Wikileaks domain name suspended

Stacy Summary: I’m sure that eighty five percent of Americans have nothing to hide and will, therefore, support this action.  And, so, we have arrived at the end of the free internet.  This won’t stop the likes of Wikileaks who know how to set up somewhere else, but it will stop others who aren’t so tech savvy.  Your thoughts?

60 comments on “Wikileaks domain name suspended
  1. Mother Earth says:

    Wikileaks will go torrent..

    Where do I direct my domain to to find the wikileaks servers? They still have an ip adress that can be accessed, they only need to distribute that.

  2. flicks says:

    Assange is a CIA stooge/patsy and wikileaks is US foreign policy like smashing the snooker cue ball into the reds .

  3. Mother Earth says:

    Hacking is aligned with the quantum spigot

  4. Mongo says:

    As long as I can buy silver & gold… because even a monkey can see through this ponzy scheme going on globally. Which brings me to the subject of Charles Darwin being WRONG!…

  5. Yankee says:

    I’m with flicks on this.

  6. Modern Money Mechanics says:

    It’s a small bump in the road Max. The Internet will quickly move from a centralized name authority (ICANN/IANA) to a decentralized peer-2-peer design.

    The change has begun:

    P2P-based alternative to DNS hopes to challenge ICANN

    AlterNIC was an unofficial, controversial Internet domain name registry that relied on an alternative DNS root.

  7. nutPuppet says:

    Just noticed that my local Tesco isn’t selling the Guardian today (newspaper involved with Wikileaks in the UK) and there is no sign of it having sold out – no empty space in the rack, looks like Tesco is taking a stand against Wikileaks!

  8. SkullSlitter says:

    This is the list of Mirror sites:

    After all the years of failure prohibition is still seen as a good idea. The more the man fights back, the more people will defend.

  9. Fibon11235 says:

    My opinion about Wikileaks its sad that he is being treated like this especially the rape nonsense. I not even bothered to visit there site.. This only so much illusions I can cope with..

    As for the internet well


    Sorry but this could get boring.
    There seems to be something wrong with the human condition and its need the fuck each other up the never never and ruin each others lives. Mind you look at the birds over seed in the garden they don’t fight over it. So maybe its just nature.

    If the Banks have created a eco system of corruption that is hidden then they are at risk of ruining the whole bloody idea of fiat permanently.

    I think the banks are there own worst advert and more self destructive than any thing else. There problem is they have abandoned the free market the very thing they say they support. O dear…double speak?

  10. gregg says:

    Wiki ought to release the entire TSA payroll county by county as a reprisal.

    Dude if you need a me.Nevada Silver…………….

  11. Mother Earth says:

    We must get a picture of assange makeing a long nose..

  12. Jesse says:

    WikiLeaks has now moved to a new address based in Switzerland,

  13. sexton says:

    i am not very proud of the ruling class in my adopted country. i am grateful for their arrogant candor.

  14. farang says:

    My thoughts?

    1) Those labeling Wikileaks as a CIA front missed farang’s comment here at MK about how the CIA appoints the Secretaries of State, and proved it.

    Clinton, both of them, are linked to the CIA…long time. Notice how badly a light Ms. Clinton has been shown in…..and how vociferously she condemns him for telling us the truth. A whore.

    2) Those claiming Assange is somehow affliated with MOSSAD must not read American msm much: go read the articles about Assange today on the most notorious of the Israel-first Zionist press, like Yahoo! news headline: “The Noose Tightens Around Wikileaks Founder”…before this domain was pulled…..and what was this “noose”? He was being investigated… Swiss authorities…for not wearing a condom during sex.. Hung with a rubber? A Trojan execution?

    3) Pay attention. Tell people you fully support disclosure, that in “an open and free society, it is abhorrent to keep secrets” and tell them you heard it from JFK.


    Goodness knows, I see leaders and people that can offer solutions daily: none of them in D.C. or Wall Street. These are Israel’s captive, paid-for audience. They don’t hear us.

    Use a THIRD PARTY to *whisper* in their ears: FUCK YOU.
    Buy silver.

  15. Crumpet Muncher says:

    Julian Assange is answering questions live on the Guardian website – well he would be but their server keeps crashing.

  16. Sacramento Joe says:

    Welcome back Stacy!

  17. Mother Earth says:

    Look at that gold move.. its comical!

  18. farang says:

    Dec 3, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    Just noticed that my local Tesco isn’t selling the Guardian today (newspaper involved with Wikileaks in the UK) and there is no sign of it having sold out – no empty space in the rack, looks like Tesco is taking a stand against Wikileaks!”

    Yes, and those with ears to hear will realize the CIA?M-6, M-5, MOSSAD folks control the messages we hear….so thank you for demonstrating Wikileaks is their ENEMY.

    If the CIA or MOSSAD were affliated with Wiki….Assange would be on 60 Minutes and the Sunday Talking Head circuit.

    He’s not, he’s being attacked by fervent Israel-first politicians like LIEberman and Huckabee. Ergo….

  19. Geek Boy says:

    @Mother Earth
    That’ll be the Beijing put then!

  20. BetterThanNoSN says:

    Rather fortunate for the bank/banks about to be outed that the sight comes down. Apparently the banks have more power than the Pentyagon.

  21. Tom says:

    So much for freedom of speech then?

  22. Crumpet Muncher says:

    There are only 909 comments on Guardian site. That’s my afternoon sorted 🙂

  23. jimmy chen says:

    engineered early takedown of gold/silver presently failing

  24. Pongo says:

    Whether wikileaks is information or disinformation – take ALL the pieces including these and make your own mind up.

  25. Jeffrey says:

    Does anyone have any evidence they can point to, specifically, that supports the claim that Assange is a fraud/stooge/patsy? I am trying to be suspicious, but all I see is a series of embarrassing disclosures that:

    a. make war with Iran less likely than before;

    b. destroyed all efforts made by the Obama Admin to smooth out the rough patches in diplomatic relationships caused by the Bushies;

    c. sunk any chance Hillary may have had in running for president;

    d. caused such a diverse array of reaction amongst the elites (ranging from “not important!” to “kill him!)” that it is hard for me to think it was intended;

    e. removed any semblance of consent of the governed;

    f. exposed US methods and targets for spying, possibly compromising allies as well;

    I could go on. What benefit is there to releasing this? Are we assuming the US intel community released it? Can anyone point to who specifically benefits from such a release, besides that one US Ambassador to Pakistan who criticized US policy?

    Is 9/11 the reason for suspicion? Don’t we already have enough on 9/11? Does Wikileaks make it less likely that people will believe that something more nefarious was going on on 9/11? I don’t think so.

    Is it Iran? It doesn’t surprise me that Iran would want nukes and is trying to build them. Israel has them. North Korea has them. Pakistan has them. Countries with nukes tend not to be “liberated” by the “forces of freedom”. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they were lying. What these cables show is that nobody tells the truth to their citizens.

  26. Geek Boy says:


    Who knows man, who knows.

    WikiLeaks fiasco doesn’t embarrass Israel one bit

  27. HRUSTY says:

    Mn can they capitalize on their home grown propaganda machine. The gift that keepson giving.

    “Lieberman Introduces New Censorship Bill In Kneejerk Response To Wikileaks”

  28. nick cook says:

    If silver goes up, I shall by more. If silver goes down, I shall buy more. Pucker up J P you thieving a hole .

  29. Mother Earth says:

    Pimpin the truth..

  30. Jack Kristeller says:

    You’ll find everything you need to know here:

    Chris Story’s posts stopped only with his untimely death on 14 July 2010 – ‘Bastille Day’. Nice irony there except it is genuinely a pity that he is no longer with us.

  31. gregg says:

    The dude is a modern day hybrid clone of Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine

    Silver state is gonna kill JPM next year……I’m collecting all those chunks o silver laying around the ground at the ranch.

    RELEASE the TSA database………..better yet the Blackwater prick database.

    Nice little lizards, in your silver cage

  32. Håvard says:

    I see that the Swedish are going to update their Interpol arrest order for Assange today so that he can be arrested in UK or wherever he is. Anyway, way to go Sweden, you will (if you succeed) be known as the most pathetic Judas nation of the world. Congratulations!

  33. Håvard says:

    Oh, and I guess the Swedish have to arrest their king as well since he has been involved in wild sex parties with multiple girls.

  34. Enrico Rusticali says:

    Different wrapper same gift to provocation machine. Nothing like homegrown propaganda.

    The gift that keeps on giving!

    “Lieberman Introduces New Censorship Bill In Kneejerk Response To Wikileaks”

  35. Jeffrey says:

    @ Geek Boy

    Even if Israel emerges unscathed by this, I still don’t see how it would benefit them to release stuff that would enrage their neighbors, undermine their allies, and make it less likely to get what they want in the future i.e. US led war against Iran.

    Maybe there is a heavy hand behind all of this and the endgame will become apparent in the future. All I know is that Manning’s IM chat details how he did it, why he did it, and it makes sense to me. A huge database that a lot of people could access, one of them did and leaked it because he was disturbed by what he saw regardless of the consequences.

  36. Hill says:

    It’s interesting that Likudist Joe Leiberman gets what he’s been calling for: Cinese style Web Censorship. The web has proven to be the info weapon of choice for We The People, which is an obvious threat to Joe and the enemies of truth.
    Seems there shouldn’t be any doubt that Assange is being “fed”. Yet there is…

  37. andrew says:

    the people who continue on with the “wikileaks is a conspiracy” idea….do you have any sense at all? or are you trolls working for the u.s. to sponsor a false idea?

    if wikileaks were a u.s./cia conspiracy….it would be one of the dumbest and most self-damaging, self inflicting conspiracies ever greated. i have not seen any facts to support this extremely illogical accusation.

    i support wikileaks in their attempt to damage the secret workings of ever increasingly authoritarian empire of the u.s.

    end of story fools.

  38. Fibon11235 says:

    Hung by a Swedish condom LMAO, were not his girl friends nice catholics then?
    Rape is serious and its a shame the authorities and these stupid women play with it. I feel raped by there stupid stories.

    SHIT hit the FAN I think I noticed as soon as the word BANK and CRIMINAL ECOSYSTEM were mentioned… this is the leek im interested in… WOW how bad is it. Which bank and what?

    By not telling who is in line for a REVELATION there all hopping about, I bet, in fits of paranoiac back covering like jumping beans on a hot plate.

    These crises just keep on coming one after another… its quite a a experience to behold isnt it.

  39. LuzazuL says:

    @ Stacy re: my thoughts > I am ready to be joyful and sunny. State Dept etc. workings are morbid. The shit has to be aired out so that we the people take the power away from freaks. The freaks are a VERY SMALL percentage of us the people, hence negligible. The sooner we take the power away from them, the earlier we can enjoy life.

    have I ever told you I enjoy this site?

  40. Majestic says:

    I’ll try not to repeat what I said a few hours ago.

    This event may trigger them to unembargo the “insurance” file that they torrented a little while ago. It’s 1.4 Gb of encrypted data that can only be unzipped with the appropriate password. (they used AES-256 — even the NSA would be busting their supercomputing balls to find out was was in there.

  41. Majestic says:

    If you want to participate, here it is:

    (hope you have a friendly ISP and lotsa bandwidth!)

  42. david says:

    They can’t suspend the streets

  43. the underfundedmentalist says:

    the censorship is just the beginning,

    racial profiling ‘debate’

  44. the underfundedmentalist says:

    divide and conquer
    at it’s best

  45. TOPcAT says:

    Assange doesn’t have ANY LEAKS regarding the 9/11 truth movement,
    the single area where America and the world actually want information leaked.

    Getting a 9/11 information leak from Assange is not likely, and building 7 being demolished by exposives…we’re STILL WAITING for this one folks!

    Here are some leaks to consider:

  46. Majestic says:

    @ TOPcAT

    agreed on the 9/11 thing. Americans would want to know that.

    But you also need to consider that given the nature of the organisation, they only release whistleblowing documents that they get sent.

    No docs submitted on 9/11? then what can they report on?

    Thus I assume that you are saying that they have those/some, (…that happen to contradict the founder’s own personal opinions) and are sitting-on/censoring them?
    If that’s the case you need to provide evidence of that.

    Is there a case to answer on 9/11? Sure, just look at building 7.
    Is the lack of data on that, Wilkileaks’ fault? Show me.

  47. BTW Meatloaf (yes, the Meatoaf) on UK TV said last night in reference to Assange that he wanted to ‘cut off his toes’

    So I guess we can boycott Meatloaf as well as Amazon

  48. Jeffrey says:

    @ TOPcAt

    We do not know what documents Assange has in his possession.No 9/11 leaks yet does not mean no 9/11 information in his hands.

    I saw some speculation on ZeroHedge that the “insurance” file is, essentially, a multinational list of spies, assets, and front companies that would cause widespread mayhem for a decade. Sounds reasonable to me, albeit it was the plot from the Mission Impossible movie.

    But I have thought that whatever is in that file has to be so bad that the fear of what they release is worse than letting him expose lesser scandals, conspiracies, and atrocities. It could very well be some damning evidence of govt incompetence/complicity in some portions of 9/11. Fear of that info coming out would protect Assange for the time being.

  49. Tom Paine says:


    They go on about how Wikileaks is compromising our “intelligence”, etc., and putting lives at risk. Well, I have I think a very plausible scenario on how Wikileaks might have saved millions of lives had it existed back in the early 90’s.

    It is a well considered opinion among many, with some documentation, that Sadaam Hussein (and yes he was a bad guy) was suckered into the first Gulf War by the Bush Sr. Administration. Had Wikileaks existed at the time, the plan might very well have been foiled. Had the plan been foiled, Hussein might have backed off from attacking Kuwait, the first Gulf War would never have happened, and we would not have had bases in Saudi Arabia. No “infidels” in Saudi Arabia and perhaps the 9/11 attacks would not have been staged (sorry, Im not a truther). No 9/11, US invasions of Afghanistan or Iraq. This would have saved the lives of several thousand US troops as well as trillions of dollars. nIt would possibly have saved millions of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Sure it is hypothetical, but so are the risks to lives that Wikileaks is alleged to be causing. Of course, I can not know for sure, but I strongly believe that Wikileaks will save lives.

    Wikileaks Saves Lives!

  50. TOPcAT says:

    Assange is a 9/11 conspiracy-fact denier.
    He is firmly on the record as saying:
    “I’m constantly ANNOYED that people are distracted by FALSE CONSPIRACIES SUCH AS 9/11,
    when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”
    He provides lot’s of ‘leaks’ fomenting division within the muslim states esp. against Iran and provides ‘leaks’ that serve Israeli-Pentagon interests.

    Why would Assagne air the above statement if not to influence, (disinfo) the newly awakening public?
    Why would he accept the OFFICIAL STORY …that burning jet fuel brought down the towers…denies that building-7 imploded into its own footprint at free-fall speed…sound and photographic evidence that proves demolition explosives and thermite cutter charges were used?

    (just to keep it within the confines of MK):
    Buy Silver Crash J.P. mORON!

  51. Tom Paine says:

    Meatloaf sucks! He’s already boycotted for sucking!

  52. Illinois Brandon says:

    Go Wikileaks!

  53. Robert Mockan says:

    Any amateur radio enthusiast can figure out ways to communicate the information to the people. For example use mobile spread spectrum transmitters (can’t be blocked) with low power receivers for everyone who wants the data. Or shortwave with mobile transmitter using burst transmission then go to another location before the source can be targeted by drones. Or course the regimes can make it illegal to have radio receivers. Train the next bunch of brown shirt kids in schools to report parents who have receivers. People have survived fascist dictatorships before, they can survive this. Of course all these problems would vanish quickly if we start seeing the cut off heads of oligarchs on poles. Too much to hope for, probably.