Michael Moore is a fraud

Michael Moore: “The last thing I want to say is, we have something on our side of the fence that they don’t have on the other side, and that’s the popular culture.”

No, ‘we’ don’t have popular culture because ‘they’ engage in copyright abuse

MK: Simply put, if Moore were sincere in his criticism of Big Business he would take on the copyright cartel and the soul-rotting, economy busting travesty of ‘perpetual copyright’ and support groups like eff.org. He doesn’t, because he’s conflicted. He takes that copyright cartel money and never questions it. (Plus, his film “Capitalism: A Love Story” never talked about capital, the Fed, and the role of debt-based money – but I suspect this is more a function of financial illiteracy than hypocrisy).

Addendum: As I have argued many times, copyright abuse is the biggest threat we face. Locking up our ideas on corporate balance sheets and cutting us off from our intellectual and creative birth right is tantamount to performing a species wide lobotomy. If we can’t compose thoughts without violating copyright – and this is increasingly becoming the case with ever more State controlled, sophisticated technological means of reading our emails, texts, etc. – we can never express why and how we seek reform. Michael Moore, for all his bluster fails, because he has shied away from taking on this lynchpin issue.

68 comments on “Michael Moore is a fraud
  1. Marc Authier says:

    He is now a big fat slob. Was always a big fat slob mind you.

  2. Marc Authier says:

    And his schtick with his fuckin baseball cap is pure phony baloney. Look at me I’m Joe Six Packs with my baseball cap. Just a mother fuckin limousine liberal worth 100 million dollars and pretending to be one ordinary guy. Now Michael Mooe is in Mister Roger’s GM gang. Moore wearing his American slob working class clown costume, didn’t attack that much to think of it, the FED crime syndicate. That’s the problem with these limousine liberals. Don’t expect them to attack the root evil because they are like the Tea Party scum also part of the system.

  3. Happy Dick says:

    Carlin is funnier … “The American Dream”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acLW1vFO-2Q&feature=related 😉

  4. Happy Dick says:

    fuck mikeslob moorefat

  5. snoop diddy says:

    The problem is the US has lost mfg and Moore should be
    standing next to a conveyor belt doing something useful
    and leaving us alone.

  6. take note that in his last film, he didn’t even touch on the money system (eg. fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, etc.)

  7. snoop diddy says:

    He’s such a boring sad sack, I reckon he’s more about depressing people into submission than doing anything practical against it.

  8. Happy Dick says:

    the fuck is really talkin out of his ass!

  9. jischinger says:

    US spends in Afghanistan creating jobs for Afghanis

  10. Youri Carma says:

    TnX! Great Stuff – Graph Also Zero Hedge!

    Presenting The Fed’s Balance Sheet Through 2012 – Fed Will Surpass China As Top Holder Of US Debt By The End Of The Month, 3 November 2010, by Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge) http://www.zerohedge.com/article/presenting-feds-balance-sheet-through-2012-fed-will-surpass-china-top-holder-us-debt-end-mon

    “As is all too well known by now, starting over the next few days, the Fed will commence purchasing $75 billion in Treasury securities monthly until the end of June, and will buy an additional $35 billion in Treasurys to make up for declining holdings of MBS (due to repurchases).

    We still believe that as a result of the imminent drop in rates (especially those around the curve belly), as we have claimed for over a month, the feedback loop that will be created will result in a far greater repurchase frequency of MBS securities over the next 8 months, and we would not be surprised if at some point in Q2 2011, the Fed is buying $150 billion in Treasurys monthly.

    And after all its will “only” mean a rotation of Fed holdings, a switch in duration, and an impact on the shape of curve.

    What is certain is that on June 30, the Fed’s balance sheet will have $2.68 trillion (or more) in holdings, of which $1.77 trillion will be in Treasurys, compared to the $840 billion today.

    What is also certain is that the Fed will not be able to stop there.

    Which is why we have extended the projection period through January 2012. At that point the Fed will hold $2.6 trillion in US Treasuries, or roughly 25% of total US marketable debt at that point.

    And for those who collect now completely irrelevant statistics, the Fed will surpass China’s $868 billion in UST holdings before the end of November. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, shit just got real.

    Incidentally, nowhere do we assume that the Fed will have launched QE 3, 4, and so forth, over the next 12 months, even though we now estimate the probability of America becoming an exponentially self-monetizing, Weimar-type case study in hyperinflation at over 50%.”

  11. Marc Authier says:

    Exactly. He made a film about Flint Michigan. A part from filming what is evident and denouncing politicians and big business for lack of imagination, Moore handsomely profited from it indirectly. OK. Wise guy. Now that you are rich playing the ordinary slob, how about a concrete solution ? Like putting in prison Lloyd Blankfien and Jamie Dimon ? How about making a film on the FED and the solution to kick out the useless banking and hedge fund parasites ? Don’t count on it. That’s the problem with the left in USA. Economically, Chomsky included, they are total bozzos and ingnorant assholes.

  12. jischinger says:

    Micheal’s problem is his constant immoral conflict
    let’s see if he changes…

    least he made Larry happy

  13. Tao Jonesing says:

    @Haopy Dick,

    Several years ago, my father was the head “engineer” (read handyman) at a hotel in Connecticut (Southbury, I think). He met George Carlin, who was staying as a guest at the hotel. Carlin was a major prick.


    I agree that IP laws have been warped to perpetuate the financial/corporate machine, but the fact is that IP laws were the catalyst for Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” in industrialized economies. The initial limited terms and strong property rights provided by copyrights and patents are what ensured continuous renewal and prevented market incumbents from maintaining control over the channel. Patent laws have been watered down and copyright laws have been strengthened to ensure the opposite result: the market incumbent can now maintain control over the channel and prevent competition. Yes, that’s wrong, but the idea of IP rights isn’t, provided that it is scoped to create competition instead of stifle it.

  14. CGould says:

    There are many measures of success in our society and Michael Moore fulfills all of them with his angry clown charade.
    With Roger and I he succeeded in creating a spectacle surrounding the demise of General Motors as a sustainable evolving business into a vehicle of corporate profit disinterested in the quality of it’s product or welfare of it’s staff and with subsequent movies he has utilized the same empty rhetoric to get bums on seats for the benefit of his family life and the quality of his picket fences.
    One could only make the allegation of fraud if one genuinely believed he had any interest in researching viable alternatives as Catherine Austin Fitts or Michael Hudson or Bill black have done. The difference between these three and he is the size of their respective audiences and my hope is that now that he has covered every pertinent topic as to what is wrong with global commerce without being wiped from Mussolini Murdochs’ televisual radar at present, perhaps his next movie may have a title like ‘So what are we gonna do about it?’

  15. SAO says:

    @Youri Carma

    So, if when does the Fed stop, what will make them hit the wall and what will happen?

    Also, do you have any suggestions of good books to read so I can better understand all of this? thanks

  16. Norcalgrl says:

    Is this his appearance on the Lawrence O’Donnell show tonight? I feel like Michael Moore spoke my mind and I fully support him. I am one of the liberals who doesn’t believe in Obama any more. Obama has lost his conviction. And I’d love to see a bunch of stuff passed in the lame duck session and then the Republicans have to filibuster. Where’s the change Obama? I”m tired of people saying “well he did everything he said he was going to do”. Bottom line is noone has gone to jail, the lobbyists still run everything, and we’re being lied to every day re: the economy. I’m sick of it. Oh, and my hero Alan Grayson just got defeated. No, we’re definitely not headed in the right direction so let’s not pretend we are.

  17. dan valley says:

    @snoop diddy …couldnt have said it better…seriously why do people listen to this damaged shit bag …whats moore is if he was standing next to a conveyor belt doing something useful ….bets are on his nights off hes a pedo.

  18. Mezo says:

    Michael Moore doesn’t deserve the hate. I think his liberalism is polarized and sappy, feeding right into the mechanics of the american dialectic. I think he has a good heart but it bleeds a bit too much.

  19. Marc Authier says:

    Obama ? Convinctions ? Please ! From a guy who was financed by 97% money coming from WALL STREET ! Come on ! Cut the crap !

    Obama has ONE conviction. MONEY and protecting his bosses from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. And besides that the guy is a 100% CIA product. Some of you pseudo liberals are so naive that’s it’s not funny at all. Obama is the biggest phony on Earth. Democrat FED party (good liberal cop) against Republican FED party (bad right wing cop). BULLSHIT ! Liberals in USA are total assholes. Except Ralph Nader who has the courage to call Obama by his real name. UNCLE TOM.

  20. Youri Carma says:


    Well SAO I am a child of the new generation. Meaning: I selfstudied “our way to hell” by listening to people like Max & Stacy, Bob Chapman http://www.theinternationalforecaster.com/ Dr. Paul Craig Roberts http://www.vdare.com/roberts/all_columns.htm Alex Jones http://www.infowars.com/ Just to name a few.

    Follow my “Lets be real” Links to Learn: http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?board=198.0

    Follow: Willam K. Black

  21. dg says:

    Moore always complained about US companies outsourcing jobs, but I met a Canadian who worked at a Canadian company that managed Moore’s website from Canada. Hypocrite much?

  22. Youri Carma says:


    Follow MarketWatch News Viewer http://www.marketwatch.com/story/newsviewer

  23. snoop diddy says:


    Damon Vrabel’s series on Youtube ‘debunking money’ is pretty good, 5 parts you can find them on this search page here:

    There is a life cycle of money page here, pretty basic stuff and the ad at the start is pretty annoying but you’ll get over it 🙂
    there was no part 6 posted so don’t go mad looking for it:

    Inflation and the fall of the Roman Empire is good for drawing parallels in the money cycle imo (1:18:56 mins)

    William K. Black’s Theory of Corporate Fraud

    Michael Hudson explains current crisis – El Economista habla con M. Hudson

    This one is really good for the presentation on how reserve banks work and synchronisation of the global economy
    $10 Oil? Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Gold and Silver (Part 1 of 2)

    (PART 2!) $10 Oil? Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Gold and Silver

    I use a free Youtube downloader so I can keep them on my hard drive:

  24. Youri Carma says:

    Moore is a Crumpy Fool with No Sense of Humor!

  25. SAO says:

    @Youri Carma

    Wow, self studied and you got all that down. I’m impressed. I’m self studying also, but I would like to come up to speed on the financial end. I like Chapman, Roberts, Max (of course), Celente and few others, but my grasp of economics needs a kick start. I have the basics, so I guess I’m in the fight. I would just like to pull my share. Thanks for the reply.

  26. Damon says:

    Ever since the snivel rights movement, Americans have been brainwashed to think that blacks are all holier than thou, brillant, humble, blah, blah, blah. Obama is just creaming all that brainwashing except now that people are broke and living in a prison camp, they are starting to see that behind the suit is just a con man – just like Clinton, and Bush, and all the rest. Like Lucy and the football, how many times can Americans fall for the same trick before catching on?

  27. Norcalgrl says:

    Thanks Marc for calling me an asshole. And evidently, either you didn’t read my post clearly, or perhaps English is not your first language. Or you just like to hear yourself yap yap yap all day long about the same things over and over and over. I find your posts repetitive, offensive and very annoying. If I could put you on ignore, I would have a long time ago.

  28. Youri Carma says:

    @snoop diddy

    Yeah, TnX snoopy

    Indeedy Michael Hudson and Michel Chossudovsky http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=listByAuthor&authorFirst=Michel&authorName=Chossudovsky

  29. Marc Authier says:


    Here what I think about Obama and the ‘progressives’. Mister Change took power and then did THE SAME thing as Bush. Yeah. Some of you are morons.
    Tell me who financed you and I will tell for who you work. US politics is like this gorilla. Different color same shit. Obama is a 100% CIA Goldman Sachs product.

  30. Marc Authier says:

    I have finished with the left right crap. I know better. A leftie that doesn’t attack banksters and doesn’t them in prison is a shit. Even Reagan put 1000 in prison with the help of William Black. Obama is a traitor for the real left, and a liar when it comes to defending liberal ideas. The guy is a whore.

  31. Youri Carma says:


    Follow Webster Griffin Tarpley World Crisis Radio http://tarpley.net/world-crisis-radio/

  32. Marc Authier says:

    If I had to choose between Ron Paul and Obama, I would choose Ron Paul anytime. It’s strange that the Consevatives are more intelligent when it comes to attacking the root of PURE EVIL, the FED. I’m not talking about the kochsuckers here or the Republican FED Nazi neo-con party. Ron Paul is really apart from them all. As for Obama he’s a CIA puppet. The Democrat morons are the same shit as the Republicans. In reality I hate more the Democrats because they are a bunch of slimy hypocrits like Michael Moore.

  33. SAO says:

    @snoop diddy

    Thanks for the treasure trove. I will be watching and learning. Cool.

  34. Belial says:

    Given how incredibly stupid and inane current day pop culture is. I can’t possibly see how that would be a plus anyway. So what you’ve got Justin Beiber and hordes of Emo Scene guys that spend all their life savings on hair spray and makeup.

    We’ve got hard currency and a clue.

  35. snoop diddy says:

    yeah, im a bit lazy lol, saves reading 🙂

  36. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    Moore is your typical clueless suburban blue collar born self-righteous Dem that thinks that everything is red or blue. He scoffs at the idea that someone can be anti-war, pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-freemarkets, pro-marijuana and anti-gov handouts. To him these people are “kooky” but what he doesn’t understand is that most Americans have a mix bag of beliefs and that’s what makes our country great!

  37. Gordo says:

    ” Simply put, if Moore were sincere in his criticism of Big Business he would take on the copyright cartel and support groups like eff.org. He doesn’t, because he’s conflicted. He takes that copyright cartel money and never questions it.”

    This is bull crap.

    So the guy does not get one little technical issue correct.
    Big Fucking Deal
    He gets most of it right.

  38. Bonn says:

    What up what up ?????
    Hic 😉 when is tee election results due and what is ta outcome ???
    Hic 😉

  39. Bonn says:

    Michael Moore is a one time wonder ferget him…..he is a nobody already !!!!
    Hic 😉

  40. MMoore said ‘capitalism is really evil’ ‘That how I made mine’. MMoore a brazen hypocrite is disguessing. He make money by appealing to the liberal heart. He has his moments….The show must go on…..

  41. SAO says:

    @Youri Carma and Snoop Diddy

    Thank you so much for the excellent sites and info. Can’t tell you how nice this was of you both.

  42. farang says:

    Moore stood up for the Michigan folks raped by NAFTA, Bush 1 and Clinton. Blue collar folks, like a cousin operating a crane at River Rouge plant. Like a cousin working the Chrysler assembly line. An Uncle working at Fors, an Aunt at the Vernor’s bottling plant, and another uncle a buthcher at Krogers.

    They lived an obsolete life: they got up everyday, went to work, built something or made something, then paid their bills…and if there was anything left over, they SAVED IT.

    Didn’t invent these ingenious Financial WMDs though. I guess they were just too stupid, and actually EARNED their pay.

    That is who Mr. Moore stood up for, I did not see many other msm prominent film makers joining him.

    Moore documented the Stupid White Men (Obama now an honorary honkie), and their Fascists ways.

    Moore took the sick and injured to Cuba to document the obscene health care Americans receive compared to the rest of the fucking world.

    And he made a dime doing it? Oh. Horrors, I am getting the vapors!

    You realize Maxwell, you are parroting Fox News with your criticisms of Moore?

    Is that whom you choose to side with over Mike?

    Not me.

    I’ll support Mike. I like Mike. Even though he avoids the most pressing issue today: the lawlessness springing from the unsolved and un-investigated CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS OF 9/11/01.


    Teabaggers, get ready: The day before the election, polls showed 42% of Americans wanted to get rid of “Obamacare.”

    38% liked it, and 18 % wanted to it go farther.

    If you teabaggers can add, that means a MAJORITY OF AMERICA LIKES IT.

    So WTF is YOUR agenda?

    To impose substandard health care on yourselves and the majority of us.


  43. farang says:

    “Marc Authier
    Nov 4, 2010 at 4:22 am

    He is now a big fat slob. Was always a big fat slob mind you.”

    Yes, and you are ugly inside and out.

    Tomorrow, Mike could go on a diet if he so chose, but you’ll still be a cumsucking asshole.

  44. farang says:

    “Sir David Rottentrousers
    Nov 4, 2010 at 6:16 am

    Moore is your typical clueless suburban blue collar born self-righteous Dem that thinks that everything is red or blue.”

    Sir David: Is it true what I hear? That Great Britain legalized homosexuality? Looks like in your case, they made it mandatory.

    Or did Madame Cleo take her crystal ball to London, and havea sex change operation…but still no balls.

    You can always tell the IQ level by the amount of generalizing one does…if you get my drift.

    Blue collar clueless? Where would you like to meet to discuss, Sir David?

  45. farang says:

    All right struggler: define the difference between a “psuedo liberal” and a genuine one. Good ahead, this I’d like to hear.

    Marc Authier
    Nov 4, 2010 at 5:27 am

    Some of you pseudo liberals are so naive that’s it’s not funny at all.”

    As opposed to whom and what, Authier? YOU? Bwahahahaha!

  46. snoop diddy says:

    some stuff on IP and piracy:
    The Revolt of the Poor
    The Demise of Intellectual Property?

    Piratemyfilm http://piratemyfilm.com/

    Are Intellectual Property Rights Wrong?

    Porn Industry Eyes iTunes-like Pricing to Fight Piracy

    WTO—Patents, Intellectual Property, Emergency Drugs and Developing Countries

    Pirate Bay

    And yes, what culture is Moore talking about? indeed!

  47. Candace says:

    I watch MIchael Moore”s documentaries with a grain of salt, but I’ve still learned things from them – like the fact that Bush had to go to his inauguration in extra security because of the hostility of theprotestors that day and that corporations can take out “dead peasant” insurance policies on employees. people have biases and a frame work for their opinions. Do other film makers have only pure intension and no bias in their work?

    Denninger and Zero Hedge have both posted portions of Glen Becks show because he’s talking about QE. I don’t like Beck, that doesn’t mean that he can’t say things that I think are true or important.

  48. Joe says:

    He eats too much. Just sayin’.

  49. Joe says:

    LOrdy… he’s so gosh-darned tubby. It’s really distracting.

    Michael: Health Club.

  50. willham says:

    you don’t have to criticize the Left to appear equal opportunity, Max. Who on the right EVER criticizes BIG BUSINESS? Please be fair.

  51. Moms says:

    Michael Moore is a good man who tells it like it is.

    I learned a great deal from his movie “Bowling for Columbine.” His documentary “Sicko” was a real eye-opener about medical care in other countries as opposed to that in the US.

    And he says, “I love capitalism. Because my movies make lots of money for people, they keep on giving me rope to hang them with! And I get to employ people myself.”

    As for having his website run by a Candian: Good idea. Hopefully his servers are in Canada, too. Hopefully Canadian law will prevent the US govt from seizing them. A liberal website I visit has their servers in Australia. And where is Max Keiser.com hosted from, I wonder? Not in the US, I bet.

  52. TJ says:

    Fat people are going to survive the coming famine, for a while. Moore’s a c*nt

  53. willham says:

    Max, have you invited Moore to the Keiser Report? Can you give him a chance to defend himself regarding his alleged hypocrisy?

  54. willham says:

    Speaking of hypocrisy, you ever write a blog about how Alex Jones is a fraud? No, cuz that would interfere with your revenue stream coming from his listeners.

  55. Bonn says:

    I dunno why peeps love shootin ta messenger
    Hic 😉

  56. Ok, this is a bit disappointing. Everyone has their faults and defects and if you want to start looking for faults with MM then you are really stretching. No one is perfect and considering what MM went up against protesting during the ANTI-WTO in Seattle and going up against the Bush admin., the healthcare system and what he did in his documentaries is significant. He stood up when no one else had the balls to do so. Despite MM being heavy set he is very active and I have yet to see anyone accomplish what he has and leave an impact. He had Bill Black in his “Capitalism” documentary and through that documentary I started paying attention to the Max Keiser. You don’t have to agree with everything MM says but this is an unnecesary attack.

    I still don’t get why MK has chosen to his crusade against the bankers for all we know you could be paid by gold companies to promote gold…what is Max’s story I’ve asked this many a time and no answer. Also what is up with this copyright cartel? If I remember correctly it was Max who was bitching about some person stealing his words on the Ratigan show. I didn’t think that was fair either…of that “nurse” to use Max’s words so in that case I agree with copyright. She was plagarizing you in my opinion and Max needs to be credited, hence from what I understand that is why there should be copyright, correct?

  57. Mother Earth says:

    The US is developing into a heroin chic..

  58. Mason C says:

    Max has a lot in common with another piece of high-powered journalistic artillery, Alexander Cockburn, and, like Alex, sometimes needs help keeping the vitriol (which I wholly endorse) pointed in the proper direction.

    Is Moore clueless about some things? Certainly, and so is Max. Whatever Moore’s failings are about political economy, he nails the fairness part of the equation. Max ought to have him on a few times and see where they can agree. Some call it movement building…

    Note to post about Moore’s Canadian-sourced website: what networks do Max appear on? That would be Russia Times and Iran’s Press TV. And doesn’t he operate out of the UK?

  59. George Sign says:

    Max your wrong when you say “Michael Moore is a Fraud” You should be shouting “MICHAEL MOORE IS COMPLETE FRAUD AND HE KNOWS IT”.

    Michael Moore shows how stupid and gullible people are to believe him.

  60. Andy B says:

    Max, you don’t hold back, and that I can give you full credit for…your gift is to call BS, then we can form our own opinions. Also MM is a great entertainer and BS caller too.

  61. stacyherbert says:

    Note also that copyright is used as a weapon of imperialism these days; US trade agreements and UN bodies care little about manufacturing, what they do force nations to take is US copyright law. It’s a way to control the knowledge and resources of another nation through contractual law.

  62. Steven Moyers says:

    a hawker of fluff tip toeing through the tulips

  63. Jayme says:

    “Locking up our ideas on corporate balance sheets and cutting us off from our intellectual and creative birth right is tantamount to performing a species wide lobotomy.”

    I agree. These companies lobotomize their own employees from innovating as well. These companies offer colorful ribbons and pieces of paper in chunks of plastic made in china as reward for innovative ideas while the executives retire, being paid thousands of times over what the corporate incentives were to create the innovations. The executives are put in their parasite positions based on how well they are connected into the political money sucking system. It is a complete disincentivization that stifles the youth to pay for the dying. Corporate demand for increasing efficiency is another exponentially growing stressor on the economy.

    As for Michael Moore. He’s made a few good points in Capitalism: A Love Story but how can one talk about Capitalism and not talk about the financial system or the ideas behind it. He talks to facades. I didn’t watch this interview. On the other side Danny Schecter’s Plunder: The Crime of Our Time does a much better job of addressing the mechanics behind the economic failures. However, I don’t think I’ve heard much on the investigations concerning intellectual property rights except a few articles covering internet regulation.

    Who actually owns an idea? In the age of information, ideas are the primary means of earning a living or maintaining empire. If an idea can only be expressed through the organs of a corporation, there is no place for creativity. Each person is only a cell in the collective body and must behave within the framework of intellectual behavior permitted. The intellectual property has quite a dampening effect on cultural growth and ability to change the “powers that be.”

    Owning the mind is tantamount to owning the actions of the body. “You don’t do what we want, you don’t do anything.” Very oppressive.

    V for Vendetta

  64. gregg says:

    @ Max

    Both Moore and Hustler/Kuntsler are what Half Past Human calls “waved” effect for this next phase in degradation. They are both false prophets, and like Jon StewART IN CONTROL OF THE “WAVES”, providing misinformation.
    As I mentioned before, Kuntsler and Moore are both fat, short, arragant, great zion-snakee word smiths, If I see either one of them again they will get a fist in their fat iddish face.

  65. gregg says:

    @ gregg

    my relatives came here from Austria in 1870 to hunt these vamping reptiles, grandpa used to say about the zionistas. even though they tried to kill us in the homeland…WE ARE BACK, to hunt these slimy little lizards down and kill then with SILVER.

    a) you never see a poor bank.

    b) natures perfect fit….a fist on the eye.

  66. Marc Authier says:

    Might as well live the depression with smack in your veins. I am sure the drugheads that are Americans, enjoy the shit. Besides that, it will allow the Nazis eugenist Rockerfellers and the CFR malthusiasts to eliminate the useless eaters while making a quick buck.

  67. Jeffrey says:

    Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

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