A Graphic Peek Into Our Economic Future

The Consumer Metrics Institute (CMI) is, in my eyes, very useful, and different from others, in that it tracks the behavior and spending habits of consumers, who make up 70% of US GDP, today, and updates its data on a daily basis. More

12 comments on “A Graphic Peek Into Our Economic Future
  1. jimmy chen says:

    it would appear from de charts dat we be screwed

  2. jimmy chen says:

    jimmy #1 jimmy #1 jimmy #1, noodles for everybody!!!!

  3. Geek Boy says:

    I hope y’all get Stoneleigh back on asap, maybe for On The Edge for the full 25 minute interview. No offence @Stacy!

  4. Hawkeye says:

    @Max / Stacy

    I’m with Ed Harrison that you interviewed the other day.

    Household neccessities (food, clothing, fuel) etc. will hit rapid price inflation, whereas overvalued hyped up debt-based spurious asset classes (like housing / stocks / Gvt bonds) will tank!

    Stuff that we NEED here and now will shoot up in price. Stuff that we once thought was savings / investment for the future will disappear in a puff of smoke, as the banksters have seen it, nicked it & spent it.

  5. Tamir says:


    Good evening. I had a bad day at work and now you give me this?!
    Thanks for enlightening us!

  6. Tao Jonesing says:

    Interesting information. If they got rid of the BEA’s “imputations” that inflate the GDP data, I bet the CMI would show even better correlation.

  7. evolutis says:

    Ilargi – a lot of great info, nice work, will take awhile to process … just in case you are not aware ‘Gap Minder” really marks charts come to life so people do not fall to sleep … broadens the info transfer


  8. David says:

    Enjoyed the data, still don’t get why all the gloom and doom as if all of USA will crash any day. Sure there is plenty unemployed, many under-employed, don’t disagree with dollar devaluation, but hey, there are plenty still raking in the cash, and not just in the banking sector. Maybe have to cut back on one cup from Starbucks a day, maybe.

  9. Marc Authier says:

    Right or Left ? No importance. The enemies of human race are bankers and corporations.


  10. Marc Authier says:

    And our lovin mother fuckers governments must we add. The State, the Bank and the Big Corporation are part of the Nazi apparatus. It’s about killing you and exterminating you.

  11. California Doctor says:

    Two years of financial nuclear attack…summarized in one flash program.

    Thank you to the Wall Street Journal for showing this “War Game 2010”.

    Each circle might as well be a financial nuclear blast.


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