Cairo, say hello to London

17 comments on “Cairo, say hello to London
  1. Geek Boy says:

    Suck on lemons to counteract the gas. True story

  2. Troy Ounce says:

    They arrested a girl who had the guts to throw a leaflet in the post box of Boots and therefore charged her criminally.

    Afterwards the coppers started spraying pepperspray in the eyes of protesters

    See here a pic of the leaflet and spot the criminal damage.

  3. Hawkeye says:


    Don’t know what all the fuss is about:

    “Activists said Boots staff gave those affected free eye wash to flush out the spray.”

    There’s real compassion out there on the reservation! 😉

  4. newyorkerinlondon says:

    Always avoided Boots. It sucks ass.
    and since when does 20 people comprise a riot? No wonder the police are considered vile pigs everywhere.

  5. 8Ball says:

    The Police are just the enforcement arm of the bankster’s empire. The pols are their foot servants…

  6. Danny Cunnington says:

    Even better than lemons is cider vinegar as an eyewash. CS gas = extreme alkaline Cider vinegar = Acetic acid. always take a small flask of it to a demo with some kitchen roll or paper tissues. (Soak the paper tissues in vinegar and apply it to eyes for pretty much instant relief).

    To counteract the trumped up criminal damage charge get a good lawyer….

  7. Tom H. says:

    @Youri, nothing for nothing, but I have lived in the Northeast US my entire life, and a snowstorm is really not a big deal, save for the alarmists in the MSM. I remember winters 30 some odd years ago that were far more severe than this one. Why make a big deal out of a snowstorm where it is perfectly normal to get snowstorms in the middle of the winter?

    This just in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It rained in the rain forest today!

  8. Max Power says:


    Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 09:54:49 -0500
    From: Chuck Weinstock
    Subject: Jackpot: Bug or Feature?

    A man in Pittsburgh was arrested on a federal warrant accusing him of
    stealing as much as $1.4 million from US casinos. He was about to stand
    trial for bilking a local casino out of nearly a half-million dollars in
    fraudulent jackpots.

    The jackpots resulted from a flaw in the software of certain IGT
    machines. These machines apparently awarded a jackpot when a special
    sequence of buttons was pushed.

    I wonder if a good defense here is that the machine was doing exactly what
    it was programmed to do and all the defendant was doing was using expert
    play to increase his chances of winning.

  9. susan says:

    anyone read O-Zone by Paul Theroux? Great book, very predictive, along the lines of 1984, Brave New World…

  10. 8Ball says:

    Tom H, I agree… If you have lived for a few decades you realize that the weather comes and goes in cycles of mildness and severity. People of 100 years ago were too busy making a living and staying alive to worry much about the weather, they just dealt with it.

    I like wild-haired Piers Corbin… he seems to be able to deal with the reality of weather much better than the predictors, prevaricators and carbon alarmists.

  11. boots are registered in swissle land ..and where are israeli coffee skanks starbucks then?

  12. Dedo says:

    As stated by hawkeye,…it’s just a lame marketing campaign for boots “own” eyewash,……. move along, nothing to see here folks,….

  13. Danny Cunnington says:

    Rabbit breeding is smart They are food efficient, easy to feed with waste agricultural by products. Chickens are good but need more integration into a natural environment

  14. Danny Cunnington says:

    The staff at Boots are programmed imbeciles. I will never forget asking one of them for 100mg B1 supplements and being told that I could suffer an overdose! This is ludicrous. “This happened 30 years ago. Vitamin B1 is water soluble. It’s impossible to overdose on a nutrient,anti oxidant that is burn’t at a very fast rate by the brain.

    Please correct me if you believe my opinion is wrong.

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