Tea Party comes out AGAINST net neutrality

115 comments on “Tea Party comes out AGAINST net neutrality
  1. stacyherbert says:

    Two cheers for @Bill Stewart and @Gordo; the only two who get it

  2. stacyherbert says:

    @John Galt – and then so why are you morons trying to end the Fed??? Why take money printing from the private bankers and give that right back to the government? Do you really want the government to f*&k up money printing?

  3. Palantír says:

    “…calling net neutrality one of many ‘assaults on individual liberties.'”

    who’s individual liberties? the corporations liberties?
    When reading that article all I got from it was a big “huh?!”
    I guess net neutrality is a Communist thing then, everybody is equal…and that’s a big no no for the tea party party.

  4. mactek says:

    Back in the ’90s, the Internet was fairly easy and straightforward. It went over existing phone lines. Remember the annoying squelch of the modem, anyone? Back then is was all about bits and baud.

    Now, some 15 years later, you’re getting the Internet through either cable or DSL. You’re watching movies and doing teleconferencing. You’re watching Max Keiser jump around on video. Lots of bandwidth to make this happen. Much more bandwidth to come in the future.

    Net Neutrality is a pipe dream. It’s how things used to be done because it was all that could be done. There were never any promises to keep it. Get over it. All good things must come to an end. In return, you’ll get bandwidth that will light your hair on fire.

  5. jischinger says:

    @IceIce Baby Mexican Drug War Update:

    Time to move to Canada
    Je parle français et j’ai besoin d’un travail

    how’s that?!

  6. Paolo3 says:

    Isnt Joe the plumber a teabagger? Says it all really, stupid white americans too dumb to know where to direct their anger and for that reason easy to manipulate. I thought the movement was coopted from the very begining though, and the people that make it up are themselves coopted from the outset by their own world view which translates to shooting themselves in the foot.

  7. jischinger says:

    @stacy aw… I get it too.

    I get it so much that it’s like talking to a brick wall. Kipling’s model of insanity.

    The only way to peace is through education; which they abhor. So like Thoreau I say secede.

    Let them have their space with no government and free market rule. They will be at each others throats inside a week, within a year their new state will look like the pirate nation of Somalia eventually turning into a New North Korea. The surrounding countries will have to build fences to keep them out.

    All that said, can anyone convince me that we could turn this country around? Cause I just don’t see it anymore and if Obama allows Geithner to appoint Barr over Warren what hope is left?

    Rubin, Summers, Geithner, Bernanke and all little nibelungen doing their bidding

  8. stacyherbert says:

    @jischinger – yes, I think regional blocks would be a much better way to govern the US; I’m sure you’d see New England as one and California, Oregon as another powerhouse; some people want to live like the Taliban though and they should have the freedom to run their lives like that and I’m sure parts of the country would soon resemble Afghanistan/Pakistan border

    @mactek – sorry but you don’t know what you’re talking about and your ignorance is plain for all to see

  9. Fiatmentalist says:

    Huffington Post Vs Tea Party

  10. kid mercury says:

    the huffpo piece is obviously misleading; who speaks for the party? what is the tea party? originally it was associated with 9/11 truth….now, it is associated with individuals of much lower quality.

    i’m a 9/11 kook, love max and stacy’s work, and i’m against net neutrality. the issue is always presented as “net neutrality: pro or con?” rather than “what’s the problem, and what are potential solutions?” the problem is insufficient competition amongst ISPs; net neutrality does NOT solve that. the NN laws are going to be drafted by and for big corporations anyway, as the verizon/google proposal illustrates, so it is not like NN is going to end up being some big champion of civil liberties.

    i’d like to see a true internet revolution, starting with alternative DNS roots, liberty-oriented ISPs that connect to them, and businesses that basically participate in another internet. toss in social currencies in this environment, and voila! a revolution is born.

  11. stacyherbert says:

    @kid – yep, agreed; thanks for the comment

  12. Sir David says:

    @kid mercury – “originally it was associated with 9/11 truth”

    WHAT? Come on, dude! Thank God for the Internet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG_OwTthS-E

    The Tea Party as we know it today is a FRAUD! The establishment on both sides have ruined it. Huffington Post and Maddow have managed to get the Liberals to hate it; and the RINOs and Neo-Cons have managed to sink their claws in it. It was dead as soon as they detached Ron Paul’s name from it….

  13. joevolcano says:

    I don’t think I should even have to pay for access to the internet. I think the Federal Government should just force the ISP’s to give free access to everyone. Actually why doesn’t the Fed just take over the Net and subsidize it. I have a RIGHT to demand free access to maxkeiser.com!

    @stacy – government printing money = inflation. fed printing money = inflation + national debt. I’ll take government money printing even though I prefer neither. And while Max’s idea for boycotting Coke is a decent one, I think it would be much easier for a small state like New Hampshire or Vermont to repeal legal tender laws. That’s the kind of thing we’d like to achieve in the Tea “Bagger” party.

  14. John Sullivan says:

    “Net Neutrality is a pipe dream. It’s how things used to be done because it was all that could be done. There were never any promises to keep it. Get over it. All good things must come to an end. In return, you’ll get bandwidth that will light your hair on fire.”

    Net Neutrality isn’t a pipe dream – it exists, but as it isn’t in the interests of the corporate and political elite there is a war against it. Bandwidth to set my hair on fire? What use is that if the product is worse. Its just an empty exercise in marketing and a clamp down on choice.

  15. davehuston says:

    I would say that article is deceptive. It is Orwellian double think. The Tea party is against FCC regulation. And rightly so, it will end net neutrality, and will actually help the mega corporations. Like come on, has any reform or regulations not benefited the corporations?

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