21 comments on “GIABO
  1. Could we be in for a Spanish Civil war type conflict? Well done Ken – great commentary! (Great muzaak!)

  2. MirrorMirror says:

    A BIG WOW …

    Austrian MP Ewald Stadler adresses Turkish Ambassador

    … using VERY STRONG LANGUAGE to Parliament about Turkish Ambassador … SUBTITLES in English.

    Says the Ambassador should be declared Persona Non Grata.

  3. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    For those who do not know Ken ‘O Keefe , he is an ex-marine who gave up his american passport and joined a fight he really could believe in . He now has a “World Citizen” passport (look it up , you can get one too) He was aboard on one of the Gaza flotilla ships and disarmed a few IDF soldiers with his bare hands . A true american hero in my book

  4. Marc Authier says:

    I would say time to short General Dynamics, McDonald Douglas, Boeing Aircraft and Pentagon contractors. Democracy and peace erupting in the Middle East would be catastrophe for the wheapons manufacturers. Can you imagine. The 100 year war against the ‘bad’ and ‘mean’ religious ‘fanatics’ coming to an end because of the price of cooking oil and flour. SELL DEFENSE STOCKS.. Short the dirty USA crap.

  5. Sam The Silver Bull says:

    Whether you are a Christian, whether you are a Muslim, whether´╗┐ you are an atheist, you will demand your God damned rights.”

    Powerfull words the Anthem of this global revolution

  6. B says:

    It just feels like an awakening of some sort is happening. I hear more people talking about this in the US than I ever heard them talk about the riots in Europe. God bless Egypt.

  7. Zorro / London says:

    Anyone that thinks that they are exempt from this in the west is dreaming.

    We just have a larger margin in descretionary spending to insulate us for a little while longer from the effects of inflation and corruption.

    The price and availability of food will be the tipping point.

    And that can all change in but the space of ONE SINGLE DAY.

    And that day is coming.

    The law makers have made the laws to protect themselves from grand larcency
    whilst criminalising the ordinary man, woman and child for petty things.

    Dont forget whose responsible, and make sure that they are ALL held to account when the time comes.

    Dont let them use the standard tricks of divide and rule, and minority scapegoatism.

    We know who used those devices in the 30’s.

    Responsibility lies with those with the power and authority

    And those that have been shameless in their corruption

    The breaking point to bring, true freedom and true justice are not far away, and fortunately will not be in the hands of the talking head establishment mafia.

    I wonder if the Americans, Brits, Belgians, Irish, Spanish, Portugese etc etc peoples will show the same metal as those in the middle east to confront tanks and bullets when the time comes and say……in unison…….we’re mad as hell, and we cant take it anymore!

    Oh!……and where is the peace envoy for the middle east then ….Mr.Blair??

    What! is there not enough money in it for him to go to Egypt to do a book signing tour?

    The silence is deafening!

  8. 8Ball says:

    Idiots brag about making money in the markets while their tax dollars go to support genocide in Gaza… It’s a mad, mad, mad world. Passionate guy, we need more spirits like him.

  9. ron marks says:

    One should clean their own home and leave the Egyptians rebuild their own system. They don’t need more foreigner minding their business. Egypt is for the Egyptians and individual Americans should stay home and fix their own country before dictating how others need to go about changing. Not everything needs to be violent and I found this video very disturbing. Yes make a peaceful change, but no one told the American people they had to vote for Obama or the Bush son -dynasty. Wake up America. Get smart
    change use the voting system. The other people don’t really have a vote so that had no choice

    That guy in the video is a dangerous nut job.

  10. 8Ball says:

    re: Austrian MP Ewald Stadler

    whoa… Now there is guy who is not afraid to speak his mind. “we’re tired of your chit and we’re not taking it anymore.” If a US congressman got up and said something like that during a session he would be tasered and hauled off to the gulag…

  11. ronron says:

    best movie i ever seen. the british promised the arabs gold and freedom, if they helped them over 60 years ago. the US/British, papered it over.

  12. ronron says:

    lining up for fucking bread? i believe it was Jansen that said, god help us. good luck with that.

  13. Michael says:

    America better wake up. People are so brainwashed over hear.
    Amazing video. Inspires me to keep living in truth and not be brainwashed myself.

  14. Sweetpee says:


    Great point about criminalising the man in the street for mere pettiness – Blair managed to create approximately 3,000 new criminal offences, whilst he was in office! In my dreams he would be convicted of all 3,000 AFTER he stood trial for the sickening international war crimes he committed.

  15. Steddy says:

    Max, You need to interview this man asap!

  16. amommamust says:

    It is begun!

  17. Chris Paleo says:

    Wow, that’s pretty powerful. He’s right in the trenches, in the eye of the storm, and he’s not afraid. As I listened to his monologue I thought, That kind of talk would have the PNAC et al crowd at your throat quicker than you could say Plan Dalet. I can already hear them rev ving up the bulldozers. You have to be in awe of people like that, who leave the comfort of the western cocoon to go out and risk their lives for something they believe in. And me, I’m sitting at the computer cramming pizza pockets in my face wondering that when push ever comes to shove, I have a tenth of the cojones this guy has.

  18. Zorro / London says:


    Blair a lawyer, his wife a lawyer, most parliamentarians lawyers.

    Great business proposition to create 3000 new criminal offences in UK.

    Then with the wooly…how longs a piece of string?… “human rights act” in place, Lawyers and judges can spend days arguing a case and have a charter to print money for themselves.

    Another establishment scam, producing nothing of worth but filling up the DNA database, criminalising the general population, whilst growing rich off the back of it.

  19. FreeMarkets says:

    First Zombie Banks and Now Zombie governments!

  20. FreeMarkets says:

    @ Zorro – Agreed entirely. The biggest scam of all is the divorce law – where each the two representing lawyers divide up and decide what % of your hard earned wealth they are going to divert by putting up long winded unjustified stupid arguments to run up the numbers! This is a massive scam taking money off the average joe and diverting it to the lagal profession!

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