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  1. Youri carma says:

    @Giuseppe Bagodonutti

    Indeedy a source of half earth’s Oxygen which gets little credit PLANKTON http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/06/0607_040607_phytoplankton.html

    OIL BP killed a lot of Plankton so in effect cut our Oxygen supply. Basterds with thos poiseness chemical dispersant Corexit EC9500A and Corexit EC9527A http://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/2010/0527/BP-oil-spill-an-unexpected-laboratory-for-deep-sea-disaster

  2. Paddy says:

    Maybe the Israelis simply can’t launch a strike. Not because they lack the conventional capabilities to do so but because they realise the geopolitical fallout would be extremely damaging to the state. Hezbollah apparently now have missiles that can penetrate deep into Israel. Iran itself has weapons capable of reaching them. The IDF has struggled on the ground in Lebanon since 2000 and appears unwilling to accept major casualties there and to a lesser extent in Gaza. Maybe there are things going on behind the scenes that we dont know about as yet, for example threats from Moscow if Bushehr and its Russian technicians are bombed.

  3. Larry says:

    @Mother – Climate change is occurring and will continue to occur as the records show. CO2 is NOT the driver nor is it a pollutant or poison. CO2 was NEVER equated with “pollutant” until AGW politics. That term is a political label – not a scientific one. This is not to say that I am pro-energy in the current, truly polluting and devastating forms. I will NOT, however, stoop to using lies and untruth to gain (an otherwise) desirable end. The end has NEVER justified the means – that is a polluting LIE.

    The “wealth” of a people depends on the degree to which they hold knowledge aligned with truth and the degree to which this knowledge is reflected in action. All else follows.

  4. Youri carma says:


    Not only that but Israel pas the deadline of bombing Iran whitout Nuclear Hazard TODAY! Iran begins fuelling nuclear power plant.

    So an attack whitout nuclear fall out isn’t possible anymore and this could affect Israel itself and all other nations as well depending how the wind blows the Nuclear cloud around.

  5. Paddy says:


    Of course thats true but my point was why didnt they do it 1 day ago, 1 week ago, 1 month ago, even 1 year ago? Something just doesnt add up, given the fact that Israel supposedly has the most powerful armed forces in the region.

  6. Rick McCartie says:

    @ Mother Earth

    I suppose for years you’ve studied the evidence from expert climatologists on both sides of the AGW debate and have made an informed unbiased decision to pass on to the rest of the populace with your expert analysis given in black and white !

  7. @Youri

    This part of the NatGeo article you linked is worthy of note:

    Research by Frouin and his Scripps Institution of Oceanography colleague Sam Iacobellis suggests an increase in phytoplankton may actually cause the Earth to grow warmer, due to increased solar absorption.

    “Our simulations show that by increasing the phytoplankton abundance in the upper oceanic layer, sea surface temperature is increased, as well as air temperature,” Frouin said.

    As Sarmiento notes, phytoplankton obtains most of its carbon dioxide from the oceans, not the atmosphere.

    Yet that study was from 2002 and based on data from a limited time-scale…
    None the less, I found an interesting book from 2005 (that cites the results of the study) that could be useful in one’s autodidactic efforts to understand the situation more…
    Check out CHAPTER 2…

  8. WL says:

    Ah Max the useful idiot for the Globalists….

    AGW = false flag

    Collusion with Government


    Collusion with Corporations Climate Industrial Complex, the global rentier…


    When Government, Corporations and Science collude you get this AGW crap.

  9. Rick McCartie says:

    @ WL

    thanks for the URL……just tuned in for first time and found his : ABOUT extremely enlightening…….I wonder if Max and Stacy ever look at this side of the debate ?

  10. Dedo says:

    All of you are being USED,…..wake up!,..

  11. WL says:


    I Owe I Owe Its off to work I go…


    Max and Stacy are ideologically and emotionally invested in Eco Marxism, they are not reasoned and have become intellectually bankrupt on this topic. they are the DENIALISTS, they deny Natural Climate Change…

  12. Rick McCartie says:

    @ stacyherbert

    If you truly have concern for REAL environmental issues you may choose to visit this site and watch the : Featured Multimedia video.


  13. F. Beard says:

    @area 52,

    I still zombified, thanks. Here’s one I also loved.

    Go now

  14. WL says:

    Max promotes the global redistribution of wealth via climate debt…

    Problem,, Western Economies are broke (US dollars are trash right)

    What will be used to pay all those debts.. labour, nah, sovereignty, yah, including individual sovereignty, Gold

    Maxs gold. When the globalist come for your gold Max maybe you will clue in, but it’ll be too late.

    Globalists Agenda (I have not listened to all of this yet, so ????)




  15. F. Beard says:

    Max and Stacy are ideologically and emotionally invested in Eco Marxism, they are not reasoned and have become intellectually bankrupt on this topic. WL

    Not so. Both Stacy and Max have open minds. And who can blame them for being a little lefty since the fascists have screwed up again?

  16. Rick McCartie says:

    I’ve always said that you’ve got great guests……thanks again for your financial and political insight.
    You and Alex Jones are terrific in ” pulling in your guests to support your agenda ” such as you tried with Celente on Global Warming/Climate Change and he side-stepped it tremendously with his response. I’d love to see you have on Lord Monckton in a debate ( not on ” On the Edge ” or ” Keiser Report ” though , as the debate to be fair to both parties should be 1 – 1 1/2 hrs long. If you would not debate Lord Monckton , I strongly suggest the expert Canadian Scientist , Tim Ball. Again Max…..I love what you and Stacy have put together as a honest , credible and critical analysis of world finance and politics , however; I disagree with the Global Warming B.S. ( ala “Carbon Tax / New World Order complete takeover ). Climate Change is OBVIOUS , as ……NOTHING is in a Constant ! Try the topic next time you’re on Alex’s show or when he’s on yours………..the Power Elite would love to see infighting….divide and conquer……..on second thought , don’t bring it up…..just agree to disagree !

  17. I think that since Iran already has pocket nukes there is an unofficial agreement between the parties that if Israel goes, Iran goes as well, along with Mecca and Medina being turned into burnt toast! Furthermore, these Jews have had enough of being shoved around by hypocritical western liberals. You want the Jews out of Israel? Great! Then start by giving the isle of Manhattan back to the Manhattan Indians [there’s got to still be a few descendants left around]. You think that Manhattan is worth just a little bit more today than a hand full of beads? Hmm, Maybe? You’re entitled to your opinion, but then maybe the Jews also think that Israel is worth just a little bit more today than it was in 48.

    Gerald is also correct in that most American Jews support Israel in every way; but, so too does a large number of fundamental, evangelical Christians– at least in my part of the world! Believe me, one sure way to get these fundamental, evangelical, Pentecostals on your case in a nano second is to suggest that it was wrong to move what was left of the Jews back into Israel in 48 — even though there weren’t many of them left in which to move, or even though those who did move were not in the best of condition in which to move [wonder why?], or even though there wasn’t much left for them to move from, or for them to move to for that matter!

    Now of course sixty years later, thanks to their own hard work and the backing of the United States and others, Israel has become one of the apparent jewels of the region [along with having at least three hundred admitted nuclear warheads — actually, it’s probably closer to three thousand] so that the million or so Palestinians now want “their land” back by summarily evicting the six million or so Jews and returning “their land” to them. No matter how pitiful and logical their spokesmen whines about politically correct boycotts and how terrible the Jews are for isolating the mass of Palestinians in order to keep the suicide bombers out of their teenage discos, their hidden agenda is ALWAYS the same. The Jews must immediately leave the area forever or be killed [in fact the vast majority of the Palestinians believe that even if the Jews were to leave they should still be killed for what they have already done]!

    You don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons [good neither do I] but in order to be fair you must start by forcing Israel to give up theirs! In case you have been spending too much time watching “The View” , as Gerald suggested, the world has very rapidly become in the last two years a very, very, dangerous place in which to live! And, Iran is like a nuclear bomb with an inch long fuse with a President holding a lit cigarette lighter just dying to free his God! You think he is kidding? You think that the Wahhabi are kidding!

    These Persians are not Arabs. This next war, which will be here within two years, IS NOT going to be a walk in the park! These guys have been around seven thousand years and are not going anywhere [well unless of course they are all vaporized] but if that happens the United States will feel the wrath of thousands upon thousands of terrorists most of whom were trained in Saudi Arabia. Remember the Saudi’s are our friend! Didn’t we just sell them thirty billion worth of F 15’s?

    Ever wonder why Washington D.C. has built a duplicate governmental city underground? Just check out the Alex Jones site — even though admittedly Alex is sooooooo paranoid about absolutely everything he may just be right on this — maybe some of you guys know the truth I don’t.

    As Bertrand Russell often said: “the only variable which separates the possible from the probable, and the probable from the actual, is time” And as I have often said: “time is running out – remember Prince and 1999!”

    Well, enough from this old lawyer! It’s now Saturday night in Alabama and believe me there is no better place to be than along the red neck Riviera on the Gulf Coast on a hot Saturday night! Even though it’s 9o degree heat with 100 per cent humidity at 8:00 p. m. hundreds of gorgeous women in their itty bitty tinnie weanie bikinis, who haven’t gone within ten miles of the ocean all day will be flooding into the clubs i.e. the “FloraBama” shortly! As they say down here in Alabam: “It’s party time”! See yawl!

  18. skiddypants says:

    @ all ,

    Refreshing stuff.


  19. WL says:


    These are the best links ever great discusions… Awesome stuff… Globalists

    Dennis L Cuddy PhD
    Jerome R Corsi PhD

    The History of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Globalist’s Agenda, a Global Currency, the Bil der bergers, and the Trilateral Commission


    G Edward Griffin
    Bill Still

    Founding of the Federal Reserve; How the Nation’s Money System Really Operates


    Cliff Kincaid
    John F McManus

    Media Bias; Globalist Agenda and What They Want to do to Achieve That Agenda


  20. seosamhogallunai says:

    It’s extremely interesting that self confessed Free market Capitalists and Moderates(i.e. Stacy and Max) are now banded Leftie and Marxist.
    Marx, Lenin et al must be spinning like tops in their graves.
    ‘Four legs good- two legs bad’ or was it ‘two legs good- four legs bad!’

  21. WL says:


    Max Keiser has (previously) promoted global redistribution of wealth via climate debts.

    Now research Eco Marxism… nuff said

  22. seosamhogallunai says:

    ‘Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.’ James Connolly (1868-1916). Author and union leader, .

    Wake Up y’all! This quote is from 1915 .Irish Worker (socialist newspaper) 29 August, 1915.

  23. seosamhogallunai says:

    Global Warming etc., is the misleading term.
    GLOBAL POLLUTION is the correct term.
    A picture tell a hundred stories please look – http://webecoist.com/2010/05/01/trashed-planet-our-global-pollution-hangover/
    or else walk down the street and look around you!

  24. seosamhogallunai says:

    WL my father outlined all of what you mentioned in the second last post in 1983.

  25. WL says:


    Pollution is legit. Demonizing C02 via AGW is a scam. Max and Stacy refuse to separate the two issues.

    Ask Max how much pollution was created in the mining of his gold holdings, has he paid reparations.

  26. @Stacinium

    Thanx for that link…
    I was able to track down an article from Dalhousie U related to that study via

    Which led me to the NATURE article link here:

    Unfortunately, I have no subscription or access to the actual study, but they do let you look at the supplementary info/images from the study here:


    Note the critique offered by Steve Short… he has some relevant points of contention… the other comment about “whale poop” is amusing.

    However, I can offer a couple critiques of my own regarding the actual data set and the method of collection…
    1) most of the data was collected post 1950 (with a preponderance of it from 1980-2000 in situ), so we can safely disregard the claims made before then…

    2) the use of the Secchi disk is not exactly the most ideal method of analysis, yet I will concede it is better than just guessing. But again, there are limits in the ability to generate an accurate GLOBAL model from this.

    Some questions that come to mind, for me, are:
    1) considering the types of phytoplankton, what are the temperature ranges in which they survive and thrive?

    2) If they increase surface temperature of the ocean, then how will their absence affect it?

    as well, in figure S3 of the supp. info. , you may note the INCREASE of phytoplankton in the Northern Hemisphere…
    very interesting, considering the temperature changes….

    This subject DEFINITELY needs more research and perhaps with use of satellites, the next decade will bring more answers…
    However, I wouldn’t draw conclusions on this from the headlines… So, in lieu of more data, I would not think it wise to form a definitive opinion on the matter…

  27. Stewart says:

    Celente sounds more angry than usual.

  28. WL says:

    Economic Collapse – Peter Schiff – We “Probably” Won’t Make It To 2012


  29. WL says:

    If anyone actually read the Mann research and his “data cooking” methods and procedures, you would have seen that this is faux science.

    Northwestern University∗ and the University of Pennsylvania†

    Predicting historic temperatures based on tree rings, ice cores, and
    other natural proxies is a difficult endeavor. The relationship between
    proxies and temperature is weak and the number of proxies is far
    larger than the number of target data points. Furthermore, the data
    contain complex spatial and temporal dependence structures which
    are not easily captured with simple models.
    In this paper, we assess the reliability of such reconstructions and
    their statistical significance against various null models. We find that
    the proxies do not predict temperature significantly better than ran-
    dom series generated independently of temperature. Furthermore, var-
    ious model specifications that perform similarly at predicting tem-
    perature produce extremely different historical backcasts. Finally, the
    proxies seem unable to forecast the high levels of and sharp run-up in
    temperature in the 1990s either in-sample or from contiguous holdout
    blocks, thus casting doubt on their ability to predict such phenomena
    if in fact they occurred several hundred years ago.
    We propose our own reconstruction of Northern Hemisphere aver-
    age annual land temperature over the last millenium, assess its relia-
    bility, and compare it to those from the climate science literature. Our
    model provides a similar reconstruction but has much wider standard
    errors, reflecting the weak signal and large uncertainty encountered
    in this setting.

    6. Conclusion. Research on multi-proxy temperature reconstructions
    of the earth’s temperature is now entering its second decade. While the
    literature is large, there has been very little collaboration with universitylevel, professional statisticians (Wegman et al., 2006; Wegman, 2006). Our paper is an effort to apply some modern statistical methods to these problems.
    While our results agree with the climate scientists findings in some
    respects, our methods of estimating model uncertainty and accuracy are in
    sharp disagreement.
    On the one hand, we conclude unequivocally that the evidence for a
    ”long-handled” hockey stick (where the shaft of the hockey stick extends
    to the year 1000 AD) is lacking in the data. The fundamental problem is
    that there is a limited amount of proxy data which dates back to 1000 AD;
    what is available is weakly predictive of global annual temperature. Our
    backcasting methods, which track quite closely the methods applied most
    recently in Mann (2008) to the same data, are unable to catch the sharp run
    up in temperatures recorded in the 1990s, even in-sample.”


  30. MirrorMirror says:

    @seosamhogallunai …. Global Warming etc., is the misleading term.
    GLOBAL POLLUTION is the correct term.

    Hey, that’s my line !

    100% correct IMO.

  31. Awho says:

    here’s some more info on how Gerald is (possibly) correct about WW 3 being within weeks or months.


  32. seosamhogallunai says:

    WL have you ever cycled on a busy street (i’ve never driven due to being poor)? Breathing all those fumes feels awful!It cant be good! I’ve seen the skin peeling of my afore mentioned father due to severe allergies brought on by working abroad in severe chemical laden industrial environments. He came home to the land in a poor country to escape. (Less money more health). Those fumes dispersed into the environment can’t be good for anyone . People now don’t have to work in cigarette smoke because of passive smoking dangers. When i was young you’d go to people’s house and the air was filled with smoke-nobody thought it’d harm you, (my father didn’t smoke,reckoned it affected his sporting performance and gave up in 1930’s).
    If pollution causes these hazardous images,posted previously, surely there must be lots of noxious by products in the atmosphere-including loads of different chemicals and noxious gasses. Whatever the truth of CO2 we have to clean up.

  33. seosamhogallunai says:

    Sorry i must admit i didn’t read all the posts and am a bit sketchy about reading them in general. Had no idea i was stealing your term – must have been a case of great minds think alike.lol!

  34. RedZebra says:

    Giuseppe, if it helps, this text is taken directly from the conclusions of the paper you refer to:
    “Our analysis suggests that global Chl concentration has declined since the beginning of oceanographic measurements in the late 1800s. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that these changes are generally related to climatic and oceanographic variability and particularly to increasing SST over the past century (Fig. 6). The negative effects of SST on Chl trends are particularly pronounced in tropical and subtropical oceans, where increasing stratification limits nutrient supply. Regional climate variability can induce variation around these long-term trends (Fig. 4), and coastal processes such as land runoff may modify Chl trends in nearshore waters. The long-term global declines observed here are, however, unequivocal. These results provide a larger context for recently observed declines in remotely sensed Chl7, 10, 22, and are consistent with the hypothesis that increasing ocean warming is contributing to a restructuring of marine ecosystems36, 37, with implications for biogeochemical cycling15, fishery yields38 and ocean circulation3. Such consequences provide incentive for an enhanced in situ and space-borne observational basis to reduce uncertainties in future projections”

  35. Paolo3 says:

    Heres a good piece on neoliberalism and its origins


    found the link on a comments board in the guardian about baby boomers, who are of course becoming the latest scapegoats in the ongoing divide and rule tactics used by the wealthy.


  36. Youri Carma says:

    @stacyherbert @Giuseppe Bagodonutti

    If this NatGeo is right and ” …an increase in phytoplankton may actually cause the Earth to grow warmer” the oppsoite should happen now when “… 40% decline in the ocean’s phytoplankton” the earth should get cooler.

    Oceans can absorb CO2 so that would serve the phytoplankton ” … phytoplankton obtains most of its carbon dioxide from the oceans, not the atmosphere”

    But oceans also can give off CO2 but it isn’t clear with me when what happens?

  37. Youri Carma says:

    @stacyherbert @Giuseppe Bagodonutti

    Just an idea:

    Maybe a warmer Ocean can’t absorb as much CO2 but releases it into the atmosphere and a colder ocean can absorb more CO2 therefore phytoplankton likes cold water?

    So phytoplankton warms up the cold water more while the warmer water contains less phytoplankton so can cool more which sounds like a self balancing system – if true.

  38. seosamhogallunai says:

    Guards employed by Blackwater, the US security company, shot Iraqis and killed victims in allegedly unprovoked and random attacks, it was claimed yesterday.

    A Virginia court also received sworn statements from former Blackwater employees yesterday alleging that Erik Prince, the company’s founder, “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe”.

    They also accused the company of following a policy of deliberate killings and arms dealing and of employing people unfit or improperly trained to handle lethal weaponry.

    In Baghdad yesterday, some Iraqis said they believed that the case was a last chance for justice and an opportunity for America to divorce the behaviour of its military from the private guards.

    Farid Walid, who was shot in Nisour Square two years ago during a massacre that killed 17 Iraqis, said: “Everybody here knows of cases where Blackwater guards shot innocent people without a second thought. They are a symbol of the occupation. Nobody will forget. But Iraqis might think at least a little differently of America if the killers are put in prison.”

    Mr Walid is among several Iraqis behind an attempt to take Blackwater to court in the US, helped by an American lawyer, Susan Burke, and her local legal team.

    Umm Sajjad, whose husband was allegedly shot by Blackwater guards, said: “The US forces have come to our neighbourhood many times and they never harmed anybody. It was Blackwater that wanted to harm people.”

    Her husband was working as a security guard at the Iraqi Media Network, a state broadcaster, when a Blackwater convoy passed them one day in 2007. She says that without warning, the Iraqis were fired upon and three of them were killed. The Blackwater convoy never stopped or sent anyone to check what happened.

    Umm Sajjad said: “I was told that there was no exchange of fire or any other reason to provoke them to shoot at my husband and his colleagues. They were on a high building but they didn’t have weapons in their hands.”

    Other families have tales of shootings allegedly committed by Blackwater, which has since changed its name.

    near the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in central Baghdad. He said: “Eyewitnesses told me that four white Blackwater cars went by her. Three were already past when the last one shot her in the head at close range and killed her. The eyewitnesses said they were very bewildered why they shot her. The bullet came from the driver’s window, which means that he got next to her when he shot her. The bullet entered from under the ear and left from the upper side of her skull. There were bits of her hair and skin on the car roof.”

    Mr Walid remembers the Nisour Square shooting on September 16, 2007 — for Iraqis one of the blacker days of the US occupation. Claiming to have come under fire, Blackwater guards stopped in the middle of a large roundabout and began shooting in all directions.

    “I left my car and ran away to hide in a petrol station, which was made of concrete. The shooting was so heavy it was like rain,” he said. “I saw lots of people getting shot. The driver who had been in front of me died and his wife fell out of the car. Her child was killed as well. The shooting went on for about ten minutes.”

    Iraqis still find it hard to believe that companies such as Blackwater were given such free rein. Until the start of this year its employees were immune from prosecution in the country.

    In another alleged incident involving the company, Ali Husamaldeen was walking in Wathba Square, central Baghdad, on September 9, 2007, when he was felled by a single gunshot. Passers-by reported a Blackwater helicopter overhead, from which they say the fatal shot was fired. According to his mother, Umm Ali, her son was unarmed and in no way a threat.

    Leqaa al-Yaseen, an MP, said: “I believe the US authorities have the main responsibility for what happened because Blackwater came to Iraq with their permission. Regarding Blackwater smuggling weapons into Iraq, that suggests the US forces didn’t know about it at the time. But I think they did know.

    “The tragedies that happened to our Iraqi people at Nisour Square and other places are not separate from the US forces in Iraq. The US Government is trying to avoid responsibility by blaming private companies.”

    Officials in Baghdad have told The Times that they are continuing to investigate allegations similar to those made in the US against Blackwater.

    Major-General Fathel al-Barwari, commander of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces, said he was gathering evidence of illegal weapons trading by the company. As a result, Blackwater could also face criminal prosecution in Iraq, where it is now banned, but other companies connected to Mr Prince still operate.

    Tahseen Al-Shekhli, for the defence ministry in Baghdad, said: “If the allegations of illegally smuggling weapons into Iraq are proven, the Iraqi authorities will definitely take legal measures against this company.”Sunday Times today.

  39. WL

    Aug 22, 2010 at 7:14 am

    “Economic Collapse – Peter Schiff – We “Probably” Won’t Make It To 2012


    I just love Schiff as well as Celente, Keiser, Farber, Paul, and Rogers. Since I know absolutely nothing whatsoever about economics, the market, finance, accounting, banking, the ecology, or astrology [my major was theoretical mathematics in college before I became “saved” and became a lawyer], I try to at least listen to those who have good track records – which doesn’t include anyone on the nightly news.

    What really makes me nervous is when all of these aforementioned guys start agreeing. December 21, 2010 isn’t that far off as evidenced by all of the governmental spins by our song and dance President in trying to explain the near riots recently in Atlanta! Does this harbinger a Celente future?

    If I were to have my way I would have Max the Secretary of the Treasury, Peter Schiff the chairman of the fed, Ron Paul the President, Stacy Herbert as his economic advisor, and Gerald Celente as Secretary of Defence!

    As a follow up from my last post — last night I met a beautiful German girl who loved Latin dances [cha cha, rumba, bolero, salsa, etc.] but who spoke little English. It was a good evening.

    10:30 a. m. 97 degrees 100% humidity – and they are whining in Moscow they need to try a summer in Alabama! Back to work, brief due in the morning! Bye yawl.

  40. flicks says:

    If and that in the medical world is a big IF this succeeds it will be a revolution that equates to the birth of the internet. Of course expect big phama to totally exploit :-


    Big phama has a way of keeping people ill and not informing patients of cheap easy to-get solutions. So I will inform you of one. Chronic Migraine is not curable – true but the NHS answer are triptans – take a look at the leaflet with the tablets to see just how dangerous these drugs are and they include migraine as a ‘side effect’ Trust me the migraine you will get from Triptans is absolutely appalling.


    People with migraine have been found to be low in magnesium and have low serotonin levels . The solution – take magnesium probably the most convenient way is to have a bath in Epsom salts regularly, when your migrainal bath your feet in Epsom salts warm enough so that you can just about take it. Magnesium is then absorbed through the skin and you will not suffer rear end problems associated with magnesium intake. To keep serotonin levels eat ice cream. I know sugar is bad for you but if you have chronic migraine its a far safer way than Triptans, just make sure you dont go over the top.

    Your thinking bathing my feet in Epsom salts for migraine is crazy, try it and see.

  41. Youri Carma says:


    An Iraqi family who fled to europe declared how the lost their father who was taking his little child for some air on the building rooftop randomly taken out by a U.S. sniper. sickening!

    American soldiers shooting civilians http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stq1Gd3OnGk

    Random shootings in Iraq http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2e5PTz9qoA

    American soldiers shoot at a civilian bus in Iraq http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFKR9jzenyM

    btw this Vids are all before wikileaks.

  42. Daruka says:

    @youri carma

    BBC now admits al qaeda never existed


    Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab


  43. Youri Carma says:


    Yep, Al Qaeda= Al CIAda a CIA name for operations against the Russians by helping the Taliban(s) cause these are several tribal groups not one.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski Taliban Pakistan Afghanistan pep talk 1979 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJTv2nFjMBk

    Report: Bin Laden Already Dead – Fox News http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,41576,00.html

  44. evolutis says:

    Have we “squandered our resistance”?

    Lady’s and Gentlemen, The main event, The undefeated World Champion “ Monetary System” VS the entity that has never won a single round ‘The Homo Sapiens”

    Jabs, bobbing and weaving, Babylon[1531BC], feinting, drawing leads, Greece[400BC], counterpunching, Rome[476AD] tying up and mixing it, with body shots along with 1,2’s, Hanseatic League punch combinations flurries were utilized, British Empire[1902]short, lateral movement, body positioning technique and strategy, body punching, “Rope a dope”, USA[Late2002AD]

    We had best be “laying out our winter clothes” Simon & Garfunkel – The Boxer Gerald Celente always makes me think of the boxer

  45. Youri Carma says:

    CO2 is an Hoax. Plants breath CO2 to produce O2 (not the mobile phone stupid!). there is hardly any CO2 in earth’s atmosphere and Ice Core research has shown that CO2 always comes AFTER the earth has warmed up – NEVER BEFORE. it’s a SCAM!

    CO2 Contributed by Human Activity: 12 to 15ppmv / version 1 Vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYLmLW4k4aI

    CO2 lags an average of about 800 years behind the temperature changes http://www.co2science.org/articles/V6/N26/EDIT.php

    Comparison of Atmospheric Temperature with CO2 Over The Last 400,000 Years http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/last_400k_yrs.html

  46. nick says:

    gerald celente for president! fucking love when this guy is on max’s show. until the profit motive is removed from society(somehow), there will always be war and always be poverty. until we understand that the rich are laughing and will continue to do so unless something changes. im not talking socialism, or any ism. we need new ideas. new concepts. something besides the usual rhetoric that we have become accustomed to since well, forever.

  47. In the end, we are all damned says:


    Glad we could have Gerald on again. I think it is important to have him on every now and again. He is like a hit upside the head, (his words transliterated into my own), “You got to focus!!!!”

  48. Cesare Bonventre says:

    The bankers have employed the same play for centuries

    Here is how it works

    First they flood the market with easy money (which resulted in over building the real estate market); then they retract the money supply, (which was done this time via the rules of TARP & Basel II, etc).

    When the money supply is retracted, corporations cannot fund their manufacturing. Thus, they have to lay off

    Once everyone is in bankruptcy, (with 20 million vacant homes), these same bankers come in and swoop up all the assets for pennies on the dollar!

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