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As Predicted: Online Gambling Will Be Approved. Casino-Gulag Economy Transformation Almost Complete.

Americans will soon by subsistence-clicking and gambling food stamps for game credits on Zynga gaming and virtual currency provider; fully convertible into dollars at 7/11 for individual slices of processed cheese.

Financial Regulation Dies. Jeff Skilling of Enron Reborn.

Convicted ex-Enron Corp. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Skilling, claiming a June U.S. Supreme Court ruling entitles him to a new trial, asked an appeals court to release him from prison on bail while he pursues an appeal.

Deflation Is Here

PirateMyfilm: Goldman Sachs: The Movie

The Oil Drum Responds to Matt Simmons’ Claims About Gulf of Mexico Spill

Stacy Summary: I know there has been much interest and many questions re: the Gulf of Mexico spill, especially in relation to the many statements from Matt Simmons (who is short BP). Here the Oil Drum responds to the statements in an excellent piece.

PirateMyfilm: Mr. Max Keiser, We Greeks, LOVE YOU!

Mr. Max Keiser,

We Greeks, LOVE YOU!

We have organized a large internet movement against IMF and corrupt government

Part of this website is available in English

* In 10 days over 35.000 signed!
* 50 Greeks are working on the project 24/7
* We translated our petition in 14 languages!
* Over 75 blogs joined us
* We have a video on our website explaining the movement (in English too!)

I’am one of the founders (Unemployed 35 years old web designer with a little daughter ..7 months old)

Please support us! Comment our movement on youtube. We love you! Help us get rid of the IMF. My country is dying ! None of our famous journalists helps us….why?

Russia’s Drought Raises Bondholder Risk

Stacy Summary: I do laugh when shriekers and employees of the House of Saud drop by, “stick to finance, babe, don’t write about climate change.” As if the two can be separated.

High temperatures, which rose to a record 37.4 Celsius (99 Fahrenheit) yesterday in Moscow, have damaged 32 percent of land under cultivation and forced Russia to declare states of emergency in 23 regions. Grain prices may double this year because of the drought, according to the Grain Producers’ Union.

Inflation may quicken to 8.1 percent by the end of December, compared with the government’s annual forecast of 6 percent, according to Yaroslav Lissovolik, Deutsche Bank AG’s head of research in Moscow. That will put pressure on Bank Rossii to raise its benchmark rate by year-end for the first time since December 2008, said Natalia Orlova, Moscow-based chief economist at Alfa Bank.

Higher rates “may cause a correction in short-term sovereign bonds and, later, in long-term sovereign bonds,” said Evgeniy Nadorshin, senior economist at Trust Investment Bank in Moscow.

Peat fires cover Moscow in smoke (photo from Nasa)

PirateMyfilm: Richard Bluestein on Board to Direct/Edit “Inflationist vs. Deflationist” (EDUEL)

Richard Bluestein in now on board to direct/edit this project.  The format is for each economist to answer 10 questions supporting their thesis. These will then be cut together into a mashup and posted to YouTube.

Both Steve Keen and Peter Schiff have agreed to participate in this.  A bit of a delay – for the next two weeks, Peter is focusing on his senatorial campaign (if you live in CT. I suggest you vote for him).

PirateMyfilm: “Inflationist v. Deflationist – Peter Schiff v. Steve Keen” (EDUEL)

Note:  The project is over-subscribed by over 250%.  If you can’t reserve shares in this project, you might want to consider Richard’s other PMF project: “The Chicago Way” (CHICA)

Common People Jibber Jabber

[1153] The Truth About Markets NZ – 26 July 2010

Stacy Summary: The Truth About Markets New Zealand. Wikileaks. Totalitarianism. Afghanistan. Spying on your neighbor. And more.

For more download & listening options, visit Archive dot org

[KR63] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Silver!

Stacy Summary: We look at the latest scandals of fetishes for black swans; American youth unconcerned by the coming collapse of their Social Security they bought and paid for; Tony Blair’s 2007 photo op with Colonel Gaddafi and the farting camels of Tripoli. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Ned Naylor-Leyland of Cheviot Asset Management about the silver market.

PirateMyfilm: Pirates Increasing Film Industry Profits

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