BREAKING: Teri Buhl – “JP Morgan covered it up for the last three years.”


Teri Buhl: “SEC made calls to investigate Bear traders today”

17 comments on “BREAKING: Teri Buhl – “JP Morgan covered it up for the last three years.”
  1. fromchaos says:

    Can we change this headline to Bear Sterns makes old pensioners slave for sacks of shit?
    To say they sold them to instituional investors is a little misleading. These instituitional investors were buying for pension funds. They either knew or should have known these bonds were “shit breathers” but they were likely given big perks to turn the other way.

  2. Zorro / London says:

    Max, are you aware that a class action is being taken by BOB KAPLAN against HSBC & JP Morgan for manipulation of the silver action.

    Please refer to

    Think you as an Ex stock broker could act as a supporting expert witness to give context and clarification.

    Also Peter Schiff should come forward as an economic expert witness.

    I’m sure you guys would love to have your day in court and support the exposure of the fraud.

    GATA have an opportunity here too

    OK Maxy baby, step up to the plate, and heres a golden ( I mean silven) opportunity to expose the scandal, make Mr.Madoff look like a cheap 5 cent crook and be written into the pages of history!

    Now what do you say Bro?

  3. Oky1 says:

    Yap, yap, yap!

    Man, nothing but a lot of Yapping this Januray.

    Obama talks up Wallst’s latest Ponzi Scam tonight. He ask you if you like yours with Red Vaseline or Blue Vaseline as the Wallst pokes you in your winking brown eye.

    Then the Ben Burnak, he’s busy yapping up the ponzi, finishes up his circle jerk tomorrow.

    Then Davos, more yapping up their ponzi scam & it’ll be over just as soon as those child molesters of Kissinger’s get done raping the last virgin Thai boy.

    Do you have one ounce of respect for any of these tyrants? I hope not.

    And V tells me: Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver

  4. Youri Carma says:

    First we had ‘Lier loans’ and now we’ve got ‘sack of shit’ and ‘shit breather’

    E-mails Show Bear Stearns Cheated Clients Out of Billions selling “sack of shit”, 25 January 2010, (The Atlantic)

  5. fromchaos says:

    I guess I should post a link as well lol I would pay good money to see max testify.

  6. MirrorMirror says:

    Repost :

    Xtranormal Cartoon Explains POMO

  7. Zorro / London says:

    VERY valuable information and advice from Ted Butler

    Time to go to war.

    Need some knowledgeable and wealthy players to join and support the little folk and fight the big boy bully bankers.

    Nows the time to raise the profile with the CFTC, or FSA in the U.K!

  8. zurn says:

    MAN BEATS BANK – And Creates Mortgage Banking MERS Bomb – Lost Paperwork Means Free Homes For Borrowers
    Keane filed and recently won a lawsuit that resulted in severalhomeowners in Utah getting title to their property, even if they owedthe full mortgage, all because of chaos introduced into the nation’sproperty recording system by MERS.

    The attorney for another man in Draper, Utah, says he has won twoother cases this way, and another attorney in Utah got a defaultjudgment giving title to borrowers who owed $417,000 on a home.

    Utah Professor Chris Peterson weighs in on the significance of the rulings.

  9. fromchaos says:

    Here in Boston we just had a city councilor (Chuck Turner) who was sentenced to 3 years for take a 2k bribe from a fed. Meanwhile Jamie Dimon and Loyd Blankfein take trillions and are living the life.

    Note to all politicians/white collar criminals steal big steal often and you wont be prosecuted.

  10. Robert Mockan says:

    People not math inclined, knowing little about economics, and how fraud is committed without getting caught, can be overwhelmed by details. The details can also hide the cause of the crises. PSYCHOPATHS!

    People need to go after the psychopaths! Everything else is secondary. Mental health professionals can reveal them. Technology advances can actually reveal them and measure the dysfunction in their brain functions compared to healthy people. They can be removed from their positions in the central banks, governments, and finance. They can be isolated. Treated. Do this, and the insanity in the world STOPS! Not years later, but immediately.

    “..organizations can become infested with psychopathic personality types who, if given the proper amount of time and growing conditions, will busily fill all positions of power within it. In the case of governments, what emerges is defined as a pathocracy: tyranny at the hand of psychopaths. Lobaczewski defined governance by a pathocracy as a macrosocial disease, something unhealthy and brutally deadly if untreated.”

    Alex Jones started the You Are the Resistance, V for Victory, Against the Occupation.

    But he is leaving out the catch phrase that brings it all together.


  11. mexmet gzc says:

    max, where did u find this bimbo, teri full 🙂 man, it was hillerious!!

  12. The Mad Ape says:

    Unfortunately Teri has pissed off the wrong crowd. She has been arrested and charged with cyber-harassment of a 17-year old girl.

    She was doing a story on Wall Street Parents allowing their under-aged kids to consume alcohol and how the small town police aid in the cover-up.

    They have come after her with their legal guns blazing.


  13. Jim says:

    Hey Max! why not put moustaches on these guys and call them the “Dirty Sanchez Gang”!

  14. naomi says:

    Where’s the link to this interview? I can’t view it from here.

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