The Chainsaw Copper Massacre

Stacy Summary: Wonder how much copper is in one pole?

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The Chainsaw Copper Massacre (CHAIN)

89 comments on “The Chainsaw Copper Massacre
  1. Mother Earth says:

    I love this. It will reduce emissions.

  2. snoop diddy says:

    Dr Copper is back,
    and this time he’s mad

  3. Max doing a spot of gardening there is he?

  4. Y’all see this one?

    BP executive ‘absolutely’ would eat Gulf seafood

  5. snoop diddy says:

    Off topic, this series is awesome:
    IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH – Chapter I Part 1 Orwell’s ‘1984’

  6. stacyherbert says:

    @Geek Boy’s Revenge – Reminds me of John Gummer (then Conservative Agriculture Minister, later CEO of Coca Cola UK) who, at the height of the BSE scare, fed his daughter a British beef burger for the cameras

  7. ronron says:

    @Stacy. wonder how much copper is in the pole? none.

  8. chundernuts says:

    The electricity supplies to villages have been cut, the railway lines have been closed because the cables running alongside the tracks have been cut and stolen, this has been going on for a few years.

  9. Fiatmentalist says:

    Copper prices got so high that they were doing this before the collapse 😛

    Anyone got gold teeth?

  10. Bonn says:

    Nice one ronron
    @ Maxy & Stacys

    Solar activity may be on the rise again, the Sun is waking up

    It seems as if the Sun may be going through a new cycle as a powerful plasma eruption took place on Sunday morning.

    “It’s the first major Earth-directed eruption in quite some time.” Said astronomer Leon Golub of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. This coronal mass ejection (CME) is directed straight at Earth and could be reaching us as early as August 4th, said Golub.

    The CME was caught by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which is a spacecraft that was launched in February. SDO produces better than HD quality images and provides views at a variety of wavelengths.
    Hic 😉
    Tas should Explain ta temperatures in Moscow

  11. jischinger says:

    several churches in the area just covered their roofs and gutters all in copper. a few of the reachable gutters spouts have been stolen a few times.


  12. We’re the losers in silent takeover of democracy
    By David McWilliams

    The US is not the only country whose very democratic credentials are being threatened by the governing mindset; we, the citizens of Ireland, are similarly threatened.
    In Ireland we have a governing mindset which, while not a military-industrial complex, is a politico-mandarin complex. Because the State in Ireland is by far the biggest single buyer of services in the country, it is enormously powerful and its contracts are enormously profitable for the companies doing business with it. It becomes extremely difficult, therefore, to know where the interest of the State ends and where the interest of the citizens begins. The mandarins who run the State like it like that.

  13. snoop diddy says:

    thanks @Geekboy,
    I love reading some David McWilliams stuff.
    The problem with govt is it usually locks in higher prices. So when prices should fall and give the smaller guy a go, the govt keeps them at the bidded up prices and taxes go up if there is a smaller tax base in a time of higher unemployment. The inflation becomes institutionalised, at least for that industry.

    re: BP story,
    we had some lunatic conservative in the local paper (in Sydney) saying it wasn’t such a bad environmental disaster, only 1296 pelicans have been killed. Andrew Bolt is his name, I don’t read his articles as I try to avoid him altogether. Now the leak is tapped the whitewash continues, like it never really happened – doublethink in our time. He used it as an attack vehicle on Obama. WTF would this guy in Sydney, Australia know . But he got his way as he obviously wanted to grab attention.

  14. Bonn says:

    I tote tey capped tee 710 spill ????
    ON THE GULF OF MEXICO – In a significant step toward stopping the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, BP said Wednesday mud that was forced down its blown-out well was holding back the flow of crude in the Gulf of Mexico and it was in a “static condition.”

    Workers stopped pumping mud in after about eight hours of their “static kill” procedure and were monitoring the well to ensure it remained stable, BP said.

    “It’s a milestone,” BP PLC spokeswoman Sheila Williams said. “It’s a step toward the killing of the well.”

    The next step would be deciding whether to cement the well, Williams said.

    Hic 😉

  15. stacyherbert says:

    @snoop diddy – as the cover up is often worse than the crime; in the case of BP, I suspect the dispersant will be ultimately worse than the spill

  16. snoop diddy says:

    That seems to be the word on the street.
    Here’s a clip
    It’s bubbling Oil out of the ground in Louisiana

  17. Mother Earth says:

    1984 is visionary, but it does not provide a model of stability it pretends to offer. Merely a temporary attempt thwarted by the resulting ecological holocauset. I think my decivilization approach is superior.

  18. jimmy chen says:

    sherbert my dreamy creamie cotango princess, leave max, I have many talents worthy of a perky like yourself. let us bathe in the sunlight of a scorched earth. pie abounds , that is how i roll along

  19. snoop diddy says:

    @ Mother Earth,
    yes, most ideologies like to exclude the environment as a non entity apart from infinite consumption models. That’s the disconnect between reality and what people study imo. The top % population who are super rich know exactly that and use the models to encourage the indoctrinated public to support their objectives in the name of the model, which gives those indoctrinated a feeling of superiority over those who haven’t studied that area or w/ever.

  20. Fiatmentalist says:


    Unless you can grasp that climate change is the permament war that Orwell was on about.

    Reducing CO2 emissions wont be enough will it? Eventually there be so many humans that the resource demand will itself have an effect to cause more climate change.

    So what is your solution to climate change ME?

    On a side note about decivilisation, the wildlife in Zimbabwe is decimated following their economic collapse. Hunger does that.

  21. Dedo says:

    @Mother & Snoop,…….YAAAAWN,…you two don’t half talk some tripe !
    (That’s cockney BTW, for nonsense)

    And snoop,…how the fk would you know if you were indoctrinated or not?
    huh,….do tell,..
    I mean, we all understand what you’re saying, by deduction,’re as dumb as the rest of us,….hey stasi ? ; )

  22. snoop diddy says:

    lol, of course. the system is inescapable while we have to pay for property. Can’t even disappear into the bush w/out a park ranger telling you to move on.
    But if you try to have an argument using common sense while an academic argues using a model they’re gonna feel superior and not a lot will change them, besides they paid money for that education so they must be right.
    Doesn’t mean either is right or wrong btw.

  23. Dedo says:

    @snoop,….You make a lot of sense,….but for me,.I prefer to talk with folk who baffle my little brain,…
    New perspectives,…etc, etc

    I imagine, StAsi and mArx have some interesting conversations over a cuppo coffee in the morn’
    BTW: StAsi,…..give us a new perspective, a tease! : )

  24. Mother Earth says:


    ‘Unless you can grasp that climate change is the permament war that Orwell was on about.’

    That analogy doesn’t work, as the war 1984 is carefully managed. Climate change turning deadly is unmangeable, not a team player, behaving like a ton of bricks without support.

  25. Mother Earth says:


    Doing one of your toilet paper impressions again?

  26. snoop diddy says:

    I got nothing sorry,
    I’m just a breathe, consume, die kinda guy 😉

  27. Dedo says:

    @Mother,…..”Climate change turning deadly is unmanageable”

    You really are dumb,.aren’t you!…
    @y’all,…..You heard it here first,..Mother has admitted climate change is unmanageable,…. any one got any tissue,.LOL,..

  28. ItalicBold says:

    fyi cable theft is big business here in africa

  29. henk says:

    well they steel bronzes clocks and a stature of rodin in holland for the bronze….

  30. Mother Earth says:


    Well, i said ”Climate change turning deadly is unmanageable”

    You say “Mother has admitted climate change is unmanageable” which I have not as in my statement it is only unmanageable if it turns deadly. But that nuance should be expected to be lost on someone of your finesse..

  31. Dedo says:

    @Mother,….”nuance”,..finesse,….Stop using all those big words on me,…
    it hurts,…..
    And stop wriggling,’s killing me,..LOL

  32. flicks says:

    Dedo – I found a young Greek artist who is rather good :-

    Hasn’t copper come right down in price since the heights a while back ?

  33. Happy Dick says:

    Where I live they are taking the man hole covers, storm drain covers, utility equipment covers. They are gutting homes, especially new construction, of copper wiring and plumbing pipes. The plumbers have started using pex, an approved plastic pipe, eliminating copper. People are getting pretty feisty.

  34. Chenjeshu says:

    I don’t think overhead lines are copper wires. I prefer to drink my copper using KDF media water filters. Not a commercial for the product, I just learned a ton about water treatment over the years and the KDF stuff is cool. A filter made from copper and zinc shavings that cleans water automagically.

    I once read humans would be worth 6 million if you harvested all their tissues organs and blood, I hope they stick to copper.

  35. Happy Dick says:

    The state of Missouri votes no to “health care ‘slavery'”.

  36. dan valley says:

    Iran’s Ahmadinejad survives blast near motorcade

  37. Dedo says:

    @flicks,..She’s very good,..similar style to Banksy !

  38. Gordo says:

    British Broadcasting Corporation running full propaganda attack on how minimal the Britsh Plague Gulf Oil spill was/is.

    Brits what a plague on the face of the planet vile indeed.

  39. snoop diddy says:

    @Mother Earth,
    it won’t reduce emissions, the only thing that reduces emissions is burning less of the energy source and slowing down the turbines and they won’t do that because a few poles are down. They probably don’t even do that for Earth Hour or if there’s a major blackout.

  40. dan valley says:

    nearly 1200

  41. Fiatmentalist says:

    “as the war 1984 is carefully managed”

    Whats carefully managed is the perception

    Remember when the weather was just the weather?

    But you didnt answer my question ME. What should we do about climate change?

  42. Youri Carma says:

    @Mother Earth

    You’re so gullible….you know how much energy it costs to repair this stuff let alone your burning comp writing this nonsense.

    They did this in the Netherlands too and we weren’t even in a crises back than. They stole the copper lightning rods from churches (snoot will like this story).

  43. Youri Carma says:

    Oeps! Huffington mist it “Forget stealing lead off church roofs” Churches have copper lightning rods stupid Huff!

    Yeah, this fluoride realy kicked in the American brains. Now they wonna put Lithium in the water LOL That’s gonna be the Huff freak show after a couple of years.

  44. Elo says:

    My dad was a copper thief when he worked for the Tele company in Norway back when it was a monopoly. The stole the large wheels of wire and burnt off the rubber up in the mmountains 😛

  45. Palantír says:

    Copper is being stolen over here too, in huge quantum, especially from the railway system, it is becoming a big problem. Sadly in many cases it is foreigners from East Europe that is doing the stealing (at least those being caught is comes from there).
    I wish it could be different, like in the case of the Polish people which had a bad reputation (rightfully so) for many years but now that has changed and people have a generally positive view of them, they work good, they are willing to blend in, they want to create a better life for themselves, but there are still those few rotten apples remaining which continue to fuck up for the rest.

  46. maxkeiser says:

    jimmy chen

    You’re a dead man.

  47. Youri Carma says:

    Now we are in the genre:”Why so Serious?”

  48. snoop diddy says:

    jimmy ‘the wordsmith’ chen 😉

  49. Youri Carma says:

    Oeps! Baltic Dry Drops Another 0.4%

    Yesterday was the inflection, today is the continuation, as the BDIY drops another 7 points to 1,957. Is the dead cat bounce officially over?

  50. Marc Authier says:

    Like in Russia during the ‘wonderful’ years of the alcoolic CIA agent Boris Elstine.

  51. Marc Authier says:

    When will they chainsaw fuckin US tanks and aircraft carriers for the metal. I shouldn’t take long. A non sophisticated ‘Cash for clunkers’ program. I am collecting old red cents. Less risky.

  52. TheFlyingDutchman says:

    When I left Florida 2 years ago there were unfinished sub divisions that had the copper wire from the street lights removed. In one division all about 1500 feet, scrap value at the time was nearly $3 per pound, total haul of copper $450 bucks.

  53. Youri Carma says:

    Like said we’re going the Japanese way sort of cause the U.S. ain’t Japan but in depression longevity wise speakin.

    “The Future Recession In An Ongoing Depression” In This Must Read Report for everyone who is sick of the CNBC/sellside daily onesided propaganda:

  54. Dan says:

    China Tells Banks to Stress Test for 60% Home-Price Drop

    A 60% drop in house price is precisely whats needed in the UK anyway, I would say 70% would be perfect with no bounce afterwards.

  55. What-me-worry? says:

    @Youri chainsaw best – very funny. I think AJ’s so cool, calm and collected.

  56. What-me-worry? says:

    Does anyone have any insight into the US$ index rise today?

  57. Dedo says:

    @Youri,….LOL,..”chainsaw best”,…very good !

  58. Youri Carma says:

    Italy: The Auto market collapsed in July: -26% Largest Collapse since 2009 “Thousands of Jobs at Risk” (google trans from Italian)

  59. Youri Carma says:

    Italy the land of the “Ghost Houses” 2.077.048 Illigal Build houses (google trans from Italian)

    Illegal construction demolished which held toerist (google trans from Italian)

    Rome, uncovered 21 illegal hotels (google trans from Italian)

  60. Youri Carma says:

    Working Link:

    Rome, uncovered 21 illegal hotels (google trans from Italian)

  61. Paddy says:


    It’s probably just a temporary rally off its 200 day ma, since it’s been on the slide since early june. will be interesting to see if it breaks below this ma in earnest.

  62. Youri Carma says:

    If Tax Income Rebates on Mortgage Payments would be ended in the Netherlands, housprices would fall by 15% (google trans from Dutch)

  63. What-me-worry? says:

    @Paddy – thanks. I can’t seem to find where the meat of the rise has come from – anyone missing any skin or is it just wind in sails?

  64. jimmy chen says:

    thank you snoop. I am a lyrical jesse james. “I am just too good to be true….. can’t take my eyes off of me…. i exhale carbon and such, don’t want your carbon tax”…… thanks again snoop

  65. Youri Carma says:

    Our New Boss of the Casino Gulag – Playboy Hugh Hefner

    Plans to open 3 new Casinos in China, London and Monaco

  66. Youri Carma says:

    Cancer rate in Fallujah worse than Hiroshima

  67. Mike/Liverpool says:

    60-70% house price crash?

    Am with you Bro!

  68. Critics Decry `Secret Deal’ as AT&T, Google Huddle With FCC

    Wikileaks’s Assange offers deal to Pentagon.

    Julian Assange’s team wants the Pentagon’s aid in reviewing a new batch of U.S. military secrets it plans to publish soon—and the Pentagon is reviewing WikiLeaks’ request.

    Rusty guillotine syndrome or not, I’m very dubious about all this. Who pays for all his jetting around the world? If Assange is so ‘dangerous to National Security’, and is supposedly wanted, why is he giving public press conferences in London when he could so easily be picked up by M16? He’s not exactly out of the spotlight.
    Questions questions….

  69. Mother Earth says:


    Shouldn’t your name be Doody? Or De-doo? Anyways, I gto you mugshot in case this gets uglier..

    In other dutch pump and dump american propaganda
    – 46.000 jobs added in the US
    – Service sector index went up from 53,8 to 54,3
    – Bernanke made more profit than Buffet, 46% against 20%..
    – KPN CEO Albers goes to jail for 18 moths for fraud
    – Dutch banks protests BIS III liquidity requirements.

  70. Mother Earth says:

    Oh, well, was going to sell some gold yesterday to fund my crack cocaine addiction, but I saw it went up to recover from the frontrolling fraud so I held back, my concubines will have to stay deflated until I have dropped the metal and can afford the overdate beer to make me forget they really are made of rubber..

    On a lighter note : Zippo.

  71. Happy Dick says:

    @me worry–Does anyone have any insight into the US$ index rise today?

    Computer algorithms, this is the free market now.

  72. Mother Earth says:

    “Coupled with the ability to remotely control users’ machines, download data and run any file on them, this means that the fraudsters can insert partial or complete Internet pages into a live Web session, enabling to inject transactions at will or extract even more data from the hapless victims,”

  73. el Gallinazo says:

    Our ancestors out west in the 19th century knew how to deal with a similar crime, horse rustling. If the perp leaves one pole standing, then throw a rope over it and hoist him up. End of problem.

  74. Metoo says:

    Its getting like the MSM information overload 🙂

    Max or Stacey answer me this, I’ve asked on other sites but one one has answered.
    What would the result be of the likes of the US, UK and Japan all defaulting on sovereign debt, which would likely cause others to topple too, who would the losers be ?

  75. Bonn says:

    @ Max
    jimmy chen

    You’re a dead man.

    Hic 😉
    Too funny

    @ jimmy chen
    Stacys takin buddy ; continue yer shaggin

  76. Bonn says:

    @ Metoo
    even if USA UK and Japan get together it will be all fart tas ta reason fer all emphasis on Iran
    Tey frightened of ta BRIC countrys
    I’am tellin yas tears no slow down here in India maybe a hiccup but other than that its “full Sail ahead matey ” @ least in India
    I tink its ta same tin in BRC we have tee largest population B/W 20 & 40 years tees buggers have Earnin powers
    So I doubt it will slow down here

    On a different note
    Was it CIA sponsered Jundalla Group who tried to wack Dinner Jacket ???Irans Premier ????
    Hic 😉

  77. Bonn says:

    Also if ya check ta demographics
    BRIC is /has better statisics of Earnin power
    Hic 😉

  78. Bonn says:

    Ex-CIA agent confirms US ties with Jundullah
    Sat, 24 Oct 2009 02:37:41 GMT
    A former Central Intelligence Agency officer has confirmed US’ relations with the terrorist group Jundullah, despite the CIA knowing that the group has close links with the al-Qaeda.

    “American intelligence has also had contact with Jundullah. But that contact, as Iran almost certainly knows, was confined to intelligence-gathering on the country,” Robert Baer, a former Middle East CIA field officer wrote on the, IRNA reported early on Saturday.

    However, he noted that the US-Jundullah relationship “was never formalized, and contact was sporadic.”

    The news comes amid US denial of any involvement in a recent terrorist attack in Sistan-Baluchestan province in southeastern Iran, which Jundullah claimed responsibility for.

    “I’ve been told that the Bush Administration at one point considered Jundullah as a piece in a covert-action campaign against Iran, but the idea was quickly dropped because Jundullah was judged uncontrollable and too close to al-Qaeda. There was no way to be certain that Jundullah would not throw the bombs

    Ya cant make tis sh!t up
    Hic 😉

  79. IceIce Baby says:

    Porn Site Airs At Indonesia’s Parliament

    (AP) JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) – Indonesian lawmakers and journalists got a shock when an online porn video blazed across dozens of computer monitors outside the press room at Parliament.

    Witnesses say it took security guards 10 minutes to shut down the computers Monday.

    The touch-screen monitors are used by visitors to check the Parliament agenda and other political activities.

    House Secretary-General Nining Indra said the unwanted interruption was probably caused by someone trying to access a porn site on the computer system.

    She said officials would use close circuit TV footage to investigate.

    Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Authorities have been trying to crack down on porn ahead of the holy fasting month of Ramadan that starts next week.

  80. IceIce baby says:

    Miss(?) Travenstite South America

    7 million mosquitos caught in Taiwan

  81. MilliniumJane says:

    This is sooooo 2005. Copper theft has been happening for years in our state thanks to all the methamphetamine addicts. Some guy was electrocuted a few years ago while doing this. For meth-heads, it’s either theft or gumming some genitalia to pay the dealer. Now we “regular people” get to find out about the horrors of our addiction to easy credit to fund our Made in China lifestyles. Gotta pay the dealer, oops, I mean banksters, whoa I meant bankers.

  82. Max Power says:

    In Australia, Fiji and NZ — every “Telephone / Power” pole is made of rebar concrete.

    Yes, in some remote areas you will find the odd series of wood poles, but rebar concrete poles make up about 80% of the poles in common use.

    So, no matter where the price of copper goes — the poles will not be falling in Australasia.

    Canada has not made the move to concrete rebar poles, in spite of the fact that its forests have been substantially depleted.

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