Pierre Jovanovic’s new book on JPM’s Blythe Masters (who invents financial terrorist weapons like CDS) . . I am interviewed for this book.

Pierre Jovanovic
to Max

Lets open a bottle de champagne !

tomorrow evening

here is the new cover of Blythe Masters
you are in it

62 comments on “Pierre Jovanovic’s new book on JPM’s Blythe Masters (who invents financial terrorist weapons like CDS) . . I am interviewed for this book.
  1. Bruce says:

    no centrefold pics of Max = no sale

    (Kidding. Sort of)

  2. MirrorMirror says:

    Here y’ go Max …

    Cafferty Faucher LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit against JPMorgan and HSBC Alleging Manipulation of Silver Bar Financial Products


  3. Crumpet Muncher says:

    You should invite Betty round to open that champagne bottle. In that picture she looks like she’s had plenty of practice sucking the corks out of bottles. We know she’s not too smart, so that must be how she got the job she has.

  4. jmbo says:

    where did blythe learn to trade

  5. jimmy chen says:

    she would be so hot if she smiled…. too bad de dark side got her….. dam dat dart wader

  6. Fred says:

    Pretty unfair: Pierre is protected by his Guardian Angel so doesn’t fear Blythe’s devastation.

    Let’s see if a silver shield can own a pair of imaginary wings…
    Imo, a near future will prove that both are the best defenses for us, poor human beings.

    You guys rock, so does Stacy 🙂

    Make us laugh of the terrible present. No 1 is able to hear us cry whatever

  7. Crumpet Muncher says:

    @jmbo – Kings Cross would be my guess.

  8. jimmy chen says:

    aldough I do rike de “oh i am a tough bi–h. now do me right” rook. it almost rike she no have more den 200 calories a day for a decade and she is just suffering from emaciated anger

  9. brain says:

    The title lacks punch. Should have called it, “All the pretty terrorists.”

  10. flicks says:

    Would like to see a higher quality image of that cover . Masters face fascinates me and I may well paint it.

  11. flicks says:

    Oh thanks mother earth I should have clicked on your link.

  12. Marc Authier says:

    Not difficult to trade when you ultimate collateral are the USA slaves. British slave merchant. I would have an impulse to throw her a big cream pie in the face.


    An idea from a belgium arnarchist. Yeah a good massive cream pie in the face would be just fine.

  13. jimmy chen says:

    @marc authier

    herro hope good day

    jimmy tink she rook rike she would rike wery much some cream on her face….. maybe she draw a rine in de sand and say, “dat all you got big boy…..” jimmy rike dis dark sider….. ooooooohhhhh

  14. 8Ball says:

    Max, You need to write a book or make a movie. I would call it “Financial Terrorism” or how the banksters and their cronies in government have stolen the national sovereignty from the people of the world…

  15. flicks says:

    Yes her nose looks slightly wonky in that pic and the exposure is slightly out. Need to look at some more images .

  16. jimmy chen says:

    too bad one day de crowd will bum rush her before ob one ka no be have a chance to save her lost soul

  17. Fred says:

    @ brain

    Does Adolf Hitler need a ‘punchy’ introduction? The name says it all by itself.
    Blythe will get the same result in no time, despite the fact she’s completelly unknown atm.

    She wanted it. She worked for it. Hard.

    Let her now get the reward… No pity will save her lost soul in this world.

  18. flicks says:


    Apparently some of the MP’s have been sleeping in their offices due to the expenses scandal and within ear shot of Big Ben which keeps them awake chiming every quarter . Maybe they instigated the planned attack for a bit of sleep.

  19. MirrorMirror says:

    “Canada is a good place for $windler$” : – Canadian Justice Review Board


    Very few convictions !

  20. fayaaz says:

    congrats everyone!

    $30 has been breached! once again, yay! i don’t care if it goes down from here the psychological damage has been inflicted to the banksters!

    please bring more of the same, roll on 2011…..gold bless ya’ll!

  21. Harry says:

    English translation?

  22. MirrorMirror says:

    WSJ : As Ireland Flails, Europe Lurches Across the Rubicon

    … “Angela, I’m going to help you,” the French president said, before they set out for the boardwalk. The air chilled, so Mr. Sarkozy ordered an aide to fetch Ms. Merkel’s coat. The lights of the palatial casino flickered in the distance. …


    😉 Sounds like a good novel !

  23. Jim says:

    She looks like a nice lady?

  24. Harry says:

    No match for “BLYTHEMASTERSSUCKS.COM”. (!?)

  25. MirrorMirror says:

    Poor lady … I wonder if the NWO currency will have her face on it ?

    … a so powerful Angel that it can ruin a Third World country in 30 seconds, just by making some telephone calls …

    … The Queen of Bankers


  26. Fred says:

    @ fayaaz

    call again when it’s like $450/Oz mate 🙂
    No way to get silver from ‘official’ established Silver sellers here in France (no stock).
    Even if you wanna order a couple 50 FF Hercule coins for Xmas as gifts for your nephews.

    Or try Ebay where the prize is increasing every day. Not rare to see offers at like $3 above the Silver stock market price! For one coin and not even including delivery fee!

    No word at all on TV but I’d bet they’ll start to talk about a Silver bubble soon. Shure. Prolly at around $80/Oz. Buy physical and hold.

    Sell after they have crashed. That’s my go(a)l(d).

  27. Mother Earth says:

    Gaap, een van die 3% dagen voor zilver.. Wanneer komt de 500% dag?

  28. Mother Earth says:

    I will help you siad Sarkozy to Cameron, I will only use one bullet to shoot myself..

  29. Mother Earth says:


    Do you believe in Comex. It amazes me that the ebay price is not racing up. There is no demand yet..

  30. Frans says:

    @ Mother: wie het kleine niet eert…..

  31. Please, Max &/or Stacy,
    Shorten the links so we can tweet them.



  33. Modern Money Mechanics says:

    Ted Butler – December 28, 2010

    It is costing shorts $160 million per each dollar move in silver.
    If my analysis is correct in that it has been JPMorgan doing most of the recent commercial short covering, then the remaining commercial shorts are still in a very vulnerable situation and subject to their own panic buying back of shorts at some point. I estimate that the 2 through 8 largest shorts (aside from JPM) are still net short in excess of 32,000 contracts. That’s a quantity (160 million oz or $160 million per each dollar move in silver) that could easily turn into a serious financial problem at some point. I’m trying not to overstate the danger to these shorts and the bullish implications to price, but it is hard.

    In closing, I accidentally ran across an old letter that I wrote to the then-US Attorney General about the silver manipulation more than 21 years ago. It is just amazing to me how little the story has changed since then. I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.

    Ted Butler December 28, 2010

  34. Mike/Liverpool says:

    She is a bit of babe………Stacy class, but unlike Stacy i can see her with a wip in her hand……………..She bit like the BORG queen off Star Trek

  35. Fred says:

    @ Mother Earth

    I believe more in your nickname than in anything I can hear or listen from the medias I can catch every day.

    This is absurd and you will agree with me on this point.

    Any of the guys/girls I watch on TV today doesn’t have an ounce of intelligence to think about the nick you chose.

    I know where I put my confidence into.
    Not in what I read.
    Not in what I see.
    Not in what I hear.

    Just in what I feel.

    And I felt you, so my answer.

  36. Mike/Liverpool says:


    They lent E165 Million, to those whom couldn’t get a loan elsewhere.

  37. MirrorMirror says:

    All this talk about Germany being so strong ?

    Record Debt : Communities close to collapse :

    German Airports want to segregate passengers into “Risk groups” :

    Aliens ?
    “Scientists puzzled over 400,000 year old Tooth !”

    Oh … and here –> Aliens :


  38. jimmy chen says:

    Ok so now jimmy, dat me, gonna get a bit hardcore, so any younger readers no is your chance to turn away…..

    jimmy would rove to stick my noodle in her fortune cookie…. hahahahahaha

  39. Sprog says:

    Look at those eyes. Deep black evil eyes of death and despair. There is no soul in there. It is just a void.

    Look at them!

  40. flicks says:

    Well gold and silver off to the upside. And we wait to see what Assange has on BoA

  41. Wolferl says:

    @ mirror

    5 years ago Germany was the sick old man of Europe. Wrong. Now people outside Germany believe that there are no problems in Germany. Wrong again. That´s the problem when people just listen to the propaganda of the MSM.

  42. Wolferl says:

    @ Jimmy

    I dont know, i think you have to do some things for her that are not quitte so funny. 😉

  43. Der Meister says:

    London Metal Exchange is closed today and tomorrow, I guess that´s why we don´t se any short selling today and silver can climbe abowe 30$ again.
    The takedowns will probably start later on in the week but then they have to do the shortselling from a higher and more expensive level !

  44. naomi says:

    She’s wearing pretty and very expensive clothes, well groomed, looks the part of a ruling elite. And people psychologically think, nice lady, hot no less.

    If you could look at the condition of her soul, you would see another picture. I cannot see the condition of her soul with my eyes of course, but just understanding what she has done and who she works for and then, you’ll get the real picture.

  45. naomi says:

    I just looked at the large versioin of the photo, the camera dosen’t lie. As Shakespeare said the eyes are the mirror of the soul. There is is folks.

  46. Der Meister says:

    Blythe Masters is probably a financial robot with a plastic cover of expensive clothing and totally emotionally dead on the inside.
    I guess she might become a little bit more “lively” when she has to answer up to the silver shorts when silver is at 35 or 40 $

  47. jischinger says:

    I’d like a sip of that champagne, please!

    Blythe Masters et ses risques systémiques S/T

    I wonder, if you touch her do you turn to ice?

  48. jischinger says:

    note: https://financialterrorists.org
    she’s the only women in the deck

  49. Tom KG says:

    she LOOKS like a bitch.

  50. MirrorMirror says:

    David McAlvany: WhyYou Should Not Believe the Media when it


    From :


  51. goodx says:

    This comment won’t win me any friends here but I find Blythe very attractive. Love her hair. She is fine, even if I totally disagree with her tactics.

  52. Neil says:

    A zombie witch
    Completely dead face -> sold soul to the devil.
    Definitely a silver spike required to kill this one.

  53. flicks says:

    Its interesting; all she can think about is risk regulation to the banks in that interview. How about risk to the entire world and stating out right that they – CDS’s -should be banned.

  54. Ronald S. Bushnell says:

    OK – I’ll give into the temptation of mindless male analysis of this stunningly beautiful woman, an asset that she or her publisher are inclined to associate with her book. Tom is right in the sense that she is very unlikely to to tolerate typically stupid men, engaging in what we are now for more than a second. It looks like there are many thick layers to go through before one reaches the release of suppressed passion. Much of the beauty I see is intelligence showing through an expression that she won’t be given a fair chance because she is an attractive spirited Celtic woman. I am going to read this book, both to help this site, bypass superficiality, and expand my limited financial knowledge.

  55. Ronald S. Bushnell says:

    Pierre, If max won’t join you for champaign, you can come to my apartment, and help me work through my vulnerability and fear – of being hurt by yet another strong woman that wants me to paint her, then use me like a toy.

  56. AS says:

    bravo pierre !

  57. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    On the cover she looks like a MILF, but that interview she looks like she has a hangover and maybe recovering from a long night of snorting lines of cocaine off of the back of some toilet in the Tribeca area of NYC.

  58. mark mchugh says:

    That photo stands as testament to what a skilled photoshopper can do.

    If you want to see what Blythe really looks like, go to google images…..

  59. marbou says:

    The Irish had the potato blight. The world has Blythe Masters.

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