“Keiser Report” No. 92 Guest: David McWilliams in Dublin

30 comments on ““Keiser Report” No. 92 Guest: David McWilliams in Dublin
  1. California Doctor says:


  2. California Doctor says:

    Talking of fake tribunals…
    has any seen a Wells Fargo board of directors lately?
    Exactly how much derivatives exposure does Wells-o-chovia have?
    Is that Wells or Wach?

  3. Mini US says:

    I notice that this is show number 92.

    May I suggest that you get Youri Carma on your show for the 100th show.
    I reckon he deserves it 🙂

    But go easy on him Max, no shouting 😉

  4. Jim says:

    Charles Mungar would say “suck it in”.


  5. snoop diddy says:

    perth mint has a new live bullion trading service:

  6. Mini US says:

    Exactly what I been sayin’ about authority.

    Who gives IMF authority, the G20. Who the F%#$@ are they to be giving authority.
    Lately I hear on the radio “IMF says….” – Soooooooooooooo what?

    Its like if I, as a TV cameraman, have mates in Govt, and get them to pass a law saying that everything that ever happens MUST be recorded on video.
    Man, I would make a killing.

    Lawyers have MADE THEMSELVES important.
    Insurance companies have made INSURANCE important.
    Media makes ‘famous people’ important to sell the message.

    Change please.

  7. snoop diddy says:

    just looking through perth mint bullion site, they don’t buy back yet online so you have to ring them etc.

    “Will the Perth Mint buy my bullion back from me?

    Buy-backs are currently not possible to complete online. They can be completed over the phone or in The Perth Mint Shop.The buy-back from a client of bullion product which has yet to be delivered or paid for will not be done. Buy-back of undelivered bullion may be undertaken only if the original sale has been paid in full with cleared funds (delay of seven working days applies).”

  8. snoop diddy says:

    did anyone d/load the new flash player and are now having probs in Youtube?

  9. snoop diddy says:

    The EU is a bunch of unelected dictators too, what a rort that place is.

  10. Gumby says:

    and where’s Stacy?

  11. snoop diddy says:

    some headlines from Reuters:

    Republicans scuffle over US House banking panel

    U.S. dollar printing is huge risk -China c.bank adviser

    Ron Paul vows renewed Fed audit push next year

  12. dan valley says:

    KingWorldNews Jim Rickards – Fed May Go Bankrupt http://bit.ly/aFqmW7 No exit for the Fed, gold, silver and more

  13. dan valley says:

    the fed will be able to stem hyperinflation due to the money supply only being digital

  14. Jim says:

    Kikenomics would be more appropriate than kilkenomics.

  15. John Robb says:

    “…these ersatz global institutions that don’t really exist. They don’t have any charter. The IMF and the WorldBank don’t have a charter to collect debts from individuals in Greece, in Ireland, or anywhere else, but the people that run these countries are saying ‘Well, the IMF told us to collect the debts’. They don’t have the charter to collect these debts…”

    That was beatiful MadMax quote and coincidentally reminds me of my comment to the previous show…
    That is a serious challenge I present to anyone who reads this comment. I don’t doubt that the Fed’s charter may have been renewed in 1933, but I still haven’t found any documentation in regard.

    Charter or no charter, the lock on our current hostage crisis is far bigger and more diabolical than even MERS, the fact that we’ve handed over title to 99-plus percent of our equities to the DTCC. Perhaps before Paulson threatened us, someone threatened him with the notion that if the Treasury didn’t bailout AIG and the banks, that the DTCC would, by liquidating equities that you and I mistakenly thought belonged to us.

  16. dan valley says:

    zerohedge: The Fed’s Gone “ALL IN”… Here’s What’s to Come http://bit.ly/cKxFfD

  17. snoop diddy says:

    QE2 = another unconstitutional war.

  18. Neville Bartos says:

    @ snoop diddy yes having probs with youtube too …

  19. snoop diddy says:


  20. John Robb says:

    My recent comments have been laden with typos. I offer a song to compensate. I primarily pondered posting a particular Pogues piece, but the alliteration grew too much to bear, and I opted for an apparently softer and deceptively more languid Irish verse that sings from the heart of all markets, finance, and scandal…

  21. Bonn says:

    I tink Gold and Silver got frightened of ta Fed like a Kid up on a tree climbin higher cause a rabied Dog is @ tee bottom
    Gold is like WTF is tis Idjot upto now ? – wit tis QE 2 and how freakin much are tey really gonna spend????
    Hic 😉
    Actually Dr. Paul C Robert’s puts it succinctly ” All the stuff the US fed is doing would werk if the US had a Manufacturing Industry” “If you have out sourced all the Jobs Off Shore It aint gonna werk QE 1 ; QE 2 ; QE 3……. QE n ya gonna get Booyeee”

  22. snoop diddy says:

    @John Robb,
    there was banking act of 1933 which also created the FDIC.
    maybe it’s in there somewhere.
    This from the FDIC website:
    Deposit Insurance Provisions of the Banking Act of 1933

    Section 12B of the Federal Reserve Act as amended created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and defined its organization, duties and functions. It provided for two separate plans of deposit insurance: a temporary plan which was to be initiated on January 1, 1934, and a permanent plan which was to become effective on July 1, 1934.

  23. snoop diddy says:

    here we go,
    right at the bottom of the page, it looks open ended:

    “(j) Upon the date of enactment of the Banking Act of 1933, the Corporation shall become a body corporate and as such shall have power —

    “First. To adopt and use a corporate seal.

    “Second. To have succession until dissolved by an Act of Congress.

    “Third. To make contracts.

    “Fourth. To sue and be sued, complain and defend, in any court of law or equity. State or Federal.

    “Fifth. To appoint by its board of directors such officers and employees as are not otherwise provided for in this section, to define their duties, fix their compensation, require bonds of them and fix

  24. John Robb says:

    Thanks Snoop!

    You’ve linked me to some good reads. Your first fdic.com link inspired me to find and read Executive Orders by FDR in 1933. Interesting stuff, but I don’t yet see what I’m looking for. FDR references an Act of 1917, perhaps I’ll go look there, but I’m already guessing that it’s a reference to expanding executive power regarding executive orders.

    Your other link to the Banking Act of 1933 shows the first five powers issued to the FDIC. Until someone convinces me that the FDIC and the FRB are one and the same, I shall continue my search…

    Oh, and thanks again for the lovely [and creepy] graphic of Monica, Sophie, and Max the other day. Good stuff! I hope you caught the soundtrack I posted. I had fun listening while gazing at your artwork, a rather uncanny mix.

  25. snoop diddy says:

    @John Robb 🙂

    I think the whole thing looks like one big inference that the Fed is here to stay, but you’re right, I can’t see where Congress approved a further term than the 1913 Act of 20 years.

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