[OTE74] On the Edge with Ed Harrison

Stacy Summary: On the Edge with Ed Harrison of Creditwritedowns.com

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  1. ROVSKI says:

    Here is the answer to the gold goat / index. 1500 years ago 1 gold dinar bought 2 goats. Today its the same value 1 gold dinar buys two goats.

    This is a wonderfully simple instructive video. There is no need to talk about corruption in the monetary system. Its theft by its very nature.


    Why didn’t my fee paying Catholic school teach me about money?

  2. ROVSKI says:

    Why have all the major religions of the world except Islam not taught us about money?

  3. anything but green.again says:

    Old chart, summing up the main troofers slotted into place before the main show in Sep ’01:

  4. anything but green.again says:

    Non-mainstream “alternative” research on DEWs and more:

  5. Sylvia Rogier says:

    Nice interview.
    Looking forward to the next one in Farsi : )

  6. Schralper says:

    @ Max & Ed- Excellent show

  7. Sherri Young says:

    The credit writedowns in the mortgage space may be getting ready to happen. The foreclosure document fraud story is finally gaining traction. Yves Smith wrote a second piece about GMAC’s shenanigans on Friday in which she went through some of the nuts and bolts of legal handling of notes and security paper.


    That story was picked up on a blog that has good information including court filings.


    Denninger has been working on proposals for handling the mess. He has refined his thoughts quite a bit over the past several days and has come to recognize that the various states have jurisdiction. (Good. The states are not likely to be maximally responsive to Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the K Street lobbyists that have been so highly compensated by Freddie, Fannie, and the derivative spewing banks. Little Timmy Geithner won’t be able to reach out and twist the arms of the state judges.) Denninger’s latest piece is definitely his best on the subject.


    Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For the derivative pushers and Freddie and Fannie and the Fed, that light may be the oncoming train or drone turning straight for them.

    Should have happened two years ago.

  8. Mini US says:


    The Catholic school system taught us about fear, guilt and discipline.
    I’m afraid they missed a lot of good stuff. But it wasn’t just them.
    The best lesson Ihad at school was when one open minded teacher told us about other religions.
    Bingo! Only then I realised that the human race just needed something to believe in……in any shape or form.
    To some its god, to some its money, and to people in Melbourne it is sport 🙂
    What a relief to leave school and meet normal people 😉

    Hey Rovski, if you are an Aussie maybe we went to the same school.

  9. GOLD BARON says:

    @ Stacy
    Wherever you came across this guest, whatever led you to include this person, please consider likewise with other potential guests. This was an EXCELLENT interview! Really enjoyed it!

    Also, liked the format. Let’s keep digging for answers, conclusions. We all need to be more educated.

    Even the GOLD BARON!

  10. stacyherbert says:

    @Mini US – speaking of Catholic school; I went to Sunday school; I was only five or six and so they taught us with comic books; so I took these ‘stories’ as cartoons; and when adults talked about it as real, I recall vividly thinking it was like them believing in the Bugs Bunny

  11. Mini US says:


    Yes, right on you Skwewy Wabbit.

  12. Chris says:

    I agree w/ Harrison completely. Obama had ONE chance to make a clean break w/ Bush, support people over bankers, start prosecuting fraudsters, etc. Yes, this would have crashed the stock market, but at lease he could start rebuilding. Now that Obama has continued Bush’s support of the banksters, a lot of the impending chaos caused by Bush looting the country will be seen as his fault.