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Stacy Summary: In honor of Sumner Redstone NOT making death threats against the source of the story that Sumner was trying to force MTV to make a reality tv show around some young girl he allegedly fancied; here is a video from the very first months of MTV. Anyone here alive and/or old enough to remember those first months (for those who weren’t yet born then, here is a 3 hour stream from 1983 for a laugh), may recall that Billy Idol was one of THE big stars created:

59 comments on “Dancing with Myself Jibber Jabber
  1. F. Beard says:

    Oh no Stacy,

    You are an Idol worshiper too!

  2. stacyherbert says:

    @F.Beard – no, just recalling summer days nearly 30 years ago! yikes; as I was a child, this video did make quite an impression considering what else was available on the television . . . CBS, ABC and NBC only

  3. I wasn’t even born….

  4. ronron says:

    oh and @Stacy if you don’t think slimpikkens wasn’t betting on the gore mouth. you ain’t thinking.

  5. F. Beard says:


    Just teasing you 🙂

  6. stacyherbert says:

    @Geek Boy’s – ha ha, so cool; and at the time, my best friend’s brothers listened to the Clash and the Sex Pistols, so between them and Billy Idol, I thought all guys from London looked like this . . . so I was surprised to find out differently 12 years later 😉

  7. stacyherbert says:

    @F. – I know; actually, I did like this one, it was a few years later: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToeY7MkCm0c

  8. F. Beard says:

    Gee wiz. We are separated by a generation gap. I figure pop music peaked in 1964 before the Beatles arrived.

    Oh well.

  9. Mike/Liverpool says:

    More a Pat Benatar man myself

    Did you notice how the late 70’s to the early 80’s was “The end of the World” time?

    Escape from New York
    Mad Max
    Mad Max 2

    We were all going to die in WW3 with the USSR..(I miss those days)


  10. Talcott says:

    Free Toons for tonite’s bongthong ;D

    Avenged Sevenfold Tonite at 12est.


  11. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Blade runner painted a dark furture (notice the opening with the un capped Pyimid & eye!)

  12. flicks says:


    More of that to come to try to pre-empt the future rioting. the state just goes in and takes – you have to prove its yours.

    “The girls on the block with nasty curls waring padded bra’s drinking beer through strews looking down their draws
    where did you get yours”


  13. 99 says:

    Billy Idol is aging spectacularly well, bless his heart.

  14. ronron says:

    but. as usual, i’m open for valid points to the contrary. no thank you masked man please.

  15. Majestic says:

    Heh! @ Stacy

    A young beautiful looking teenage friend of mine (yes, I was at that point then in the 80’s 😉 ) was a big Billy Idol fan and went to see him mime one of his songs live for TV. Between the taping sessions, in the front row, she screamed out “Billy I love you!” and he apparently bent down towards her and said “If you love me you’ll come backstage and let me f*ck you”
    She was horrified to hear this and never went to see him again!

    I’m not sure what to make of this story (I do believe that it’s true however) — I mean that she was worshiping a ‘bad boy’ who actually turned out to be bad, or that she was expecting otherwise despite his persona?!

  16. Ptah says:

    In continuation of a trend I seemed to adopt some 30 years ago in reaction against MTV I will not play this video and will instead go to the off-license, get someone older than me to get me some booze and hang out at the local cemetery getting drunk. It seems a fitting and honourable way to pay my respects to this post.

  17. ronron says:

    @Stacy. i don’t say al gores message was wrong. never made an opinion on that. but big money paid for and profited from his flick.

  18. stacyherbert says:

    @99 – yes, I saw that while looking for the above link but was too disturbed to post that one . . . weird how little he has aged . . . might be the lighting

    @Majestic – sounds v. likely; yuck

    @Ptah – that will confuse the old man for sure!

  19. F. Beard says:


    Yep it’s amazing that even the rich and famous can be hard up for a good woman so what does it profit a man? Still a few bucks in the banks or a good job seems to be the minimum requirement except in days like these which apparently lie ahead:

    For seven women will take hold of one man in that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach!” Isaiah 4:1 (New American Standard Bible)

  20. ronron says:

    the flick won the film festival prize the day it started. it was promoted through that. must see. part of the set up to austerity.

  21. ronron says:

    i know a little. guess the rest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2HRrjpiM7Y

  22. ronron says:

    oh oh. bogdon puchicnik is in big trouble.

  23. Mongo says:

    Here is one for ya!

    HFT-programmers are upset… they are only making six-digit-pay… poor bastards.


  24. Youri Carma says:


    Heeee! TRuth about Markets USA is in http://www.youtube.com/user/fairinfowar

  25. minutemen says:

    has anyone watched, Zeitgeist -the movie? really interesting about religion and the 911 hoax.
    or you can download the torrent here (its free and a non profit movie)

  26. Youri Carma says:

    Playlist for Truth About Markets USA 07.31.2010 http://www.youtube.com/user/fairinfowar#g/c/43079797F73A0757

  27. Youri Carma says:

    High-Frequency Programmers Unhappy Making 6-Figures. Programmers Want Bigger Slice of the Pie.

    High-Frequency Programmers Revolt Over Pay http://www.forbes.com/2010/07/28/high-frequency-trading-personal-finance-programmer-pay.html

  28. Metoo says:

    I remember the protect and survive adverts on tv, I then wrote to the local council and asked if I could get in to the local nuclear bunker and they replied only important people could get in.
    I was actually in it last year they use it for meetings now. The doors were really thick it had its own power supply and comms system, oh and it was three levels underground with pictures of submarines and stuff from the time on the walls.

  29. MacGruber says:

    Billy who?

    “A host of creditor groups on all sides of the case have already raised concerns about current Tribune Co. management’s compensation scheme. Since the Chapter 11 case began in December 2008, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Carey has approved $57.3 million in bonuses for more than 600 top and middle managers at Tribune Co., including incentive payments of $42.1 million for 2009 performance.”


  30. MacGruber says:

    Greatest Guitar solos ever? (Where’s Eddie?)

  31. MacGruber says:

    but wait, there’s more…Top 25 of all time??

    Where’s the French?

  32. MacGruber says:

    What? You want more?
    20 best guitar riffs (and still no French!)

    Gotta go, time to eat!

  33. chArles says:

    good clip by Joe Bageant about an upcoming movie he and Chomsky are in

    the opening line is where I spent most of my life…the hatred and sense of betrayal is still there from time to time…but I ain’t as angry as I once was….maybe I am poorer for this


  34. F. Beard says:

    Speaking of “Blade Runner”, it is set in 2019 just 9 years from now. Progress is slowing down, it seems. Perhaps we need a better form of capitalism? Or how about the real thing? And who believes in that anyway?

  35. Vega Man says:

    Remember Tom Adkins the long haired real estate guy laughing with others at Peter Schiff on network TV ? See “Peter Schiff was right” on you tube . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I0QN-FYkpw&feature=related I had not seen him lately and wondered if he went broke. I looked him up on Wiki and could not believe what I read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Adkins

    “Adkins makes the case that the real estate price drop was a manufactured crisis of confidence, produced by a liberal media intent upon discrediting a Republican administration in an election year, and legitimized by financial hustlers who profit from selling gold.

    Tea Parties

    Adkins is more recently known for his speeches at various Tea Party rallies.

    End snip.
    © Fair Use Doctrine of International Copyright Law © http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.html

    If this is true (sorce Wiki ) it’s hard to believe he still doesn’t get it.
    I have felt that the Tea Party movement was being hi-jacked by Sara Palin. Now reading this it could be this guy will end up on TV with Tea Party next to his name.
    Yeah , that will help the Tea Party movement !

    Vega Man

  36. Ptah says:

    Stacy: You are not wrong… no one was older than me at the offy so I attempted to persuade some young hoody to get me a single-malt. In true eighties fashion, he got really spooked and walked quickly away. Sooooo nostalgic. Nice excuse for some praxis.

  37. Bonn says:

    @ minutemen
    Yup almost all here woulda seen Ziet geist
    tear are around 20 more ya gotta see aaaahhhhhh Jibber Jabber
    I can post till me hearts content
    here goes

    America: Freedom to Fascism – Director’s Authorized Version
    Loose Change Final Cut
    Fall of the Republic HQ full length version
    Havent seen the JFK trying to find the vid I saw seeinthis one now
    American Drug War How the CIA generates 500 billion dollars a year
    For the GMO food stuff
    codex alimentarius
    And last but not least the actual rulers of the World Rothchilds
    Thier Networth is anywhere b/w 300 to 500 trillion dollars
    The money Masters
    JFKII – The Bush Connection – Complete Documentary

  38. Bonn says:

    Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell
    Talk – Anuradha Mittal – The Global Justice Movement and the Meltdown of Neoliberalism
    The Antikythera Device,The Piri Reis Map and The Baghdad Battery
    ancient maps
    Ancient Technology (Part 1)
    princess diana assassination part1
    Jordan Maxwell – Forbidden Knowledge Part 1
    Finally Found a Link fer Food Inc.

  39. Bonn says:

    Finally Found a Link fer Food Inc.
    Ring of Power
    Tags rothchilds vatican international bankers 300 bilderberg cfr trilateral round table
    The source of most if not all our woes, revealed (from the present to the past): Connecting the dots through 5000 years
    5000 years Mind ya
    And if ya tinks tey gonna stop now yer sadly mistaken Z
    Henry and Nancy Kissinger live here, so do Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife, the blonde American financier, in an apartment designed by the decorator chosen by the Obamas, Michael Smith.
    tat b@#tard Kissinger lives in ta same buildin
    Ring of Power, Part 2
    “Like the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt who built their empire with the help of a Grand Vizier, Queen Elizabeth II also has a Grand Vizier who serves as her most trusted adviser. His name is Lord Evelyn Rothschild and he is the second wealthiest and most powerful person on Earth. He is also lord of the world’s financial capitol, the city state of London. Lord Rothschild and his ring of power hide their identities behind thirteen city council members who stand in as their representatives. On November 30th 2000, Lord Rothschild, now in his 70s, got married in London to a wealthy Zionist business woman named Lynn Forrester. The couple then jetted to Washington and spent their wedding night in the White House. Just months before 911 they moved to New York and settled into their 18th floor luxury palace at Riverhouse where two private terraces offered them front row seats for the scheduled 911 show.”
    You should catch it in Ring of Power, Part 2

  40. Bonn says:

    TESLA free energy generator
    The Clinton Chronicles part 1 of 10
    ************* @ here it gets a little crazy ******
    See David Icke , Jordon maxwell Zacharia sitchin
    David Icke-So Who are they?-The Historical Evidence-2/5
    Untangling credit default swaps

  41. Bonn says:

    Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse – Part 1
    Zeitgeist, The Movie – Remastered / Final Edition


    Fabled Enemies Full Length
    evidence for giants nephilim rephaim anunaki part 2

    Baalbek Ruins

    Tey supposedly moved tees stones with astronomical precision using elephants
    what a Fart Our whole history that we’ve been taught is a fart
    by Zecharia Sitchin
    from Sitchin Website

  42. Bonn says:

    The name of an ancient site – Ba’albek in Lebanon – has now been mentioned in dispatches by war correspondents covering the latest flareup in the Middle East. Israeli planes have been dropping bombs there on training and supply encampments of Hezbollah terrorists, in a tit-for-tat for the latter’s missile attacks on Israel.


    The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Part 1
    princess diana assassination part1

    The Occult World of Commerce – Jordan Maxwell and Whitney
    Another Awsome Talk Exposing just how Badly Our Lives Are Manipulated By The hidden Hand


    As you can see, passages from this ancient Sanskrit text, the Mahabharata are a nerve chiller. The cold terror of the survivors still lives in its pages
    An ancient, heavily populated city in Pakistan was instantly destroyed 2,000 years before Christ by an incredible explosion that could only been caused by an atomic bomb. That’s the mind bogging conclusion of a British researcher, David Davenport, who spent 12 years studying ancient Hindu scripts and evidence at the site where the great city – Mohenjo Daro once stood.




    Genetically Modified Foods: What You Need to Know – 2 of 2 with Jeffrey M. Smith

    Jeffrey Smith Exposes Sterilization of Population Via GMO Foods on The Alex Jones Show 1/3

    Bill Gates promises $10 billion for vaccines

    Bill Gates funds covert vaccine nanotechnology
    These are both part of the Gates Foundation’s involvement in the “Grand Challenges Explorations” program which claims to be working to “achieve major breakthroughs in global health.”

    …breakthroughs like mass sterilization and nanoparticle vaccines that could be covertly administered even without your knowledge, it turns out. These nanoparticles could be used in a spray mist that’s sprayed on to every person who walks through an airport security checkpoint, for example. Or it could be unleashed through the ventilation systems of corporate office buildings or public schools to vaccinate the masses. You wouldn’t even know you were being vaccinated.

    Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation


  43. Bonn says:

    Ooops toomany links in ta last one
    Bill Gates promises $10 billion for vaccines

    Bill Gates funds covert vaccine nanotechnology
    These are both part of the Gates Foundation’s involvement in the “Grand Challenges Explorations” program which claims to be working to “achieve major breakthroughs in global health.”

    …breakthroughs like mass sterilization and nanoparticle vaccines that could be covertly administered even without your knowledge, it turns out. These nanoparticles could be used in a spray mist that’s sprayed on to every person who walks through an airport security checkpoint, for example. Or it could be unleashed through the ventilation systems of corporate office buildings or public schools to vaccinate the masses. You wouldn’t even know you were being vaccinated.

    Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation


    Have fun minuteman
    Hic 😉

  44. Awho says:

    Oh great, the yesteryear’s of merry-go-round music. Not that today’s music is really any better 🙂

    “give my taxes back” by 80’s Hardcore/thrash band D.R.I. The yesteryear’s of teenage angst driven and fueled by the taxation on you already lousy $4.50 an hour sales job 🙂

  45. Fiatmentalist says:

    Billy idol seemed to be much bigger in the USA than here in the UK. We brits kinna thought he was a bit of a tit, but you americans love a poseur.

    Now this dude split UK opinion down the middle, one of the earliest videos i can remember.


  46. Neville Bartos says:

    Greece will be a war zone, Sect of Revolutionaries warns tourists


  47. minutemen says:

    @Bonn yea good videos, you should check out, What the Bleep do we Know
    interesting video about quantum physics

    and on topic….. omg the 80’s what an embarresment

  48. Palantír says:

    Just a reminder:

    US accesses European bank data under controversial SWIFT agreement (activated 1 August 2010)

    “The USA will from Sunday have access to the details of European bank transactions, which investigators claim will help them fight terrorism. The so-called SWIFT agreement gives US authorities access to information about bank transfers which go through the Belgian-based financial messaging company.”
    “SWIFT has around 80 percent of the electronic transfer market. The company enables transactions between around 8,000 banks in 200 countries. The US will be able to demand information about transfers that take place between the European Union and the rest of the world. However, because SWIFT does not have the structures in place to filter the information, they will send data in bulk packages to the US.”

    All in the name of fighting terrorism . . .
    I wonder if the agreement goes the other way too, that EU gets to see all bank transactions done by USA?

  49. Palantír says:

    College Grads, Here’s How to Become Millionaires

    “Do you want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams? The question may seem right out of a late-night infomercial — unless you follow one strategy that may actually help you achieve it: Act poor.”

  50. Palantír says:

    Turbines Too Loud? Here, Take $5,000

    “Patricia Pilz of Caithness Energy, a big company from New York that is helping make this part of Eastern Oregon one of the fastest-growing wind power regions in the country, is making a tempting offer: sign a waiver saying you will not complain about excessive noise from the turning turbines — the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of the future, advocates say — and she will cut you a check for $5,000.”

  51. harry_w says:

    Perhaps it’s just urban myth, but I always understood that the video for Herbie Hancock’s Rockit, only featured him in brief clips on a tv so that it would be more palatable to MTV:


  52. Awho says:

    MTV GET OFF THE AIR!!! by the Dead Kennedys.


    Fun Fun Fun in the fluffy chair / Flame up the herb / Wolf down the beer / – (click!) – / Hi / I’m your video DJ / I always talk like I’m wigged out on Quaaludes / I wear a stained baseball jacket everywhere I go / My job is to help destroy / What’s left of your imagination / By feeding you endless doses / Of sugar coated mindless garbage / So don’t create / Be sedate / Be a vegetable at home / And thwack on that dial / If we have our way even you will believe / this is the future of rock and roll / How far will you go / How low will you stoop / To tranquilize our minds with your sugar coated swill / You’ve turned rock and roll rebellion / Into Pat Boone sedation / Making sure nothing’s left of the imagination / Chorus: M.T.V. Get off the / M.T.V. Get off the / M.T.V. Get off the air / Get off the air / See the latest rejects from the muppet show / Wag their tits and their dicks / As they lip-synch on screen / There’s something I don’t like / About a band that always smiles / Another tax write-off / For some schmuck who doesn’t care / (Chorus) / And so it was / Our beloved corporate gods / Claimed they created rock video / Allowing it to sink as low in one year / As commercial TV has in 25 / “It’s the new frontier,” they say / It’s wide open, anything can happen / But you’ve got a lot of nerve / To call yourself a pioneer / when you’re too god-damned conservative / To take real chances / Tin-eared / Graph-paper brained accountants / Instead of music fans / Call all the shots at giant record companies now / The lowest common denominator rules / Forget honesty / Forget creativity / The dumbest buy the mostest / That’s the name of the game / But sales are slumping / And no one will say why / Could it be they put out / One too many lousy records?!? / M.T.V. Get off the air / NOW!

  53. nick says:

    i know that the 80s were nothing but junk bonds, rambo and magnum pi, but part of me really misses it

  54. Van says:

    Ha ha Ha—old enough? Always partial to “White Wedding”, but this is a good one and a good one to learn too. I did just recently “cover” the song (youtube) “All I want to do is Dream”–Everly Bros. 1958 hit –same year I was born–yikes! Yes… “old enough”.

  55. It is probably best that Mr. Idol dance with himself as his lack of any dancing ability is exceeded only by his total lack of any ability whatsoever to sing!. I guess he has a cute little tattoo which he is apparently all too proud of as well as his not so unique propensity to “swallow the hard G sound” as well constantly singing a half a tone flat. I don’t think he attended any English public school either.

    Try pulling up the young boss in “Dancing in the Dark” or Marc Anthony “I need to know” [English version] for comparison. Moreover, Mr. Idol can relax. He will never find his way either to Carnegie or to Blackpool.

  56. California Doctor says:

    Back in the 1980’s CBS was a dominating TV network.

    Magnum PI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CquMO3vJvo

    Anyone remember this prime time lineup?
    Dukes of Hazzard : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRX4mlFi06A
    followed by
    Dallas : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffo2Oqt8bIM


    NBC line up:
    (This one will make some of you cry because your families lived this story line)
    Family Ties: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WHIRFqWx8I
    Cheers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy23OM9_vJk&feature=related
    A-Team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MVonyVSQoM

    ABC shows:
    1982 Love Boat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icAwcByaNtY
    Fantasy Island: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwaEydIpS0E

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