High Frequency Fraudsters, Oh What Naughty Boys!

Stacy Summary: Whoopdeedoo. Brokerage firm is ‘censured’ and fined a few bucks for illegally manipulating markets with ‘illicit’ hft strategy. Oh, wait, it got to admit no wrongdoing. Immaculate execution of their virgin crimes.

Here is Keiser Report episode in which we interviewed Karl Denninger about High Frequency Trading / Fraud.

109 comments on “High Frequency Fraudsters, Oh What Naughty Boys!
  1. flicks says:

    Placed the link on the BBC Newsnight blog

    result so far :-

    “This comment has been referred for further consideration”

  2. Marc Authier says:

    You mean Max and Stacy and moi not banned ? I don’t intend setting in USA for the rest of what’s left my life. The place is damned. I call it an occupied country. Just trying what’s left of Canada and Québec from the vampires.

    What’s the number of people in the USA on the no fly list of ‘Interior potential home grown terrorists’ ? 1,4 million Americans ?

  3. Lafayette nous voila says:

    “Tien volià du boudin”
    Ca vaut pas des feves au lard. LOL
    I love Quebec et les Quebecois. Felix Leclerc, charlebois, etc. Antonine Maillet et sa Sagouine, quel bonheur!!! Pas pour ceux qui ont subi le grand derangement, malheureusement.

  4. anything but green.again says:

    Interesting documentary: General Idi Amin Dada

  5. Marc Authier says:

    Faut pas oublie les oreilles de crisse avec les ‘binnes’.

  6. Marc Authier says:


    Avec sirop d’érable pâle (important), omelette géante et oreille de crisse.



    Ne jamais oublier que le sirop d’érable qui est de qualité supérieure est de couleur pâle. Le brun et le noir est de mauvaise qualité.

  7. Marc Authier says:

    Canadian armed forces dealing in heroine in Kandhahar. Denninger get your head out of your freakin ass. Taliban my ass Denninger. Al-USA-aida and Al-Canada. Some of these American asshole Pentagon boot lickers don’t get it.
    It was the same thing during the Vietnam war. The only ones that understood were the vets that founded the Hells Angels. Denninget get you head out of your butt like you like to say.


  8. Marc Authier says:

    Don’t forget Denninger to support your US Army pedophiles and pushers. Jerk. Yeah Al-Pedophilia Denninger.


  9. lee howard says:

    love your insights, and your show- don’t change anything- you are so hot- I love your mind!

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