Keiser Report №101: Markets! Finance! Scandal!

68 comments on “Keiser Report №101: Markets! Finance! Scandal!
  1. jimmy chen says:


    you may consider pairing up wit chris, a.k.a. Ed Burns, to do a scandal/scam episode…

  2. con says:

    Eric Cantona 1 irish banks 0

    bank of ireland all systems down today in ireland north and south ..

  3. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day

    Yes and LOLOLOL

  4. MirrorMirror says:

    The scramble for physical metal intensifies

    …Any way you look at it, the backwardation in gold and silver is a truly rare event and an exceptionally bullish one too. So be prepared for an upside explosion in the price of both precious metals as the scramble for physical metal intensifies even further as a result of people increasingly choosing to hold a safe-haven tangible asset instead of paper….

  5. Bendaddy says:

    Great show Max! Stick it to them!

  6. Iain L/pool says:

    @Max/Stacy. I think you misunderstand many of the British people’s view on taking their debt to the grave. For many, it is a way of getting there own back on the banks. Die in debt and feck the banks !

  7. sexton says:

    I wanted to believe in Wikileaks but, I don’t. Their image is carefully crafted but I don’t believe it. Nothing has come of their revelations nor is any of it really damming of the bad guys.

    They gave us a few incriminating videos and such to establish credibility and got us hooked.

    I’m still looking for more heroes in this dark age.

  8. Iain L/pool says:

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested by officers from Scotland Yard’s extradition unit.

  9. The Stranger says:

    I know we the people are doing a great job like so many Davids hurling our silver coins at the giant Golieth’s temple in hopes of his collapse, but at an appropriate time could you sing the “Pick a bail of cotton” song. I really miss it and find myself singing it for days after you sing it. It gives me a good excuse why so many people are looking at me strangely during the day.

  10. aidan o driscoll says:

    Sent you a few mails in last 20 minutes Max. About the things happening here in Ireland. Its Budget day – €6 billion being taken out of IRL PLC today.

    Also interestingly and on the day of Mr Cantona’s Bank run idea:

    “One of Ireland’s biggest banks has issued an apology to customers after a systems failure meant that, for a time, they were unable to access their cash accounts.”

    “A spokesperson said the fault had been largely rectified. However the amount of cash that can be withrdrawn via ATMs may be restricted.”


  11. Bonn says:

    “Great Show”

  12. LuzazuL says:

    @ Max & Stacy > wow, this particular KR is as stylish as a japanese garden. Quietly strong relationship btwn form&content, and zero frivolity.

  13. Marc Authier says:

    Well the Lagarde tchiksa in question studied economics with that goyim (just kidding) Milton Friedman. Says at a lot aout the neo-liberal Nazis bums and scums from the Chicago School of Economics. Put them in power and you get shit.

  14. Vibeguy says:

    Love your Rage against the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Terrorists.

    One of your best!

    My bags of silver rounds are a heavy load gladly borne.

    Tear the organ(s) from JP mORGAN !

  15. sexton says:


    i think we get fed shit all the time from all sides.

  16. sexton says:

    like this shit fackin bullshit

  17. sexton says:

    like this shit fackin bullshit

  18. Mep says:

    Just saw that Assange has been arrested; he’s in London.

    Here’s a little deficit hypocrisy: Congress to extend all Bush tax cuts for two years and extend unemployment insurance for 13 months. The former, of course, will blow out the deficit even more, while the latter–being the most stimulative kind of relief there is–will be more limited in scope.

  19. bob says:

    Michael Hudson spoke of Iceland and what it mean for their freedom if they didn’t let things collapse back in April 2009.
    Get Michael Hudson on your show Max, he’s a balanced egg and a historian too (I like historians – they have seen it all before – history is indeed important)

    What’s really needed is to show the average joe six pack how (i.e. how much) they are being fleeced for by staying with fiat currency. Show people clearly how much inflation robs from them in their weekly pay check otherwise human beings being what they are will just stay with the familiar but if you show them how much food is being stolen from every mouthful they take, then they may want to get behind change.

  20. erich kartmann says:

    V for Vendetta.

    A for Assange.

    M for Maxkeiser. Or is it MK ultra?

  21. MEJanssen says:

    @ sexton, I think the real impact of the WikiLeaks will be on diplomacy between USA “partners” and not within USA itself. The other countries aren’t saying much, but some of these disclosures must be causing slow-moving earthquakes overseas. Example: the disclosure that NATO was promising the Baltic countries as late as January of this year that the purpose of NATO was still to “protect” them against Russia, while at the same time singing sweet songs to Russia about START and a joint missile defense. The discussion in the UK Guardian news this week made me wonder about some of the moves made this year by all the east European players in the latest iteration of the Cold War.

    Assange could be part of a big psy-ops campaign, but given the embarrassment suffered by the US State Dept, maybe the rumors of a psy-ops are themselves part of another psy-ops campaign. Hmm, how far down that rabbit hole do we go . . .

  22. rich says:

    Aye Karumba – DOH – silver is discovering the width, breadth, depth of the shaft today – long live silver.

    I’ve read that the best way to expose tyrants is to make tyrants behave like tyrants. And today is a clear example that the top echelon of tyrants in this world have been pricked/stabbed/irritated/kerfuffled by the precious metal vigilantes.

    Let’s keep making these assholes behave like assholes til they can’t stand the smell of themselves.

  23. Dedo says:

    The thing with all this info’ on the net,……..
    It keeps folk from any “real” business,…….. thunk aboot it !! ; )

  24. Mother Earth says:

    Beijng opportunity!

  25. tyler says:

    check out silvers chart it just got slaughtered.

  26. Wolferl says:

    The silver coin lost two dollars today. No big deal. Extending the Bush tax cuts means 900 billion more toilett paper aka US dollar. Buy the dips, stupid!

  27. Mother Earth says:

    Can anyone untangle this cloud of nonsense for me?

    Because gold is money, gold almost always trades in contango, meaning the future price is higher than the spot price. The percentage difference between gold’s spot and future price is gold’s interest rate, so in this regard, gold is not different from other moneys, except gold’s interest rate is lower than those of national currencies. Interest rates are a reflection of risk, and because gold’s purchasing power cannot be debased by central bank or government actions, the risk of losing purchasing power when holding gold is low. So gold is rewarded by the market with a low interest rate.

  28. TMike says:

    Silver has been taken down ever since NY session started, $2 down so far:

  29. Mother Earth says:

    The US is dropping Israel. Gave ’em some weapons and said ‘Good luck!’

  30. fayaaz says:

    I call upon all people of all races and creeds!

    defend your silver (financial human) rights and…..


    crash that illegitimate spawn of satan JPM and buy silver! till the cows come home!

    Better yet send a few ounces as prezzies to all your close family! this xmas!

    fayz – silver surfer!

  31. TripTrip says:

    I can’t help but think that the drop in the price of silver is a message from the banksters. The crash JP Morgan buy silver campaign has gone viral and they know it of course.

    Use this opportunity to buy more if you can afford to. Don’t put yourself or your family in financial risk.

    Just buy what you safely can afford, knowing that you will be vindicated at a future date. As I write this silver continues downward. Remember that we hit a new high today and retracements are a normal part of the game, especially after so much recent upside.

  32. Youri Carma says:


    Maybe so but newbees must be educated in the nature of the day to day market movements so that they won’t panic and sell. Better point them to the long term graphs.

    On November 9th gold reached an all time high of $1,424.60 o/z and was pushed down after to come back today December 7th at a new all time high of $1432.50. That’s almost one month in between which is quiet fast.

  33. Youri Carma says:

    Julian Assange Makes Statement

    Don’t shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths

  34. Youri Carma says:

    Peter Schiff vs. Gary Shilling Dec 7th, 2010 Vid

  35. TripTrip says:

    @Youri Carma. I couldn’t agree more! QE1, QE2, maybe QE3 and QE4 at a future date. It’s not working and it’s getting more obvious everyday.

    Long term charts of silver can be found here:

  36. Mike/Liverpool says:

    ……………..and today Silver dropped like building 7 !

    Look Space cadets, Keiser is a false profit, he prmoised me TOB & it didn’t happen…………….its bollocks.

  37. ronron says:

    oh man. buy this fucking dip. my phone is ringing of the hook. 🙂

  38. ronron says:

    not bad Max, not bad. a little uncoordinated but not bad. good going Stacy. 🙂

  39. carnoostie lollipops says:

    An honest Irishman’s view of the Celtic tiger..

  40. ronron says:

    i see it took scotland yard to save the world from wikifuckingleaks. hahaha. your nuts.

  41. ronron says:

    first they sent in the sluts, then bamm. we got him. hahaha wikifuckingleaksman is done. what a relief. that was close. 🙂

  42. Youri Carma says:

    Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative

  43. Tomislav Najdovski says:

    Sir I would like to thank you for your determination and courage (watch out they are capable of everything!) for exposing the modern slave masters.

    I AM buying silver, and I made everyone I know buy silver. We will not only crash them but we will also “make money” on the way (in fact we would just get our purchasing power back).

    Too bad here in Macedonia we have illiberal policies regarding precious metals. You have to really try hard to get your hands on something shiny.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    btw. Would you post some guesses/estimates when the short squeeze will happen ?

  44. ronron says:

    @Youri. hi. no shit the CIA. hahahaha. the plot thickens. will jane come in from the cold? can dick run? will silver go up? does a bear shit in the woods? just asking.

  45. Paddy says:

    would be nice if silver’d drop a few bucks so we can buy some more.

    GO JP MORGAN! (for the moment)

  46. ronron says:

    holy fuck Max. do you think this has anything to do with karl rove”s outing? roller dirby? lesbians on skateboards? yikes. 🙂 i didn’t do anything.

  47. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day

    You a rooking fetching in dis wideo. wery nicry packaged. good a job….


    you quite a fetching yourself today too

  48. barbara says:

    Max and Stacy, what would have happened here in the US if we’d not bailed out the banks? Would the dollar have collapsed 80% like Iceland? I
    I have learned everything from you guys, thanks so much for your work!

  49. jischinger says:

    Manifest-destiny 2.0

  50. jischinger says:

    I want to go to Iceland!

  51. Jayme says:

    If the IMF is still in country, they are still contaminating government decisions and should be thrown out immediately. The IMF wouldn’t be in Iceland if they didn’t think they could benefit.

  52. sexton says:

    white male property owner that is…

  53. swell says:


    Wow you’ve got a great eye for the ladies. Would but could you post a link a day to your daily pick.

    Her’s my pick for today, in a word picture:

    Now I really found the Trade Winds, or maybe they found me… Guppy now goes at a speed of 6,5 to 7 knots, really nice, however the waves are still coming sideways which is not that nice. Today many waves came in the cockpit and landed on me. The sky is less cloudy than yesterday and the sun dries everything very quickly. I did not experience much else today: there was no squall, there was no boat, nothing but the beautiful endless, wavy and blue sea. I tried to read something but after being thrown from side to side several times in the cockpit, I should first concentrate on finding a steady place where to sit, which also has to be a dry place (that is almost nowhere to be found), a seat where I have less chances of getting bruised but that allows me a good view of everything on the boat. Up to now I haven’t found this place…. hmm.

    ~~Laura Dekker, December 07, 2010

  54. Talcott says:

    Bravo sir excellent first segment!

    The banks aren’t forming…into

    a new world ODOR. They have

    been FORMED and are in operation.

    Righteous Grooves, tastey sycopated riffs


    The time is now
    Give up this world you once destroyed
    Society versus the underground
    Their battles fought and lost
    The time has come
    To rule the world at any cost

    For the past it’s too late
    Cause the world can’t control fate
    Shadows cast loud and clear
    Tell the world the new order’s here

    Testament/The New Order….1988

    O did I mention the tits shreddery of the punk ass 19yo Alex Skolnick.

  55. Joe says:

    Max, your shots at the camera are awesome. That last time with the straw paper and now this bill.

    Good shootin’, Tex! 🙂

  56. Bonn says:

    why the comments so small
    hic 😉

  57. Bonn says:

    youuuuu whoooooo somtin is not werkin !!!!!!

  58. Bonn says:

    fer tee sckeptics of Assange he gave us the “collateral murder” vid thats enough of werk on his part, he has cleared me suspicion of USA’s Empire buildin Screw what Tarpley is talkin about him!!!!
    Tarpley has a freakin Ego isssue
    I read peeps minds very very well
    hic 😉

  59. Bonn says:

    Oh n congrates on yer 100th Episode me Tubes were down could’nt see it will see it
    Hic 😉

  60. mike says:

    well, its not really the american people who are paying for the fed bailout, it is people who hold usd cash, deposits and bonds who will pay.

  61. SAO says:

    Nice to hear from Iceland. The only people on earth that had the courage and intelligence to take on the murderous, corrupt bankers. I hope they do put all the politicians and such in prison for any damage they have done to Iceland’s economy and well being.

    All countries should hold Iceland up as a model. No bailouts Let the banks fail.

    Obama was the head cheer leader, along with Pelosi, for the corrupt, fraudulent bailout they forced us into. Obama is a dangerous puppet. Pelosi is vile, a puppet as well. The US is so screwed.

  62. MirrorMirror says:

    @swell …. nice text ; being a yacht sailor myself, can appreciate it very well.

    BTW, I love to watch Eva Mendes’ body-language in some of her movies.
    She is a natural beauty and has a lovely personality …. I think I’m in love !

  63. joseph cecil smith says:

    as others asked, let’s find out what would’ve happened if we had let our banks fail… likely a lot of good things for the real economy.

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