McDonald’s May End Health Care Benefits For 30,000 Workers

McDonald’s has threatened to terminate health benefits for almost 30,000 hourly workers if the government doesn’t give the corporation a pass on a provision of this year’s health care legislation, the Wall Street Journal reports. More

12 comments on “McDonald’s May End Health Care Benefits For 30,000 Workers
  1. Happy Dick says:

    A new menu item … “The Big McDeal”

  2. Youri Carma says:

    For the food I need McDonalds isn’t cheap at all. This is my standard menu order at McDonalds do realy feel filled up.

    1 Big Mac (Menu Medium)
    1 french frites (Medium)
    1 milk (You have to Pay Extra over Coke!)

    2 french frites sauce (Pay extra for)
    1 fish Burger
    1 normal Hamburger

    That’s around 13 Euro’s (The Netherlands) = $18 !!!!

    For that money I can go to the best local Chinese Restaurant and eat for two days! So I stopped eating at McDonalds for three reasons Money, Health and Principal.

  3. Wahrheit says:

    In America it’s common to see the regular hamburger or fish fillet on sale for $1. Each of them has enough saturated fat in it to last you for a week.

  4. Marc Authier says:

    I’m lovin it ! Fuck you America. Eat your Big Mac and die !

  5. Marc Authier says:

    McDonald also asked the US government to stop selling real food. It’s already the case ? Ouuups ! I forgot.

  6. Marc Authier says:

    And then it will be Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, Wal Wart, Costco. Ronald McDonald is a sun of a bitch. Ronald McDonald doesn’t want to pay his taxes. Ronald McDonald wants the little fuckin slave taxpayers foot the bill. Ronald McDonald say to you ‘Have a good day and eat my yummy yummy silicone McNuggets and die from a color-rectal cancer.’ I’m lovin it !

    Fuckin American Corporate Nazis.

  7. Marc Authier says:

    Will Coca-Cola that eugenist anti black, racist, neo-con neo-nazi WASP corporation ask the same thing as Mc Donald ?

  8. Marc Authier says:

    How about a little bit of depleted uranium in your burgers you demonic bastards from USA. Yummy reminder for that fuckin asshole Denniger. Hope you eat a lot of corexit and depleted uranium in Florida.

    I’m lovin it !

  9. Marc Authier says:

    END MCDONALDS. I am convinced that the healthcare costs in USA and the rest of the world would dramatically go down if this bunch of fuckers were closed. Somedody should make an economic study about the economic, health, social and cultural damage that United Satan of America fastfood mafia has caused. .

    In China obesity for children, yes, China!, is now 35% !

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