Email from New Zealand

“Max, this is a story from NZ’s biggest paper, one of our countries best-read economics writers is pretty much saying what you’ve been saying for years … but at least it’s getting into the mainstream now!”

12 comments on “Email from New Zealand
  1. Marc Authier says:

    God neither some days.

  2. In the end, we are all damned says:


  3. In the end, we are all damned says:

    The who doesn’t exist…

  4. Marc Authier says:

    What comes after TARP I ?

    Well ? TARP II !!!!!!!! Soon to be followed by TARP 200 ! 🙂

  5. Rastaman says:

    America’s China Bashing: A Compendium of Junk Economics

    by Prof Michael Hudson

    It is traditional for politicians to blame foreigners for problems that their own policies have caused. And in today’s zero-sum economies, it seems that if America is losing leadership position, other nations must be the beneficiaries.

  6. Zorbacci says:

    This is a fitting article prepping the West for an Iron Curtain pull-down. Yes, the free market has been destroyed. Replacing it is state-warship, with all it’s regulatory priesthood, and they have stamped out the pagan religion of “free marketism.” Now it’s time for some more top down, government, command-and-control, global communism! Free-market pockets of the West will come around with forced state reeducation! Oh, wait, that’s already happened…. Hint: Americans still sporting Obama stickers en masse..

    Nice article further destroying the confidence of humans reaching their full potential. I’d like to start an organic dairy farm here in California, but the government price fixing of milk and pointless regulatory rats-nest prevents me from doing so. Viva the State! Instead of organic artisan cheeses (deemed unsafe for any artisan to prepare) I can shovel maneure for Monsanto Dairy (Monsanto is the agricultural arm of the US Federal Government for anyone not paying attention) To hell with silly “free” small business hogwash!!

  7. skiddypants says:

    Good grief……..has this guy just figured this out ?

    He is old enough to have seen the sale of State Owned Asset`s, to overseas interest ,who, then asset stripped them, and left the carcass ( ie NZ railways ) Telecom got sold for pennies on the dollar etc.

    Come on NZ has been pillaged for decades. Politicians recieved the backhanders , the public were oblivious … as usual I would say.

    Key only went in and spent ( thanks voters ) 1.7 billion to bail out a finance company in Canterbury because he was scared the Chinese would buy it , becuase it had financed farms ( + other things ) .

    This country has been pillaged by all and sundry……..

    This is not news , it`s a ” cut and paste ” job after the horse has bolted.


  8. bammbamm says:

    The Adam Smith/Milton Friedman economic model works real well on the chalkboard. In real life though, turn your back and your chips are gone.

  9. Youri Carma says:

    The Free Market God doesn’t exist but the market Judas does.

    When the Free Market was killed it said: “Also Thy Lloyd Blankfein” and died.”

  10. Zorbacci says:

    Actually under Americans fiat dollar FED Communists system your chips can be gone while they are still in your pocket. The Government just destroys it’s value. And what Communist system is honest? What models are you Libs using?

    the “market” has been getting less and less free by the decade in the US and the Country is getting worse and worse. Yet we have people bashing a free market.

    What government authority do you propose we come up with to make prosperity-through-market-authoritarianism? You’re the freedom basher? Who presides then? Not the pople, the plummers, the small business owners offering valuable products and services. Surely they cannot control their own lives and businesses. Who shall??

  11. joey joe joe shabadoo says:

    We’ve had a free market? Since when?

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