MUST VIEW!!!!! – The Goldman Sack Blows The Whistle On The JP Morgue Silver Manipulation Scheme

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  1. Philippo says:

    The suffragettes at the turn of the century defaced coins with their message: votes for women. It was covered beautifully in the BBC’s history of the world in a hundred objects series:

    This was a true ‘one inch punch’, genius piece of guerilla propaganda. Cheap and powerfully penetrating. It was not cost effective for the bank of england to recall the coinage so the message circulated for a long time and so became engrained in the national consciousness.

    I’m not advocating this – it’s illegal to deface currency 😉 but wouldn’t it be amazing if crash JP morgan – buy silver was seen scrawled on bank-notes? It could be a decisive factor in building critical mass.

  2. Philippo says:

    From the BBC’s description:

    “This penny, struck in 1903, has been defaced with the slogan ‘Votes for Women’ over the portrait of King Edward VII. At the start of Edward VII’s reign women, along with the poor and criminals, were denied the right to vote. Mutilating coins was one of the methods suffragettes used to spread their message of universal suffrage to a wide audience. Pennies were used by all sections of society and were so small a denomination they were rarely recalled by the Bank.

    How else did the Suffragettes campaign for votes for women?

    Suffragette derives from the word suffrage meaning the right to vote. As well as conventional campaigning, the suffragettes also attacked museums, famously slashing The Rokeby Venus, a painting in the National Gallery, in 1914. They also smashed a mummy case in the British Museum. In 1918 the Representation of the People Act gave women over the age of 30 the right to vote but it was not until 1928 that women were given the same voting rights as men.”

  3. nick cook says:

    Chinese demand for ‘poor man’s gold’ silver is surging. 18,900 tonnes of silver went through the Shanghai Gold Exchange in November, higher than the total trading volume of 16,400 tonnes in 2009.

    Silver is currently trading $28.51/oz, €21.63/oz and £18.26/oz.

    The Shanghai Gold Exchange may trade 70,000 metric tons of silver this year, Shen Xiangrong, chairman of the bourse said today. The exchange traded 39,777 tons of silver in the January to October period, an increase of 290 percent from the same time last year, he said. The exchange traded 5,014.5 tons of gold in the first months, up 43 percent, he said.

  4. Brett says:

    @MaxKeiser- could JP Morgan have some bets in the Copper Market ???

    Mystery trader captures 80pc of London’s copper market – Telegraph

    JP Morgan revealed as mystery trader that bought £1bn-worth of copper on LME – Telegraph

  5. Marc Authier says:

    Nice special effects.

  6. Marc Authier says:


    About copper. 15 times more PAPER COPPER than physical copper !

    The answer is RESOUNDING YES ! JP Morgan Chase is most certainly also naked short on copper ! 🙂 Hi Ha !

  7. MirrorMirror says:

    The con of the century – Federal Reserve made $9 trillion in short-term loans to only 18 financial institutions. Since 2000 the US dollar has fallen by 33 percent. The hidden cost of the bailouts.

    By Coach Dave Daubenmire

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    AJ : Bob Chapman’s Friday Economic Report: Fed Wealth Grows While Others Drown In Debt 2/2

    RICO, Morgan and MaxKeiser mentioned !

  9. Marc Authier says:


    Gold 100 times more paper gold than physical.
    Silver NOW 140 times more paper thant physical !
    Copper 15 times more paper than physical.

    Silver is definitively completely abnormal. Imagine now that only 1% decide to convert ? The game is over. You couple this with the panic by the industrial users and us the real heros against these criminals, and JP Morgan Chase can effectively be crushed to oblivion. And these criminals desserve it in the case of silver….. Hell the desserve it in the case of gold.

  10. MirrorMirror says:

    @Marc … Your link :

    The sky HAS a limit! Delta Airlines overwhelmed by 100,000 people applying for just 1,000 flight attendant jobs

    Wanna bet these people are looking for a cheap way to escape the country ?

  11. Jimbo says:

    “JP Morgue” gets 1170 hits on Google. Let’s see it go viral!

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    @Jimbo …. I get : “About 213,000 results (0.14 seconds) ”

    Still, I guess it’s being censured probably.

    This is interesting though :

    See News Item (E) : Keiser Report: Alex Jones joins ‘Buy Silver’ campaign

    On the radar … great !

  13. RedZebra says:

    JPM is the mystery copper buyer?
    JPM is about to start a copper-backed ETF?
    People ask “why crash JPM”???????????????????????????

  14. Al Cervicx says:

    It’s a shame financialy savvy people are too left brained to write more interesting dialog. Start out with a joke, pun?

  15. ny says:

    will bankrupting jp morgan mean more bailouts from the taxpayers?

  16. Mongo says:

    Fuck up JPMorgan
    Buy silver!

  17. RedZebra says:

    @MirrorMirror, look at this trend:
    Strange it suddenly vanished 10 days ago. Censored??

  18. Iain L/pool says:

    @Phiippo. Nice attempt at feminist guerrilla propaganda. Just for the record. The vast majority of men did not have the right to vote until a few years earlier and as your post points out but relegates; criminals and the poor (Mostly men) also did not have the right to vote.

    See Aaron Russo interview on how the women’s lib movement was designed set up and funded via the CIA and Rothschild’s. The suffragettes only campaigned for the vote and more female privilege. They did not campaign to be treated the same as men. I wonder why?

    The suffragettes were nothing more than middle class female supremacists and today’s feminists are nothing more than useful idiots of the governments.

  19. flicks says:



    So our mortal enemy is getting into copper . It must have to do with China and inside US Govt info . We need some analysis on this ball giggling

  20. TMike says:

    Alaska Gold Rush (first episode):

  21. Jesse says:

    The manipulation that has gone on in the gold and silver pits has been ongoing since August 1988, but now they make no effort to cover up what they are doing. It’s in your face and arrogant. Obviously we no longer have a democracy or a republic, but in its place corporatist fascism.

  22. Rob says:

    Ben Burnank and Goldman Sack will announce more QE money printing on sunday night. Light blue touch paper on silver and gold rockets and stand well back…….

  23. Mother Earth says:

    This book is a must read!

    Not litterally of course..

  24. Statement at the CFTC Public Meeting on Anti-Manipulation and Disruptive Trading Practices
    Commissioner Bart Chilton

    October 26, 2010

    I take this opportunity to comment on the precious metals markets and in particular the silver markets. More than two years ago, the agency began an investigation into silver markets. I have been urging the agency to say something on the matter for months. The public deserves some answers to their concerns that silver markets are being, and have been, manipulated.

    The legal definition of manipulation under the law is a high bar to prove. It is a much different test than what the average person might consider as manipulation. Under existing law, to prove manipulation, the government is required to demonstrate not only specific intent, we also need to prove that as a result of the intent and market control, that activity caused an artificial price—a point which can certainly be debated by economists. Attempted manipulation is less difficult to prove—requiring an intent to manipulate and some overt act in furtherance of that intent. There are also other violations of law that could contort markets and distort prices.

    I believe that there have been repeated attempts to influence prices in the silver markets. There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control that price. Based on what I have been told by members of the public, and reviewed in publicly available documents, I believe violations to the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) have taken place in silver markets and that any such violation of the law in this regard should be prosecuted.

    In saying this, I am fully aware of the prohibition from divulging trader names or information about their positions. I am extremely careful not to violate the law in this, or any, regard. I also cannot pre-judge anything the agency may do with regard to our silver investigation, or any other matter.

    The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which I strongly supported, contains new manipulation provisions as well as antidisruptive trading rules. These new authorities, along with the implementation of thoughtful position limits in metals will go a long way toward ensuring more efficient and effective metals markets devoid of fraud, abuse, and manipulation.

    Thoughtful investigations take time. The CFTC staff has worked extremely hard on the silver investigation. That said, there is a point at which it is our responsibility to say something. Within the law, I have done so. I am hopeful that the agency will speak publicly about the investigation in the very near future and when they do so that it will be in a more granular fashion than I am permitted from doing at this time.

    Last Updated: October 26, 2010

  25. Bill Stewart says:

    My link submission for the week :

    How to Live in Your Car

    It comes with an ad, but with hundreds of thousands in the US living in their cars, it is about time the issue got addressed.

  26. Rusty says:

    This is the cutest video so far. But I didn’t like the profanity or potty jokes, so I won’t forward it. Keep trying, guys. I know you’re excited, but try to control yourselves.

  27. Luke says:

    xtranormal seems to be the only way to explain anything anymore. sheeple.

  28. Marc Authier says:

    Julian Assange intends suing one of the main ex Stephen Harper’s PM of Canada advisor, Tom Flanagan for suggesting his assasination. Good idea to show these assholes Canadians what type of shit works for the canadian government, one of the most USA CIA Pentagon ass licking government in the universe. Canadian right extreme right sun of a bitches from Alberta. And to say this asshole was a political advisor of the Prime Minister of Canada and professor at Calgary University. Alberta is filled wiht USA Nazis. I am not surprised at all. Hope Assange goes ahead with his lawsuit and wins !

  29. foober says:

    I really like this one. It explains it all very well. Thankyou, Now I have to go buy some silver bars.

  30. farang says:

    Hahahaha, too funny.

    You realize of course Maxwell, that if these silver coins and things I have been collecting and lugging around with me from 1960 in D.C. to 2010 Chiangmai goes to $500 oz, and I can buy a new Ducati Streetfighter in Bangkok with them? I’ll kiss you right on the fucking lips on RT!!

    That’s 36 ounces…..heck one little chunk off off one of my kilo bars….”Revenge of the Middle Class”, I love it: Mad Max Productions.

    Silver price? Better stand back baby: No telling how BIG IT IS GOING TO GET!!!!* hahahaha.

    *and only risk what you can afford to lose. If you’ve bought just one ounce, you’ve done all you need to do except tell a friend or two about it right now. One ounce is all we ask.

    You’re going to like selling it for @$50-100/oz in a year or two…and take yourself to a nice family outing somewhere “on Max.”

    Go to a local deli, buy sandwiches, some hot peppers and chips, maybe, some really yeasty German wheat beers, take a drive out in the country, pork out, bend the old lady over in the woods….and think of Max, hahahaha.

    “Gee honey, isn’t this swell? Just think: none of this would be happening if not for that Max Keiser guy….oh wait…don’t move, I got to swat that bug off your….” Then just watch her loving reaction….and thank Maxwell.

    On the other fucking hand….if you gots $25,000 sitting in a bank account gathering dust of 1%? Buried in some 55 gallon plastic barrel somewhere? Money you don’t ever even think about?

    You gots to gets yo sef online, and buys @ 780 oz of .99% silver. Do it right now. Right now. Do not wait. $25,000 is a safe play for those with sufficient reserves. Very conservative, and could very well reap a 100% ROI in 18 months.

    Even wealthy like doubling their money, yes? This isn’t paper: it is silver. You’re not holding something a rigged ratings agency tells you is “investment grade: you can read the grade right on your investment: .999% silver.

    This isn’t a bubble: no loans are being taken (that I know of) to purchase silver, no banks advertising “low interest rates” for flipping silver….this is going with prudent risk factors based on market the hell with it: don’t buy, miss out.

    Game on.

  31. Jimbo says:

    @MirrorMirror use quotes! “JP Morgue” now on 1340

  32. WTF says:

    WTF!? will sell you a 500 coin monster box for the same price as one maple?!. These guys are all heart! Look at the chart and wait for the pull back before you blow your wad on silver… Also, question the vids historical 16:1 gold/silver ratio premise. This doesn’t take into account that gold could be in a bubble right now…

  33. Steve from Ohio says:

    If JP Morgan is crashed, the government will declare it too big to fail. They will then bail them out and we will end up paying for it with higher taxes and inflation.
    The only way to save ourselves is each state has its own bank. Stop the charging of interest aka usury. Loans would be made using the collateral of the state’s economic output. Any loans would be fee based and would be a fraction of the interest paid to the private banksters. It would then take the FED out of the picture as they would not be able to charge interest on the creation of money. There would be no need for them to exist.

    The business entities that are banks want silver and gold to go through the roof. The owners of those banks own much of the gold and silver and it would be beneficial to them for the prices to skyrocket. So lets not play their game,

    State owned banks like in North Dakota is the answer. No interest and no speculation in the markets. No privatization of profits and socialization of losses.

    Don’t crash JP Morgan. Just make them irrelevant. When that happens, they could fail on their own and it would not matter to anyone.

  34. Bob says:

    Gold in a bubble, now thats a joke. Ever consider the dollar is in a bubble? The total derivative paper market in the world is estimated to be 500 trillion or more. Since most of that is denominated in dollars and the total gold market even at todays current price of $1400.00 is worth about 4 trillion, I’d say that the dollar bubble is much bigger.

  35. Albert says:

    Goldman blowing the whistle is your first clue. They are the First Bank of Satan. Thye are just helping to eliminate the other boys on the hill…..They ALL must go down!!

  36. name says:

    The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned cartel which exercises monopoly control of the credit of the United States, and the creation of our currency.

    With these powers, this illegitimate criminal organization has caused a multitude of recessions, 4 wars, and two worldwide depressions.

    The men in control of the Fed are as evil and greedy as any you can imagine.

  37. AS says:

    Very good. Where can we buy physical gold or silver from Europe… Max I guess you are in Paris now, where from Paris, London or Switzerland can I buy physical…


  38. Mihail says:

    6500 ounces I bought in August,all is under my bed.Silver is going up and up.

  39. Danny Cunnington says:

    Tip: A 999 pure 1oz silver coin cost about £30.00 in the UK. It has an unrecoverable 19.5% VAT on it. Just over the channel in Holland the Vat is only 6% on coins and 19% of bars. Because of EU agreements the Brits can’t impose it’s VAT on cross border travel. The price in Holland for 100 of the same coins in now €2,664,00. At the current rate of exchange That makes them about £22.00! The next point is that the delivery times are getting longer which is hugely bullish. It effectively stops the secondary re-supply market from profit takers because you can’t resell until you actually get the coins.It makes every buyer of physical into a long position. For people from the UK who want to save 13.5% of VAT Google silver and click on the small english flag.

  40. Danny Cunnington says:

    The Ist London fix went up 15 minutes ago. The silver mountain price is up to€2,700 from €2664 around 20 minute ago. I not an expert but I think that when the market goes up on a Monday it has to be bullishness from Asia because the time zone means they have just had a days trading by 12.00GMT in London. That means there is bullishness on all three major markets at the same time! Max was right!

    I’m in Holland and I bought 100 silver eagles last Monday for €2504. This Monday it’s now €2,700. It still hasn’t arrived yet but as I’m not interested in selling that doesn,t matter. As you can see I have earned €196 on an investment of €2,504 in exactly 7 days.

  41. Gee. Doesn’t seem like anyone is afraid of having too much money. Seems like most just want more.

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