FBI helps create the terrorists, then the FBI arrests them (FBI provides fake C4)

33 comments on “FBI helps create the terrorists, then the FBI arrests them (FBI provides fake C4)
  1. Joe says:

    False flag.

  2. Marc Authier says:

    Must keep their budgets to fight terrorists. No plans of blowing up another Oklaohoma City ? Yeep Clinton and the FBI blew up Oklaohoma City. Timothy McVeigh was working for the FBI. USA is almost like USSR or Nazi Germany when you thinlk about the scum called FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security.

  3. Marc Authier says:

    State terrorism to keep their budgets. It’s a classic. In Canada we had the Mounted Police that planted bombs in the houses of jewish businessmen to justify their budgets to fight the Québec nationalism. Today the same Nazis RCMP bastards burn cars and break windows to justify stealing ONE billion dollars at G20 orgies. State police Nazis. That’s what most of theses bastards are. Create terrorists to steal the taxpayers. Like 911 Pentagon sponsored assasination of New-Yorkers. Loving fascists from the federal government.

  4. Mary Rose says:

    I’m sure they’re some good people at the FBI. It must be hard for them to admit to themselves that stuff like this goes on.

  5. Ptah says:

    Havn’t watched the vid yet, been following this story:

    7/7 was the UK version of the US 9/11, with all of the ambiguity and suspicion… dare I say… state-sponsored murder

    Still no word yet in the enquiry why the exercise ran by Peter Power could not provide any assistance despite having many resources at his disposal.

  6. Mary Rose says:

    Correction: there are

    (Too bad we can’t edit our typos! :-()

  7. WeAreAllShoes says:

    On the plus side, at least they didn’t give them real explosives and allow the synthetic terror attack to take place – as happened in the first WTC bombing.

  8. Wolferl says:

    … not even amnesty international did something … lol

    russian propaganda BS

  9. WeAreAllShoes says:


    Have you seen ‘7/7 The Big Picture’ yet? It’s newer and longer than ‘Ripple Effect’, anyway if you haven’t it’s available here:


    It’s a shame the UK has no Alex Jones equivalent but I don’t think they’d last very long if we did.

    Interestingly the website for the movie (wideshut.co.uk) is down, which happened recently, along with the only site I know where the picture of the hole in the floor of the bombed tube at Edgeware Road, with the upward blast evidence (as spiraling ribbon of steel), which was here:


    This is quite relevant to the enquiry, especially since they would not release footage of the hole in case it was used by “extremists” (read the truth movement).

  10. Harry says:

    Participez au retrait massif d’argent et “clôture” de nos comptes secondaires (épargne) ?


    Bankencrash selbstgemacht


  11. TJ says:

    Holy Moly that lady is pissed off, rightly.

    @ Marc A

    I think we found your soul mate 😉

  12. Ptah says:

    WeAreAllShoes: Yep seen it.

    I lived in Kings Cross at that time. Was aware of the exercises when told by a copper that the chaos was caused by it. Walked past the bus as they took people off – thinking, mmm its all quite realistic. Tried to make mobile phone calls. Recall seeing that Netenyahu was advised to avoid the tube. Another controlled demolition… but uk style.

    Alex Jones for the UK. Who would fit the role?

  13. Mep says:

    ‘mericans have forgotten about the troops and the wars. Gotta make sure that they don’t also forget to be afraid of “terrorists”.

  14. Marc Authier says:

    Tchertoff has a new naked body scanner to sell. this time for parcels.

  15. Marc Authier says:

    Fundementally USA is populated by mentally retarded mother fuckin assholes.
    I really hope Americans start starving to death. This country is PURE EVIL and PURE SHIT, Obeyourmamamtalibanarepublic included.

  16. WeAreAllShoes says:


    Charlie Veitch of The Love Police (cveitch.org) or Paul Joseph Watson (prisonplanet.com)? Arguably PJW is allready, if only part-time. I can see why there isn’t one though, just look what happened to the guy that made ‘Ripple Effect’ – even though he was/is a bit of a nutter. I don’t think Alan Watt (cuttingthroughthematrix.com) left the UK without good reason.

  17. Mep says:

    @ Marc – Honestly, I don’t know what you want from Americans. Your hatred of us is evident, and while there’s a lot about America to intensely loathe, you know, I’m not a “mentally retarded mother fuckin asshole,” and neither are the majority of Americans you interact with here. But you give me and a lot of us serious shit when we say something that you vehemently disagree with. I don’t know what a better America would look like to you. Would it just be an America where most Americans share all of your viewpoints?

  18. the underfundedmentalist says:

    i believe this is what rumsfeld meant when he mentioned
    ‘stirring up the nest’

    looks like were fighting on both sides of the war on terror

  19. death to the NWO says:

    Please have a look at that article form the Telegraph : ” Terrorism Act : no terror arrest made after 100,000 stop-and-searches ” .
    This indicate that ” terrorism ” is used to scare the population and to pass new legislation to reduce human rights .
    Because of the screwed up mentality of the retarded people that work for the police , secret services and other assorted moronic organizations ,
    they see terrorist under the bed like 50 years ago they were looking for ” communist ” . Now as others have pointed out , those retards manufacture terrorism by infiltrating any type of groups including dissenters, minor parties , religious group and sects or groups of demonstrators .
    The Italian , French , Canadian and the Us police forces have been caught red handed infiltrating demonstrations and causing violent riots .


  20. serky says:

    Does anyone remember the bombing of a bar in Israel in 2003 by two Brits. One of the bombers Omar Khan Sharif fled the scene but was helpful enough to leave his passport outside before making his getaway presumably to help identify himself to the Israeli security forces which promptly paraded it all over international TV. Apparently he didn’t think he needed it to get through all those checkpoints that are everywhere who anyone that has ever spent so much as a day in Israel would have known.
    The target a bar by the name of “Mikes Place” and one of the first places in Israel to serve Guinness on tap and located right next to the American Embassy was not surprising frequented mostly by British and Americans.
    Omar Khan Sharifs bomb didn’t go off but his friends did left uninjured according to Israelis. A well known London based Arab Islamist presently in prison under terrorism charges at the time accused Israel of the attack stating that Palestinians do not as a policy accept operations by foreign nationals in their territories and he asked when was the last time you heard of a Saudi national blowing anything up in Israel. He also went on the record as saying that Omar Khan Sharif would turn up dead.

    On the May 12 Omar Sharif’s decomposed body was allegedly found in the sea but his family was not permitted to identify it. Instead family members in the UK were arrested and their forcibly taken DNA samples were taken, and passed to the Israeli authorities who then claimed to have matched these to the body.

    The media made brief mention of it instead focusing on prosecuting Sharifs family. The only alleged “evidence” against Parveen Sharif would appear to be purely electronic emails, without any direct reference to time, date or location of the bomb attack, or any mention of explosives etc but the public was sufficiency distracted from any real questions.

  21. Michael Bridges says:

    Who needs external ‘terrorists’ when homegrown is much more effective!
    Crude Awakening – USA

  22. sexton says:

    I am sad for these four men and their families. America has lost its way. It’s been commandeered by a gang of banksters with a vendetta.

  23. Marc Authier says:

    You are so inanimate and slobs in USA, sorry it’s the sad truth, than I think even my rage wouldn’t induce you in action. It’s that bad. It’s not just an American disease Mep. We suffer from it. Don’t worry. It’s the same here. A good starvation in Québec and Canada would do us a lot of good also. 🙂

  24. Marc Authier says:

    I’m just tired of having USA in my ass 24h a day in Canada. I hope this USA bulllshit and myth implodes, specially the one pumper on mother fuckin TV screens, this fuckin CIA Nazi TV from Canada.

  25. Van says:

    Speaking of “The Law” has anyone seen the “Officer Bubbles” video—ck out the cartoon parody too.

  26. Marc Authier says:

    Americans are a lot like Jews and Israelis. They think that ONLY them count. Cut it off ! BOTH of you ! We are 6,6 billion people in the world. I love some parts of American and Jewish culture anc divilization but I fuckin tired of mother fuckin Nazis. BOTH. That will do.

  27. Marc Authier says:

    I’m tired of your monopolies on the western world. Neo-con paychopaths from USA and from Israel. You should go see a psychiatrist. These two countries are mentally sick in 2010.

  28. RandPaulRocks says:

    What a joke the USA is….

  29. Ptah says:

    Weareallshoes: I don’t really agree with your suggestion for Paul Joseph Watson. He is interesting when coming thru from a US perspective and I don’t dislike him but I think his UK commentary sounds soft by comparison. The Aj crowd use UK voices like Farang and Monckton who are upper class tossers with a deep hatred of the great unwashed. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, yet AJ and crew cuddle up to them. They should stay focussed on global stuff and US stuff- that is their area. They know very little about the UK – the macro stuff is ok, but they miss the detail – unlike M&S. I will check out the other guy you mentioned.

  30. WeAreAllShoes says:


    You asked, I answered. Who would you pick?

  31. Jayme says:

    The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen

  32. Brett says:

    STRATFOR’s take on the UPS cargo plane incidents: http://cot.ag/dfnQuq

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