Wheat Rises to 14 Month High on Record Heat in Russia & Excessive Rain in Canada

Stacy Summary:    You can’t defraud nature.  We can try to throw all the fractional reserve, fiat trickery at it, but the true cost will always be charged.  Wheat prices rise to 14 month high as 32 pc of Russian cropland devastated by record high temperatures & Canadian crops damaged by ‘excessive rain.’

35 comments on “Wheat Rises to 14 Month High on Record Heat in Russia & Excessive Rain in Canada
  1. kitty says:

    If the British aren’t behind this then it must be the Spanish Inquisition…


  2. microhousehold says:

    Lets eat some rice then:
    ‘India’s crucial monsoon rains are likely to be above normal in the remaining two months of the June-September season, the weather office said on Friday, boosting prospects of strong harvests of rice, cane and oilseeds.’

  3. maxkeiser says:


    RGS (Rusty Guillotine Syndrome)

    “Ha Ha, your blade stuck. See, all you need is a little oil right there . .


    bye y’all.

  4. AAA says:


    but you forgot market economy!!
    It will solve problem, like always (ask Peter Schiff).
    Invisible hand of the market is a magic!

    30% of world population will die, and problem solved.

  5. FranSix says:

    This is old news. Spring rain delayed the seeding season, which will reduce the overall production forecast.


    The crops weren’t “damaged” by rain. That’s just rotten nonsense and should be considered a grammatical error.

    Haven’t you bothered even looking at the weekly crop report Stacey? Sheese.

    This is as exciting as it gets:


  6. AAA says:

    If the British aren’t behind this then it must be the Spanish Inquisition…

    or Security Council of UN, posiblly

  7. minutemen says:

    lol @ microhousehold

  8. F. Beard says:

    And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine.” Revelation 6:6

    Spooky, eh?

  9. microhousehold says:

    Russia could swap some guillotines and other weaponry with India
    to get some rice and oilseeds.

  10. Jim says:

    If I get wiped out by a Tsunami or something it was really nice coming to this site everyday for knowledge and humour. But hey, thats if….

    BTW has anyone heard of the Pangean Theory? Do we really need to kill people? Maybe we should learn new skills like Resource Management.


    Where’s that Monolith?


  11. Soros and Soros like investment groups have been buying up land all over the planet since 2002 in an effort to “bring it” to the people.
    Money and a farmers almanac will go a long way.

  12. stacyherbert says:

    @FranSix – bravo! excellent demonstration of rusty guillotine syndrome

    @micro – I believe it is France with the excess supply of guillotines, I think you will find the Russians used guns, bayonets and boots

  13. geordie christison says:

    Largest monthly gain in Wheat since 1973.

  14. minutemen says:

    hopefully monsanto will make new crops that can grow in extreme climates

    new video about genetic modification/drugs americans and the world are being bombarded with

  15. F. Beard says:

    @FranSix – bravo! excellent demonstration of rusty guillotine syndrome Stacy

    I’ve found that the wonderful thing about telling the truth is that only the right people understand. Now it is true that one risks being rendered by pigs but one need not worry to much about tipping off the enemy. Besides in this struggle might not the aim be to convert the enemy?

  16. Jimbo says:

    Never fear! I just planted a whole crop of wheat in Farmville.

  17. stacyherbert says:

    @Jimbo – ha ha, good one

  18. WL says:


    ha ha ha

    That is a Max write by smear, his way of showing affection

    If he keeps pushing the redistribution of wealth dogma, RGS is heading his way when they come and take his gold stash…

    Lose your gold..lose your liberty..don’t fall for the shiny brochure Max

  19. …engineers are a peculiar breed. They are eager to solve whatever problems they encounter. If profit margins are the problem, we go to work on margins, with exquisite focus. Each company, ruggedly individualistic, does its best to expand efficiently and improve its own profitability. However, our pursuit of our individual businesses, which often involves transferring manufacturing and a great deal of engineering out of the country, has hindered our ability to bring innovations to scale at home. Without scaling, we don’t just lose jobs—we lose our hold on new technologies. Losing the ability to scale will ultimately damage our capacity to innovate.

    The story comes to mind of an engineer who was to be executed by guillotine. The guillotine was stuck, and custom required that if the blade didn’t drop, the condemned man was set free. Before this could happen, the engineer pointed with excitement to a rusty pulley, and told the executioner to apply some oil there. Off went his head.


    There is no Guillotine here…
    never mind Rust…
    but a whole lotta engineers…
    pass the burrito on the left hand side

  20. microhousehold says:

    May be Monsanto will come up with a crop which produces precious metals.

  21. I don’t need gold…
    I have ALCHEMY BOOKS !!!!
    The seed of metals starts with the ore…
    Growing trees in a pelican flask…
    Dragons that eat their tails…
    Red Stars and White Milk…
    the Quintessence…
    Incubate the Little Man in the Horse Dung…

    care for an Emerald Tablet?

  22. Mother Earth says:

    The cases of RGS pile up, I have yet to discover the zoom level at which I will be accused. Hoping for a monstanto solution probably is guaranteed to to land the title.

    Signalling the RGS is an example of tribal sorting. Of assigning empathy with those that will most likely return it. Nothing wrong with that though..

  23. microhousehold says:

    As long as the harvests in Afghanistan & Columbia are good,
    Wachovia will make a profit.

  24. WL says:

    So bye-bye, miss american pie.
    Drove my prius to the Jesus,
    But the Jesus was high.
    And them good old boys were pickin wings from a fly
    Singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
    “this’ll be the day that I die.”

  25. irmatvep says:

    @ F. Beard

    Rev. 6:6 This prophecy alludes to a future war (most likely WWlll) involving Palestine. Wheat, barley, oil and wine were the principal crops of Palestine. Oil and wine its chief exports. Famine and exorbitant food prices follow war and food is rationed and weighed during war. The denarius was a day’s wages. The measure of wheat given is about 1.5 lbs. Wheat was the food of the rich. Three times as much barley could be bought with same coin, barley was mainly the food of the poor. The fixed price of barley make it possible for the hardened laborer to sustain his family during famine.

    Not to “harm the oil and wine” is interpreted to mean that God does not desire the utter ruin or extermination of any people that can still be converted but purifies them through suffering; He tempers His chastisements with mercy. It is also explained that fruits gathered from permanent plants (grapes and olives) will continue to grow. There are many faithful Christians living in Palestine who are not in danger of the “great sword” who will be provided for and are not included in the scourge of famine. The neglect of raising field crops during the war will make the Christians dependent on the olive groves and vineyards. Since they are a fraction of the population, these export crops will enable them to procure wheat and barley needed to sustain their lives.

    Christians will suffer hardships but God will not bring them to starvation nor deprive them of the Sacrifice or the sacraments. Oil and wine are necessary in the administration of the sacraments.

    I’ve abridged the above interpretation from two pages of taken from The Book of Destiny written by Rev. Herman Bernard Kramer.

  26. F. Beard says:


    Interesting. However I think existing Christians will “Raptured” out before the Great Tribulation.

  27. Bonn says:

    Hey tat pic looks like me Farm @ farmville
    Hic 😉

  28. IceIce Baby says:

    It seems like the Russians are always screwing up their wheat harvest.This has been happening since the 70’s. Why don’t they plant something else for crissakes! (Potatoes?) What the hell grows in Siberia anyways?!

  29. IceIce baby says:

    and how could Canadian crops be damaged by excessive rain?? Doesn’t it always rain in Canada? Maybe they should grow rice then.

  30. alister says:

    IT’S really quite disturbed how in the MK intro text for this article Stacy’s tone seems to be of one that is actually taking delight in the fact that humans’ eating habits have been made more difficult to achieve due to the weather..

    requires a very strange world-view, no doubt

  31. minutemen says:

    could we please stop the bible prophecies, they were written by semites in palestine, so of coarse it involves them, and even favors them. i wonder how many times their prophecies have come true, this isn’t the first crisis the region has seen.

  32. Rod says:

    Global warming 🙂 🙂 Just kidding.

  33. Awho says:

    Wow, quite possibly the only time I’m glad I have Celiac disease. Wheat could disappear for all I care…. Rusty Guillotine Syndrome enough for ya’ll?

  34. microhousehold says:

    Max I always thought you’d had a golden guillotine.
    Rusty Guillotine Syndrome enough for ya’ll?

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