China: Coal Price and Clean Energy

Stacy Summary: China looks like it is deploying a Bruce Lee energy policy. With America’s overwhelming military force and spend in the Middle East securing oil reserves and the world community apparently behind or unconcerned about this frequent recourse to force, it really makes zero sense to a nation like China to devise energy policies that would see it constantly confront the angry elephant. With a goal established, it will be very interesting to see whether or not China can achieve this green energy dominance and what sort of innovation (if any) emerges.

Beijing aims to cut carbon intensity as much as 45 percent from 2005 levels by 2020 and increase the share of renewables to 15 percent of primary energy consumption. That is nearly double the current ratio and would make the country a leader in green energy manufacturing and use.

13 comments on “China: Coal Price and Clean Energy
  1. F. Beard says:

    Beijing must upgrade its rickety electricity grid, open up the network to alternative energy and raise tariffs to make new energy sources competitive with coal-fired power. from [bold added]

    Meaning making the cost of imported coal so expensive that the “alternatives” win by default? And that is called fair competition?!

  2. Marc Authier says:

    Anecdotal evidence that clean energy ain’t tha miracle it’s supposed to be.

    To make an hybrid electric car it takes 25,000 gallons of oil just to make ONE single car.

    It’s just an illusion. People like to tell themselves stories about the ‘new’ energies. Now what would be REAL revolutionary in China and the rest of the world would be seing people forced to use the bicycle to go at work. Was the case during Mao. China is not serious. Neither are we.

  3. F. Beard says:

    Well, If China has been conned into the CO2 scare, I guess the US can stay No 1. for a bit longer. But I doubt it. Instead they will just consider it another fad to make money off Western foolishness.

  4. MEJanssen says:

    Russia just this week completed an oil pipeline to the Chinese border in the Amur region. China has not yet connected to it and will have to tunnel under the Amur River, but they think it will be completed next year. Now Russian crude has to be hauled by train over the border. The oil fuel will be cleaner than coal, presumably.

  5. Laragh says:

    “Hydropower is the key to reaching that target. It will make up 9 to 10 percentage points out of the 15,” the official said.…
    forex x30 short dollar / dow jones – long tidal wave (hydropower) hedge with gold – and fly a terror plane into some chinese nuclear plant – to make them increase clean energy percentage . Us could use iran terrorists and hit nucs in china..

  6. Laragh says:

    best case scenario : iran invests heavily into tidal – hedge with gold short dollar and make a false flag us terror attack on nuclear plant in china – china sells of all treasury bonds for a more dramatic effect – and goes tidal in worries for future US terror attacks

  7. Laragh says:

    the arabian oil dollar dies – and edf constellation nuclear energy goes down – china goes tidal and i’m rich

  8. Laragh says:

    problem solved.
    Iran goes down believing in oil and nucs – as petro dollar does; israel and arabs go down with us. france edf nuclears goes down constellation with it. gas and coal too.
    china goes GREEN – and the climate wrecked flooded countries wich r supposed to go drown- go rich on tidal – and cash is created on renewable resources – a circle based on abundance – not on debts paper digital lies illusion slavery leading to man made destruction of all life and resources on this planet.

    best case scenario nature strikes back with sun; electrics r outdated – we won’t use electric energy due to solar disruption – other non electric power will be revealed by friendly ALIENS and the human bullshit aera comes to an end wether they like it or not.

    Friendly aliens (ET) disclose zero gravity clean energy source save the planet and let only indians plants animals survive apart from wasps – personally speaking I could do without wasps.

    paper – digital trading – communications is outdated – telepathic energy becomes measurable and humans reconnect with the recycling renewable energies available on this planet through standing on their heads in a E.T yoga session.

    OBAMA bush etc will die because they believed there own lies. unable to see the bigger picture they will drown in oil or suicide like HITLER…

    as we all know the denial of spirit by ego is leading to a US BP DOLLAR mass suicide right now and everyone who believes in it.

    mega ego convinced of there deity – will as it looks not survive it.. and will be just erased and forgotten. web bot predicts march next year for start of digital breakdown.

    If not we could use some terrorists and hackers. tip of the day:
    Ben laden could threaten all nuclear plants with planes.. i can dress up as ben laden and make a false desert video.

    and we should find out what happened to genepax??! – so i can keep my car incase E.T’s technology a failure. and someone should report on suematsu Minoru bribed by petro dollar.

    poor dying and burnt bp dolphins

  9. Mary Tabazan says:

    China will replace coal by 2030. Wind energy studies of China indicate the country could replace coal with wind at levels higher than today’s coal generated. Excess energy, one situation that doesn’t need solving.

  10. Laragh says:

    suematsu Minoru has been googlerazed so research is going to have to get real

  11. Laragh says:

    excess energy everywhere true – but an excuse to kill people and the planet for oil is still very REAL and happening even though based on a lie.

  12. Laragh says:

    suematsu Minoru has replaced the zero oil car for a hybrid – now we know why…
    the zero oil car worked fine from begin with –
    plenty of proof.
    but his company genepax has disappeared ? jan 2010 . i guess he had the choice between getting killed or going “oil hybrid”
    weird that u s military has a zero oil hummer running on water..

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