This is why Rumsfeld can’t set foot in various European countries (Bush and Cheney too).

31 comments on “This is why Rumsfeld can’t set foot in various European countries (Bush and Cheney too).
  1. Harry says:

    When will they be prosecuted?

  2. Illinois Brandon says:

    I want the US to prosecute them after all 4,000 plus Americans have died for what? This is my generations Vietnam I’m 28 years young.

  3. Marc Authier says:

    Hey it’s a ‘liberation’ war. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Donald Hames says:

    If you think of the inability of the military to account for reconstruction costs and bribe money in Iraq the true number of Iraqis killed likely exceeds 6 to 10 times the amount leaked.

    I believe the Pentagon, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al are elated that the leaked papers reveal such a low count of collateral damage. i.e. the leaked info is intentional.
    It also follows that the the U.S. military casualties are much higher than initially reported.

  5. Mezo says:

    Someones idea of population control

  6. Illinois Brandon says:

    It was nice to see my Church finally stand up to Israel and their criminal actions.

  7. Daruka says:


    When will they be prosecuted?

    Answer: When hell freezes over.

    Only thing that pisses me off worse is the amount of dumb Americans that still believe the LIES upon LIES.

  8. Mep says:

    @ Illinois Brandon – Yep. Too bad that story is already buried due to more sex abuse news. Then there’s the whole money laundering thing.

  9. Tao Jonesing says:

    The Iraq Occupation hasn’t been aware since Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” in 2003. How do you have over 66,000 civilian deaths AFTER the war ended? There’s collateral damage in peace time?

    @Donald – the only reason the number of civilian deaths seems low is because we’re still falsely framing what’s happening in Iraq as a war.

  10. SAO says:

    @Donal Hames

    You hit on a big subject. I believe the US military casualties are much, much greater than stated by the US. If people knew the truth they would be horrified. I would very much like the truth to be known to all.

    The people running these wars lump all humans into the same barrel and could not careless how many die or are maimed.

    People that put their fake, yellow ribbons “support our troops” on their cars are very ignorant. In fact, anyone that supports these immoral wars is very ignorant.

  11. Mother Earth says:

    So is the country with the least inhibited killers advantaged in a conventional war?

  12. Mike/Liverpool says:

    I thought it was half a million, mind you i got that info from Max Sources

  13. ronron says:

    not sure Mike. never fight with Stacy on that subject. you should know better.

  14. Illinois Brandon says:

    This is why the church is slow to be critical of Israel because they know the media will then attack them without mercy. We know who controls the media and so do they.

  15. Illinois Brandon says:

    My uncle Jack passed away 2 years ago in October 2008 I used to take him to a Vet hospital I would see young people my age without Legs, Arms and emotionally destroyed it ust broke my heart. PS My Uncle was in Berlin right before the wall went up in 1961.

  16. Mother Earth says:

    Prisons lobbying for stricter laws leading to more prisoners..

  17. Karsten Hansen says:

    Yes Rumsfeld und Cheney,Colin Powel und Bush!Sieg heil!
    But lets not forget,Blair Brown Merkel Sarkoszy and the one and only,Danish cheif of the high command of the famos NATO,Anders Fogh Rasmussen,who cooked the books when he was the Tax minister of the Danish,now he cook the books for Nato!
    We live in a time of the worst crime syndicate,and thithey are goverments,elected by the PEONS of this planet,who only cares about stupid gadgets on the celphone,halelulja how we party,on the dead bodys of people who didnt do any other crime than being alive,we are all warcriminals,cause we didnt stop this!

  18. Mep says:

    The Catholic Church deserves to be attacked . . . without mercy.

    If they weren’t so invested in covering up crimes, trying to take away the 1st, 4th, and 14th amendment rights of women, and making sure that gays and lesbians gain no further rights, maybe they’d have time to do something useful like rail against the war crimes and financial crimes that are killing people and leaving hundreds of millions of others homeless, penniless, hungry, and desperate.

  19. Majestic says:

    Why did this protest not receive better coverage 15 days ago?

    “U.S. military veterans hung an enormous banner on the front of the Newseum, wrapping their message around the First Amendment chiseled in five stories of limestone.” It read: “MR. OBAMA: END THESE FUCKING WARS! WAR IS THE OBSCENITY.”

  20. MirrorMirror says:

    Joni Mitchell : “Shine … on lousy leadership, licensed to kill ”

    From Joni Mitchell’s – Shine – look it up !

  21. GGees says:

    Clearly the civilan deaths reported here are as a result of individual military units taking action on the ground. They do NOT include the many 000s of civilian deaths caused by aerial bombarbments, rocket attacks and other long range weapons. I am sure the total is much higher than published on Wikileaks

  22. mia guy says:

    Obama- financial crisis a mistake ? A mistake which ensured only the richest benefits…

  23. RandPaulRocks says:

    Nobody will touch them..its just the way it goes it seems…Real IRA, Tony Blair is daring you.

  24. Bob says:

    Moral of story


    Muslim elitist squealing to gen up the populace to go out and do their bidding, sounds familiar doesn’t it. SAME O SAME O all over the world.

    Europeans may put up with crap but not the US. Otherwise the next time the dOt will be a lot bigger.

  25. GGees says:

    @ Bob

    a) Iraq had fck all to do with 911
    b) Iraq had NO WMD
    c) You are whats the problem with the USA–brainless and unable to understand reality

  26. udee says:

    who/what makes the unlimited funding (with the “magik money”) possible for this war for natural resources?

    who/what controls all media, thereby shaping nearly all public “opinion”?

    who/what benefits most from perpetual destruction of the Islamic world (and why is this often conveniently ignored by “free speech loving media and persons around the globe)?

  27. Dennis says:

    Civilians were killed in the middle of war? No way! … Get over it people! Whether you agree or disagree with the US war on Iraq, you can’t be stupid enough to think that a leak showing civilians were killed in a war is really all that groundbreaking. How many civilians were killed in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Somalia, Bosnia & Serbia, etc.? War kills people, and it does not discriminate based on whether or not a person is wearing a uniform, especially not in a war that searches for “terrorists” and “insurgents” that look no different from any average person on the street. It’s tragic, but to be expected.

  28. SAO says:


    You are a complete idiot! Grow a brain!

  29. xxxx4 says:

    I’ve heard it said before that Wikileaks is a CIA front, but it dawns on me. Maybe Wikileaks is instead an IMF/International Banker front that uses these “leaks” to further the destruction of the US?

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