The Afghanistan ‘war logs’ now online

Stacy Summary: The Afghanistan ‘war logs’ obtained by Wikileaks have been examined and published by the NY Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel. From what I can tell following the “Collateral Murder” release, the war racket needs not fear the population suddenly waking up and caring about any crimes being committed in their name. Your thoughts on the story and on whether any images or stories could possibly alter the current occupations or stop the upcoming ones?

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  1. Dedo says:

    As you’re aware Stacy,..most folk couldn’t care less what happens outside their sphere of influence (and why should they),…until things affect them personally!
    It’s never been any different,..which is why I gave MotherEarth a slap round the face,.for blaming all of mankind, for the actions of a few,….

  2. ronron says:

    @Stacy. over here there up in arms over a murdered swan. nobody gives a fuck Stacy. sad. 🙁

  3. Palantír says:

    It just seems like we’ve at war with Eurasia for the moment, nobody seems to remember Eastasia.

    Taliban is the new Al-Qaeda. Taliban can not move as it is geographically locked so the war will continue until the money runs out or we get another war somewhere else. Al-Qaeda can be moved to wherever it is needed, its convenient that way.

  4. ronron says:

    you ask someone, what about the 2 million dead in the recent wars. they wanna know whats for lunch. it’s really sick. everybody thinks i’m nuts for thinking about it. it’s unpopular speech.

  5. Palantír says:

    Beside, the military needs a reel training ground for military tactics and weapons without having to risk too much. Afghanistan is great that way, military leaders with war experience is gold worth.

  6. Dedo says:

    @ronron,….Wow!,…what a player,..never seen anything like that before!

  7. ronron says:

    @Stacy. we got double trouble. you know it.

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    @afghanistan · war logs · wikileaks

    Looks like the US and other Govts. have some ‘splaining to do !

    IMO … the basic message is : is it OK for Govts. to keep secrets from us !

    The Govts. obviously thinks so.

    I wonder how many people will want to join the ( glossed & glorified ) army now ?

  9. Youri Carma says:

    A full scale war with Iran can create many problems beside the military problems the U.S. allready has.

    The can’t leave Iraq cause problems in the Iraqi power structure will become evident and powers will use the opportunity to settle old scores.

    Inside Iraq – Iraq’s political deadlock

    Afghanistan is a mess and the U.S. military fighting moral is very low after the many revelations as the poppies and civil masacres by unmoral military led by an immoral government and no end of war in sight.

    Further you have the political dilemma’s in the question what Russia and China will do if the U.S. get’s involved? Tthe Obama deception regime needs an other decptive False Flag but will the American people buy it this time?

    So I get the feeling that the Americans are more and more isolated which will further increase in a blatant attack on Iran. The tricks are all from the ol school book and what America does is just ignoring opposite voices and ramming trough insane immoral politics with the attitude of “I DON”T GIVE A DAMN” which in the end will certainly backfire on them.

    But there could just be a small scale attack from the Air Force just to destroy some targets but with bigger concequences. Even Zbigniew Brzezinski has said so.

    Excerpts from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Chatham House Speech November 2008

    The growing risk that America will become military and politically bucked down in a vast area of the world ranging from East of Suez,
    does that phrase sound familiar to some of you? From East of Suez to West of India, from east of Suez to west of India.
    And nothing that I have said so far will accomplish anything if the U.S. does get bucked down.
    Because if we get bucked down we will be; in a protracted, post imperial war, in the post colonial age.
    Which is not gonna be easy to win with aroused populations that are not easy to control unless your prepared to exterminate them and we’re not.
    And will be stuck perhaps with escalating conflicts.
    Resulting either for a re-awakening of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict,
    to a continuation of the Iraki war as an extension of a war with Iran, to a deepening war in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    What will be needed however is with a withdrawal is a serious dialog with all of Iraks neighbors.
    About the security consequences of American withdrawal and the consequences for them.
    And not a single one of them can envisage benefiting from unrest in Irak without IT spilling over into it’s own territory.
    Just look at demographics and the geography of the region.
    And in such a dialog in the context of withdrawal has change of being constructive.
    And that brings to the third aspect, namely:
    If there is such dialog it will help to negotiate with Iran about it’s nuclear problem.

    And there is something else we maybe advised to give up; Which is the useless and counterproductive threat of military action.
    Because threatening military action unifies the Iranian populus, helps to bridge the enormous cap between the population at large and the Mullahs.
    And doesn’t help the negotiating process.
    Because threatening military action unifies the Iranian populus, helps to bridge the enormous cap between the population at large and the Mullahs.
    And doesn’t help the negotiating process.
    It’s an option which you can always keep in reserve if you really mean to use it.
    But it is not productive to negotiations.
    And quiet frankly I don’t think it would be very productive if it where ever exercised.
    Because a war with Iran would be a messy business indeed in the entire region.
    With a variety of local consequences and global economic consequences.
    Which we know in advance would be disastrous through a scale which we can not predict so, it’s not a viable notion for a actual policy.
    And last by not least we have to deal with Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    And here to some extend based on my own experience of dealing with that problem in relationship to an other power.
    I think it is important that we do not over militarize our effort and we do not make the mistake that the other power did in Afghanistan.

    Complete Speech:

  10. shaul Hanuka says:

    From my experience, when trying to make the western media interested in the Anat Kamm episode, no one cares about war crimes. Most americans treat army war crimes like the treat army gays and lesbians, don’t ask don’t tell.

    At large the western civil opinion doesn’t give a cat’s whiskers about war crimes done in their names.


    Stacey I am not the Shaul Hanuka that climbed to your UCLA window with a rose. cause you see my motto is:

    “never the rose without the prick”

    I sent something to Max about a widget, check it out it’s on his FB !

  11. AAA says:

    Why a capitalist economy functions better than a socialist economy??

  12. shaul Hanuka says:

    @AAA because Capitalist Newspapers and TV outlets cover it’s economy ?

  13. Coby says:

    Seems like a daily news blip of soldier names around here. People never talk about the war and seem more interested in trying to make a living. War is war, it’s all bad. The local population may never hear of the events occurring nor give a crap until they realize how it affects them personally. The mess happening at the border on this continent is just as bad if not worse and life goes on. No talk about it and no apparent worries.

  14. Youri Carma says:

    Former CIA Boss: Iran Attack “Inexorable”

    Download Webster Tarpley’s World crises Radio 24 July 2010 MP3

  15. MirrorMirror says:

    Paper-Gold market default : Are we close this time ?

    LBMA Closes Off Public Access To Key Bullion Bank Trading Data

    Well, a very convincing read … but all the others were too !

  16. ronron says:

    doodoodaronronamy. book 3 chapter 4. every man has to die.

  17. MirrorMirror says:

    Vitamin C intravenous … Cancer Cure ?

    I guess the Govt. study which disproved Vitamin-C were sponsored by the Pharma lobby … as usual .

  18. chArles says:

    @ “Why a capitalist economy functions better than a socialist economy??”

    who says it does? Do they have anything to gain from making this claim? How are they defining “functions”? and How are they defining “Better”? What are they using to make these claims and are they using honest data in questioning both systems?

    you’ll notice that in every case when one puts forth this statement or arguement it fails…Capitolism appears succeful to the Western mind so long as its TRUE cost could be offshored unto others and so long as they capitolist could continue to expand the living standards of a select chosen few…

    I would argue we wouldn’t have gotten off the savanah or out of the caves if we practiced capitolism as a species…loved to see the arguement about intellectual property rights in crafting of stone hammers….”you telling me I can’t take a rock and smash another rock unless I give you a payment?” “I created it so must be compensated for my property” thus was patened the first weapon of death as the little stoneman smashed his neighbor for demanding payment

  19. ronron says:

    @chArles. can you give me an example of a capitalist society?

  20. Tofu Charlie says:

    First impressions: smells like more viral propaganda to provide a pretext for further escalation in Afghanistan (“stay the course” trumps “cut n run”), and an expansion of the theater to include Iran and Pakistan. (Notice Assange mentions their involvement without any critical context in the Guardian video interview.) The Surge is dead, long live Surge 2.0, etc.

    The moral outrage angle is designed to pull in your garden-variety left-liberals and use them as carriers for the real talking points: Possible Failure + Iran/Pakistan. Just try acting on your outrage, guys… as Dedo points out, the 95% bubble-dwelling population don’t give a shit.

    And it seems like most of the revelations detailed by UK-Guardian are old news. Just repackaged and hyped as a “leak” by freedom-fighting “hackers”. After watching Assange’s body language in his recent TED talk, I’m deeply suspicious of the guy. That nose and lip-scratching tell, for example, when he talks about Wikileak being down because of funding problems. Not a great poker player.

  21. Ptah says:

    I am inclined to think this info is leaked into the hands of WikiLeaks once it is strategically convenient to do so. Most people know this and thus the info will wash over them like so much other ‘shocking revelation’ that is spoon fed to the media. Abu Ghraib should have provoked a storm but alas.

    In your post you mention people ‘waking up’. Well, I suspect I am dreaming… did I just read that the UK are removing their traffic cameras due to economic problems:

    No, I must be still dreaming….!

  22. Dedo says:

    I think Huxley’s Brave New World is quite a good system to aspire to,…

  23. Happy Dick says:

    Great to see the truth. I just lost a close neighbor friend, he was laid to rest this past Tuesday, killed in Afghanistan. He will be missed.

  24. jischinger says:

    Max talks about suicide bakers, but perhaps we are living in a suicide society.

    It’s easy to be a cynic, as easy as it is to give up; which seems what most Americans have done. Like those who are unemployed after a while they just give up looking for work and drop into survival mode. It’s not a quality lifestyle; grief and depression are tough to overcome.

    The stresses of our society since the Industrial Revolution have been working to maintain the dividing line between those who have and those who get nothing.

    In the US there is a growing number of people who can’t even afford the shovel to dig themselves out of debt. Even if they could, where would they go, what could they afford, but to survive?

    Hearken back to slavery, to the women’s suffrage movement or to civil rights, it was those small, but active groups of people who made a difference and now their legacies are in jeopardy.

    Americans are suffering mass depression and those in leadership think, like the last great depression, the way out is through war. War with Iran and anyone else who looks at us funny and has resources we need. They think that’s how you boost an economy.

    In the US this and the past leadership and their cohorts can not secure their own greedy interests if countries work together to spread technology and keep their resources in the hands of the people who live there. To them peace is not an option.

    That’s why I see the only way to stop these wars and greedy corporatist is to send Congress the ultimate pink slip, the best tool and most peaceful threat we have as a people, legal secession.

    As Barney Frank said, ‘Politicians, if not corrupt, love one thing more than money, votes.’

    Take away the MIC and Wall Streets influence and work to make politicians honest people again.

    Takes vigilance.

    When something begins to rot it’s time to cut the dead part off. That’s the nature of nature, it strives to be beautiful.

  25. Happy Dick says:

    My friend will not be home to see his children this Christmas …

  26. leobrady says:

    Yes War is a racket… The words couldn’t be more true than when they were spoken by Butler in the 30s(?).
    The Boston Globe
    just published an article revealing, in part, some of the “greedy one’s” intentions. Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, would say its for O.I.L. (i.e. Oil, Israel and logistics) I’m sure there are even more reasons.
    Americans, which I am one of, did awaken somewhat in the latter part of the Bush second term and indeed there were many anti-war protests. However, as we all know, the former mainstream media doesn’t cover opposition. 😉 In fact, our president of change, Obama and the Democrat Congress were swept into office on the promise of ending the war.
    Surprise Americans were lied too, just like governments are doing with impunity all around the world.
    What can we all do barring violent action? — Passive non compliance, non-cooperation with governmental agencies whenever possible and boycotts. Enlightenment is a transitional process but it is inevitable.

  27. Weevie says:

    Where’s the NY Times link? BTW, I have been disgusted with the wars for years. Ever heard of My Lai? What we really need is for the United States to become a signatory to the International Criminal Court. If the USA objects to how the court is set up, then it’s time to use American influence and prestige to set the court up properly. You can try Nazis and ww2 Japanese generals and Serb assholes for war crimes, but if the same principles of punishment for torture, murder and wanton disregard for civilian lives were applied equally to murderers in the upper levels of the US government, there would be plenty of Americans in the dock. *No one* should be above the law, American or not. Presidents included. It’s a disgrace to see people like Radovan Karadic, Slobodan Milosevic, Mlatko Radic being called names by the US government when people like George Bush Jr., Rummy and Cheney walk free.

  28. Teresa says:

    I do not think there is anything the American people can do to stop these wars. There have been many anti-war demonstrations here, but when the mainstream media refuses to report on them, it’s like they don’t exist. That’s why control of the press has been so crucial for the Right.

  29. chArles says:

    @ ronron

    good question because any system I would say the proponets of capitolism would state I am stacking the deck…

    my socialist example is me, my momie and grandmother start to make cookies to sell/trade/barter with our neighbors, we each do what we best adapt at doing, we make decesions collectively when we can when a consensus can’t be form a plurality is accepted, we all know this going into the arrangement, we share equally in the failure or success of the venture

    capitolism my grandmother who owns the house where said cookies were to be made and owns the recipe because she created it demands the majority of the proceeds of the venture if succeful also demands that because it is her’s she can demand what the labor of me and my mommie should be accorded…we can refuse to work for her…that is the extent of our freedom and participation in the system

    but she is the only game in town where we can sell our individual skill sets and we have no access to labor to create own our own

  30. Weevie says:

    Efforts to sheild Americans from ICC jurisdiction:

    There IS a solution. Criminal prosecution of criminals…

  31. chArles says:

    this should have read

    but she is the only game in town where we can sell our individual skill sets and we have no access to capitol to create own our own biddness…all we can offer is labor

  32. Tofu Charlie says:

    I’m starting to cut-n-paste skeptical online reactions to the ‘Afghan War Diaries’ leak here:

  33. Tao Jonesing says:

    “In a statement, the White House said the chaotic picture painted by the logs was the result of ‘under-resourcing’ under Obama’s predecessor, saying: “‘t is important to note that the time period reflected in the documents is January 2004 to December 2009.'”

    Translation: we now have enough resources to kill ALL of the witnesses, too.

    As others have said, I don’t think that we’re going to see any visible public outcries about war crimes committed in our name. Even if there were a million person march over the topic, the media wouldn’t cover it because they’d be too busy following a ten man Tea Party rally where people who don’t even know what socialism tell us about how that Kenyan is a socialist.

    Also, we have about 30% of voting Americans who are able to convince themselves that anything that is at odds with their worldview of the unerringly righteous America is some kind of leftwing conspiracy. These people were Bush’s hardcore base, and they are a big part of the tea party mob. It is distressing to see these people rant on and on about liberty when they are so clearly in touch with their inner fascists. I’m sure the brownshirts convinced themselves they were patriots on the side of liberty, too.

  34. WL says:

    The LBMA joins the gold squeeze cover-up

    By Adrian Douglas
    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    The London Bullion Market Association has just taken the highly unusual step of blocking access to statistics relating to the trading activities of its member bullion banks. This information has been available to the public since 1997 but as of this week it is available only to LBMA members.

  35. Lloyd says:

    From the first paragraph in the Guardian story:

    “…Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.”

    THIS is all we’re going to be hearing about in another week.

  36. dan valley says:

    Another step in direction of One World from IMF Global Regs 4 Global banks. Meet the Cross-Border Resolution Group

  37. Wahrheit says:

    It may actually be that the military-industrial complex is melting the polar ice cap using HAARP technology:

  38. Youri Carma says:


    Afghanistan War Logs: WikiLeaks Releasing Over 90,000 Documents In ‘Afghan War Diary’ (The Huffington Post)

  39. F. Beard says:

    Your thoughts on the story and on whether any images or stories could possibly alter the current occupations or stop the upcoming ones? Stacy

    Just keep on keeping on, dear. It takes time. I used to think we had capitalism in the US until I understood banking. Then quite a lot became clear. Luckily (inevitably?) out system is unstable. When people who have always played by the rules get screwed anyway then they will start to see the light. Then genuine reform can become plausible.

  40. SAO says:

    There was absolutely no reason to invade Afghanistan.

    I think of Pat Tillman stationed in Afghanistan being shot at close range three times between the eyes with a M16 because he was going to tell the people in the US what was really going on with the war.

    Corporate suits are running the show. All the decent military leaders either quit in protest or were fired. There are only psychos and ass kissers playing as leaders now.

    Like Major General Smedley Butler said “war is a racket.” He wrote a book with that title. Should be read by all.

    9/11 should have been investigated. The “official” story is pure BS. The United States government has been invading foreign countries and killing people for their resources for a very long time. The wars of the 21st century
    are so corrupt it is numbing.

    I believe our military is being taken out on purpose by the powers that be. The same people that are destroying our economy and anything else we need to survive (like our food system.)

    Just look at the Gulf of Mexico. That was done intentionally and is totally being ignored by our pathetic politicians. This country will not wake up.

  41. dan valley says:

    @DEDO..”.I think Huxley’s Brave New World is quite a good system to aspire to,…”

    I believe the baby steps of that are in place now…the propoganda firstly then the near anihilation of humaity followed by your dream ….you wont be around to see it however.

  42. Tao Jonesing says:


    “From the first paragraph in the Guardian story:

    “…Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.”

    THIS is all we’re going to be hearing about in another week.”

    Except for the Pakistan part, you’re probably right . . .

  43. There has never been any country at any time that has either conquered or has controlled Afghanistan. From Alexander the Great onward. None!
    We are still training their military after seven years. We send our boys into combat after less than one year of training. How long is this going to take?

    Having been in the military myself, including the so called elite units, I well understand, that from a training perspective, there is always a need for a low grade war. However, as both you and Max have so brilliantly pointed out, this war tends to be more economically driven by wall street than by our military desiring another training mission.

    The question then is this: can the United States withdraw without our economy going into the tank? Perhaps you and Max can address this on one of your shows. I tend to agree with Gerald Celente that we will be expanding the various wars if we go deeper into a depression. Moreover, I think that we are on the verge of our greatest depression ever.

    As an aside, having been in the business myself for a while, I am of the opinion that Osama has been dead for some time. Were it to the contrary, the various three letter organizations would not have had to hire an impersonator to pretend to be him. I know for an absolute fact that these organizations are not that incompetent!

    When one either goes behind the fence [Ft. Bragg] or into the looking glass, [where the 100 stars reside on the North wall of a building outside of Washington D. C.], it becomes almost impossible to distinguish reality from various agendas and self serving fictions.

    It is my understanding that Osama is, or at least was, a very brittle diabetic, plus, he would no longer be a young man if still alive. Finally, and don’t you just know that with all the various satellites dedicated to one comparatively small geographic region – if Osama were to move at all, he would be spoted and a drone driver would then be after him faster than a Goldman Sach high frequency trading nano second!

  44. Poote says:

    Dear Stacy, there is no Utopia
    Greed and War then Greed and War some more.
    The lesson learned from Viet Nam was do not draft your military.
    Rather; ruin the economy so there are no honest jobs then a Military “job” becomes an attractive choice.
    Today’s army pulls from a vast pool of people with no other employment opportunities.
    Are they volunteers?
    They think they are.
    Party while you can.

  45. knowbuddhau says:

    Human sacrifice “over there” is how our oligarchs have convinced us we can best avoid sacrifice “over here.”

    Isn’t it odd: throughout the centuries, the Evil Other, whom we must defeat or go straight to hell ourselves, always is located in precisely the same place: over there.

    The Clash–Straight to Hell.

  46. Candace says:

    I agree with Lloyd. The gov et al will capitalize on the Iran angle. Don’t know if it was a staged leak or not. Do know that you don’t have to create a disaster to capitalize on it.

  47. jon says:

    my brother in law a stupid yuppie thinks war is great. As long as he benefits.

  48. Doug Beiers says:

    Interesting comments on TBR News, I personally believe wikileaks is genuine, but, are submitters really anonymous/safe?

    Washington, D.C., July 23, 2010: “There is an old saying that if something is too good to be true, it isn’t. This applies to girl friends, wives, bosses, the ads that are choking the Internet (“Free credit scores!”) and so on.

    More sinister are offerings found in the media and touted on the Internet that can lead to very serious consequences for the unwary.

    The general thrust of these dangers are offers of security in communications with others that are illusory because by using them, the victim is exposing himself to the very people he is trying to avoid. In the second case, the victim is lured into believing that if they send off purloined or otherwise illegally obtained sensitive government documents, they will be published for all the world to see and, of course, the sender will never, ever, be revealed.

    – more –

  49. Heather says:

    Hopefully this marks the start of our withdrawal. It has been long enough, the longest, in fact.

  50. TJ says:

    Wikileaks is a CIA operation. If they wanted Assange dead, he’d be a goner already.

  51. Tao Jonesing says:

    “Wikileaks is a CIA operation. If they wanted Assange dead, he’d be a goner already.”

    Or maybe they don’t view what Assange has to say as dangerous enough to warrant his assassination.

    Seriously, I just don’t get the mindset that allows one to leap from the fact that the founder of Wikileaks is still alive to the conclusion that he must be a CIA operative or Wikileaks must be a front. Why do we only get those two choices? There’s certainly the possibility that the CIA is laundering anti-Iran “leaks” through Wikileaks, but that does not necessarily mean that Assange is complicit. Assuming that’s the case is kind of like assuming that a vendor who screws up and accepts a counterfeit $20 bill is colluding with the counterfeiter. I just don’t get it.

  52. Chris Gould says:

    It’s not a matter of waking up, it’s a matter of the way visual and aural media have been developed in the wake of Hiroshima primarily as a tool of commerce to inspire consumption and occupy time (5 nights a week) so that genuine interaction in one’s community is a minority activity.
    Imagine how different media would be if television stations were interacted with in every local community. That possibility is here with Internet TV to find threads of perception designed to inform instead of indoctrinate.
    It’s a propaganda machine that was cultivated in the 1920’s. Using saturation exposure where time of day is a key component in broadcast, an argument triggered by financial markets manipulations coerces a population to follow a prescription recommended by the headlines. The propaganda machine was built for profit from conflict fueled by arms manufactured by the propaganda machine.
    With two party democracies donated to equally, either will fulfill the goals of this Victorian antiquity, a propaganda machine designed to incite outrage and calls for revenge. 9/11 inspired Operation Hare Brained Scheme where Ammunition stockpiles were depleted in anger so the taxpayer would pick up the bill.
    The consequence of this was to generate conditions ripe for a propaganda machine to inspire rage which was then documented and stored in a database for future reference. Self motivated enemies are the goal of the Propaganda Machine, they fit into 8kb sound bites easily.
    Where to? Audit the Fed
    Audit the BIS
    Avoid overdosing on Free to Air TV.
    Internet TV has an opportunity to dissolve the prejudice based on ignorance Western Media paints the globe with. Black Americans came from unmentioned members of the economy to business leaders with a re-evaluation of the adjectives used.
    Media, through the net, interviewing Iraqis, Iranians and Afghans enriching imaginations instead of atrophying them with phantom W.M.D.’s where the World of Music Arts and Dance is a much richer acronym.
    The Propaganda Machine sees a perception of value squeeze on the horizon and much as they did in the past the clamor for sabers to rattle or raindrops to worry about or sunshine to worry about keeps the conversation suitably inane for 22 minute soda pop sitcoms.
    Democracynow is a cool Internet TV station.
    A cure for too many words:-

  53. Gordo says:

    More like it would just draw more attention to what the military is doing to assassinate Assange.

    I know wishful thinking.

  54. GGees says:

    Its entirely possible that different factions within the CIA are waging a covert war against the Afghan war and releasing this info to get public opinion against the war

  55. alan says:

    Anybody or organisation which challenges the authority of the Military Industrial Complex/elite will either be co-opted or destroyed.
    Hopefully that has not happened to Wiki leaks yet.
    I wish them all the best while they are able to function free from corporate/government infiltration.

  56. zaphodity says:

    Yeah, just found out about this…been waiting for it. This type of thing is “perfectly normal” when people start shooting at each other, for right or wrong. It usually turns into a giant mess, U.S. are famous for it. Nit picking aside i’m sure this isn’t even the tip of the proverbial iceberg because you sure as shit know if there really was any good stuff in those logs the dude from Wikileaks would have “disappeared” in “suspicious” circumstances and we would have never heard a thing. Smells like bullshit to me.

  57. Listen to what the man had to say recently in this interview with Julian Asange:

  58. Talcott says:

    “It’s never been a secret, for instance, that the Taliban have proven more resilient than anyone expected…”

    Read more:

    “It’s never been more obvious, truly, the moron princelings of many media’s never read and retain history..”
    My retranslation 😀

  59. zaphodity says:

    Well, to answer your question Stace this picture altered the course of a war (some what)

    A good song to go with the picture.

    Split Enz – History never repeats

  60. zaphodity says:

    ….Always thought a good title for that picture would be “Here’s a democracy we prepared earlier”

  61. Sinan says:

    Afghan people are the best in asymetric warfare. Pentagon must read a bit of history and learn from the Alexander The Great (530 BC)

    In a letter to his mother, Alexander described his experiences in Afghanistan:

    “I am involved in the land of a ‘Leonine’ (lion-like) and brave people, where every foot of the ground is like a well of steel, confronting my soldier. You have brought only one son into the world, but Everyone in this land can be called an Alexander.”

  62. Chris Gould says:

    Davey D on the topic of community radio

  63. zaphodity says:

    …Interesting how there’s very little data of events that occur IN Pakistan AND India and surrounding countries. This is garbage you could find out on the internet.

  64. zaphodity says:

    ….Move on, nothing to see here XD

  65. Gary says:

    We’ve come to the point, with the Gov.’s ability to control the news and spin information any way they want, where they can pretty much do anything and get away with it.(9/11) The people are going to do what? The people are going to do nothing because there is nothing they can do…unless they like getting their little heads bashed in.