Osama’s Dream Congress

MK: As I’ve been saying on the “Keiser Report,” America is finishing the job Osama started by committing suicide on a daily basis. Destroying Net Neutrality on purpose is exactly how to ensure America’s competitiveness continues to collapse.

16 comments on “Osama’s Dream Congress
  1. Oh my…I’m first…this news sucks.

  2. jischinger says:

    trade war with China
    bring it on!

  3. This is sooooo disappointing…Good Morning! As much as I love Max Keiser the sad news is really getting to me lately. Max why don’t you patent your idea for Pirate My Video and help make the world a better place. Your idea that you mentioned a year or so ago is phenomenal! Not to mention refreshing compared to this depressing crapola news.

  4. Marc Authier says:

    No more rare earths for you Pentagon. No more for Japan either. Me thinks USA is just about to fall in the abyss. Maybe it’s a darn good thing. Them and fuckin UK.

  5. td9d says:

    Ya, let’s let politicians regulate the internet!

    The internet is going to be regulated one way or another, either by i) the internet providers or ii) politicians.

    I say get government completely out of subsidizing and protecting the big communication companies, to open up free market competition, then let them regulate themselves.

  6. Where is the Don Harrold and Max Keiser vid discussing ways to make a profit on Pirate My Video? It was an amazing video!!

  7. Marc Authier says:

    Obeyourmammatalibana or I will slow to death your internet connection.

  8. Marc Authier says:

    Starts with a currency war, then a trade war, and then a real war. This one is going to be ‘nucular’ war. Mind you. That’s what tha Democrat bastard and the Republican bitch in Washington want. Bi partisan effort to a nukular world war. It’s good for the business and Rand Corporation. Seig Heil !

  9. Palantír says:

    America is not only loosing net neutrality but as Huffington Post earlier had a story on, America is loosing the last of privacy online as well:

    U.S. Works To Make Internet Wiretaps Easier

  10. Marc Authier says:

    United Shitheads of America. Anything that comes from USA is bad. Hollywood included. Anyways 85% of the stuff we buy comes from China. Guess who is the next boss ? The American century has indeed ended.

  11. Zorbacci says:

    You need to keep in mind that any Congressional bill put up means exactly the opposite of what it’s stated to accomplish.
    War on Terror = War of Terror
    Patriot Act = Patriot Prevention Act
    Healthcare Reform = Healthcare Demolition Plan
    War on Drugs = War on Personal Freedom
    Net Neutrality = (you come up with something clever…)

  12. udee says:

    hmm … that was a real nice show – and best of all – perpetuates the left-right phony paradigm; “progressive” demicans can pretend that they stood up to communications corporations and lost out to the ” right-wing” repubicats (even though demicans control all the US gov since 2004 -so how’d the dems loose this one?)

    thing is, all communications corporations exist at behest of US gov
    every action or inaction the comms do – is by direction of US gov
    so what is really behind com-corporations move to strangle internet
    US gov – of the incorporated US … anything demicans or republicats means absolutely nothing – except nice show for the sheeples -so they feel their flock is “democratic” and “free”

  13. Nicholas Nicola says:

    There never has been net neutrality andd there never will be…when you are starving, who gives a fuking shit about bandwidth…the war is on and we are discussing bandwidth?

  14. Rob Parks says:

    “Public interest groups and Internet companies say regulations are needed to prevent phone and cable operators from slowing or blocking Internet phone calls, online video and other Web services that compete with their core businesses. They also want rules to ensure that broadband companies cannot favor their own online traffic or the traffic of business partners that can pay for priority access.”

    Is there any evidence that this is happening or is a problem?
    Do we really need another bill from congress?
    Why should we trust the government to regulate the internet?

  15. Youri Carma says:

    Congressional ‘net neutrality’ deal falls apart (FT.com) http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/bb91b25a-cc1b-11df-bd28-00144feab49a.html

    He added that he had made clear that the proposal would only move forward with Mr Barton’s support. Mr Waxman also dangled a carrot in front of the cable and telecom industry, suggesting IT WAS STILL POSSIBLE TO PASS THE LEGISLATION AFTER NOVEMBER’S MIDTERM ELECTION – the so called lame-duck session of Congress.

  16. Truth Machine says:

    Well it looks like the lazy, fat, apathetic, dumbed-down sheeple of the U.S. are going to let the gov, banks and the militarial industrial complex completely and utterly destroy their country before even a hand is raised in objection.

    When the net is shut down, it is REALLY all over.

    340 Million slave’s just walking around drooling on each other asking what happened. The sooner this death star implodes the better.

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