I have a feeling we’re not on the kibbutz anymore

62 comments on “I have a feeling we’re not on the kibbutz anymore
  1. maxkeiser says:

    she heard you twice the first time, ronron

    i’ve got my eye on you.

  2. Marc Authier says:

    UN should also investigate lovin Israel about the organ business and use of depleted uranium, phospor bombs.

  3. Marc Authier says:


    Max. You are now considered by the FBI as a terrorist.

  4. maxkeiser says:

    whatever dude . . .

  5. jimmy chen says:

    max is a funny….

  6. maxkeiser says:


    let this be a lesson to you

    jimmy chen tried to make googly eyes at stacy

    and notice now that he speaks with an impediment

    you catch my drift?

    . . . just step away

  7. jimmy chen says:

    hahahaha…. perky sherby is a definitely a cutie and also max a lifemate…. jimmy chen always attempt to spread de rove but have his hands full wit too many women already. whole point was to highlite linguistic playground…. cotango, perky etc. good dat de chenmann have an acumen

  8. Marc Authier says:

    Jimmy Chen now owner of USA. 🙂

  9. Fiatmentalist says:

    Chomsky on Israel news, demonstrating the patience of a saint.


  10. jimmy chen says:

    not me owner but my a cousin does refer to it as western beijing

  11. Michael Le Couteur MSCD, ret'd says:

    Israel murdering people in cold blood? Say it isn’t so. I am starting to think the 15 %ers had it right. 85% of the planet is batshit crazy. Oh great sage known as the UN, can you tell us something we don’t know.

  12. jimmy chen says:

    @ max
    you know max…. as a passing taut, you a never need to get a you hands dirty. you have a nephew wit strong lungs and a long hot pipe. He can a blow and a blow and a blow and dis can a make for a very uncomfortable “starfish” in de seat if you get a my meaning…..

  13. David says:

    Intense heat and sand make glass, perhaps one day your nephew can go get some Israeli glass to blow.
    Oh Wait, maybe this is wrong post for that?

  14. jimmy chen says:

    result, all of de max enemy become grass

  15. jimmy chen says:

    jimmy wealize his veiled reference may not a be crear. let me illuminate, If a glass blowing rod is stuck into de lower part of de body, your enemies tend to leave you alone….. twas not a reference to sodomy or other acts not allowed on this forum. Jimmy have a sense of decorum. now lets talk turkey noodles

  16. ronron says:

    @Max . if i am alive in ten years, i will brag of my interaction with you and Stacy. thanks.

  17. Daruka says:

    We have rooms reserved here 25 minutes down the road from me in the Hague.

    Those zionazis are now no different than the guys that stood trial in Nuremburg and probably just as remorseless.

    I would so love to see NuttyYahoo hanging from a rope.

  18. ronron says:

    @Max. this night could make me a million. weird world.

  19. Youri Carma says:

    UN: Israel Executed Flotilla Activists Vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kckvmv9r2ck

  20. Marc Authier says:

    Chomsky is a New World Order left wing shit. And an ultra-nationalist when it comes to Israel. He lost all credibility about 911. Mossad agent disguised as a ‘progressive’.

  21. Daruka says:

    @Marc Authier.

    Ditto here.,

    They are all the same. when push comes to shove they are Israel firsters.

    The ziobastards in the USA don’t give a fuck about America except what they can rape out of it.

    The FED is chock full of them,. Also US congress.

    Adolph was right it seems.

  22. jimmy chen says:

    ba beep ba beep ba beep, dat all folks

  23. ronron says:

    why were you guys so hard on mike. he’s just clowning around, that’s all. 🙂

  24. Youri Carma says:

    Chinese given much room to invest in Iran now LOL

    Four big European oil firms stop investing in Iran: US http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/four-big-european-oil-firms-stop-investing-in-iran-us-afp-2a560c9a2f9b.html

    Under threat of US sanctions, European oil firms Total, Shell , Statoil and Eni have pledged to stop investing in Iran.

  25. ronron says:

    golds getting killed. yikes.

  26. Daruka says:

    Even the zionist suckass Alex Jones won’t post this story.

    He points the finger at everyone, The Bilderbergers,,Rothchilds, Illuminati blah blah.

    They are all fucking Zionazis!! LOL

    Grow some balls , Alex.

  27. Daruka says:

    @Marc Authier

    Notice how they moved this story down the page?

    under orders from Abe Foxman of the ADL.

  28. Youri Carma says:

    A Broke FDIC Expands Checking Account Insurance From $250,000 To Infinity http://www.zerohedge.com/article/broke-fdic-expands-checking-account-insurance-250000-infinity

  29. Youri Carma says:


    Thougt your googely eyes went to sleep LOL http://googlyeyesoncock.com/galleries/galleries/one.gal/full/129_2934.jpg

  30. Youri Carma says:

    Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Update: Week Of September 29 http://www.zerohedge.com/article/federal-reserve-balance-sheet-update-week-september-29

    Treasurys held by the Fed are now $812 billion, an increase of $7 billion from the week before. Japan owns $821 billion and China, $847 billion.

    We believe that within one week the Fed will surpass Japan as the second largest holder of Treasurys, and China, the currently top holder, in just over a month.

  31. Marc Authier says:

    No Israel in 2010 is more like Nazi Germany with a nation of SS.


    One cool news. Massive dose of depleted uranium found at the Pentagon after 911 ‘terrorist’ attack by the Ben CIA Laden.

  32. Marc Authier says:

    Forgot for dear New-Yorkers. Great news for all of you. The have found in the World Trade Center dust massive amounts of ?????????? you guest it ! DEPLETED URANIUM ! Off the charts !


  33. Marc Authier says:

    Thursday, 30 September 2010 14:01 US Mint Announces 33% Price Increase on Silver American Eagle Premiums!
    Written by Tarek Saab font size decrease font size increase font size Print E-mail Be the first to comment!
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    12345(2 votes)BREAKING NEWS: The United States Mint has officially raised their wholesale pricing above spot on American Silver Eagles to all authorized dealers from $1.50 to $2.00, an increase of a whopping 33%. This news comes on the heels of a significant silver spot price rally over the last month to a new thirty year record over $22 per ounce. The impact of this news is significant and has already affected dealer pricing across the country within hours, as prices on Silver American Eagles have jumped over $0.50/oz industry wide.

    The year 2010 will go down as a record year for Silver Eagle sales, as the United States Mint has already sold more than 25 million coins year-to-date. See chart below:

  34. Marc Authier says:

    Neither in USA. Radiation reading at WTC on 911.


    Hey Denninger hope someone makes you eat some WTC dust you moron, you godamn retard.

  35. Sam says:

    The US will not hold Israel accountable for their actions. Notice MSM was silent on this whole matter. At least, it got some airplay on CBC here. Obama is held hostage or in conlusion with the Globalist either way he wont do anything against Israel. It’s amazing how this little country the size of New Jersey can use and abuse the US and it takes the punishment.

    If the execution had been done by an ‘Arab’ it would be on the use 24/7 for an entire week.

  36. SAO says:

    So the Israelis have this 19 year old kid on the ground, either unconscious or semi, and they shoot him in the face. Obama and the White House are letting this slide. A US citizen is murdered. It is proven. And once again Israel gets away with killing unarmed, innocent civilians (5 Turkish citizens.)

    Just like the USS Liberty. Those sailors were sun bathing on the top deck. Everything was mellow and BOOM! Israeli planes come in and attack the Liberty for hours. Killing 34 and wounding 173. When US carriers in the vicinaty asked if they could help the survirors, President Johnson said Let them (Israel) sink the God Damn thing to the Bottom. Israel got away with an act of war, Instead Johnson lies about Vietnam attacking us and we invade their country killing God knows how many people. So, nothing has changed. Israel is still getting away with murder and the US is invading innocent countries that never did anything to cause the attacks.

  37. Tamir says:

    Not a source of pride, this report.

  38. Jayme says:

    Obama knew.

    when was there ever a time of peace in middle east? these guys are always “negotiating.” doesn’t sound like any of them have ever accomplished a thing.

  39. Daruka says:

    Seldom reported in USA media.

    The zionazis control most ALL of USA media,

    There is a clown on YouTube that goes around bragging about how he gets people banned for saying negatives things about Jews and Israel.

    name is RavDov571

  40. Marc Authier says:

    Bill Gates, Vaccination and Depopulation.


    I wouldn’t mind starting by Bill Gates and Belinda Gates. Denutting someone ? These billionnaires are really obsessed with organs. YOUR ORGANS.

  41. Nicholas Nicola says:

    @marc authier

    Did you ever read Manufacturing consent?
    how about Pirates and Emporors
    how about perilous power…?

    I agree with you some what that Chomsky is OLD…in his 80’s…he disagrees with 911 conspiracy…

    However, if you have never actually READ Chomsky…?

    If you actually HAVE, congratulations…you can read, it doesnt mean that you UNDERSTAND

    Chomsky is JEWISH…of course he is an Isreali Nationalist…?

    I wonder, how many tomes classic anti authoritarian books have you written

    0-5 your a wanker

    6-19 okay, better

    over 20…sorry I spoke…

    ps have you ever heard of Edward Said?

    you’ll be cussing him for being a Palestinian Nationalist soon

    you need to read more dude…

  42. Nicholas Nicola says:

    Ps@ daruka

    …Alex is intrinsically Christian…

    of course he shields his mainly Christian viewers from elements…

    (hi Alex)

    btw Alex is kinda mass media conspiracy…if you want real conspiracy…start watching Shia vids on Youtube regarding Dhajjal, Jinn and the coming Mahdi…(subliminal symbolic persuasion used by Western powers)

  43. Nicholas Nicola says:


    …Are you INSANE…
    ‘Adolph was right…’

    exactly what was he right about? The attempted genocide of the Slavs, Roma, Poles, Russians ans Jews?

    His ideological friendship with Stalin

    Mein Kampf


    like Marc Authier, you really need to hold your tongue dude, you are talking SHIT

  44. Nicholas Nicola says:

    @max and Stacy…nuclear weapons in Fallujah…

  45. Nicholas Nicola says:

    A book that is over 100yrs old and still censured

  46. Nicholas Nicola says:

    got me banned for life from the Guardian ‘comment is free’…comment is not free…it is highly censured

  47. Nicholas Nicola says:

    all I was doing was quoting The rome statute to the Internetional crimnal court. art.7 para 1 and 2

  48. Daruka says:


    Don’t get your knickers in a twist, son.

    Perhaps you aren’t noticing that the zionaizs (of which most but not ALL are Jews) are now playing the same type of games the German Nazis were.

    Who controls the global banking? 99 percent zioNazis .,

  49. Marc Authier says:

    You are blinded by rage. Banking has only ONE religion affiliation. It’s called paper money. The rest is of no importance.

  50. tom fallon says:

    Where is the American outrage about this execution of one of our citizens? No public figure is going to make a comment? Perhaps they are afraid they will be labeled as anti-semetic?

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