets swept aside. everytime i hear bringing democracy to a region i think of a really crappy movie

    I Come In Peace – Trailer

    (i don’t recommend the movie)

    Tariq Ali is the only one on this panel who makes any sense.

  4. sexton says:

    jeff bridoux baffled me with his bullshit.

    he sounds like an apologist

  5. Frans says:

    One brainwashed Zombie (lower right pane),
    One brainwashed demi Zombie (upper left pane)
    One real human being (lower left pane) and
    One presentator in the know!”

    FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE how US centered the zombies are, having the predicement that of course the US is the centre of the world.

  6. stockholmer says:

    No fancy words, I have but one question. WTF is wrong with 95% plus of USA? These intallectuals are simply better-spoken versions of typical American. In a fucking trance!!

    Is it the fluoride? The GMO? HAARP? The vaccines? The chemtrails? Bad schools? Culture of football and whores? Maybe is the petrol-fumes inhaled during SUV fill-up.

    The Yanks I have known in the past were awesome people, I weep for the country now.

    This was painful to see, Tariq Ali was only one not blind deaf and dumb, except for the Mod.

    cheers from Sweden

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