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Stacy Summary: We look at the latest scandals of the enemies of box-office futures, the octogenarian issuing threats and Goldman: the Movie, starring Divine? Or Tony Blair? In the second half of the show, Max talks to fund manager Michael Krieger about the dangers of a failed presidency.

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  1. Youri Carma says:

    Gold Set for Biggest Monthly Loss This Year as Global Recovery Takes Hold (Bloomberg) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-07-30/gold-set-for-biggest-monthly-loss-this-year-as-global-recovery-takes-hold.html

    ahahahah What a BS! Look at Gold climbing today.

  2. SAO says:

    @Youri Carma

    This is my favorite Rammstein

    Now back to your latest Rock type video. And yes, mind control is down to a science with these lunatics. Very tiring to wake up to such crap, but I’m in.
    The technology alone that we are getting hit with, it’s amazing we can still wake erect.

  3. SAO says:

    I meant walk, but I’m barely am a wake.

    I’m so tired of feeling blue.

  4. Sam says:

    Does it bother anybody but me that Divine is dead?

  5. Bel-Ami says:

    The obfuscation of the warmongers in labelling the Afghanistan debacle as a war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban–two entities they were instrumental in creating, arming and funding—ignores the war as it presently stands. The War now is an insurgency fought by the Pashtuns against the corrupt Karzai regime funded and supported by the occupiers, NATO. To mouth phrases like, “to keep Afghanistan free of Al Qaeda and The Taliban”, as the Pashtuns and most others ethnics group in Afghanistan feel the Karzai regime is much worse than The Taliban is insanity. Women are still being raped and killed, jailed or killed for adultery and denied education. The idea NATO and Karzai represent “civilization” is a monumental denial of the facts on the ground. Opium and Hashish production has exploded exponentially. Even the people of the North(Tajiks, etc.) hate the occupiers and their clients(Karzai). Afghanistan has morphed into a Civil War along ethnic lines. This is basically a continuance of the old Northern Alliance vs. The Taliban type groups of the last century . Pakistan is smart to keep relations with The Taliban. It’s a safe bet The Taliban will inherit a decimated Afghanistan once again, regardless of Globalist triumphalism. A shrill cry of defeat is viewed in the “new” Globalist strategy of “Balkanizing” Afghanistan. NATO will give the south to The Taliban and keep Kabul and the north under NATO control–Many papers on this strategic “snatching victory from the jaws of defeat” policy have already been published and will be heard more and more in the MSM.

    Iraq will soon descend into Civil War despite the victory claims. The “withdrawal of troops from Iraq” announcement is disingenuous when there are still 50,000 US troops stationed in bases all over Iraq. Tensions between the Shia and Sunni have increased in the past few months. Car bombings and suidice bombers killing pilgrims at Shia mosques….Rarely reported in the US.

    When Hosni Mubarak dies in Egypt be prepared for an uprising.

    Osama Bin Laden uttered a prophecy in 2004. He boasted about drawing the US into a war in Afghanistan. He smiled and stated he was happy the US will bankrupt itself in spilling blood and treasure in an unwinnable war, just like the Soviets.

    I am just happy to have written something without posting links to Alex Jones(no offense meant to him–“infowars” is a prescient and appropriate meme)……..The absurdities of our policies in Afghanistan and Iraq(the Middle East in general) are quite apparent without any “conspiracy theory” nonsense. Just as the Finance and Banker bail out was a criminal coup where the traitors profited and still walk free. It’s quite open. In a time of absurdity sense should speak calmly and firmly without exaggeration. Speaking truth with conviction builds partisans–Alarmists alienate……..The Fronde(fringe) in France, an effort to resist corrupt and foreign advisors in the Regency(Cardinal Mazzini), led to greater Absolutism and more expansionist war which bankrupted France under Le Roi du Soleil.

    It is time to go, as Sertorius wisely did before me, and listen to my prophetic goat.

  6. flicks says:

    Conservative Eric Pickles makes a move on the hated council tax :-


  7. What-me-worry? says:

    Mr Pickles says he is determined to reverse the presumption that Whitehall knows best by making local councils directly accountable to the local taxpayer.

    Wash hands – hands wash.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1298814/Voters-veto-big-council-tax-rises.html#ixzz0v2yLoWUA

  8. What-me-worry? says:

    Re “flicks: ShitiGroup “Estimates were in flux, because the market was rapidly deteriorating, Prince told the financial crisis panel.”

    Glad it’s all over?

  9. MacGruber says:

    Sumnergate has spilled over to CBS Corp. after it emerged that more than one woman has been the beneficiary of Viacom and CBS chairman Sumner Redstone’s largesse.

    Reports in The Daily Beast and Showbiz411 identified Rohini Singh, a young woman described as a veteran of the Los Angeles party scene, as the recipient of a low-level job at CBS Corp.-owned premium cable network Showtime and 2,522 shares of Viacom Class B stock, which she sold for $77,000, thanks to Redstone.



  10. SAO says:

    Schwarzenegger’s father was a high Nazi. Arnold took California down after Enron’s death defying blows. He was in on Cheney’s secret energy meetings in 2001. He is pictured with Buffet and Rothschild. (I went to pull the picture and I got a virus. Unfrickenbelieveable.)


  11. SAO says:

    Pelosi block oil spill investigation.


  12. MacGruber says:

    dang, the video freezes at about the 12 minute mark. that happened last time too. 🙁 Good show up to that point though.

  13. flicks says:

    Jim Willie on the “morons at the helm”


  14. MacGruber says:

    reloaded the video (Max Reloaded?) and now it works. I’m not a big Krieger fan though. Seems like one of the young guys that likes to blow things up in the hope that they will end up on top when the dust settles.

  15. flicks says:

    Over the past 15 years Ive watched young UK women become ever more
    aggressive and brazen with loutish cheap supermarket booze fueled behaviour. Expect more of this with thousands being made redundant. When this kind of aggression hits the streets in numbers via the unions expect a back down and the printing press to fire up again :-


  16. alan says:

    @Bel Ami great post

  17. Roland Ansgar says:

    The guest voted for Obama?! Why the hell would we consider that he has enough sense to know which was is up, or down? Therefore, why the hell are we interested in anything he has to say? I certainly have no interest in his opinion now, so I turned the interview off immediately. He has all the instincts of a Lemming.

  18. Bonn says:

    KUDOS sTAcY & MaX

  19. methuselah says:

    Krieger voted for Obama, after formerly campaigning for Clinton!!! How many times will he be fooled, bent over, and fooled again? A third (progressive) party in the US?

    Didn’t Krieger’s political engagement over the past decade or two extend to watching the phenomenal Ralph Nader campaign in 2000 that filled sports stadiums around the country. In the end Nader was not only excluded from the debates, but threatened with arrest if he even set foot on the UMass campus hosting the debates, and the Washington University campus hosting the debates, and anywhere else that a national audience might see him.

    Good luck, Mr. Krieger. But I’m sad to say Max is right. America consists primarily of people foolish enough to believe Obama is a progressive and people idiotic enough to believe he is the devil incarnate. The small slice of American voters in between these 2 views isn’t enough to overthrow the well-entrenched oligarchy. Only peasants with pitchforks pissed off at their lack of food, housing, and healthcare can save us now.

  20. Paolo3 says:

    Sorry Max but Divine is brown bread which is such a shame. Maybe Pee Wee Herman could play Tony Blair although i dont know what he looks like these days.

  21. sneezy says:

    My, My…it appears that Mr. Sumner Redstone just shot himself in the
    foot…that is providing MSM picks up on the story and the other gov’t
    agencies do their part. Yeah…fat chance. Whose we or we’re ??

  22. Jose says:

    I like Mike, but the 3rd party crap is nonsense. I’m foreign born into socialist tyranny – I came to US Leagally. Third party talk is propaganda. We need to take back the Republican party. What this means = Mike is an idiot or a liar.

  23. Coby says:

    Devine is a perfect match. Maybe he can sing “Shoot Your Shot”.

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