VIDEO OF THE WEEK!! Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver (or the cruel and tragic death of a vampire squid)

64 comments on “VIDEO OF THE WEEK!! Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver (or the cruel and tragic death of a vampire squid)
  1. ronron says:

    there is no silver for sale. you won Max. whats next?

  2. seosamhogallunai says:
    Any of yis know about this crowd?

  3. Daniel S says:

    It ran out of ink

  4. Lynne says:

    The octopus is a murderous, smart creature which can become invisible, re-grow damaged limbs, shrink to impossible sizes, solve complex problems, blind predators, paralyse prey. Be careful, Max. I agree with the Irish vlogger. You could be putting yourself in danger!

  5. Silversword says:

    Hey Max, here’s a video of my new baby with her silver. I’ve been selling everything I don’t need and purchasing silver bullion. Thanks.

  6. jimmy chen says:

    crazy feeding frenzy….. kick ass vid! lesson: eventually we all get overrun by nature….

  7. Marc Authier says:


    We all die one day. We always do die. Know what ? Jamie Demon is mortal even if he fucks and screws with Satan. Grow a spine Lynne. Anyways you won’t get out the life thing without dying. 🙂 Smile Lynne. Hey you American Nazis from JP Morgan ? You will have to kill 1,3 billion Chinamen and 800 million Indians. See now what I mean Lynne ?

  8. nutPuppet says:

    From the comments here:

    Forget the words “save”, “rebuild”, or “bailout”. The banks in Europe bought the mortgage-backed securities being sold by Wall Street. Once it became obvious that those mortgage-backed securities were fraudulent and over-subscribed, meaning the same mortgages were being re-sold over and over into different bundles, the European bankers threatened to make the fraud public unless the securities were redeemed. That is when the Federal Reserve started pouring out trillions of dollars, all of it considered a loan to be repaid by the American people, to buy back all that bad paper from Deutche Bank and Credit Suiss among others. In other words the US Government is impoverishing the American people to keep their “too big to jail, too big to jail” banker buddies out of prison for the fraud they committed.

  9. MirrorMirror says:

    Read the whole article … very interesting :

    Deeper Than Oil: World War Three has already begun

    Just recently, I have been re-reading a lot of Nostradamus’ Quattrains.
    Astounding , and how accurate he was in past events as well.
    ( Predicted the paper-currency crash after the French Revolution for example )

    Some of you may scoff, but I am a firm believer in my mathematical model which effectively says the future is already set in stone. Thus, it is entirely possible that there are some people that can “see” the future ; which is why I do read this ( for most people ) esoteric stuff.

  10. MirrorMirror says:

    Press-TV :

    Max Keiser on UN’s ‘grim outlook’ for world economy 2011

  11. TMike says:

    Commitment of Traders report is out today:

    What is interesting in this report, is that on the reportable positions for silver, the only category which increased short positions (+2,391 contracts from last week) was “Swap Dealers”. The category includes 12 dealers, one of which I believe is Jimbo P. Morgan.

    A primer on how to read Commitment of Traders report:

  12. swell says:

    Here’s how some of the elite’s medium-level guard try to attack and minimize the success and effectiveness of Alex Jones’ Google bombs:

  13. The Dork of Cork says:

    when silver reaches $500 is that the time to move into copper ?

    Maybe they will be producing copper maple leafs by then.
    The only question is what king will appear on the coin although maybe old Lizzie will still be hanging in there – shes got good long lasting genes after all.

  14. flicks says:

    ronron – your an unsophisticated idiot fuck wit who calls people on craigslist trying to sell silver and trashing people

    Sad ass

    move along

  15. MirrorMirror says:

    China’s Hunger for Gold Now surpasses India – Alex Jones Tv

  16. The Dork of Cork says:

    I can feel the fever rising , must ….. must ….. must remain rational.

    has masters got any anything left to give or is she spent and lying flat on the floor.

  17. dan valley says:

    CNBC Video – The Ron Paul Effect? Dec 3rd, 2010.

  18. Iknowtoomuch says:

    to “Lynne” :
    this guy is not an “Irish vlogger” ; I recognized his accent, and I can tell you a 1000% sure that he’s a Dutch guy. By the way, this is the best analysis I’ve ever heard made by a Dutch individual ; they are sooo US-indoctrinated, so my compliments to this individual.
    What he don’t seems to understand (nor “Max K.”) is that the “Bank-Bitches” rule/govern the United States AS WELL AS the “other side” ; China & Russia.
    But never the less : a milestone for Holland ..! Amazing ..!

    Perhaps because I’m Dutch myself …

  19. MirrorMirror says:

    Lloyd Chapman: Obama Administration Wants Secret “Blacklist” for Pentagon Contractors 1/2

  20. TMike says:

    Max could be right about the Germany call.

    According to this graph, Germany (in green) is the biggest gold purchaser this year, even bigger than China, India et al:

  21. foober says:

    I’m getting the feeling that the average moron is waking up. Which is good. Hopefully they’ll start taking life in thier own hands and learn that the gubberment which is controlled by the banksters lies all the time and is evil.

  22. dan valley says:

    Germany to start ww3 ???

  23. dan valley says:

    Bid Ask +/- LDN
    Gold 1413.4 1414.2 0.0 22:59
    Silver 29.24 29.29 0.00 22:59

  24. MirrorMirror says:

    10 Reasons We’d Be Better off Without Ben Bernanke

  25. Joe says:

    I found out recently that it’s actually okay, in fact more correct, to say octopuses than octopi.


  26. SAO says:

    Ouch!! Know how he feels. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide.

  27. Mike/Liverpool says:

    $500 silver
    So how much would GOLD be at that price?
    and WHEN?????

    Still awaiting TOB!

  28. Rick says:

    The thing about precious metals, like oil, there is a finite amount. And it would support an economy of 6 billion people. Maybe that’s a good thing, because that means the world will get smaller in terms of people. And going forward, in short order, the world will only be able to support around 1 – 2 billion. So, it’s quite clear, something is or has to give. This if not opinion.

    PS – Max is doing the right thing. If the world had more MK’s, we would have never been in this global downturn. People have the power. Rich people aren’t smart, they’re crooks. Stand up and take back life.

  29. dan valley says:

    Assange: WikiLeaks will publish secret UFO reports

  30. Mini US says:

    CFTC’s Bart Chiltern audio Interview….

  31. Joe says:

    China passenger train hits 300 mph, breaks record

    Any silver in that train?

  32. Marc Authier says:

    Go with the 1,3 billion Chinese and the 800 Indians. There is like a death wish with the people in charge of JP Morgan Chase and Hong Kong Shangai Banking. What the hell were they thinking by naked short selling about 9 years of world consumption ? You can say it’s total and utter arrogance. Because their bets are ultimately guarantedd by the taxpayers, they pushed the enveloppe to unimaginable extremes in the case of silver. Dumb move, dumb fat pigs banksters and slimy filthy corrupt politians. The more they wait to unwind their positions, the more it will cost.

  33. Au Canary says:

    Hey Max:

    Thank you – you crazy financial MF! Fight the good fight.

    There is another JP Morgan Explained video on Youtube – google it or see link here: “Crash JP Morgan buy Silver Explained”

    Another thing people can do for cheap publicity is buy a bunch of silver then list some on ebay – for a few bucks you can run an add forever – Be sure to list you product under the Item name : “Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver – 1 oz silver XXXX” then embed Max Keisers Crash JPM Buy Silver Video in your add to promote your product and get the word out. Set your price above $40 or $50 — when it sells at that price (like an alarm) you know that the tide is turning on JPM, and you make all your money back including your ebay fees. In other words free advertising for CRASH JP MORGAN BUY SILVER! Here are a couple (at least one) of those items listed.

    (A bunch of other items already sold, because they were priced low – price them high and the message will stay in place until the price alarm clock rings and your item sells.)

    Another thing to watch is the US Mint Proof availability. If the US Mint halts Silver Eagle proof production and runs out, only to issue BU coins without announcing more proofs, then this means silver is truly running low.

    We have a long ways to go. See posts:

    Why US Mint Silver Eagle PROOF shortage are a canary in a coal mine:

    ZH reports that silver is spiking:

    Unfortunately I believe JP Morgan is shorting the Silver market on behalf of the Fed and the Treasury. Time for the people to show the market what consumer driven really means – Sell all paper and BUY PHYSICAL …

    Crash JP Morgan BUY SILVER.

  34. John Q Public says:

    Tables turned, Like death by a thousand Cut. When we buy silver one more cut.

  35. dan valley says:

    The Goldman Sack Blows The Whistle On The JP Morgue Silver Manipulation Scheme

  36. Joe says:

    Dan I like that one, thanks. They’ve chosen a nice final word for me:


  37. dan valley says:

    US first amendment end times: Library of Congress blocks WikiLeaks | Gawker

  38. Joe says:

    US Soldier: “What the F**K happened to OUR country while we were gone?”

    Good question, good question.

    Maybe you guys should stop protecting the poppy crops for the CIA and come home and clean house?

  39. dan valley says:


  40. LuzazuL says:

    @ Dan Valley, Re: Library of Congress > USA taking off to another galaxy. I’m now located in a round-eye North Korea. But in NK there is still only one mad ruler: advantage. I’m not sure my ballet studio will be in its regular place tomorrow. Ballet bars might have become terrorists’ weapons overnight, just because Hillary has piano legs.

  41. LuzazuL says:

    @ Dan Valley Re: same as above > American people being treated now as infants were in the 19th century.

  42. R.E.Craig says:

    Mmmmmm…Morgan Sushi…

  43. R.E.Craig says:

    Max would it be a good idea to invest in hens teeth as I have heard that they are quite rare? I believe that KFC is hoarding them as part of an evil plot by the Colonel to take over the world !
    R.E.Craig aka Ricky the Rasper

  44. cowardlylion says:

    Calamari and lemonade!

  45. dan valley says:

    @LuzazuL “I’m now located in a round-eye North Korea.” YES, I made the same comparison on another blog and got much hatred ….People dont wanna see da ship is sinkin.

  46. California Doctor says:

    @Dan Valley –
    Lib of Congress?
    Hell! I can’t get my Wiki-Leaks on my HOME PC in the USA!
    are other people able to get WikiLeaks?

  47. Gordon G. says:

    Myself and 3 others Max did the work of 1900 people this week@ 1 oz each. 🙂

  48. Majestic says:

    @ CD

    for the moment

  49. Joe says:


    The greasy fuckers are so desperate to take it down. By doing so all they’re accomplishing is bringing it more notoriety.

    They’re old, stupid and decrepit psychotics.

  50. Marc Authier says:

    He didn’t suffer very long. TAKE OUT JP MORGAN AND HONG KONG SHANGAI BANKING. They won’t suffer very long.

  51. Marc Authier says:

    It already started this week. This week someone bought 1,5 billion dollars of the red metal. But it’s true. Copper is quite a bargain. But there is caveat here. Copper in depressions is not very good. Not a bad idea to play against the US dollar. Anyways put youself in the place of China, Japan and Korea, stuck with all these US dollars ? It’s not a bad bet for them to spen a spaer 1,5 billion of red metal to insure your 2,3 trillion US of funny money.

  52. Zach OBrien says:

    This octopus is nicer than JP Morgan. I don’t want to feel bad for a metaphorical JP Morgan.

  53. karl says:

    Hi Can someone please provide a reputable source for buying silver coins?
    Is bullion vault ok for buying physical?

  54. Jesse says:

    Team work!

  55. Joe says:


    Everyone will have an opinion about the best place/way to own gold and silver. There is one phrase that is making its way around the Internets these days, though. Here it is:

    “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”

    This phrase has held those who do not trust banks in good stead over the years. I’ll leave it at that.

  56. anti_fascist_freedom_fighter says:

    ______Did he died?

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