G-20 to Obama: “You smell bad.”

9 comments on “G-20 to Obama: “You smell bad.”
  1. Mother Earth says:

    We want tax free oil thank you!

  2. frances snoot says:

    McMeel News Hour

    They done countin’ yet?


    Lordy! Done seen the news-caster throwin’ the line ’bout a box left somewhare. Ain’t they done countin’ yet?


    Who’z they got a’countin’? Apes?


    Them apes must gotzum fat fingurs.


    Wahl, it just be poly-ticks. Obumah sure ain’t brung no change thare.


    “Our mission is to have an accurate count”–Shoot, it ain’t rock-et science, air it?

    Wahl, Cleetus, they gotza problum with too many tables:

    “Earlier this morning, Bucher said that two missing early-voting ballots that had been misplaced were found underneath a table Tuesday night at the tabulation center in Riviera Beach.

    As for one final missing early-vote ballot, Bucher said she has no idea where it is.

    “It’s gone,” she said.”

    Whare’d y’all read that, BillyBob?

    In the McMeel vegee-table bin. Gotzum rotten apples in thair.


  3. @ Mother Earth

    Smell a rat?
    Any and all tax on hydrocarbons… worldwide is the only way to sustainable innovation and meaningful participation.

    Atlantic Unbundling:
    Separate the petrodollar from the Gaseuro!

  4. Marc Authier says:


    TSA filled with pedophiles. Like Washington. Like Blackwater.
    Welcome to United Pedophiles of America, the land of the sodomized and the slave. Hey Snoot enjoy your beautiful country. Schmazi Nazi.

  5. jo mama says:

    gold and silver getting crushed today. what gives?

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