[KR69] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Boycotts!

Stacy Summary: We look at the scandals of swindled nuns, bounty hunters for small time fraud and Irish banks in a ‘league of their own.’ In the second half of the show, Max talks to economist, Shir Hever of the Alternative Information Center, about the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions movement and about the economics of occupation.

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  1. chArles says:

    @ Someone here yesterday (I think) published a link about China dumping treasuries, That’s their ‘Nuclear Option’ against the U.S

    I may be wrong but I don’t believe there is as much leverage in this as the Chinese would believe…the people running the show I believe they are on the clock against the Dollars eventual collapse…currently with the Dollar’s hegomony they believe they can milk some more out by pressuring oil above 115 or more a barrel slamming on the brakes to both China and Europe and doing the petro shuffle in funding America’s free ride…

    so I truly don’t know what to think about our little game in Iran, there is to much short term economic advantage (not for the American people but they don’t count) for some form of action against Iran, nudge the barrel of oil up, freeze or help collapse the major competitors economies while funneling the Mideast toadies regimes with cash for America’s debt instruments….Russia is boxed in more than she would admit and China don’t have it in her

    the only thing putting a brake on this is the American military, who don’t want any part of this briar patch, but that doesn’t matter as much as it use to

    @ Mother if we are at Peak then this is their play for the game…risk big to win big….America doesn’t want to retool for a minor role like Russia and Britian were willing to do and no other player can call her bluff

  2. Tao Jonesing says:


    I don’t read or speak German, but I’ll see what I can do about getting decent translations.

    Based on what you’ve provided, my experience is a bit different in America, where the real money is not made by rank and file government workers but by the high level staffers and former legislators who trade their access to the power structure for a premium as lobbyists. In my last position at a public company, I met and worked with lobbyists and PR specialists to achieve legislative and PR goals, and we paid them handsomely for that access.

    On the other hand, my mother’s last job before she retired was working in the California agency that administered welfare. She was not paid well compared to her last private sector job. My wife also has several friends who do clerical work for state and local governments (e.g., librarians), and we are both very active at our children’s public school, and the cutbacks and layoffs are so significant that the parents are supplementing and/or fully paying for teaching positions in order to maintain minimum standards of education, and we live in the SF Bay Area which has a very high property tax base.

    The U.S. clearly has a crony capitalist system, too, but the benefits accrue to a very narrow elite, not to public workers in general.

  3. MirrorMirror says:

    @Tao Jonesing …. “but the benefits accrue to a very narrow elite, not to public workers in general.”

    Thx for the insight.
    The “narrow elite” is somewhat “broader” here !

  4. You would get the idea that it’s all those damn Jews fault. Not one word about the suicide bombers. Not one word about the Palestinian attack squads. How many suicide bombers have struck since the fences went up and the roads have become segregated? Duh!

    When I was in Israel, back before the moon was created, I found it very difficult to actually tell the difference between the Palestinians and the Jews. But boy the Jews sure didn’t. The second that a Palestinian would arrive anywhere in the vicinity the entire atmosphere changed instantly. Ever wonder why that was? Maybe the Jews kind of got a little tired of being blown up? Next time your guest is on ask him for HIS SOLUTION to the problem!

    On a happier note in my view it is inevitable that a confrontation will take place between Israel, Iran, Russia, China, the United States, and Great Britain [with the PIIG countries thrown in just to keep it honest] but not in the next eight days! Max is right; President Obama is going to be looking for a convenient war when the DOW starts dropping again, the depression hits in full throttle, and the fed runs out of options. That said, the Persians are not Arabs. These guys are smart and they know how to fight. They have been here for four thousand years not two hundred and they are not going to tolerate the United States dictating policy, at least not with respect to them. Besides don’t they have to kill us in order for their Iman or Oman or whoever he, she, or its, to get out of the well? After all hasn’t he, she, or it, been in the well, well for a long time now?

    My guess is that it will take more than eight days for the war to start as I believe it will start around December 14, 2012 and of course by December 21, 2012 the only thing left will be the mush room clouds. We better break out the alcohol and drugs now while we still can and start partying like it’s nineteen ninety nine cause in a little over two years from now it’s KBOOM! and Adiós Amigos!

  5. seosamhogallunai says:

    Aw What a shame! the Dauly Telegraph made an error which you didn’t correct and it took away from from your true and pertinent points!
    Ango irish bank is not AIB. AIB is Allied Irish Banks and ineveryone’s consciousness in Ireland theats what they they think of as AIB. The other one is known as ANGLO for short.

  6. seosamhogallunai says:

    Soory for typos!

  7. Tao Jonesing says:

    @Michael H. McDuffie,

    “We better break out the alcohol and drugs now while we still can and start partying like it’s nineteen ninety nine cause in a little over two years from now it’s KBOOM! and Adiós Amigos!”

    Can I have your stuff?


    “One thing you shouldn’t do is post that you are quitting on the game’s forums. It is usually against the forum rules, and no matter how awesome your manifesto is, you are likely to simply see 100 responses of “can I have your stuff” instead of the meaningful conversation you might have been trying to have on the subject.”


  8. Tom says:

    @Mr McDuffie,

    II would like to know the drugs you use because they seem to foster a total break from reality. You would acheive a greater degree of clarity in understanding the situation in Palestine if you would forget about “religion” (the majority of the “Jewish” settlers were Commie atheists) and focus on the European colonisation of an Arab land. As with my forebears in New England there was a splendid religious rationalisation for any and all crimes against the indigenous population. Look at the map. See how it changed over time as a direct and intended result of Israeli violence. Tell me who are the criminals. The line you are taking makes you look like a boob.

  9. Tom says:

    @ Tao

    If McDuffie breaks some of his stash out to you let me know. Can pay in bullion.

  10. Speech given by the late Jimmy Reid at his inauguration as rector of Glasgow University in 1972. It caused such a sensation that the New York Times carried it in full and at the time it was compared to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

    ‘Alienation is the precise and correctly applied word for describing the major social problem in Britain today. People feel alienated by society. In some intellectual circles it is treated almost as a new phenomenon. It has, however, been with us for years. What I believe is true is that today it is more widespread, more pervasive than ever before. Let me right at the outset define what I mean by alienation. It is the cry of men who feel themselves the victims of blind economic forces beyond their control. It’s the frustration of ordinary people excluded from the processes of decision-making. The feeling of despair and hopelessness that pervades people who feel with justification that they have no real say in shaping or determining their own destinies.


    Jimmy Reid 1932 – 2010
    Trade Union Leader and Legend. RIP

  11. dan valley says:

    Soros Favoured Gold in Q2, Cut US Equities – http://bit.ly/aNodCp

  12. dan valley says:

    Gold and Deflation – http://bit.ly/cGzNU2

  13. Tom:

    “Look at the map. See how it changed over time as a direct and intended result of Israeli violence. Tell me who are the criminals. The line you are taking makes you look like a boob.”


    Well I’ve been called worse. Your argument has merit. It is true that in 48 European guilt founded modern day Israel. That said, the issue is not solely whether or not the country of Israel has the right to exist, and or expand for that matter; but rather, whether those Jews, atheist or not, born and reared in the country, have the right to live. Most of the Jews I met seemed to think they did and based upon how my own ancestors had treated them in Europe for the ten years previous, they had a point. You and I would probably disagree on how the war in 67 started as well!

    Max is of course correct in that the United States shouldn’t sponsor countries with nuclear weapons [ does that apply to Russia, England, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, China, and/or Korea ? ] Israel does have nuclear weapons AND so too does Iran. Ever wonder where those hundred or so pocket nukes from Russia went?

    One pocket nuke and it’s bye bye Israel [and the Palestinians for that matter].Ever wonder why Israel hasn’t taken out Iran before now? Ever wonder why none of the other Arab countries would allow the Palestinians to live on a part of their land? Do you think Israel worries about world opinion? Within the next six months Iran will test its first, self made, nuclear weapon. And you think the world is jittery now? And remember the God in the well thing?

    Whether we all live two more years or two hundred years sooner or later its lights out for us all — as most of us aren’t going to be getting out of this world alive anyway! In the long run it really doesn’t matter too much since it is highly unlikely that anyone will remember that we were even here in a thousand years, assuming that there will be someone left here with a capacity to remember; or, that any of the world will be left here for that someone to inhabit!

    With respect to drugs and alcohol. As the great, albeit virtually unknown tenor saxophone player, Sal Nistico, once said in a Down Beat magazine: article: “sometimes I play my fingers, sometimes my fingers play me! Like Sal said: sometimes I do ….. well you know ….. and sometimes they do me!

    Remember that come December 21, 2012 it’s Adiós Amigos

    Note: O.K. knowing how all of you curious types are, you can pull Sal up on YouTube — Google ” Sister Sadie” Woody Herman, Sal Nistico — yes its a long time ago and yes it might help if you kind of like jazz as he tends to play just a little fast!

  14. jon says:

    gonna be interesting in seeing how the elite corporate banksters get rid of many of us living human beings and set up thier “new world order”.

  15. Gordo says:

    New World Order………. No such thing

    Same as it ever was
    Yous might find yourself living in a shot gun shelf.


  16. Awho says:

    Jim Marrs has a new book out titled “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy” It’s about the New World Order and the Elitist, but mostly concentrates on the financial elitist, the banking cartel and how they’re responsible for the down fall and collapse of the world economy.


  17. Bonn says:

    Wow Look @ Gold Go Whhoot whoot 1300 tis time ????

  18. Wizefool says:

    Hi Max and Stacy,love you guys!
    Wall Street Dirty Secrets

  19. knowbuddhau says:

    HA! Yet another KR neologism, you’re seeing it here first: Who’s profiting from our modern-day concentration camps? The Prison-Industrial-Ghetto Gulag Complex!

    The end is nigh, the PIGGs are flying! BWAHAHAHA!

  20. Tamir says:

    @Michael H. McDuffie,

    Interesting posts. And you are right: many critics of Israel apply a blatant double standard when it comes to dealing with Israel’s behavior (idiotic mostly, lately – and note: I’m am an Israeli as well as a European national) – it is clear from this thread.
    Similarly, do you hear them nagging about the US founding (and what happened to the country’s indigenous population)?
    Do you hear them nagging about Australia’s founding?
    Do you hear them nagging about how the Chinese treat the Uyghurs? Do you hear them daring to deal with the oil producing, human rights violating terroristic Arab regimes in the Middle-East? Not a chance. The rule of thumb is simple: if you’re relatively small and fragile, you’re toast.
    I don’t share you apocalyptic vision though. Humanity will survive.

  21. Davey Jones says:

    World War III begins within 72 hours

    Message to space aliens… humans were truly pretty shitty in aggregate.

  22. Davey Jones says:

    Blagojevich new ambassador to Israel AND Iran. Only you and your hair can save us now, Blago.

  23. Davey Jones says:

    Two final thoughts:
    1) death is required for rebirth
    2) boiling water removes the critters, distillation or filtering removes the inorganic contaminants, but mostly you need to worry about the critters

  24. Tamir says:

    One final addition: Where can the solution of the nightmarish middle-east come from? Force will yield no results – been there, done that. What do you think about country-crossing water distillation projects? Huge facilities will be built in various countries, powered by solar power (abundant in the region) and clean up sea water, pumping it all over the region that suffers as you know from severe water shortage. The engineering teams, maintenance, administration will be shared, emanating from all directly involved countries and beyond. This is how you make peace: not by signing worthless pieces of paper backed by weapon deals and financial help. You bring populations together, having a common interest.

  25. Marc Authier says:

    It’s about GOD. Guns Oil and Drugs. Israel must be seen unfortunately as integral part of Pentagon USA EVIL EMPIRE and its militaro-industrial complex.

    It’s not about defending Israek and the welfare of the jewish people. It’s about the arm’s business, the oil business and the drug traffickers. We are not the heroic times of the foundation of Israel. We are in times of total moral bankruptcy

    Just imagine one second what would happen to scumbags selling the depleted uranium, the tanks, the grenade lauchers, the jet fighthe etc….. if peace was declared ? The arm dealers would all go bankrupt. Israel and this eternal conflict is wet dream for US arn’s dealers.

    Bombing Iran is not about protecting Israel. It’s about keeping up the business in the arn’s business in shape. They needed Al-CIA-aida. And now they need Iran to keep the orders coming.

  26. Tamir says:

    @Marc Authier,

    I say: Water for guys (see my previous post) !!!

  27. Tamir says:

    @Marc Authier,

    I say: Water for guns (see my previous post) !!!

  28. Marc Authier says:

    The day peace is eruptsin Israel, the Pentagon and Wall Street goes bankrupt. US blood money is behind this conflict, the same US blood money that financed Hitler 60 years ago and Trostsky also. Israel plays the role as the oil to grease the war machine US industrialists. It’s quite clear. It’s one of the most important linchpin to keep up the war factories humming. Yeah it’s cynical but hey the neo-con bunch, these demonic bastards, that ruined the USA are exactly like that. War is the most lucrative racket, the only real lucrative industry left to USA and Israel. Remove war and the two countries in question desintegrate. It’s the sad truth. A lot like the ex USSR when you think about it.

  29. MirrorMirror says:

    “Don’t worry” …


  30. Marc Authier says:

    What’s the percentage again of Israel GDP going to arms, security and war in Israel ? A lot. War on the long run ia a malediction. It is. I don’t say it’s not jusrified to protect yourself. But in the case of Israel the proprotion of the GDP going to it not good. Excessive militarization of any country leads on long term basis to ruin and it eats the civilian economy. USA saved Israel. But still. Israeli even if it seems strong, is disfunctional. Being jewish I would not want to live there. Neither in the USA or the UK. No thanks.

  31. Marc Authier says:


    Now that’s a dandy idea. Wish we had all this sun. 🙂

  32. Marc Authier says:

    France, the UK, Germany and USA soon downgraded by Moody’s
    Adios amigo the triple A.


  33. MirrorMirror says:

    FREE Swedish Captions in “The Secret of Oz”

    The economy of the U.S. is in a deflationary spiral. Nothing can stop it — except monetary reform.
    1. No more national debt. Nations should not be allowed to borrow. If they want to spend, they have to take the political heat right away by taxing.
    2. No more fractional reserve lending. Banks can only lend money they actually have.
    3. Gold money is NOT the answer. Historically gold ALWAYS works against a thriving middle class and ALWAYS works to create a plutocracy.
    4. The total quantity of money + credit in a national system must be fixed, varying only with the population.


    Anyone have an idea why Bill used this title ?
    … to attract more people maybe ?

    Bill says “Gold is not the answer”.

    Well, yes and no IMO.

    The main problem is Bankster regulation IMO.
    During the “Gold” phases, they founds ways of cheating as well.

    Whoever controls the money, controls the people.
    So get rid of the CBs starting with the FED.

  34. Marc Authier says:


    Terminate the FED. Exterminate this criminal organization Liquidate it.
    Abraham Lincoln which was most probably murdered by the british bankers at the time, had a solution. It’s really well explainend in the book .’Web of debt’. This book blew my mind and effectively you do not need gold. You need a responsible government and a small one to apply these solutions. Big governments like big business destroy the middle class. Money can indeed be created directly by the government..

  35. jischinger says:

    did Stacy’s alarm clock not go off, or is there world peace at last?

  36. farang says:

    “@ Someone here yesterday (I think) published a link about China dumping treasuries, That’s their ‘Nuclear Option’ against the U.S

    I may be wrong but I don’t believe there is as much leverage in this as the Chinese would believe”

    You are correct: you are wrong. Unless going from the largest creditor nation to the biggest debtor nation like the US did under Reagan is now “no leverage.”

    “Russia is boxed in more than she would admit and China don’t have it in her”

    China “don’t have it in her”??? Bwahahaha keep telling yourself that, you 250 year old spoiled brat.

    Mother Russia is going to fool ya: who supplies Europe with natural gas, again, chArles? China that is signing oil agreements with Venzuela, iran, Nigeria….is “cluElesss your middle name?

    “the only thing putting a brake on this is the American military,” Yeah, the ones that committed the 9/11/01 coup, THEY could be our Saviors…what planet are you from, again?

  37. Tamir says:

    @Marc Authier,

    I fully agree. IMO Fiat currency is just fine, as long as a responsible fiscal policy is in place! The gold standard is nice, but puts too many restrictions on money supply. I’m not an economist – this is just my opinion!

  38. Marc Authier says:


    Little game in Iran. Trade berween Iran and China is up 60% since last year. Quite clear. Guns oil and drugs is not the monopoly of USA. Yesterday China announced that they have declassed Japan economy. Next target to beat after Japan and Germany ? USA. You stupid American assholes can’t event understanf that Iran is a trap and with your fuckin fascists neo-cons, you are about to fill in the trap. These neo-cons CIA Nazis don’t care a fuck about USA and the people. It’s about raping and stealing USA and the rest of the world. Meanwhile China is eating your lunch and our lunch. That’s about it Charles.

  39. Marc Authier says:


    Running an imperial power doesn’t come cheap and it always end badly. Happened to the Romans and so many countries dreaming of being empires. You cannot run a fiscally responsible empire. It is antinomic.
    USA at the time of Lincoln was not the overbloated and corrupt empire it has become today. It ain’t getting better. It’s getting worst. Empire builders don’t really care about money and monerary policy. The Cold War saved the USA. Now that’s it’s gone, you cas see the horrible trurh about empires. They are anti monetary and anti economic creatures. Always were. Greece almost dissapeared because of its empire.

  40. MirrorMirror says:

    The Purpose Behind Engineered Economic Collapse


    ( from Infowars it seems )

  41. Marc Authier says:

    Only 8 days to hit Iran’s nuclear sites before the ‘bad’ Russians deliver the nuclear uranium rods.

    We should take a bet on this site. I say it will happen
    on the 22th. 2 times 11. And in numerology 22 is the number for representing crazyness.

  42. Marc Authier says:

    @Max and Stacy

    How a show about the arm’s business ? Who makes al the mooola by robbing and raping us for all these stupid wars ? Would be a great idea to show who makes the real bacon. The arm’s business is under reported by our western medias. Not a coincidence when you NBC is controlled by GE,

  43. MirrorMirror says:

    Two Norwegians Face Up To 6 Years Of Prison Time For Doing What HFT Algos Do In The US Every Single Day

    I remember posting the source + a translation here a few days ago.


    What is SIGNIFICANT is this :

    Stopped trading

    Oslo Stock Exchange reacted to the trade patterns and imposed a temporary halt in trading for a closer look at the trades. After conducting a preliminary investigation for suspected violation of applicable rules, elected not to delete the exchange trades.

    – Trade pattern will be the subject of a thorough investigation. Based on the findings will be sent to the Financial Supervisory Authority, according to an announcement from the Oslo Stock Exchange.

    After an hour open the trade again.

    So hello SEC …. take some lessons from Norway … not that you would of course.

  44. Bonn says:

    @ Mike /L
    See PPT tryin to suppress Gold in ta middle of ta week
    Same old Same old
    Hic 😉

  45. MirrorMirror says:

    [email protected] trading … just occurred to me :

    That would mean that the NYSE would become effectively CLOSED … considering 70% of all trades ( probably more now ) are HFT.

  46. MirrorMirror says:

    Another Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)


    Massive !

  47. MirrorMirror says:

    @Marc … this is for you :


    says… Clip From The FX Show “Rescue Me”

    Is that a show in the US ?
    .. a film ?

  48. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Yep, but once the contrcts are clear it will go up to $1300……..I wish the £ would get KILLLED!

  49. MirrorMirror says:

    Report–Obama demands access to Internet records without court review

    August 16th, 2010 12:21 pm


  50. alan says:

    thanks for the link

  51. farang says:

    Thank Stacy, loved the “why are you talking like that”…hahahaha. Work on your Jackie Mason impression, Max: when your honey doesn’t recognize it, how’rewegonna?

    Max: see, one of your best segments with Stacy: you toned it down “a scootch” and sounded quite professorial. But not too much: it’s why I watch.

    Thanks for having Shir Hever on, he did point out how America enables Israel’s occupations, and the odd attempt to place ourselves as “neutral peace makers” while funneling billions in weaponry each year to the illegal occupiers of Palestine. That is the result of Zionist -owned media, period. Who is to blame for America’s attitude, Shir, and what would be your advice on how to change it?

    However. I do not read Shiv’s blog/newsletter, he seems to be very intelligent, articulate and honest in his motives, so I am not going to accuse him of stopping FAR short of what is needing to be said out loud: THE US GOVERNMENT IS UNDER CONTROL OF AIPAC, formerly known as THE ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA.

    They had to change the name while placed on the UN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION LIST that G.H.W. Bush got them removed from. Bushspook.

    With 2% of the US of the Jewish faith, how many are politicians? How many are US Senators? Congressmen and women? How many OPENLY ADVOCATE ISRAEL’S POSITIONS AS AMERICA’S???

    HOW DOES JANE HARMAN, CAUGHT BY THE FBI EXCHANGING GOVERNMENT SECRETS WITH AN ISREALI, STAY THE CHAIRWOMAN OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Zionist controlled government.

    There is a VERY GOOD REASON the last 12 years or so we haven’t heard much about “White Supremists”: they were they ones pointing out ZOG for decades. You see, even blind squirrels find a nut now and then.

    For example: the OKC bombing. They were GOING to TRY to use the Domestic Terrorist Boogieman… (see youtube videos of the news stations in Oklahoma City that day to see the Bomb Squad CARRYING OFF UNEXPLODED BOMBS. WHO USES BOMBS ON CIVILIANS, IRGUN????)…but America yawned, so then decided to kill @ 4 birds with one stone:

    1. Control Demolish the asbestos ridden WTC Towers. Save billions in demolition charges.

    2. Collect billions in insurance on policies written 5 weeks befores to insure the WTC complex against “terrorist attacks”…I wonder how AIC and the Greeenberg nomination as Deputy Director of the CIA tie together, eh Big Dog? Did AIC insure the buildings for a fellow Zionist to hurriedly destroy?

    Why Greenberg, Clinton???? How come EVERY TIME YOU TURN AROUND, there is some ZIONIST at THE GATE of 9/11/01 truth?

    The Zionist head of the Port Authority that approved the lease to a fellow Zionist, who insured it with another fellow Zionist,who then leased some of Blfg7 to the NY Emergency Response HQ, run by another Zionist, who “just so happened” to be in a studio on 9/11/01, and KNEW these were NOT “controlled demolitions…bin-Laden did it!!


    2. Use said False Flag attacks to define a new boogieman: Islam. Zionist jumped with Joy. The DOD did backflips.

    3. Install David Rockefellar’s desired Controlled Society of Elites running the world. Dead yet you old fucker? Hillary gets bonuses for every Iran threat she spouts. I think she blew Bibi, but he isn’t admitting it: who would?

    4. Place Zionists in control of Information. Right Obama? Ron Susstein: a Great American, or a Marxist Information Czar?

    5. Place Zionist gatekeepers into the top court of the land: mission accomplished. Read about how Kagan dismissed lawsuits against the Saudis for funding 9/11/01. To the extent we don’t get to know why they were allowed to fly around US skies while Americans were grounded. Or dismissing the Birth Certificate lawsuit (I don’t really GAF, but odd how she “just happens” to be in place). How about the Zionist in charge of payouts to victims families: first!!!!! you MUST sign a waiver that you will NEVER want to know what happened. I have a label for that : Guilt. Coverup.

    Bottom line: Unless and until AIPAC is made to list itself as a FOREIGN LOBBY, the thoroughly corrupt political system will not change.

    Until the Freedom Doctrine of msm is re-instated, the airwaves are polluted with Zionist rhetoric.

    Until there are bans on lobbyists, term limits and OPEN and FREE DEBATES for the office of the presidency, we get stuck with candidates chosen for us, without a dime’s worth of difference between them.

    I DO believe Obama is CIA-affliated. I do believe he may not be eligible for office. I do believe I recall Obama and another Senator, a Republican, taklen into custody in Russia in 2007 or 2008, anyone else recall that??
    Because Obama’s daddy and mommy were spooks. Daddy sppok UK M5 or6, who fucking knows the diff?, and Mom a CIA asset.

    Obviously. Bill dropped off a congressman that sat on the Warren Commission on a flight in Alaska…Hale Boggs….then the plane go boom. Hillary is log-time CIA asset, and I have already documented right here the history of the Secretary of State working directly for the CIA for DECADES and DECADES. Still working for them. She couldn’t be a more obvious if she tried. Embraces AIPAC Zionism like it was her daughter…who just married into a Jewish family. Hmmmmm. Guess she caught a case of the Pelosi syndrome.

    Shir: every time Americans PATRIOTS try to report the obvious insinuation of Zionist (lack of) Ethics in our culture, guess how we are labeled?

    This is why farang always comes back to the MYTH of the Davidic or Solomon Kingdoms Of Israel, of which there never was one.

    There is NO GOD, and this non-existing GOD never gave ANYONE land, ANYWHERE. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

    De-legitimize the obvious stolen MYTHS first=Crumble the foundation.
    Hack the branches? Comes back bushier and healthier. Hack the roots: it dies. You know who said that?

    Which is also why I try over and over again to direct “Christians” away from this false idea of their “Jesus” being of “Jewish” origins: NO. That MYTH is not Jewish. That mythical person of Jesus is not Jewish. This was a tale and myth wove forst in 750 BC Kinbgdom of Israel a vassal state of the Kingdom of Damacus.

    Historical facts and archaeological evidence kinda gets in the way of tall tales.

    Mary was not Jewish. Cephas (Joseph, there was no J you nitiwts) was not Jewish.

    These people EXPELLED by the Egyptians for attempting to displace their Resurrection Religion, complete with a Trilogy, and replace it with a “Single God” worship, were EGYPTIAN subjects if in Philistia until the Greeks conquered Egypt. “Moses” was indeed Amenhotep IV. AKA Ahkenaton. AKA “Father Nathan” AKA Moses. Absolutely no doubt.

    It is just amazing watching “Christians” use some book complied from oral stories (myths) from illiterate wandering “preachers” 350 years after the so-called “events” of “Jesus” by the pagan emperor Constantine, as “written by g-d.”

    Yeah, it was: If you believe the first Pope was “G-d.”

  52. MirrorMirror says:

    A reminder .. Ron Paul had 41%, Obama 42% at one stage :


    WS MSM was alerted… and the rest we know.

  53. BillM says:

    Yet another great show 😉

  54. MirrorMirror says:

    Pentagon-Bericht verärgert Chinas Führung

    ( Pentagon report annoys China’s leaders )

    … wonach China militärisch immer weiter aufrüstet und seine Armee gezielt modernisiert. …

    ( whereby China continues to expand and modernize it’s army )


    The Pentagon accuses them of doing it “secretly” .

  55. Dedo says:

    @Marc,.. 22/08/10 Interesting date !

    22 + 8 + 10 = 40
    2+2= 4 + 8 + 1 or 10 = either 2+2=4 or 9+4=13 ,..1+3,..blah blah
    …and the number eight is produced by twice four, but itself produces no other nuymber in the decade. Again, four has the rank of both, that is of parents and offspring, for it produces eight when doubled, and it is produced by twice two.” —Philo Judaeus On the Creation of the World

    Jewish Qabalah: The Number Four is the fourth Sephira, the union of the second and third Sephiroth. The name of the fourth sephira is ChSD, Chesed, Mercy or Love (also called GDVLH, Gedulah, Greatness or Magnificence). The number four (4) is representative of the mighty one. —Aleister Crowley

  56. stacyherbert says:

    @jischinger – alarm clock? world peace?

  57. MirrorMirror says:

    US says it is not illegal for schools to spy on students at home


  58. Marc Authier says:


    Judges in the USA are total fascist bastards. I am not suprised. It’s good thing to teach those American slob slaves to accept being watched, RDFI-ed in the arse, naked body searched. Yeah fuckin American cattle. That’s about what this disgusting judgement is. Fuckin Nazis. It’s indeed incredible. Meat head USA. The place is more and more like fuckin Nazi Germany and it’s always coming from the same Nazi WASP racist eugenist neo-cons.

  59. Marc Authier says:


    There is just a problem with my date.

    The Russians and the Iranians expect seing the plant running on the 22th.

    The limit for nuking Iran is the 21st. After that, the 22th the plant will effectively run ! Quite strange coincidence. And I was just joking Dedo. The nuclear plant is supposed to start running regularly ont the 22-08-2010. 🙂
    Real strange Bizarre bizarre. The 21st is the sabbat on saturday. My best bet would late friday night, just when the sun goes down and the sabbat starts. You have a kicker for friday. Muslim celebrate on friday.
    I forgot. We are in ramadam month also.

  60. Marc Authier says:


    COMING NEXT at school and home for the boys and girls ?

    Dog taser collars must be put on all students attenting high school and university. That’s the next step.

    First you start by spying them at home and eventyally a dog tazer collar will be obligatory to get your schooling and your diplomas on the USA plantation. Picl a bail of cotton MirrorMirror.

  61. MirrorMirror says:

    Check out this video … “HERE’S MY LATEST VIDEO”


    Amazing … thousands awarded in the UK because somebody didn’t appreciate the joke !

  62. Dedo says:

    @MirrorMirror,. Forget the Irish joke,..here’s a Scottish one :

    Scotty was up a ladder and dropped ten pence,..he got down off the ladder to pick it up,.. and it hit him on the head !!!!! Da daaaa

    (I know,..it’s an old one,…but “they” say they’re the best!)

  63. MirrorMirror says:

    @Dedo …. LOL , that was funny.

    BTW, did you listen to the video that followed the first one I posted ( Irish jokes).
    Check out the hate-comments the guy gets … click “Feedback”.

    Amazing !

  64. Dedo says:

    @MirrorMirror,…..You read the feedback page on that site,…wow!,..
    Some really angry, deluded folk out there,… : )

  65. Dedo says:

    @MirrorMirror,…..Spot the error in this segment of a comment:

    You have insulated Islam and now I will have to KILL you. I wish death upon you for mocking such a peaceful religion. I will pray for a violent death for you.

    LOL,…my apologies to Stacy for posting this,..it won’t happen again
    (I’m writing that 100 times on a black board),….whoops, can’t call it black board anymore, it’s racist!

  66. Collapsing house prices? We ain’t seen nothing yet
    The figures from daft.ie show just how extreme the negative equity trap now is. Prices in Meath, for example, have fallen by 38.4pc from peak to trough. The figure for Louth is over 40pc; Kildare’s is 36pc and Wicklow’s 36pc. These were the counties that were growing fastest during the boom.

  67. flicks says:

    Apologies if this has been posted before:-



    The beginning of the end ?


    I predict Vince Cable will be first to jump ship to reignite Bank agenda in the UK media – he will be ignored if not gagged.

  68. MirrorMirror says:

    @Dedo …. “error in this segment of a comment:”

    Touchee … you spotted it as well !

    Religious fanatics … scary !

  69. Mini US says:

    Any takers for testing these little beauties???
    They are looking for volunteers.


  70. MirrorMirror says:

    WSJ : France Prepares to Deport Foreign Gypsies


    Sarkozy’s idea it seems.

  71. Ray in Vancouver says:

    Kyle Bass; you will take up drinking after watching.

    Love to see Max interview him. The CNBC “showmanship” (look how smart we are) gets me down.


  72. flicks says:

    Failed Bank List :-


    Awful lot the last few years, oh dear

  73. stacyherbert says:

    @MirrorMirror – every time elections are on the horizon, the UMP goes all Le Pen; the article mentions the round ups of WW2 and yet, bizarrely, from my conversations here, it is the older generation that lived through it that are the most right wing and for rounding up the gypsies and North Africans

  74. MirrorMirror says:

    Singapore Mercantile Exchange to Start Gold, Energy Futures Trade Aug. 31


    Probably good news .. but not for Manipulators methinks.
    Off with their heads !

  75. What-me-worry? says:

    @farang – I’ve come to pretty much the same conclusions that you state ref the Booble – we must be reading the same internet.

    – weed and Ducati dude – or is it raining?

  76. Chris says:

    @Stacy, thanks for making the Billions vs. Trillions distinction, that’s key

  77. Mark Lytle says:


    I actually agree to most of what you say also. I just feel Christianity doesn’t have a replacement in this culture, and we’re kind of stuck with it, warts and all. I feel the best we can do is insist that Christian emulate Jesus rather than his OT Hebrew predessesors who were far,far worse. Except on mostly minor points Jesus, I think, had his act together, if you can get past original sin and the whole creationist malarky…

  78. Mark Lytle says:


    I know you think Jesus didn’t exist, I think perhaps he did, but his story was padded, and ‘enhanced’ (blended) with the stories of others like him from his time…

  79. Marc Authier says:

    Sarkozy should deport himself back to Hungary. That CIA puppet USA hungarian fascist uses good old right wing tactics on playing on the fears of people. That’s what’s scary about all our godamn politicians. They are trying desparately to find sacrificial lambs and scapegoats. Just like in the dirty 30’s. Just like before World War II. Smelly brown stuff.

  80. Bonn says:

    clearly farang has too nuch free time
    Hic 😉

  81. ehswan says:

    Trivial no doubt, but has anyone else noticed that Max, yes you Max mispronounces nuclear? Max, the word is pronounced nuclEar, not nucUlar!

  82. Area 52 says:

    $200 Trillion?

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