Ben Bernanke: Public Enemy #1 — Mr. Big Shot (Music Video)

8 comments on “Ben Bernanke: Public Enemy #1 — Mr. Big Shot (Music Video)
  1. Marc Authier says:

    Stop defending morons. The guy is a retard if he can’t unederstang that JP Morgan Chase is sucking the blood and the life out of people, Same thing with Anglo-Irish bank in Ireland. We are surrounding by assholes like this guy. USA is exactly like Greece.

  2. John Q Public says:

    REALLY REALLY REFRESHING !!!!!!!! Dam It, Nailed it to the Wall…

  3. Marc Authier says:

    We surrounded by people that do not want to know anything. For them listening to what that CIA indonesian puppet is sufficient for them. Most of these fuckin morons can’t connect the dots EVEN aftter all what has happened. And it’s probably the same thing in Europe !

  4. Marc Authier says:

    The sky HAS a limit! Delta Airlines overwhelmed by 100,000 people applying for just 1,000 flight attendant jobs
    By David Gardner
    Last updated at 9:41 PM on 2nd December 2010
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    The sky has a limit for Delta Airlines.
    More than 100,000 people applied for just 1,000 jobs after the company advertised for flight attendants.
    Airline officials had to send away thousands of disappointed applicants desperate for work in a dwindling job market.
    Delta officials accept that the high demand was a sign of the times.

    Read more:

  5. Marc Authier says:

    Have you noticed the body language ? When somebody is lying he can’t stop scraching his nose repeatedly. ‘I did not have sex with Monica Lewinslky,’ Exactly the same nose scraching as Clinton just before answering the questions.

  6. Daniel S says:

    Great video.

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