[KR67] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Robots!

Stacy Summary: We look at the scandals of the summer sequel of bankers returning to the scene of the crime to demand another, bigger ransom in “Deflationary Black Hole: The Sequel.” In the second half of the show, Max talks to documentary filmmaker, Bregtje van der Haak about her film “Time for Change”, in which ordinary people respond to the crisis of banking and bankers with their own solutions.

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  1. Mep says:

    Hic @ Bonn. Think you could jump into a teleporter and deliver a eulogy for me in NY/USA tomorrow? Totally not looking forward to it, and definitely should not still be awake drinking wine. Your nerves would be better for it, what with the regular workout they get in alcohol dousing and all. Think about it. I’ll go fire up the teleporter.

  2. Steve says:

    A presentation from karl denninger on you tube showing some other flash trade patterns. I originally say the live trade patterns form the 07-04-2010 video from kdenninger via nanex, but could not find the utube video.


  3. Bonn says:

    @ Max
    What did I tell yas peeps would rather turn to Barter system of trade rather than your visions of Gold @ 10,000 dollars an Ounce.
    Hic 😉

  4. Mother Earth says:


    To get to gold you need energy, oil, so the price of mined gold is pretty much that of the energy invested, I may be wrong but It seems that equation is not adding up these days..

    After raping South Africa the FIFA is now demonstrating dutch stupidity. They go around inspecting stadions and the different sports clubs use all the textbook ruses to justify present big expenses. with future returns. They even try to get control over the police force!! They pay no VAT and when asked how in the hell they think they are entitled they sat ‘Well, we need to protect the profiabilty of the fanchise.’. Obvously once people get hooked on a franchise it can overcharge..makes sense. So why don’t the fatrelailers (Mac Donalds, Burger King) up the prices and sqeeze the grease out of the obese? Why not sell less for more, good for the planet, the animals and the morbid..

  5. Bonn says:

    @ the most I see Gold’s ceiling height of 3000 dollars an Ounce
    After that Society will brake away from the Gold standard and shift to barter system of trade ; IMO
    Hic 😉

  6. Laragh says:

    Amazing the Robot heart beat !! 2001 space odyssee ! we want more max and stacey on TV!

  7. MirrorMirror says:

    A Parable of the Monkeys


    … And that, my fellow monkeys, is how Congress operates….
    We need to REPLACE all the original monkeys this November….

  8. What-me-worry? says:

    Great show. Talking of robots:
    Anyone familiar with Microsoft Silverlight? It installed itself on my hard drive sometime yesterday (auto download I guess) – kind of neat the way it seems to be able to switch my webcam on……….

  9. Bonn says:

    @ Max & Stacy
    I appeal to you to cover this Please

    This is the reason why I quit Dell they wanted me to work 12 – 14 hrs a Day with 6 day weeks even when I fell ill ; though the offer letter said 9 – 5 wit an hour brake fer lunch tas 8 hrs
    Tas why I quit and said Fuck tis,Fuck the system; fuck everyone, thank God I have me real estate ottter wise I probably woulda had lotta health problems by now

    Plz Plz burn some Chinese made products ON-AIR Esp I- Phone if possible
    Regards ;

  10. snoop diddy says:

    wow @MiniUS, did you watch the vid on that Aussie bank article. What a stooge.

  11. snoop diddy says:

    btw, Schiff didn’t get the Republican nomination.

  12. What-me-worry? says:

    @Bonn – Youri had it right reference the slave ant farming in China to manufacture trinkets for the rest of world. Me included.

  13. MirrorMirror says:

    Algorithmic/Quantitative Developer

    Read the Job Advert ….

    … Aspects of the role that require niche experience will include adding more currency pairs, tailoring pricing as per requirements, and carry out autohedge bookings.

    Furthermore candidates will be required to perform quantitative analysis of high frequency FX market data, route to ECN’s, analysis client flows, and assist in the development of skewing and widening algo’s….

    The 150K salary is a bit cheap IMO . Normally the guys can expect 350K upwards .

  14. Mother Earth says:


    Candidate must be able to blow the minds of the genuinly interested by appearing to smart to follow and convincingly pretend to know what he/she is doing. Fluffing experience is a pre.

  15. MirrorMirror says:

    @Mother Earth .. LOL

    Actually, don’t blame the Quants, blame the greedy managers that employ them !

  16. Mother Earth says:

    Dutch van Ladschot Bankers claim that mortgage rates are going up becausedutch people don’t save enough. Savings are 300 billion, mortgages outstanding 700 billion, so the hole is 400 billion, to be filled by higher rates on savings, that somehow have an effect on the rates of mortgages.

    So in essence what is said is that if dutch people gad 700 billion in savings, they would pay very little mortgage rent, and get very low interest on their savings. Of course if there was so much money stashed away, we would simply by the houses, although then the rates would be so low we would not have any incentive not to borrow..

    There is something very wrong with this reasoning, but I think it is to hard to explain to the layman..

  17. Chenjeshu says:

    MATTHEW SIMMONS (1943 – 2010)




    “An autopsy by the state medical examiner’s office concluded Monday that he died from accidental drowning with heart disease as a contributing factor.”

    Just came across all this, bummer. =(

    RIP Matt Simmons

  18. MirrorMirror says:

    Just as I am always predicting …


    They will close the Internet if war starts … MSM PRopaganda will rule !

  19. Mother Earth says:

    Tip : If you go missing, make sure you have illegally downloaded music with you..


  20. MirrorMirror says:

    USS Truman posted opposite Hormuz as Iranian threats spiral


  21. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Gold getting KILLED!

    Iran, don’t make me laugh, China would wipe them out!

  22. flicks says:

    Mike I dont usually comment on people who insist on making themselves look like idiots but its the fact that you state your from the Liverpool and therefore the UK – dont you think the British have done enough of a good job of fouling things up ?

  23. Mini US says:


    Yes mate, a stooge is right.

    I think all ‘columnists’/journos should declare financial interests when commenting, especially financial news.
    There are many ‘stooges’ reporting on the property market as well.

    Max has no problem declaring his interest in gold 🙂

  24. farang says:


    Really enjoyed your documentary. Very admirable, and achievable goal, with patience. Just go around them, Revolutionary tactics. You chop a giant down by starving him, and attacking his legs (financial power/stability.) We have a fascist giant, metaphorically speaking, ruling over D.C. right now, needs some starving….just don’t feed him.

    However, since you are not American, I will forgive your ignorance about America’s “freedom” you seem to witness and I, an American of 55 years, longer see. I travel abroad, live abroad, and Bregtje, you could not be more incorrect about America’s comparative “freedom.”

    It’s become nosy nanny state, with attitude of a sadist school marm. That wants your money. States quite clearly it thinks what you paid into for retirement is a “entitlement” for Wall Street to gamble with.

    There is nothing more terrifying for someone my age then to find out the 100,00s of thousand I paid in, are not in my “Trust Fund.” Storm Trooper Finances.

    When the people voted to legalize marijuana in California, and allow distributions centers for patients with prescriptions, and the DEA comes in and throws cancer patients on the ground, confiscates every bit of merchandise and cash, then leaves without ONE arrest, THAT is STORM TROOPER AMERICA. That is but one small example.

    You don’t feel Max’s passion and anger because it is not your country under fascist siege, Bregtje. Think about it, please.

    But again, you are not an American, so you do not see what you do not read about, or hear about, in American msm in your home country. You didn’t hear about it on CNN International, I assure you.

    Thanks again for pointing out the evils of Usury: we Americans felt “much better about ourselves” after we elected Reagan, and he re-legalized it.

  25. jischinger says:

    Yow! Peter got slaughter, I feel bad.

    Will this leave him bitter? Will he leave the US?

    Linda is quite a character – I gotta say I thought Republicans in CT were smarter than that.

    Looking at all the races it really is all about the money.
    What a dead end for a nation.

    on another note I did a little calculation – very basic – but it turns out that a banker on wall street – salary alone- is worth 15 to 20 teachers each.

    anyone know what the banking profession made between 1960 and 1990?

    the word shyster has often been associated with a bad lawyer
    the word quack for a bad doctor
    what’s the equivalent for bad bankers?

    the word crook seems too tame. Scoundrel perhaps? Maddoff was a scoundrel, sounds a bit broad for today’s banker… any suggestions?

  26. Bonn says:

    Texas Guard, Czech army trains for disaster in Operation Lonestar
    DING !!! DING !!!DING !!! DING !!!DING !!! DING !!!DING !!! DING !!!
    False flag drills taking place in US
    So I tink the next False Flag is Gonna be in USA; God help Iran or North Korea

  27. MirrorMirror says:

    @”what’s the equivalent for bad bankers?”

    Bankster .

  28. Bonn says:

    I was undecided wheather the False Flag will take place in USA or EU
    But for tees twerps to form tat “Coalition of ta Willin again” They’d hafta have a False Flag in UK or EU
    UK seems to be the Looney one in EU I tink tey’ll take a Hit
    @ Mike / Livepool
    Have yer Eyes wide open , Put your Ear to the Railway tracks to hear tee Train of False flag commin yer ways,
    Scan all news local papers to see if any Drills are being conducted mate
    Hic 😉

  29. F. Beard says:

    There are no good bankers; they are all government backed counterfeiters. “The best way to rob a bank is to own one”

  30. farang says:

    I know, you can’t go back, so don’t believe me…but a week or so ago, I clicked a link at Jesse’s Cafe Americain, that took me to the Zionist twit Kunstler’s blog. I’ve suspected him of Megaphone involvement before, just my opinion, no proof.

    And this twit, that alleges Israel is “justified” in committing horrendous crimes against humanity because of “Hamas missiles” (bottle rockets that can’t flatten your tire more like), had the oddest thing to say about the late Matthew Simmons.

    Seems he had met Simmons at some Peak Oil conferences. Interestingly, Kunstler starts off with some diatribe about how he is opposed to “Conspiracy Theories” (aren’t you all?), then goes on to talk of meeting Simmons, and that he had found him to be a credible fellow, nice fellow….but then, says something along the lines of “well, he did quit suddenly from his former company and I don’t know the circumstances behind that”…so maybe his warnings about the Gulf are kinda not proven like…”.if THAT isn’t a lame “conspiracy theory” sentence, I don’t know what is.

    Why would you even say or infer something like that about someone you know personally, found credible..never did you wrong, never seemed radical…then question why a 67 year old man would retire to Maine and starting a new alternative energy program? Get involved in his community rebuilding? Without any thought you might meet him again.

    Just made no sense to me…..unless someone got the Megaphone memo to discredit Mr. Simmons. Now it makes sense to me.

    And heck, I guess Jim never has to worry about explaining his comments to Matthew now, does he? Have a nice day, Jim. Matthew’s last thoughts of you may have been the knife you shoved in his back, metaphorically speaking, of course.

    Of course we should always question and malign a leading expert of 40 years in his field when he strays from the msm TPM, right Jim? yes yes, funny how you question Simmon’s motivation for disclosing facts…which means you took the BP PR side…..which is kinda “odd” for a “doom and gloomer” like yourself.

    BTW: would you please quit doing copy cat Edward Hopper paintings? Geez, they are lame and boring. He had class.

    And on a completely different subject… Zionists still are terrorists, in many ways and methods, whether their good buddy Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush the Spook got them removed from the UN Terrorist Org list, or not. Still terrorists, in fact, I’d say the leading terrorist organization in the world, a Zebra can’t shed it’s stripes.

    And they own “our” politicians.

  31. Chenjeshu says:


    Nuclear false flag Toronto CA imo

  32. Chenjeshu says:

    Peter Schiff loses in Connecticut


    Americans lose in all elections.

    Despite genuine urges to reform their country, Americans ran out of willpower after spending months pressing keyboards, moving mouses and reading web pages to keep up with the latest news. Like a bewildered herd of corn fed cattle, they continue to stampede in circles convinced that fruitless efforts and candlelight vigils will be sufficient substitutes for actual work.

  33. Bonn says:

    @ Chenjeshu
    Toronto I dont tink so Builderberg HQ is in Canada I tink
    The safest place is to be near the Builderberg HQ
    Hic 😉

  34. Aspadistra at Ashdown Forest says:

    Think you’re going to ace your year at uni? Want to put money on that?

    A website called Ultrinsic is taking wagers on grades from students at 36 universities across the US starting this month.


    Just as Las Vegas sports books set odds on football games, Ultrinsic will pay you top dollar for A’s, a little less for the more likely outcome of a B average or better, and so on. You can also wager you’ll fail a class by buying what Ultrinsic calls “grade insurance.”

    CEO Steven Wolf insists this is not online gambling, which is technically illegal in the United States, because wagers with Ultrinsic involve skill.

  35. jischinger says:

    @Mother Earth it’s hard for me to understand what it is like to live in a third world country – but my imagination will take me far enough to know it’s not how I see my current or future existence.

    On the other hand, morally, I don’t want to add misery to someone elses existence who by birth found themselves brought into a world of without and calculated ignorance.

    I can’t reconcile the fact that in this world – in today’s modern world full of technological wonders with the ability to solve almost any problem there are people still staving and living in worse than squalor

    There’s this argument that the world has too many people – resources, pollution, poor management – and the cure is population reduction. The most human way to do this is by raising income levels which alters the standard of living, people then have fewer children. Study after study demonstrates this to be true – however, some say a cultural concern in Europe.

    As a species what’s holding us up from applying all that we know? Are we still in the midst of manfestdestiny or is there a constant and forever unresolved conflict between our basic instincts and our better angels?

    Is there a switch in our DNA where we reach a certain point in our development that tells us to give up, has pollution set that switch off?

    Do we stand for something even if that something is nothing?

  36. Bill Stewart says:

    Odds and sods :

    Sign of total collapse of US #342,459,534

    Jen Annasakis is in yet another film that is a total waste of film.

    The plot is appearance quite worthless, as there is better more realistic programming on the www that is free.

    The evil American Imperialist shela is not knocked up via a breeding party (with say 20+ blokes)! At least if this happened the plot might have been interesting. This makes the film start out as a total waste of film. After that there is no plot.

    Collapse #342,459,535

    Apparently and somehow — iPhone users are in the orgy crowd.

    Somehow stats in the US for this user group seems to indicate iPhone users sleep around more than say Android or Blackberry users.

  37. Neville Bartos says:

    Fuel crisis brews in Pakistan (Due to flooding)


    @ MiniUS the Commonwealth bank stooges are particularly annoying. I go out of my to avoid them.

    @Aspadistra at Ashdown Forest Haha interesting stuff!

  38. Hawkeye says:


    You raise some interesting points. In 1926 Frederick Soddy (Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt) was asking the same question about why despite incredible advances in economic productivity there wasn’t a greater distribution of these benefits across society & the world. There is one passage in the book that refers to the “Robot & the rentier”. Alas he was an exceptional chemist & economic theorist, but a naive judge of the human psyche.

    Ronald Wright’s A Short History of Progress probably answers it quite neatly. Humans evolved through “stealing” of wealth & resources, absorbing or assimilating when needed. Whether from nature, from other animals or from other tribes (we are after all – part Neanderthal ourselves). It’s in our DNA to strive to be the “rentier” not the robot. Those elements of the species that doesn’t aspire to this is either erradicated or rendered the robot (slave / debt slave).

    P.S. Bankers are shysters & quacks!

  39. daddy warbucks says:

    Hey Max, it might be a good idea to publicly show your not prone to a ‘heart attack’?

    Your car breaks are in good working order and your not suicidal as well? I would like you to continue your excellent work.

    Maybe Matt Simons should have done the same.

  40. Marc Authier says:


    Trash trades. People should call it Phantom flash for trash trades.

    I like the 90 degree downward slope. Hight Frequency Trash.

    These criminals should get the electric chair . And to say our pension funds, what’s left after the plundering by these American globalist Nazis invest in what has all the allure of dermonic joke.,

    I intend burning all my finance and economics books.

  41. Mother Earth says:


    Raising living standards across the board is a. impossible if people keep denying that welfare is an intrinsic part of a mechanized industiralized world (humans are on the whole much less needed than before). b. Is not sustainable, and therefore a wrong goal. c. Unnecessary.

    Stop saying that technology will solve the problems if you don’t stand up to the industry that stifles progress by locking up patens or staling inventions.

    Population reduction will happen, but trying to do that without tackling the big problem or even the smaller ones (lie arms trading) is nonse imho

    Besides bing unable to see the forest for the trees most people like to make a lot of fuss about planting a sapling where it will get eaten by cattle the moment they turn their back..

  42. MirrorMirror says:

    @Marc A … “I intend burning all my finance and economics books.”

    Include all those books on T/A ( Technical Analysis ) that are there to make people believe that “Investing on WS is a serious business”

  43. Marc Authier says:


    No intention of excuting the trade. You move the bid and ask. You skim the milk from the slaves. You fleece the real buyers and the real sellers. Meanwhile you make gizzilion dollars of profits out of nothing.

    Without one dime invested. I’d excute the traders instead. But as usual these traders have protection from the lovin criminal US nazi government.

  44. Mini US says:

    Just saw Obama on TV.
    It must be like Groundhog Day for him.
    Every day he looks at those little glass autocue prompts with the same words written on them day after day after day.

    “We have many challenges ahead of us”

    Challenges is modern day speak for problems, issues, brick walls.

    Tomorrow will be today again Barack.
    Sleep well.

  45. Marc Authier says:

    US markets must be destroyed. in reality they have ceased to exist a long time ago. I will have to get used to call it US rackets. That being said, has anyones a stratagem to destroy these marketts. I stopped trafing in the US a long time ago. Personnally I pray the place called US stock markets, goes up in smoke. No forest fires in USA presently ?

  46. Palantír says:

    An open question:
    Would the world be better or worse, more or less developed, if corporations were not allowed to buy up other corporations?

  47. Bonn says:

    @ Palantír
    The world would be a better place if it were more developed
    I myself had takin the volantary Pledge to have 1 Kid
    But if you see in 3rd world country where they are less developed the Psyche of the poor is that if I have 5 or 8 kids I can get more Income
    and there is lot of Child labour that goes on here
    the ruling Elite are so removed from reality they clearly have no Brains
    Hic 😉

  48. MirrorMirror says:

    Putin fights wildfires with water bomber


    Impressive !
    Maybe Bush & Cheney should have a go as well ! …

  49. F. Beard says:

    Good afternoon Stacy.

    FailSafe is on TCM. Maybe it will warn the war lovers that they should give peace a chance.

  50. jischinger says:

    hard for me to judge what I haven’t read, but Wright’s cynicism sounds to me like he’s given up and I bet he’s never met his better angels.

    but I have to admit from the looks of things Wright may be right, but he doesn’t inspire.

  51. F. Beard says:

    U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know: Laurence Kotlikoff Mirror^2

    The US cannot go bankrupt since it’s debts are in its own currency which it can issue at will.

  52. Laragh says:

    man made global warming? or Sun’s Solar Tsunami August 3rd 2010 ‎ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJp56LfDjyM
    resulting in…
    Nasa talks about 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVluo-u_xQk&feature=related
    ? and why my film needs more funding before next year 😉

  53. jischinger says:

    @mirror the irony is the guy says we’re broke then talks about spending money.

    He blames the baby boomers, but says nothing about the military.

    Here’s what frightens guys like him, if we actually pay our bills by liquidating our assets like a good bankrupt country he and his ilk lose big time.

    the right have a problem, they are willing to stand on grandma’s throat to save their own necks.

    There’s not much control left for these guys. People are going to start getting very creative in response to their douchbagery.

  54. jischinger says:

    @ MirrorMirror “Putin fights wildfires…”

    I’m impressed, and he did it all with his shirt on

  55. Marc Authier says:

    The beauty of all of it is that USA will inflict its pain to everybody. United Sado-masochists of America. That’s a real advantage for the USS. You share the downside of the American Dream to all Earthling but not the upside. .

  56. MirrorMirror says:

    US Coinage Act of 1792: “Any persons discovered to be deliberately debasing US money ‘shall be guilty of felony and shall be punished by death”


  57. jischinger says:

    Is this feral response directed to me or to the world in general?

    Bankster – still too nice

    Bankers are shysters & quacks!


    I think I’m looking for a one syllable word closer to guttersnipe.

    but I did find the right word for debt-slave, Helot.

  58. MirrorMirror says:

    Big Euro versus US$ move down today … FWIW


  59. F. Beard says:

    Bankers are government backed counterfeiters.

  60. chArles says:

    Sorry couldn’t comment last night but went to bed

    @ Mini

    I assumed most of your information came from family of friends…I can walk down the street and be regaled about the EVILS of CUBA from EX Patriots….well this has jaded me drastically as a child, southern and America when I would visit.

    Wonder what type of lifestyle those ex pats were enjoying before the rise of Castro or Chavez or who ever the devil was…wonder if they were fighting for basic dignity for ALL of their fellow countrymen…my gut tells me know…they were like our comfortable middle-upper class who will step over people in the street to get into their Hummers

    Because if they were FIGHTERS for the weak and oppress then they wouldn’t have bugged out of their own country…they would’ve stayed and fought the “New” oppressor but they didn’t they ran and whine about not having their money

    Sorry I know it is hard for people to understand…but if the State Feeds, clothes, Educates you which even the worst of them do by providing minimal level of infrastructure and security you have some obligation to it….no if you want to pack up your kit bag and leave….you should be able to, but to demand your property tells me what you value…not Freedom but shinny bobbles

    So cheer up as I awoke this morning Glenn Beck was on telling the stories of how he meet a women from Venezuela who was telling her that the Oboma administration is just like Chavez…and beating the silent war drum against that country

    I don’t trust Chavez, and think it is a mistake for the Left to saddle up to close to him, because he has to hold power and make the trains run on time…doing this he will have to compromise to much

  61. skippy says:

    @bankers = bokors =BOKOR$ ? coincidence ?

    Bokors are featured in many Haitian tales and are often associated with the creation of ‘zombis’ by the use of a deadening brew or potion usually containing poison extracted from puffer fish. This potion makes the drinker appear to be dead and thus he is often buried; later, the bokor will return for the “corpse” and force it to do his bidding, such as manual labor.

  62. Chris says:

    @John Robb

    Perhaps its time to start a new field: AstroEconomics. By the way Black Holes are real. Cygnus X-1 was the first discovered. Just ask WL.

    @Marc A:

    Buy on dips is the advice that makes sense to me. But I’m sure you won’t regret in the long run.

  63. naomi says:

    @mirror, mirror

    Unfortunately what Cheney or Bush would drop would be either bombs or toxic chemicals.

  64. John Robb says:


    I don’t know who WL is, so I don’t really know if you are being serious or not. If we define a Black Hole as a mysteriously small area of relatively dense x-ray emission, then yes, we have discovered Black Holes. Instead, if we construct an elaborate mathematical concept to make the rest of our imaginative model work, filled with bizarre event horizons where the concept of gravity is stretched well beyond any previously useful status and not allowing light to escape, then we take our preconceived model and look to the skies to find them, then no, we haven’t discovered anything of the like. At best we have discovered points on the map of the skies [like Cygnus x-1] that haven’t yet been ruled out as indicative to the existence of such a thing. All we know about Cygnus X-1 is that a small area on our skymap indicates measurably dense x-ray emission. Anything else we “know” about it is yet highly speculative: that it has mass, that that mass might be similar to our Sun’s, and with extreme speculation, that it might be less than thirty kilometers wide. Max’s use of the term Black Hole is FAR more useful.

  65. John Robb says:


    I do though, adore the concept of AstroEconomics. That is basically what we have in current day: bankers that have created financial instruments inspired by the mathematical models of Stephen Hawking. Uffda!

  66. swell says:

    Bisphenol A, (BPA), has been in the news recently, and is implicated in causing girls as young as 6 to go into precocious puberty.

    Part One:

    Part Two:

  67. Mini US says:


    Maybe you should scrape the clay off your feet and jump on a plane and go see reality and stop judging from afar.

    Cheers mate.

  68. nobody says:

    @Mini US

    Your judgement about Chavez is too feable. You are saying that you know better than anyone here about Chavez because you have a Venezuelan wife.

    It also can mean that you are more biased and have more prejudices cause you have a Venezuelan wife. Objectivity is important.

  69. Mini US says:


    I know more about Chavez because I have a Venezuelan wife?
    That doesn’t make sense and I didn’t say that.
    You said that.

    I said that I have lived in Venezuela and have seen it for myself.
    Reading classes down the hall on the right.

  70. Tyler says:

    Max….that comment about the derivitivaholics(sp?) is an all-time classic. Havent laughed so hard in years, considering the economic climate these days. Oh, and Stacy, i love you. Too strong??? Sorry, my bad. Keep up the good work, both of you. Cheers.

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