Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver says Max Keiser

“This could be an historic event. I’ve been in communication with Max about triggering a paradigm shift using Alex Jones’ ability to attain the #1 Google Hot Trends ranking at any time, which triggers a flood of secondary news reports.”

Kick JPMorgan in the nads. Crash JPMorgan Buy Silver

37 comments on “Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver says Max Keiser
  1. Bonn says:

    Benjamin Fulford on Rense, August 25 2010 Part 1/3
    otter parts are near it
    Hic 😉

  2. jimmy chen says:

    dat is one big gal to get a kick in de royals from…

  3. flicks says:

    Everybody who’s new to this at 3mins in – ‘sold silver that doesn’t exist’ OK this is Fractional Reserve Banking . This is the norm of banking today not just in the bullion banks, in fact it originated from there. So all those sub-prime (people who couldn’t repay long term ) loans didn’t exist other than digits on paper or PC inventory file. OK this is legal embezzlement. And its how money is created when you go to work and pay what didn’t exist back plus interest. Money as a debt. OK this is the sickness we live in.

    Buy silver en mass =

    bye bye fractional reserve banking – naked shorting derivatives bollocks

  4. Bumpy says:

    Main Street sheep will never buy one ounce of silver p/p. You can’t unite anything in America including a boycott of coke. TV Obesity and Apathy are all that remains. Let it dissolve. Then you can concentrate on French food and wine.

  5. luke Boshier says:

    WTF is with Alex… ermm… next week Jones??

  6. Marc Authier says:

    [email protected]

    Welle there is CHINA ! Bumpy.

  7. Darron says:

    Max as you know, YOU ARE A GENIUS !!!!
    THANK YOU !!!!
    I’M ON IT !!!!

  8. Marc Authier says:

    Main sheep will when inflation starts eating them alive and they become tired of getting murdered in bond funds like yesterday.

  9. Mike/Liverpool says:

    But Gold & silver are getting KILLED!
    YOU NEED PAPER!!!!!!

  10. Youri Carma says:

    @Mini US

    Funny I also always write – The Doc is back


    Fulford on Rense – September 22 2010

  11. Bumpy says:

    Marc, China and America are worlds apart. There is no hope of any kind in trying to save poor war torn divided America. The melting pot is going to go down the proverbial drain into the sceptic tank of empires lost. Nothing can save it, not even an Irish leprechaun named Maxwell O’keiser and his magic media show.

  12. jimmy chen says:

    kick em when dhey up, kick em when dhey down…..

  13. Mini US says:


    Yes, he only posts on his video blog every couple of months it seems.
    I think he has another outlet too.

    Not much new this time.
    No gossip from his German banking buddies.

    Maybe he went quiet after a failed prediction on Keiser interview.

  14. Bonn says:

    @ Max if ya want to Screw the Silver Market
    ya askin the wrong peeps
    Get Amitab Bachan & Rajnikanth To tell tee Indian Population to Buy Silver
    Just see what happens in a Day
    Also get someone famous from China to also tell ta Chinese to buy Silver
    Tis Rajnikant is famous in Japan as well

    I bet ya could get roughly 1 billion peeps to buy an ounce of silver
    along with China and India tas like 100,000,000 ounces
    And if Hu Jintao gets freakin Worried he too will jump in
    Hic 😉
    USA right now @ 22 % unemployment slicin and dicein USA population 80 mill Peeps that are werkin ( ie @ 0% unemployment) tas like 60 odd mill only @ 22 % unemployment

  15. sexton says:

    At the end of the day it’s the stuff you can hold that counts. And it’s all about silver too.

  16. jimmy chen says:

    my barrs hurt just rooking at her

  17. Mini US says:

    The de-nutted photo.

    Seems he danced his balls off.

  18. CGould says:

    Silver bullets drop Werewolves
    Wherever they may be
    Whilst you can’t eat precious metal
    It’s easier to trade than
    Wheelbarrows full of depreciating currency.

    Invisible Monsters are
    Manipulating markets and media
    Distracting with threats of destruction
    From or toward invented enemies
    Live on Johnny the Fox TV.

    These parasites are perpetuating
    This ponzi pandemic of fanciful formula
    Insisting, like Goliath,
    That their pyramid is To Big to Fail
    It’d be less stress on the global economy
    If these architects’ of arson were imprisoned
    By literate lawyers irate with HFC
    And other techniques developed by
    This unquestioned cult of fiscal insanity.

    (Where Economics is treated as mathematical fact with ONE fundamentalist interpretation
    rather than a vocabulary to describe all the resources which compose nations.)

    -A deregulated environment is a resource savored by these monsters of the middle ages ie tax havens.

    Bartering 1’s and zeros created on keyboards
    To wipe out lives of blood sweat and tears
    The sun is setting on fractional reserve
    The rainy days forecast by Seoul
    May in fact be near.

    Don’t be distracted by their servants scares
    Query motives next time an invented Boogieman is alleged to have issued a threat

    In the meantime
    We have all the time in the world
    To watch the perpetual paper pyramid
    Fail to prevail as illumination sparks Pyrotechnics .

  19. Bonn says:

    * correction 1000,000,000 ounces = 28352707 Kg’s of Silver ~ demand fer
    Hic 😉

  20. Youri Carma says:

    Maybe a combination – Stop drinking Coke and buy Silver instead.

  21. Mini US says:

    Sardines are going to go parabolic too.

  22. Timmy says:

    Yes Max well done, you may need to get this going with Alex if you don’t have enough people on your own. DO MORE STUFF LIKE THIS MAX. We gotta be proactive.

  23. Youri Carma says:

    @@Mini US

    Well I am symphatetic for the Doc and he stuck his neck out which not many people dear. Exact timely predictions are almost impossible, the trend is clear tough.

  24. Mini US says:


    I like the Doc.
    Any predictions are tricky but timed ones in this environment are deadly.
    Just ask Mike 😉

    This is a great video for coca-cola.
    I could watch this for hours 😉

  25. Timmy says:

    It always makes me question alex jones when he doesn’t take on your ideas max, i know he said he’d talk to you about it but usually when he does these google searches someone is writing the article at the time. There isn’t much pre-planning involved. Why does he act like this Max, you have some great ideas?

  26. SurfinServer says:

    That’s a great idea Max. I try to avoid de-humanizing terms like ‘consumer’ or ‘sheeple’, when referencing self. I am a common poor-boy with soul to grow. I will buy silver Max, and i will bet that hundreds of thousands of other marginilized people will too. It’s a ‘no-loss’ proposition for the activist buyers who want to affect the system in a pro-active way. I never liked Coca-Cola either Max, and will continue to discourage people from supporting them and piosening themselves. Thanks for thinkin’ Max.

  27. flicks says:

    Alex Jones is an Alfa male with a turbo charged gob and he likes to be in control of the idea’s coming out of his gob.

  28. Youri Carma says:


    Yep, but Alex knows himself so he can compensate for that. regardless he agreed to cooperate so stop wining.

    Do you Know Thyself?

  29. Commandini says:

    Just bought 3 kilo’s. Let’s kill them all 🙂

  30. flicks says:

    Youri Carma – I aint wining . Jones and Max have issues on global warming and what not. I wouldn’t want alpha stuff to fuck things up on this front.

  31. Youri Carma says:

    Somtin that could help the Silver for Coke boycot:

    Just ONE Soda a Day Can Raise Your Diabetes Risk by 25%!

  32. deepsoul says:

    omg lol on that pic

  33. Chris says:

    Here’s a counter-argument: What with Ireland defaulting, the Euro (currency) will be in big trouble, leading to a flood to the dollar. Gold drops, silver holders sell, taking profits and silver drops too. Wouldn’t huge uncertainty in the Euro be good for the dollar?

  34. Marc Authier says:

    These events are already priced in.

  35. Lee says:

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