CRASH JP Morgan Buy Silver

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  1. I have purchased about 3 lbs worth of physical silver over the past week and I look to use a Citi and JPMorgan card to fill us on $10,000 of physical soon. F’ these guys. The lower my credit score, the happier I am.

  2. snoop diddy says:

    CRASH JPMorgan BUY SILVER logo attempt 🙂

  3. Iain L/pool says:

    You can almost hear Alex’s arse ole twiching as he tries to diplomatically distance himself from the proposal. He must be in full clench mode about now ?

  4. Bonn says:

    Benjamin Fulford on Rense – September 22 2010 Part 1/3

    Benjamin Fulford on Rense – September 22 2010 Part 2/3

    Benjamin Fulford on Rense – September 22 2010 Part 3/3

    @ Stacy & Max
    remember tose treasurey bills that were caught by the Italian Authorities and the 2 Japanese peeps

  5. wombat stew says:

    Well JP Whorgan,how many paper silver contracts did you sell today?To tell you the truth,in all this excrement i dont give a shit!Cause i’ve got physical,coins and bars and i’m part of the Keiser, crash JP Morgan campaign!Well punks ,do you feel lucky?

  6. Marc Authier says:

    Make my Day ! After Dirty Harry, Dirty Max ! 🙂 lol

  7. huh says:

    max saying god bless?

  8. Eleonore says:

    I’m in on this, Mr Keiser. This is Party Time ! Yuhuuuuw 😀

    Thumbs up, and a thank you to my friend John 🙂


  9. stockholmer says:

    I have reached my breaking point with Alex Jones, notice how he said that it WILL TAKE TIME, articles have to be written, blah blah blah… THEN he says to Max to write an article for INFOWARS, in other words, he wants ALL the TRAFFIC, what a greedy piece of shite, grrrrrrr
    he sometimes does a key search term toss out and then changes it IN MIDSTREAM, or changes the article in REAL TIME

    he knows bloody well that going viral is a real time, URGENT thing, it doesnt take weeks of planning, as the CRASH JP BUY SILVER meme is already out there

    so so sick of Alex’s greed, very sad

  10. naomi says:

    Max was being kind to Alex by wishing him God bless. You don’t need to burn bridges at this time in history, if we are generally on the same page we need each other.

    Max, just do it. Stacy write the article make it go viral this is the time! Let Alex do what he is doing……

    GO GUYS!

    I’ve been googleing!!!

    by the way your site keeps being unavailable, especially the comment section with guy from Ireland buying silver.

  11. agau says:

    time this puppy around options expiry

  12. Buddy says:

    Absolutely agree, been buying and taking delivery of physical silver fro some time, to do at least my part to: Starve the MotherFucking Beast.,

  13. Marc Authier says:

    We have to bring down the naked body scanners and the fuckin mossad controlled company selling this cancer giving machine.

  14. ice2eskimo says:

    Alex Jones = using procrastination as weapon to preserve the status quo.

    Max needs to get more time on the Jones show to talk to the listeners. Don’t carry away any of Jones’ ideas-baggage when you leave though Max, just go on there and talk up the boycotts and people will act.

  15. Marc Authier says:

    Global REVOLT agains the NAKED BODY SCANNER. Fuck You CIA and Mosad. We are not cattle you Nazis bastards.

  16. Marc Authier says:

    Global REVOLT against the NAKED BODY SCANNER. Fuck You CIA and Mosad. We are not cattle you Nazis bastards.

  17. joseph cecil smith says:

    This plan is MUCH better than lowering Coke’s stock price, push this viral campaign instead, push the price of silver instead of the price of coca cola stock.. that’s a real world push that will resonate far beyond the ‘coke stock price’ idea Mr. Keiser has talked of many times. even though i’m american, i want to see these big banks fall.. wish they’d fallen in 2008 as they should have.
    thanks for all the great economic info

  18. SRV ES339 says:

    Going viral already Max… it’s everywhere!

    One tweek (from a ZHer)… Silver Coins for Christmas gifts (I just ordered 10 for gifts)… a more ‘leveraged’ approach (5 – 10 coins by each buyer instead of just one)!

  19. brad says:

    I’m googling that phrase now. I understand there is a way to set your browser to refresh every few seconds to up the search numbers. Can anyone give me a tip on how that is accomplished? By the way, calm down on Alex, I don’t see what’s unreasonable about taking a day or two to write a nice article and promote a little bit. I thought only Alex Jones fans were paranoid.

  20. Marc Authier says:

    How about bringing that Mossad controlled company selling naked body scanners and behing the TSA Nazis and their intimidation tactics ?


    Bring down airport travel by systematically not travelling and refusing the body scanner.

  21. Shedboy says:

    BRILLIANT! Max is the man! Alex…not so much, he wimped out fast. One day later and a google search reveals a couple of pages worth of Kill JP Morgan spirit. Great work Max and great work to all participating! I’m in too! My landlord will understand why I won’t be paying rent, and I’ll bet he will jump in too. Power to the People!

  22. Dirtfarmer65 says:

    Hey, just in case there weren’t 2 many CDN’s watchin Max’s video I stepped out and bought for me and 99 other Canucks!!!!!
    Jus 2 hurt the Paper Silver and Gold Sellers! 🙂

  23. Problem Is says:

    Max: Screw Jamie With Silver Going Viral on Zero Hedge
    Max, you have the ZHedgers all fired up on the buy silver screw Jamie idea…

    The power of 1 idea…

    Max Keiser: “Buy A Silver Coin, Destroy JP Morgan”

  24. Already Ahead Of You says:

    I started buying physical (NO PAPER SILVER) about 3 years ago when the spot price on silver was $13 & $14. Spot was at $28 a few days ago before the “bring down” which is very temporary in nature. Sure glad I didn’t leave those paper dollars (fiat money) in the bank at 1 to 2 percent! Not only am I beating the banking system, but also beating the stock market!

    I’m still buying at $28 and will continue to buy even up to $40 or $50.

    Good idea, but as the silver supply shrinks these guys are going down any way.

    Tip: Get out of your banking stocks – especially JP Morgan and HSBC.

  25. Craig says:

    This was one the best ideas i have heard of in a long time so i will be writing an article on my website to inform more people about this idea but also i was wondering wither or not it is something that can be done from the uk and if not then what about a similar strategy to bring down a big bank in the uk

  26. stacyherbert says:

    @Craig – thanks; JPMorgan operates in the UK as well; in fact, Tony Blair is an ‘adviser’ to them. He is paid $2 million per year for his ‘advice.’ Also, it makes no difference for this campaign if you buy your silver in London or Paris or Brisbane or Hong Kong or Los Angeles or Topeka. As long as it is physical.

  27. Craig says:

    Thanks stacy i’m terrible when it come to economics but i will definetly be spreading the word about this my only concern is wither or not they could in some way manipulate this move i.e the way they did when people would move their money to smaller banks then the big banks bought the small ones over.

  28. Arya says:

    Oh, the private bankers!! Bring down these evil bastards along with the Federal Reserve and the corrupt U.S. Treasury for allowing such metal manipulation.

    I have indeed done a small part of my share, having recently purchased 44 lb. of silver and 20 oz of gold. Smart people who know what is going on put their pedal to the metal and buy actual bullion, not paper.

  29. Marc Authier says:

    Slay the anti free markets demonic BEAST. JP Morgan.
    Slay the anti capitalistic demonis BEAST. JP Morgan.

  30. Marc Authier says:

    Slay a SACRED COW ! JP Morgan. Buy physical SILVER !

  31. Marc Authier says:

    Pow ! Dirty made his day ! Claim a FREE ounce of SILVER to make Ditry Harry and Dirty Max’s day !

  32. HLPatriot says:

    I place my order tonight from AMPEX! Buy physical and terminate the illegal shorting cartel.

    Prepare to FTD JPM & HSBC! You all going to jail!

  33. Mary says:

    I did my share 8000 times today.

  34. Ivan says:

    In the immortal words of the Cable Guy:

    “Down Down Down, the Red Knight’s going down!”

    Going out to buy 3oz tommorow. These guys are exposed and vunerable; one concerted push, and they are toast.

    Fight the power and take control; we are talking about nothing less than a war against a tyranny of evil for the future of mankind.

  35. lp says:

    I just bouth 40 ounces today.Everybody have to buy now!!!!!!

  36. Dyhalto says:

    Awhile back, Max said to AJ that if he were to get all of his listeners/watchers to drive the share price of Coca Cola down to zero, his show would be taken off the air in less than a week.
    And it’s true.
    It’s one thing to be the allegorical “conspiracy theory wingnut” trying to wake people up with a cheap FM station and a couple of websites. It’s another to launch a hard attack like Max is proposing.

    So don’t give Alex a hard time. He wants to survive his various car rides and plane trips too.

  37. Peter says:

    I support with every sinew the sentiment, and have been a heavy buyer of both Ag and Au since Feb 2008. However, the reality is that the means to crash JPM just aint that simple. If only it were!!! Alas, JPM is fully aware and prepared that in the event of the short squeeze tightening like a vice round their nuts, they will simply inform the Comex to declare ‘time out’ and settle their short position massive losses in cash. The Comex is NOT independent, not really. JPM funds that ‘Sheriff’ and controls what they do….e.g this week’s highly inflated increase in margin requirement. I continue to hope and pray that corruption and evil can be overcome, but experience is draining such hope… I admire all of you with passion for the fight, but I fear your energies may be wasted. You MUST however buy Ag and Au to protect yourself and your families from the likely nightmare ahead. Best wishes from London.

  38. Bifurcatio says:

    After buying some physical silver (I have plenty), download a Linux operating system (I use Ubuntu), write it to disc, then reboot and load it (after saving all your files, need I add). Microsoft is another monopoly that should go down. Using Windows and Internet Explorer to shout out your displeasure of the establishment is like throwing the chunk of silver you just bought at a banker’s fat belly.

  39. TDoS says:


    Please write a page long explanation of how this would work. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t but I think this should be an organized effort, and it will be hard to promote the idea using a sound clip from the Alex Jones show.

    This is a great idea, and I want everyone to get behind it.

  40. 5CG says:

    Props Dirtfarmer65. I’m a young guy all lost in this crazy world with no money at this time. I will buy some silvers as soon as financially possible for myself. Until then I’ll consider one of yours mine =D.

  41. irl-g-rad says:

    Great idea – that’s how to catch two birds in one swoop!
    No wonder only silver can be used to kill bloodsucking ones…

  42. Ian Mathers says:

    I’m in. I buy silver every payday anyway.

  43. Mike says:

    Greetings from Singapore Max Keiser!
    I’ve bought 8500 ounces of silver and will accumulate more!
    Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver!!

  44. mliu says:

    I said a lot time ago.

    Fuck JPM, one ounce at a time.

  45. Well I hope that AJ gets Kurt Nimmo or someone to write this article so we can Google search and link. I got the impression that Alex was not to keen On the Idea.

    Anyway regardless everyone buy one ounce please for god’s sake!

    Fuck the Banksta’s! ! !

  46. Au Canary says:

    Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver!

    Its already going viral… Nobody is waiting for Alex or Max to take action — Alex will be following the heard at this point — Max lit the fuse and it’s burning!

    Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver

  47. mike says:

    great idea…but they will be bailed out if it happens so the gain is another big lost to american tax payers

  48. Gerald says:

    This will only be passed to the American taxpayer as long as the American taxpayer stays on the sofa watching dancing with the stars and shoving ice cream in their fat face. The American people are proving to be giant cowards, I am quite ashamed of my fellow Americans at this point. This will work, I personally bought 500 ounces because I feel every one should buy as much as they can as often as they can. It is also important to mention that you need to hold the physical silver, do not sell it until the mission is accomplished. And let this be the first of many small victories that is necessary to restore sanity to our once great nation. I am so sick of the state of this country and the lack of enthusiasm shown by the
    people. Also, this should go without saying but for the sheople I have realized that everything must be explained as if you are explaining it to a two year old, buy your coins from a dealer, such as apmex or bulliondirect, I am not plugging those places, there are many those are just two. If we buy coins from one another it will have no effect. The point is to take as much out of circulation, to force JPM to cover, they only hold about 1% physical silver to all paper trades, that is the whole point. This will work and we mustn’t give up. I was so happy to see this go viral and reach overseas even (Germany, England, Australia) Let’s Do It People, Lets Do It.
    P.S. If I offended you in my comment, GOOD!!!!! get up and do something about it, I actually have faith in you and we need to stick together or forever enjoy our diminished quality of life and a destination into serfdom….

  49. Youri Carma says:

    The Max Keiser takedown of JP Morgan by simply buying 1 Silver Coin (Updated)

  50. TaoEconomics says:

    Twitter and facebook this.

    Also, get off line and tell your friends to buy one ounce of silver.

  51. David Jet says:

    Take down JP Morgan, Goldman Sacs, L.B.M.A, Scotiamocatta, Rid the U.S of the FED, Return the Right of Creation of monies to Governments, In Canada reinstate the Governments right to create monies give The Bank of Canada its balls back,

    Rid the World of the G20 It is a useless organization to the people of the signatory nations, it does the bidding of the BANKSTERS period.


  52. Tom Weiss says:

    Finally people have caught on! This is the best way to take these criminals down so that we can rebuild our country. JPMorgan is on the ropes and just needs a little push to collapse entirely. Stop whining, protesting, voting or blogging witty rejoinders, this is what needs to be done now.

    I’m all in, 1000 ounces in physical by today to make up for 999 people who won’t get off thier butts to save their country.

  53. James says:

    We need to get this viral…. if 4chan could (almost) send Justin Beiber to North Korea, then 4chan could help us take down Morgan!

  54. brad says:

    In order for this to be successful we need Max Keiser, Alex Jones, and other major tv/radio voices to really get beind this and to pick a date!! Good luck

  55. These guys engineered a failed Coup d’état on the US government in the 1930, i dont know if you can GET more crooked then that, and i dont seem them making ammends for that lately, so its TIME TO TAKE THIS ***HOLES DOWN! While we are at it, dont forget Goldman Sucks, this guys are about the most evil, sinister friggin dudes that ever walked the friggin earth.

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