Max Keiser Slams Cantor Fitzgerald . . . AGAIN!

Finally, Cantor Fitzgerald’s mishandling of HSX and their overall incompetence has gotten some coverage in the Hollywood press.

7 comments on “Max Keiser Slams Cantor Fitzgerald . . . AGAIN!
  1. Mongo says:

    First link is an empty link.


  2. Marc Authier says:

    Why protect Hollywood when everything manufacturing and real economy in the United Slaves of America has been destroyed ?

    What’s the number again of gone manufacturing jobs sacrified by the neo-cons anglo-saxon fascists globalists ? 11 millions jobs lost

    It’s the turn of Hollywood to get served the same medecine and raped. . Why not after all with all the godamn crap they dump on my TV set ?

  3. Marc Authier says:

    Opening soon in Iran.

  4. Marc Authier says:

    Here is the future of Hollywood. Soon Hollywood films will be like books.
    Can you name ONE intelligent film this year produced by Goebelswood ? NADA. NOTHING. NIÉTCHEVO, RIEN du tout. And it’s about like that each year. And no crap like Avatar are not adult films they are made for total retards with a 7 year old mental age. Goebelswood. That’s the future.

  5. jischinger says:

    @ Marc
    Google will destroy Hollywood.
    which is an interesting topic in itself

  6. Aspadistra at Ashdown Forest says:

    Somehow civilization in Manhattan will totally collapse without Pop Tarts :

    New York City now has a store devoted to Pop-Tarts called Pop-Tarts World.

  7. Max Power says:

    Who is more famous in the US mass media system ?

    MK + SH (all programming since 2007 etc …)


    “Catherine Doubler” Murfreesboro TN

    In America, the TN bird is more famous in terms of sustained WWW traffic and hours of attention. I am not making this up!

    A mass media researcher that I know came up with numbers estimated for US traffic based view counts and came up with this odd truth.