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Huge sums leaving Egypt?

Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 4:37 PM
subject: information on huge sums leaving Egypt
4:37 PM (23 minutes ago)

Hi Max, Stacy,

I used to work with Greg Palast he can vouch for me.

I’ve been given this information with a view to getting it out on the internet so that people can use it as the basis for further research. The source of the information is based in Egypt and understandably they want to remain anonymous. Mainstream media outlets have been approached but cannot take up the story because the source insists on remaining anonymous and refuses an interview in which their voice/image is distorted or hidden. I’m approaching you because you are not constrained in the same way as the mainstream media.

My contact details are at the end of this email.

Information is as follows:

$10 billion of the Mubarak’s money has been transferred to Switzerland and France.

Walid Shash and Omar Tantawy are chief handlers of Mubaraks’ loot for transfer to Switzerland and France.

The transfers have been taking place for the last 7 years and have intensified during the last 3.

Farouk el Okda, governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, facilitated transfer of gold for Mubarak to foreign banks.

Alaa Mubarak close friend Hisham Hassan has been imposed on the boards of companies by regime.

Alaa Mubarak’s father in law has been imposed by the regime on companies and has ‘won’ many IT company bids.

Rashid Rashid has strong links with Alaa Mubarak’s friends.

Kind regards, Oliver Shykles

Exxon and BP’s AGW model working spectacularly; too bad dollar and pound are crashing (against Gold and Silver)

Food prices are not driven by increased demand, but increased supply (of leverage).

The food riots happening all over the world including the riots in London, Dublin, and Athens – although not currently labeled ‘food riots’ will soon be – are not due to a sudden demand for food. The demand for food in Egypt and Tunisia did not jump 100 – 200% over the past few years. No, but that supply of credit has. Credit used as leverage to speculate in the food futures markets, principally in the U.S. So the use of the term ‘inflation’ is misguided when describing the price action in food. Inflation refers to rising wages, job growth, interest rates and capacity utilization; none of which we are seeing. In terms of the real economy; the economy that people experience day-to-day – the correct term would be deflation – as in deflating house prices, bank balance sheets, wages, jobs, and capacity utilization. The rate at which the globe’s balance sheet is deflating is higher than the amount of credit being expanded with the net result being deflation but this does not stop the new credit that is being created (and at Davos they floated the idea of expanding credit by 100 trillion) to be used by countries like the US in an imperial, neo-colonial bid to bankrupt countries around the world and seize what assets they can. 150 years ago, the powers that be killed 60 mn. buffalo roaming the West as a way to wipe out the competition. Today, by jacking up food prices using free money – to prices that wipe out millions through starvation – will accomplish the same thing. Americans of course will not benefit from these policies uniformly. In fact, those in the middle and lower classes will probably get wiped out just like the folks in Tunisia, Egypt, Ireland and Greece (not to mention the Indian nations in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and California).

Rickards Monday!!!!

Snap! Crackle! and Revolt!

Cairo, say hello to London

Peter Schiff’s latest on Financial Crisis Commission

This is not about ‘food inflation’ it’s about what happens when banks are allowed to print trillions to support their bonus and debt habits. The food riots are a symptom of banker excess. Nothing will change until the bad banks (virtually all banks) are shut down.

Somebody should have stopped the, ‘build settlements at any cost’ mentality long ago; that one extra condo – now risks losing it all and going back to the 1947 borders

If Goldman and JPM hadn’t stolen so much money, there might be some left in the kitty to support the dollar

MK: This action in the dollar does not look like a rush to safety. I think traders are beginning to figure out that buying dollars during the crisis is counterproductive. The dollar hegemony is breaking up. Clearly, judging by Obama’s inability to make any clear decisions at all regarding the Mid-East crisis – and his recent empty, inane rhetoric about ‘winning the century’ – and recent appointments of more Wall St. insiders and kleptocrats – leads one to conclude that it’s a mistake to think the US can do anything but cheerlead the collapse of itself. If not the dollar than what? Gold and Silver are the answer. I think we will soon see those who have been supporting the dollar over Gold and Silver to be forced to refigure their assumptions. The smart ones will admit defeat and abandon their dollar positions. The not so smart ones will hang on to the bitter end.

Regardless of QE or accounting scams and ‘peek-a-boo’ Repo and marked-to-market fraud; liquidity/food crisis will FORCE euro banks to write down losses – these bank stocks will have to get slammed and hit new crisis lows

As central banks have replaced real money with fiat money and real food for virtual food (Farmville); those in Egypt with only 2 days left of food are merely the tip of the real food shortage spear

MK: Trading virtual food on Facebook/GoldmanSachs – Farmville/Zynga is a way to keep the fiat currency scam going while simultaneously starving out the lower and middle classes.

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