[OTE72] On the Edge with Karl Denninger

Stacy Summary: On the Edge with Karl Denninger!

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  1. Marc Authier says:

    Remembering 911, but forgetting the mass murder of 10% of Irak, probably the same for Afghanistan and Iran. Forget the 4 trillion cost for unexistant arms of mass destruction, raping of the US constitution, legalization of torture and murder of US citizen. Forget the the 3 trillion dollar discovered stolen at the Pentagon on september 10th 2001. Yeah the last post on rememberin 911 either proves that Denninger is a stupid chauvisnistic American Pentagon boot licker, a fan of Pastor Jones, a fanatic member os Israeli lobby, a shareholder of Blackwater Haliburton, or watches too much Fox TV. The Pentagon is not a sacred instiitution Denninger, Neither the US military and the bastards behind it the militaro-industrial complex whicht is the main culprit of the destuction of US economy. Denniger should read the books of Ludwig Vom Misses about the cost of war, military industry and empires.

  2. Marc Authier says:


    Denniger when it come to the Pentagon to whepons dealers is retard. I remember on 911 that USA morphed into a very well known beast in Europe; a police state.

  3. Marc Authier says:


    Dynamisms of fascism by Ludwid Von Mises. Denniger should get his head out his flag wagging American bozzo ass and smell the coffee. Von Mises explains perfectly what US has become today.

  4. Marc Authier says:

    You are either stupid Denniger or evil like most Pentagon and US military boot lickers. It’s sad reading this on his site. He is lot like Peter Schiff. He makes a lot of sense and then he completely goes of the bend when it comes denouncing the rape of American taxpayers by the CIA and the Pentagon.
    He cannot or will make the connection between the economic crisis and wheapons dealers ans imperialistic policies.


  5. OB says:

    Great interview as usual, Max. Particularly liked your last question. I would not have known karl was a tea-rockstar otherwise. In light of that association, it was interesting to learn that he was able to speak about the overlap between industrial, financial and political structures, like the Koch bros…

  6. Howard Beale says:

    @Max & Stacy,
    Denninger, while having some insight into things financial, has always been near “the edge,” and his latest spew of self-righteous, I know everything and there’s no reason to discuss it, delusional spew regarding 911 lays his real level of sanity out there for all to see: Denninger = parent; the rest of America = dumb children.

    Please rethink you associations with him, as the relationship could easily be more harmful than productive (to your well thought out and non-melodramatic views–oh, we all know Max is a clown at heart and has trouble taking himself seriously, even though he might be justified 99% of the time…).

  7. Breasal says:

    Karl does not look like a well man.

  8. SRV ES339 says:

    Love your site and shows Max and Stacey!

    Like some of the others commenting on this post, I have problems with Mr. Denninger using your forum to promote his demagoguery (see link below for a sample). IMHO Mr. Denninger and his (non financial) views are part of the problem, and enabling him in this way is a mistake.


    A short story about my dealings with Karl…

    I was a casual visitor to his site and appreciated the business information and comments, although I didn’t always agree. I took particular exception to some of his views on health care (that providing health care for those who otherwise can’t afford it was somehow a communist plot and lazy freeloaders get what they deserve). Rather than call him out (I really was offended by his views… I felt he was joining the ranks of the Tea Party “backers” in appealing to the prejudices and emotions of many conservatives in America… the tried and true Republican strategy) on his site, I sent him a respectful email thanking him for his work and spelling out my disagreement in very clear terms (he feels it’s acceptable to let fellow citizens die for lack of adequate health care, and I do not). His reply dismissed my comments completely, accused me of “lowering the bar by name calling” (something he does on a regular basis… CNB(S); Obama-isms… take your pick… all derogatory with inflammatory racial elements; those that do not support the official 9/11 report 100% are labeled as “nutters”… is that a word?, etc). He then gave me the sad news that I was banned from commenting on his site forever (even though I had never commented on his site).

    While censorship is always a “slippery slope,” I would urge at least a disclaimer (assuming you do not share his views and agree they fan the flames of hatred in America) next time you have him on. Finally, please let Mr. Denninger know I’m recovering slowly from the trauma of the ban, and hope to be back in business after a few more therapy sessions… oh, and please send him my personal regards.

  9. Doug Graves says:

    Denninger is a paradox. He is a well-informed and intelligent enough fellow, who follows his own playbook, who will live and die by his beliefs. Sort of like a scientist who puts together an experiment to prove what he thinks is true and then gets up on a soapbox to hawk his self-published thesis, (no discount, mind you!). All in all, nobody I would like to have dinner with. He quite happily will negate and discount any point of view you might have. He needs an audience so he can listen to himself spout off Hooverite americana. In another time he would have been considered an enlightened slave-owner, carefully measuring out calories to his charges based on their output. He lacks soul.

    The next time you have him on your show, ask him about Gold.

  10. Marc Authier says:

    @Doug Graves
    Well if Denniger is a scientist, how the fuck can he explain that on 911 laws of fuclin physics didn’t apply. Planes don’t melt. Buildings don’t vaporize in dust. Denniger is a fuckin retard boot licking Pentagon ass when it comes to 911. Yeah I’m mad because Denniger knows his physics and should open his chemistry and physics books. Denniger is a retard when it comes to 911 and science.

  11. gr8mikey says:

    Hey Marc! I am an official member of the Market-Ticker banned troofer club! I think Denninger is a delusional fool whenever he steps out of the realm of finance. I think he would have made a hell of a concentration camp operator in nazi germany. He seems to succumb to the gov’t propaganda way too easily for my liking. It will be interesting to see his reaction should China ever successfully use their DF-21A carrier killer missle.

  12. Joe sixpack says:

    This ought to sum it up just about right!!


  13. Marc Authier says:


  14. Marc Authier says:

    30,000 Irakis in prison. No judges, ‘enhanced’ interrogations and indefinite detention etc…..

    Denniger can go f himself with remembering 911. By the way Mister Denniger the same freakin thing is coming to USA.


    If people only knew what is really going on in Irak. It’s starting to filter indeed. Soon to come new Wikileaks file.

  15. Jerm says:

    +100 to Marc Authier for comments on Denninger.

    I had to remove links from my blog to his site after his last 911 post. I have a lot of respect for Max and Stacy but to have him as the guest on 911 is an insult to the families of the victims and anyone who believes in 911 truth!

  16. Marc Authier says:

    And what this guy Denninger can’t understand is that the actual economic crisis is related DIRECTLY to Irak, Afghanistan, Iran and fucked up policies designed by American neo-cons and mad zionists. He is just a stupid moron when it come to 911. He pretends to be scientific. He could at least shut up when he profers such obsenities. He’s a total asshole when it come to 911 and the FACTS. The facts in the case of 911 come the universal law of gravity, metallurgy and chemistry. Planes don’t vaporize and melt. Buildings don’t melt and vaporize in a hour without controlled demolition. Denninger is an asshole when it comes to 911, the Pentagon and universal laws of physics. Stupid neo-con zionist.

  17. Marc Authier says:

    And next september 11th Denniger will to say its retard readers that Iran did it. Yeah of the bend and fuck imperialist Americans. This country really deserve a fulll blown depression.

  18. Marc Authier says:

    HELOCS in paradise California. From bad to worse and worse.


    650 billion of nothingness naturally not recognized on the banksters balance sheet. Hey. No relation with Irak, Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Really ?

  19. Cesare Bonventre says:

    CBO & IMF within last month gave a number of 200 Trillion for government debt

    Where did the 1 quadrillion in worthless counterfeit derivatives go – who is sitting on them? Great point MAX – These banking oligarchs are actually collecting “fees” on these counterfeit derivatives!!

    Where is the missing 3 trillion in oil for money scheme & missing 2.3 trillion in DOD expenses (remember Rummie spoke of it one day before 9/11)

    Where is all the lost gold from Fort Knox? (remember Reagan had his team audit it)

    The 2008 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports show the combined unfunded liability of these two programs has reached $101.7 trillion in today’s dollars!

    The Hodges Report, (which uses Government figures), demonstrate an additional 57 Trillion plundered from Federal Government Trusts

    The FHA insures 1 in 2 homes now, (there is NO funding set aside for this debt). 1 in 4 owners is underwater with their mortgage. The overhang of unsold homes has jumped from 8.9 months’ supply to 12.5, higher than at any point during the Great Recession. Over 20pc of mortgage holders are already in negative equity and home default notices hit 325,000 in July. Homes are being financed with only 3.1% down; while sales commission is 6%.

    One in five workers works for the enormous government! The average Federal Government worker has a $125,000 pay package; with over $40K in benefits. The average worker in the public sector earns less than half of that, and benefits of less than $10K. Public sectors do not have to turn a profit – So they can run up big Union fees. How can that be sustained?

    2009 US Labor Bureau Stat: There are 7.9 million public sector (government) Union members 34%; and only 7.5 million private sector Union members 7%.

    US unemployment is 22% (U6 number) and savings less than 4 %; GDP to Debt ratio of 1200%. How much hyperinflation does the spell for the future?

    The bottom 80% of this nation only hold 7% of its wealth; the top 1% of Americans holds 42.7% – Congressmen and Senators belong to the top 20% that own 93.3% of the nation’s wealth

    40 Million Americans live on Food Stamps, (survey of state data by daily USA TODAY released on Monday showed that more than 50 million Americans are on Medicaid)

    In 2005, the top 25 hedge fund managers “earned” $9 billion, or an average of $360 million. One year after a financial collapse caused by the financial innovations peddled by Wall Street, the top 25 hedge fund managers paid themselves $25 billion, or an average of $1 billion a piece. For some perspective, there were 7 million unemployed Americans in 2006. Gap between rich & poor widest of all industrialized nations!

  20. Cesare Bonventre says:

    Many comments on here denigrating Denninger

    Either he is not “Christian” enough or others say he is heartless for not giving to the so-called “needy”

    Apparently many of the viewers aren’t willing to live rationally – The new American debt-math has no room for either.

    Both Christians & those who worship the State as some surrogate parent are Mental Parasites: Conscious thinking is a choice they avoid; simply imitating and repeating what they see; never making an effort to understand their own work.

    These are the men who march into the abyss, trailing after any destroyer who promises them to assume the responsibility they evade: the responsibility of being conscious!

    So onward they go into the fog behind Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, or their past & present American Presidents into war to secure corporate profits for Halliburton, Dick Cheney & the other elites who have become their masters!

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